Goa'uld holographic projector

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Device capable of displaying a full-motion, three-dimensional holographic rendering. The technology is commonly used for mission briefings. Projectors can display data acquired from Goa'uld spy satellites in distant parts of the galaxy.

The technology is believed to have been constructed by the Goa'uld scientist Nerus. The Tok'ra also possess the device.


Seth - Jacob Carter / Selmak use a holographic projector to show SG-1 and General Hammond the Goa'uld family pyramid.
Exodus - Samantha Carter and the Tok'ra use a holographic projector to outline their plan to detonate Vorash's sun.
Fallen - The Tok'ra bring a holographic projector to the S.G.C. to give a detailed analysis of Anubis's mothership.
Beachhead - Nerus uses a holographic projector to show the advancement of an Ori force field on Kallana.