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Ver Isca citizen who found the unconscious Vala Mal Doran inside a series of transport rings, believing the Ori had sent her to him. He possessed a limp which left him crippled since childhood. Vala suspected this was the reasons others viewed him strangely (and the reason he was still alone), believing the Ori deemed him unfit for normalcy.

Fearing that Tomin would discover her pregnancy and declare her an abomination, Vala married him just in time to convince him that the baby was his. Soon after an Ori Prior visited the village and cured him of his limp, allowing him to be a warrior in the armies which were preparing to cleanse the Milky Way Galaxy of nonbelievers.

When Vala was found to be conspiring with anti-Ori sympathizers Administrator Seevis shackled her to the Ara for three days until Tomin gave in and rescued her -- without retaliation from Seevis. Shortly afterward Tomin was visited by an Ori Prior who explained that Vala's pregnancy was impossible, as the same abnormality that made him lame also prevented him from fathering children.

Following the ceremony of the activation of Ver Isca's fleet of Ori warships, a Prior told Tomin to return to the village, where he would find Seevis and Denya conspiring against the Ori. He obeyed, found them (as well as Vala) in Seevis's bar and killed them. But Vala was able to convince her husband that the previous harm done to her by Seevis had convinced her to go along with their plans, and that she was still faithful to the Ori. She also revealed that she overheard his conversation with the Prior, and she believed their baby to be a blessing from the Ori themselves.

Tomin and Vala departed aboard the first wave of Ori vessels, entering the Milky Way days later in the battle of P3Y-229. He was present at the birth of Adria, Vala's Ori-conceived daughter, and became an important -- if sometimes personally conflicted -- leader in the holy war to convert our galaxy to the worship of the Ori.


PLAYED BY - Tim Guinee


Crusade - Tomin finds Vala and believes her to be a gift from the Ori, but he eventually begins to doubt her allegiance to his gods when she is found gathering with nonbelievers.
Flesh and Blood - With the Ori crusade underway and his wife siding with the enemy, Tomin is torn between his love for Vala and his loyalty to his gods.
Line In the Sand - Having captured Vala, Tomin tries to convince her of the truth of Origin. But when he sees a Prior twist the meaning of a sacred text to his own agenda, he begins to question the Ori leadership.
Stargate: The Ark of Truth - Tomin turns on the Priors and defects to Earth, joining SG-1 on a mission to end the war. With Adria and the Ori destroyed, he returns home to build a new future.