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Area 51 technician responsible for cataloging and examining various items related to the Stargate and off-world travel. The Trust, knowing Bricksdale had access to Osiris's modified hand device, approached the doctor. They informed him that they wanted access to Osiris's cloaked Al'kesh in orbit to use for their own purposes.

Bricksdale, instead of alerting others, began to work on getting the device to activate. Since the technology could not leave Area 51 he was forced to attempt to activate it on the premises. When he succeeded, he found himself aboard the cloaked ship. He then used locator beacons to beam the others aboard and disabled the wrist device.

In exchange for his efforts, the Trust paid Dr. Bricksdale two million dollars, which he put into a Cayman Island account.

When Stargate Command personnel came to investigate the wrist device Bricksdale met his contact, Hoskins, but the ex-N.I.D. agent realized the doctor had been followed. Hoskins eventually escaped, but Bricksdale was returned to the S.G.C. There he explained the whole story to Dr. Daniel Jackson, who promised to possibly overlook the Cayman Island account if Bricksdale could get the wrist device to work again.


PLAYED BY - Jonathan Holmes


Endgame - Dr. Bricksdale is captured by the S.G.C. and interrogated for information until he agrees to aid SG-1 in getting aboard Osiris's cloaked Al'kesh themselves.