Joint Ruling Council

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A fragile first step to peace in Langaran politics. After the destruction of Anubis's mothership in the atmosphere of Langara, a Joint Ruling Council was forged between the Kelownans, Terranians, and the Andari Federation (the planet's three rival nation-states) to negotiate towards peace. The parties only agreed to this panel if Jonas Quinn represented Kelowna, having served with SG-1 in fighting the Goa'uld for the past year.

One of Terrania's first representatives to the council was Vin Eremal. One of Andari's first was Lucia Tarthus.


Homecoming - In the wake of a Goa'uld attack, the Kelownans, Terrainians and Andari agree to a Joint Ruling Council to encourage the direction of peace.
Fallout - Langara's Joint Ruling Council sends an ambassador from the Terrania and Andari Federation to join First Minister Dreylock on Earth.