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Jonas Quinn's homeworld of Langara is plagued by international strife, and is an uneasy ally of Earth. The Langarans include the citizens of at least three major nation-states -- Kelowna, Terrania, and the Andari Federation -- which have suffered from constant war and strife for generations. Only under the threat of Goa'uld domination did they form a tenuous alliance, administered by the Joint Ruling Council. One of their first acts was to name their world "Langara," a word which has its roots in an ancient language common to all three peoples.

The Kelownans discovered the planet's Stargate circa 1986 (Earth time), along with a number of Goa'uld artifacts. Also unique to the planet is the element naquadria, a powerful derivative of naquadah, which is believed to have been artificially created by the Goa'uld Thanos, who lived there some 3,000 years ago. The majority of naquadria is located in Kelownan territory, and it was the Kelownans who developed and unleashed a powerful naquadria bomb against their former enemy nations in the months before the arrival of the Goa'uld.

Through centuries of isolation from the Goa'uld and the rest of the galaxy, the Langaran culture has developed at its own pace. Their development is currently similar to the level of the United States around the mid-twentieth century.

Daniel Jackson acts to prevent the destruction of the Kelownan capital city. From "Meridian"

During the Kelownans' naquadria bomb development project their experiments took a terrible turn, prompting Daniel Jackson to sacrifice his life to stop the weapon from wiping out Kelowna's capital city. Since that time, the Kelownan government has been nervous of an outright alliance with Earth. After the planet narrowly averted Goa'uld enslavement and its three nations finally united, Jonas Quinn returned home to help them build their new future.

Some time after the aborted attack by Anubis, the Langarans discovered that the natural naquadah deposits in the planet's crust were undergoing a runaway reaction, converting into the unstable naquadria, and if it wasn't stopped the planet was at risk of total destruction. So Jonas returned to the S.G.C. and asked for their assistance in preventing the upcoming disaster.

During the Ori invasion of the Milky Way Galaxy the Langarans fell into involuntary subjugation. But they were freed after the Ori were defeated, and continue to serve as an important ally to Earth.




Meridian - Daniel Jackson saves Kelowna from a massive explosion when a naquadria experiment goes wrong -- but the scientists use him as a scapegoat. Jonas Quinn defects to Earth with the valuable mineral after seeing his government's gleeful reaction to the potential of building a naquadria bomb.
Shadow Play - SG-1 return to Kelowna, where the government is planning to use their new naquadria bomb in a preemptive strike against two rival nations.
Homecoming - Anubis's mind probe of Jonas leads him to Langara, where he discovers the powerful substance naquadria and occupies the Kelownan capital city.
Fallout - Carter and Teal'c help Jonas save his world from a potentially devastating naquadria explosion, while O'Neill and Jackson negotiate the Langarans relocation with representatives from the Joint Ruling Council.
Counterstrike - Sam Carter reports that Langara, along with other allies of Earth, have fallen to the Ori. The fate of Jonas and his people remain unknown.
Seizure - When negotiations to use the Langaran Stargate fail, Earth personnel use Ancient communication stones to try and take their ally's facility by force.