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Free Jaffa formerly in service to the Goa'uld System Lord Cronus. Bo'rel fell under the leadership of Se'tak, Free Jaffa leader following the demise of Gerak.

Se'tak dispatched Bo'rel and a small team of soldiers to a human world destroyed by Se'tak and the Dakara super-weapon. Their mission was to commandeer a now empty [Ori warship]] which had landed on the surface of the planet. However, Bo'rel and his men were not expecting SG-1, nor the Ori leader, Adria.

Ultimately Bo'rel was unsuccessful in taking over the ship, as Adria regained control and piloted the warship into Dakara orbit, destroying the super-weapon and the primary settlement. He and his men were certainly lost in the process.


PLAYED BY - Richard Whiten
FIRST APPEARED - Counterstrike


Counterstrike - Under orders from Se'tak and the high council, Bo'rel boards an Ori warship with the intent of taking it for his people.