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When the Kelownans discover that a massive underground vein of naquadah is being converted into naquadria, Jonas Quinn seeks help from Earth in avoiding the total destruction of his planet.

FAN RATING - 6.99 
NIELSEN - 1.9 
DVD DISC: Season 7, Disc 4
STORY BY: Corin Nemec
TELEPLAY BY: Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie
DIRECTED BY: Martin Wood
GUEST STARS: Corin Nemec (Jonas Quinn), Emily Holmes (Kianna Cyr), Gillian Barber (Dreylock), Patricia Drake (Lucia Tarthus), Julian Christopher (Vin Eremal), Bill Nikolai (Technician)
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  • "Jonas comes to us and he asks for our help, because it turns out that the original Goa'uld who was on his planet had done a process by which he could transform naquadah into naquadria. Basically they've discovered that there's this massive naquadah vein that reaches down almost to the heart of the planet, and it's gradually turning into naquadria. But the problem with naquadria is that it's very unstable. So the deeper you go, the more pressure is exerted on the vein, and the more heat is exerted, and they'll reach a point where the naquadria will explode. And when it does, it will ultimately destroy Kelowna, and create a nuclear winter that will wipe out the rest of the planet. So SG-1 goes to the planet to try and find a way to avert disaster." (Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi, in an interview with the Stargate SG-1 Explorer Unit)
  • "Actor Corin Nemec pitched this story and wrote the original outline for an episode that brings back Jonas Quinn and explores his new life on Langara. The original title of the episode was 'Turn of Events' which, we couldn't help but note, was a title applicable to every episode we'd ever done. It would have been akin to titling an episode 'Off-World Adventure' or 'Fourth Act Twist!'

    "It was a lot of fun although one element in the story didn't quite pan out – specifically, Jonas Quinn's love interest, a fellow Langaran named Kianna. On the day the first dailies came in, we were horrified to discover that both actors had unnervingly similar hairstyles that, as a result, made them look like they were related. Which, in turn, made some of the romantic scenes a little ... weird?" (Writer / producer Joseph Mallozzi, in a post at his blog)