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The team finds their former Wraith ally's hive ship drifting in space, which leads them to a secret project that could turn the tide of a civil war.

DVD DISC: Season 4, Disc 3
WRITTEN BY: Alan McCullough
DIRECTED BY: William Waring
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Transcript by Callie Sullivan

SPACE. The episode begins towards the end of the previous episode. Above the Replicator homeworld, Replicator cells begin to stream out of all the enemy ships and head down towards the planet. Inside a Wraith hive ship, a technician reports to 'our' Wraith.

WRAITH TECHNICIAN: The Replicator ships have ceased firing. The human's plan – it worked.

WRAITH: Give me status on the Darts.

WRAITH TECHNICIAN: Approaching the Replicator city.

(Three Darts scream through the city, dodging in and out of the towers. The Replicator mass continues to expand as cells stream down from the sky.)

WRAITH TECHNICIAN: The Replicators mass is sinking into the planet. We do not have much time.

WRAITH: We're not leaving without those Darts.

(The Replicator mass stops writhing and sets solid as it integrates with the neutronium, then begins to sink into the ground.)

WRAITH TECHNICIAN: The mass is approaching critical density. An explosion is imminent. Commander, we must jump into hyperspace.

WRAITH: Not until I get what I came for.

(Above the planet, the rest of the fleet begins to enter hyperspace. Below, the surface of the planet begins to break apart and lava spews out of the gaps.)

WRAITH TECHNICIAN: The Darts are on approach. (Its console beeps.) We have them.

(The Wraith smiles in satisfaction. Outside the hive, a hyperspace window opens and the hive jumps into it, leaving only the unmanned Replicator ships drifting helplessly as the planet explodes in a massive fireball.)

WRAITH TECHNICIAN: I have the rematerialised cargo from the Darts.

(Another Wraith accompanied by two guards walks onto the Bridge, carrying a bag in its arms. The Wraith commander opens the bag and pulls out a Z.P.M. – one of three in the bag. It holds the module up and smiles in delight.)

WRAITH: Now we have all we need to complete our mission.

ATLANTIS CONTROL ROOM. John Sheppard and Ronon Dex walk up the stairs to join Rodney McKay who is standing by a screen.

SHEPPARD: Rodney, what have you got?

McKAY: It's only been a week since the battle but a pretty clear pattern is emerging – you can see it on the long-range scanners. The Wraith have split up into distinct groups.

DEX: Now that they're done with the Replicators, they're sizing each other up.

SHEPPARD: Too many Wraith, not enough humans to feed on. Intel's claiming there are several different factions.

McKAY: Yes, well, with any luck they'll find themselves in the middle of a nice long civil war – but what I find particularly interesting is this.

(He types and the screen homes in on a red flashing dot.)

SHEPPARD: What is it?

McKAY: That's our old friend, the Wraith that helped me save Jeanie and got us all those hive ships.

SHEPPARD: How do you know?

McKAY: Well, the sub-space tracking device he used – it's the same signal.

DEX: Why would he reactivate it?

McKAY: Well, I have no idea. I think it's safe to assume that he'd know we were monitoring that frequency.

SHEPPARD: You think he's sending us a message.

McKAY: Maybe. Look, it's like I said: the hive ships that we've been tracking have formed into distinct groups, but this one's out there by itself. From what we can tell, it's just floating in the middle of empty space, nowhere near a habitable planet and almost an hour's sub-light from the nearest Gate.

DEX: So what does he want?

McKAY: Well, that's the question.

GYM. Teyla Emmagan is sitting on a cycling machine and pedalling hard. Ronon comes in.

DEX: Hey.

TEYLA (continuing to pedal): Ronon. Do you wish to use this machine?

DEX: No. I just didn't expect to find you here.

TEYLA: Why not?

DEX: Shouldn't you be taking it easy?

TEYLA: I'm pregnant, Ronon, not ill. In any case, Doctor Keller said it wouldn't hurt to continue exercising. In fact, it's beneficial.

DEX: Yeah, well, you're hitting it pretty hard.

TEYLA: Well, I have to remain in top physical condition if I'm to keep up with you and the rest of the team.

DEX: Who says you have to keep up?

(Teyla looks at him and laughs ironically. As Ronon walks away, she starts to pedal faster.)

CONTROL ROOM. John and Rodney walk over to Radek Zelenka who is watching the screen monitoring the Wraith's tracking device.

SHEPPARD: Any change?

ZELENKA: No – he's still sitting out there.

SHEPPARD: It's been almost twenty four hours.

ZELENKA: His ship could be disabled.

SHEPPARD: You think it's a distress call?

McKAY: Yeah, maybe.

SHEPPARD: Any other hive ships picking up the signal?

ZELENKA (shaking his head): If they are, they're ignoring it. We're showing no other Wraith activity in the area.

SHEPPARD: How far did you say the nearest Gate was?

McKAY: Well, it's about an hour by Jumper. (He grimaces as he realises why John asked.) Oh, look, I know we worked with this guy before and he has helped us out in the past, but he still a Wraith! We don't seriously feel like we owe him anything, do we?

SHEPPARD: Well, no, of course not – but it doesn't mean it's not worth checking out.

LOCKER ROOM. John, Rodney and Ronon are gearing up for an offworld trip together with Major Lorne and three other marines. Teyla walks in.


TEYLA: Colonel. I just heard.

(John deliberately turns his back on her.)

TEYLA: I would like to accompany you on this mission.

SHEPPARD: Well, we've got it covered.

TEYLA: John, I understand what you are trying to do, but I assure you it is not necessary.

(Lorne and Rodney look at each other, their eyebrows raised. John turns to Teyla.)

TEYLA: My skills have not diminished, and I still have much to offer the team.

(John looks at her for a moment, then looks at Lorne and jerks his head sideways. Lorne takes the hint.)

LORNE (to the others): All right, guys, let's head out. We'll wait for you at the Jumper Bay, sir.

(He, Ronon and the marines leave the room. Rodney, sitting on a bench, continues tying his shoelaces. Ronon walks back in, grabs Rodney's jacket and hauls him to his feet.)

McKAY: What? I'm not even ...

(Ignoring his protests, Ronon drags him out of the room. Once they're gone, John picks up his rifle and then turns to Teyla.)

SHEPPARD: I'm not having this conversation again.

TEYLA: We have not had it yet. In fact, we've barely spoken since I told you I was pregnant.

SHEPPARD: It's been a little busy around here.

TEYLA: I understand why you did not want me to join the attack on the Replicator world, but that was a special circumstance.

SHEPPARD: Look, even the simplest op can become dangerous.

TEYLA: And I accept that.

SHEPPARD: You think it's that simple?

TEYLA (starting to get angry): Is this about you trying to protect me, or are you still angry because I did not tell you sooner?

SHEPPARD (firmly): This is about your people missing; this is about the father of your child missing. You wanna go out; you wanna tear it up; you wanna kick ass – but you can't, and the sooner you realise that, the better.

(Teyla stares at him. John looks awkward and leaves.)


SHEPPARD: Pull up the H.U.D. – I think we're in range.

(Rodney calls up the heads-up display onto the windshield and it shows the hive ship.)

McKAY: I've got it dead ahead. Looks like it's been shot up pretty bad.

DEX: From the Replicator battle?

McKAY: No, I'm picking up residual radiation from Wraith weapons fire.

LORNE: Were they attacked by another hive?

McKAY (sarcastically): Well, it looks that way.

SHEPPARD: Any life signs?

McKAY: I'm not picking up anything.

SHEPPARD: Maybe they're hibernating.

McKAY: Seems like an odd thing to do after being attacked – plus they usually land the ship.

SHEPPARD: All right. Well, we didn't come all this way to turn back, so ... (he looks round at everyone briefly) ... we're goin' in.

HIVE SHIP. Team Sheppard makes its way cautiously through the ship.

SHEPPARD (into radio): Lorne, you got anything?

(Team Lorne is some distance away.)

LORNE: Nothing so far.

(At John's position, Ronon clicks his fingers to attract his team's attention and points ahead.)

SHEPPARD: Well, we've got bodies.

LORNE: Acknowledged. We'll keep lookin'.

(Team Sheppard walks towards several Wraith bodies lying on the floor. After checking that the area is clear, Ronon lifts up one of the dead Wraith. Its face is shrivelled and ravaged.)

DEX: Looks like they were fed on.

(Rodney's scanner beeps.)

McKAY: Still picking up the Wraith tracking device. (He nods to his left.) It's that way.

(The team moves on and reaches the Bridge. Rodney's scanner beeps again.)

McKAY: Reading's stronger in here.

(The team looks around but there are no Wraith in sight, alive or dead.)

SHEPPARD: I don't see our guy. Do you?

DEX: No.

(The scanner beeps a third time. Rodney looks down.)

McKAY: We're not gonna find him.

SHEPPARD: I thought we were tracking the device.

McKAY: We are.

(He bends down and picks up a small item from the floor with a pair of tweezers.)

McKAY: Someone cut it out of him.

LATER. As Rodney works on the control console, Lorne and his team arrive.

LORNE: No sign of the rest of the crew. Whoever attacked the ship must have taken them prisoner.

McKAY: Including our friend.

SHEPPARD: Stop calling him that. It's weird.

DEX: Then what do we call him?

SHEPPARD: I don't know. Let's go with ... Todd.

(Rodney grimaces at him.)

SHEPPARD: It's a guy I knew in college. He was very pale.

McKAY: Todd's a terrible name!

SHEPPARD: You got a better one?

McKAY: As a matter of fact, I do ...

SHEPPARD (interrupting): You know what? Forget I asked.

LORNE: Colonel, what do we do now?

SHEPPARD: Well, it all depends. (To Rodney) Is this thing gonna fly?

McKAY: Well, the hull's severely damaged; I'd say about thirty percent of the ship is sealed off and exposed to space, but with a bit of work I think we could get main systems back online.

SHEPPARD: Right, that settles it. We've got ourselves a new ship!

ATLANTIS. Radek is talking with a female scientist in the corridor but excuses himself as he sees John walking past and hurries after him.

ZELENKA: Colonel. I didn't expect to see you back so soon.

SHEPPARD: No engagement. The only Wraith on board were dead.

ZELENKA: Was the ship badly damaged?

SHEPPARD: It's definitely taken a few hits. McKay's working on repairs, but that is the easy part.

ZELENKA: Well, what's the hard part?

(John groans and walks on without answering him. Radek stops and watches him go, puzzled.)

MESS HALL. John is sitting with Teyla.

SHEPPARD: The ship's been secured; we're in no immediate danger; and you're the only one who can fly it.

TEYLA (smiling sarcastically at him): Even in my condition?

(John sighs.)

SHEPPARD: All right, I might have been a little tough on you before.

TEYLA: No, you were right. I'm just trying to understand my position.

SHEPPARD: You're still a member of my team.


SHEPPARD: You always were. Look, it's my call whether or not you go on a mission – take it or leave it.

(Teyla looks at him for a long moment, then decides not to continue to argue with him.)

TEYLA: When do we go?

HIVE SHIP BRIDGE. Rodney is working on a computer tablet while Ronon is mooching around investigating. Lorne walks in.

LORNE: Hey, found these in the Jumper.

(He tosses an energy bar to Ronon and hands another to Rodney.)

McKAY: Oh, thank you – I'm starving.

(He looks at it and grimaces.)

McKAY: Apricot Jubilee?!

LORNE (reaching for it): Well, if you don't want it ...

McKAY (snatching it out of his reach): No-no-no, I'm fine.

LORNE: So how are we doing in here, anyway?

McKAY (opening the bar): Well, it's coming along. I've got the hyperdrive operational, but it's not gonna help much if I can't get the neural interface to work.

(Nearby, Ronon is idly poking around. Just as Rodney takes a bite from his bar, a wallscreen beeps and lights up. Rodney turns to Ronon, his eyes wide.)

McKAY: What did you do?

DEX (straightening up and looking guilty): Nothing.

McKAY: You touched something, didn't you?

DEX: No ... Maybe just a little.

(Rodney and Lorne walk closer to the screen.)

LORNE: What is it?

DEX (coming over to join them): Looks like a map.

McKAY: Thank you, Captain Obvious. Of course it's a map. The question is, a map to what?

PUDDLE JUMPER. John and Teyla are on their way back to the hive ship.

TEYLA: I wanted to tell you sooner, but I found out shortly after Doctor Keller and I returned from New Athos. It was a difficult time.

SHEPPARD: It's OK. I get it.

TEYLA (fighting back tears): Now, along with everything else, I'm burdened with the thought that this child may be the last of my people.

SHEPPARD: We don't know that yet.

TEYLA: But you understand why I cannot just stay in Atlantis and do nothing. My best hope in learning their fate is to be out here with you.

HIVE SHIP BRIDGE. As Rodney works on consoles, John and Teyla come in.

SHEPPARD: How's it coming?

McKAY: Ah, you're back. Well, I've managed to get the neural interface talking to the main systems, but I've got no way to test it, so it's gonna need some tweaking. The biggest problem I've had so far has been with the weapons array but I think I've managed to ...

SHEPPARD: Wait, wait, wait. Weapons array?

McKAY: Well, I thought they'd come in handy when we go after the Wraith.

SHEPPARD: What are you talking about?

McKAY: Well, I figured out where the ship was headed before it was attacked.

DEX: We figured it out.

McKAY: Yeah, right(!) All you did was activate a screen!

(Ronon turns and rolls his eyes at Teyla as she walks over to the central control console.)

McKAY: I'm the one who searched through the ship's log and found the mention of the top secret Wraith outpost.

SHEPPARD: What Wraith outpost?

McKAY (sarcastically): I'm sorry – I assumed a level of uncertainty was implied by my use of the phrase "top secret".

DEX: In other words, he doesn't know.

McKAY: The log didn't specify. Look, whatever this thing is, they talk about it like it was sacred. From what I can gather, it played a pivotal role in helping the Wraith win their war against the Ancients.

DEX: Which is why we've gotta check it out.

SHEPPARD: Just hold on here a second – let's just slow down. We don't even know if this thing can fly, let alone ...

(Just then most of the lights on the Bridge go out and a spotlight illuminates the central console where Teyla has just put her hands onto the controls. The boys turn and stare at her as she looks up in surprise.)

McKAY: How did you do that?

TEYLA (nervously): I don't know. My abilities appear to be stronger than before.

McKAY: She's not kidding! (He looks at the wallscreen ahead of them as Wraith writing spools down it.) According to this, navigation, propulsion and communications are online.


TEYLA: I cannot explain it. The moment I connected with the ship, everything became available to me. I can feel the various systems at my disposal.

DEX: Can you fly it?

TEYLA: I'm not sure.

(She closes her eyes and concentrates. From an outside viewpoint, the ship's sub-light engines ignite and the ship begins to move forward.)

McKAY: She's flyin' it, all right!

(John frowns at Teyla.)


TEYLA (opening her eyes): Yes. Fine. It's easier than it was last time. It's almost ... effortless.

(John frowns at Rodney.)

McKAY: Hey, don't look at me. I didn't do anything.

TEYLA: The coordinates to the outpost are in the computer. I can take us there.

(John makes a negative noise and shakes his head.)

SHEPPARD: That's not why I brought you here. We can wait for the Daedalus.

TEYLA: The hive that attacked this ship had access to the same information and by now it is almost a day ahead of us. Now, if that outpost is as important as the log suggests, do you really think we can afford to wait?

SHEPPARD (a little reluctantly): All right. Get us close – but keep us out of sensor range. We'll take a Jumper from there.

(Teyla closes her eyes and concentrates again. A hyperspace window opens ahead of the ship and the hive flies into it.)

SOME TIME LATER. As Teyla continues to fly the ship, John walks back onto the Bridge and goes over to Rodney.

SHEPPARD: Well, what's up?

McKAY: I decided to go over the remainder of the ship's log for any other mention of the outpost.


McKAY: There's nothing. Do you believe it? This thing goes back a long way. As far as I can tell, they haven't been to this place in thousands of years.

SHEPPARD: Why now?

TEYLA: We have reached our coordinates. I'm dropping us out of hyperspace.

(The ship vibrates as it drops back into normal space.)

TEYLA: The planet is just ahead. I've established an orbit around one of its moons, just out of sensor range.

SHEPPARD: All right – let's get to the Jumper.

(Teyla turns to leave the console but stumbles weakly and almost falls. John catches and supports her as Ronon and Lorne hurry towards her.)


TEYLA (straightening up): It's all right. I'm fine. I'm fine.

(As she supports herself on the console and catches her breath, John jerks his head at Rodney. This time he takes the hint and he and Ronon leave the Bridge. Lorne withdraws to a respectful distance. John turns to Teyla.)

SHEPPARD: This is exactly the kind of situation I didn't wanna put you in.

TEYLA: I know.

SHEPPARD: I need somebody to stay behind and fly the ship in case we get into trouble.

TEYLA: Of course.

SHEPPARD: So I'm gonna have Lorne and his men stay here.

TEYLA (nodding): Good luck.

LATER. Shortly afterwards, the Puddle Jumper leaves the hive and heads towards the planet, cloaking as it goes. John looks across to Rodney.

SHEPPARD: Anything?

McKAY: Should be in sensor range ... now.

(Information comes up onto the H.U.D. Above the image of the planet, part of the screen flashes and a familiar circular shape appears.)

McKAY: Oh!

DEX: What?

McKAY: Well, there's a space Gate.

SHEPPARD: What, now you're telling me this?!

McKAY: I didn't know! Look, the log wasn't exactly easy reading!

SHEPPARD: All right. Anything else?

(Rodney checks the readouts.)

McKAY: Yeah. I'm picking up an energy reading on the surface.

SHEPPARD: Do you have any idea what it is?

McKAY: No. (He looks at the readouts again and pulls a face.) There's something else.

(The image of what he's found comes up on the H.U.D.)

McKAY: A hive ship in orbit.

SHEPPARD: Well, at least we didn't miss the party.

PLANET'S SURFACE. The small outpost, obviously Wraith in design, is built into the foot of a mountain. Rodney activates an entrance door and it slides open. Ronon and John walk in aiming their weapons and check around.

DEX: No guards.

SHEPPARD: They're not expecting any visitors. What say we keep it that way? (To Rodney) Which way?

(Rodney checks his detector and indicates to the left.)

McKAY: Energy reading's strongest over here.

(They head off. Some time later they're still exploring.)

SHEPPARD: How big is this place?

McKAY: Don't worry – I've got an excellent sense of direction.

SHEPPARD: Didn't you say you got lost in a garden maze once?

McKAY: I was ten! Plus I was running from a bee.

(John holds up his hand as he sees something ahead. Turning off the light on his rifle, he gestures for the other two to follow him. They quietly walk forward and peer into a room.)

SHEPPARD (quietly): What the hell is this?

(A large chair is in the centre of the room. Seated in it with her eyes closed is a Wraith Hive Queen. Her body is covered with tendril-like cables, leaving only her head clear.)

McKAY (quietly): It's a Queen!

SHEPPARD: Nice work, Sherlock, but what's she doin'?

McKAY: I have no idea.

(Ronon has been checking their six and now whispers to John.)

DEX: Sheppard.

(As John looks round at him, he jerks his head and leads them away. They head down the corridor to another chamber in which are several large organic tubes stretching from the floor to the ceiling. They have an eerie bright green light emanating from them. The boys shine their lights on the nearest one and can see a large grey mass inside it about halfway up. The mass is pulsating and writhing as if it is alive. Rodney grimaces.)

McKAY: Oh, that is just revolting.

SHEPPARD: What is it?

DEX: Hey, check this out.

(He is looking at another of the tubes. As they go over to him, Rodney flashes his light onto a third tube inside which the grey mass is much larger than the first one. He goes over to Ronon and John. The mass inside the tube which Ronon called them to is even larger – it is almost six feet tall, is humanoid in shape and it is writhing as if it's trying to burst out of the tube. Ronon checks the corridor and whispers to the other two.)

DEX: Hey, we've got company. Go, go, move!

(They hurry out of the chamber and take cover around a corner before peering back into the chamber as a Wraith and two guards walk in. The Wraith looks at the tube they just left and at the writhing mass inside. The top of the mass is now clearly a head, and its mouth is open in a silent scream.)

WRAITH: This one is ready.

(The guards begin to tear the tube open. The creature inside groans as it gasps for breath and falls forward. The guards support it. As it continues to gasp, the Wraith reaches into the tube and takes out an object that was also growing in there. It's the mask that all Wraith guards wear. The Wraith wraps it around the face of the newly-born guard and seals it in place.)

WRAITH: Put him with the others.

(The guards drag their new companion away.)

McKAY (quietly): Oh, I'm definitely gonna have nightmares about that.

LATER. The team is cautiously making its way through the complex.

SHEPPARD: Do you think this is some kind of Wraith farm?

McKAY: That's what it looks like. The Queen secretes genetic material which gets distributed through the structure into those pods. Presto – new-born Wraith.


McKAY: Yeah, I know. It sounds disgusting. But it actually makes sense. I mean, you've gotta remember – they're descended from insects, right? The only thing I don't understand is why here? I mean, I always just assumed that this took place on their hive ships, but what's so special about this place?

(Ahead of them, Ronon has stopped and is staring at what he can see, his eyes wide.)

DEX: I think I have an idea.

(John and Rodney join him and stare in amazement. Ronon has found an enormous room, its ceiling so high that it can't be seen in the gloom. Filling the room are ranks and ranks of chambers similar to those previously seen on hive ships.)

McKAY: Oh my God! Pods! Thousands of pods!

LATER. Rodney has attached his computer tablet to a console near the entrance to the chamber.

McKAY: I've patched into the Wraith console. We've got internal schematics. (He flicks through the schematics.) Woah.


McKAY: If I'm reading this right, what we saw from the surface was just the tip of the iceberg. I mean, this thing is miles in diameter.

SHEPPARD: Are there any other chambers like this?

(Rodney types, then raises his head in shock.)

McKAY: Over a hundred.

(They look at each other in horror.)

LATER. The team is on the move again.

McKAY: It doesn't make any sense. There's no way a single Queen could provide enough genetic material to fertilise all those pods.

DEX: Maybe there's more than one.

McKAY: Queens don't work together – at least, not as far as we know.

SHEPPARD: All I know is this place was built to create some kind of a Wraith army and we can't let that happen.

McKAY: You've seen how big it is. I doubt our C4's gonna make much of a dent.

DEX: So we fire at it from orbit.

McKAY: See, theoretically that could work. The problem is, there's another hive ship out there. They'd be on top of us long before we could finish the job.

SHEPPARD: What about the power supply, huh?

McKAY: Maybe. I guess we could shut 'em down for a while.

SHEPPARD: It's a start.

(Rodney gets his detector out of his vest and looks at it.)

McKAY: The problem is, these readings are coming from all around us. We're basically in the middle of a giant machine. I'm not sure I can pinpoint the source.

QUEEN'S CHAMBER. A Wraith scientist walks into the chamber accompanied by two guards. It looks at the Queen as she sits in her chair with her eyes closed, then turns to one of the guards.

WRAITH: Wake her.

(The guard goes to a console and presses it. All the tendril cables withdraw from around the Queen's body and she opens her eyes and looks at the scientist. It bows its head respectfully.)

HIVE QUEEN: What has happened?

WRAITH: You have done well. The second batch of warriors is flawless.

(The Queen smiles in satisfaction.)

WRAITH: We now have a suitable genetic template with which to proceed to the next phase.

HIVE QUEEN: Where is the commander of the fallen hive?

WRAITH: He is in a holding cell. He completed the recalibration that was required.

HIVE QUEEN: I must regain my strength. Bring him to me.

WRAITH: His understanding of this technology is impressive. You may wish to keep him alive.

HIVE QUEEN: You said the device was ready.

WRAITH: It is. We are simply making final adjustments before we bring main power online.

HIVE QUEEN: Then he has outlived his usefulness, and I must feed.

(She stands.)

HIVE QUEEN: Unless you are volunteering yourself.

(The Wraith lowers its head, then turns to one of the guards.)

WRAITH: Bring him.

(The guard nods and it and its companion leave the room. The Queen hisses in anticipation.)

CELL. The Wraith now known as Todd turns as the two guards approach and open the door.

TODD: I believe I'm about to receive my reward.

(The guards raise their stunner rifles and aim them at it. Todd snarls.)

TODD: So be it.

(Just then, two shots from a Satedan blaster take the guards down. Todd looks in surprise as Team Sheppard comes into view and Ronon disarms the guards.)

TODD: Sheppard! How did you find me?

SHEPPARD: We followed them.

TODD: You picked up my signal. I wasn't sure you would come.

SHEPPARD (sarcastically): What are friends for?

(Todd walks closer to him. Ronon promptly runs towards it and aims his blaster at its head.)

SHEPPARD: Now – tell us everything you know or you're gonna join your two friends here on the floor.

HIVE SHIP. Teyla is sitting on a bench near the Bridge's control console. Lorne walks in.

LORNE: Hey. Any word yet?

TEYLA: No. They've not been in contact.

LORNE: Well, guess there's not much to do but wait, huh?


(Lorne sits down next to her.)

LORNE: Listen, I never got a chance to congratulate you. It's really great. I didn't even know you were dating anyone.

(They smile at each other.)

LORNE: My sister has a couple of kids. Two boys: five and seven. I miss being around them.

TEYLA: I'm not really sure what to expect.

LORNE: Nobody ever is – at least not with the first one. But you get through it.

(Teyla nods.)

LORNE: Ah, you're gonna make a great mom.

(She looks at him gratefully.)

TEYLA: Thank you. I wish I could be so sure.

WRAITH CELL. Ronon still has his blaster aimed at Todd's head.

TODD: Doctor McKay is quite correct. It would be impossible for a Queen to breed so many warriors all at once, except by artificial means.

SHEPPARD: What are you talkin' about?

TODD: The Queen creates a handful of warriors, each of which is then reproduced thousands of times over. This is a cloning facility.

McKAY: That's why it was key to their victory over the Ancients.

(He walks closer to Todd. Ronon steps away and goes to watch the corridor.)

McKAY: We always knew they did it with greater numbers – we just never knew where they came from.

(John looks at Todd.)

SHEPPARD: Aren't there too many Wraith in the galaxy already? A couple of weeks ago when you were fighting the Replicators, it might have made sense, but why now?

(Todd doesn't reply immediately.)

DEX: Answer the man.

TODD: We didn't use this facility during the Replicator war because we didn't have the means to power it. The energy requirements are enormous.

McKAY: ZedP.M.s. He's talking about ZedP.M.s.

TODD: I managed to acquire a few before the Replicator planet was destroyed.

SHEPPARD: And I was all set to feel bad about killing you.

TODD: My intention was to create an army to wipe out the other Wraith, but I was betrayed by one of my crew. He informed another hive of my plans.

McKAY: The one that disabled your ship.

(Todd looks at him and nods.)

McKAY: This is good news, right? It means all we have to do to shut this place down is get our hands on the ZedP.M.s.

TODD: And I know where they are. I'm sure you haven't come all this way just to rescue me, but it would be in your best interests.

SHEPPARD: Let's go.

SHORTLY AFTERWARDS. Todd leads the team through the corridors, then gestures ahead.

TODD: Through there.

SHEPPARD: We'll see if it's clear. You stay here.

(He walks on ahead, Ronon following him. Rodney turns back to Todd.)

McKAY: There's one thing I don't understand. Back when you defeated the Ancients, how did you get your hands on a ZedP.M?

TODD: The Lanteans were powerful but careless. Believing their ships were unbeatable, they sent them deeper and deeper into Wraith-controlled territory, trying to weed us out. It took months, but eventually we were able to capture three of them, each one powered by a ZeeP.M.

McKAY: At which point you brought them back here.

TODD: Within weeks, our army had grown to hundreds of times its original size. From that point on, the tide of war turned in our favour and there was nothing the Lanteans could do.

(John trots back to them.)

SHEPPARD: Save the history lesson for later. Let's go.

McKAY: Right.

(They head off down the corridor, but just then the familiar scream of a Wraith alarm begins to sound.)

TODD: They've discovered my absence.

SHEPPARD: All right, then we're gonna have to move quickly.

(Ahead of them, several Wraith guards approach. John ducks down and fires his P-90 at them. He guns down one and Ronon takes down another with his blaster.)

TODD: This way!

(It turns and races off. The others are pinned down by stunner fire. John looks at Rodney.)


(As John lays down covering fire, Rodney breaks cover but is hit by a stunner blast. John too gets hit by a lucky blast. Ronon runs out to try to drag Rodney clear but a couple of stunner blasts hit him and he too drops to the floor. The guards approach the unconscious team, followed by the Wraith scientist. It hisses in satisfaction.)

SOME TIME LATER. Rodney regains consciousness on the floor of a Wraith cell. He groans as he pulls himself up into a sitting position.

McKAY: Oh, man!

(Nearby, John is sitting against the wall rubbing his neck.)

McKAY: I got stunned.

SHEPPARD: Yeah, we know, Rodney. We all did.

McKAY: You did? How come I'm the last one to wake up?

(Ronon, sitting near the door, raises his eyebrows but says nothing. Rodney looks around the cell.)

McKAY: Hey, where's Todd?

SHEPPARD: He escaped.

McKAY: That's good, isn't it? He'll come back for us. I mean, after all, we saved him.

SHEPPARD: Something tells me we're on our own with this one.

DEX: Something tells me it's not gonna matter.

(He stands as several Wraith guards approach the doorway. John and Rodney also stand as the Wraith scientist walks to the door and looks in at them. It glances at one of the guards.)

WRAITH: Open it.

(The door slides open.)

SHEPPARD: Lettin' us out, huh? That's very kind of you.

WRAITH (to the guards): Bring them.

(It walks away. Ronon walks out of the cell and John nods to Rodney in an "After you," way. Rodney follows Ronon and John brings up the rear. The Wraith leads them to the Queen's chamber where she is sitting in the chair. By now the guards have seized each of the humans and are holding each of them by the neck or the shoulders to prevent them from trying to attack the Queen.)

WRAITH: The commander of the other hive escaped, but I brought you these.


(She stands and walks over to John. Smiling unpleasantly at him, she raises her hand and, without touching him, runs her hand along the side of his face in a downward movement. The power of her mind forces him down onto his knees. Still looking at John, the Queen speaks to the Wraith scientist.)

HIVE QUEEN: Inform the hive. Have them begin searching the area for their ship.

(She runs her finger along John's chin as he struggles against her mind.)

HIVE QUEEN: In the meantime, I have a few questions that need to be answered.

HIVE SHIP. Lorne hurries onto the Bridge in answer to a summons from Teyla.

LORNE: What is it?

TEYLA: I have detected a Dart approaching our position.

LORNE: It could be a scout. Have they spotted us?

TEYLA: I don't know.

LORNE: Have you detected any communication between the Dart and the other hive?


LORNE: Well, then, we still have a chance. We should destroy it.

TEYLA: Colonel Sheppard has flown a Dart before.

LORNE: He would have radioed us by now. We can't risk sending out a signal of our own.

(Reluctantly, Teyla moves to the weapons console.)

TEYLA: Charging weapons.

(She activates a control, but just then Todd's face appears on the wallscreen ahead of her.)

TODD: Do not fire. Do you recognise me?


LORNE: Have you seen our people?

TODD: I have. I will tell you everything, but you must allow me on board.

(The Dart approaches the hive and lands. Shortly afterwards, Teyla, Lorne and the marines escort Todd back towards the Bridge.)

TEYLA: They were captured?

TODD: I saw them get stunned.

LORNE: Funny how you managed to get away.

TODD: I was lucky. If I had been captured, they would have killed me instantly.

TEYLA: So how do we rescue them?

TODD: By now, they will have been brought before the Queen.

LORNE: So there's still a chance, if you fly us back down there.

TODD: You don't understand. The hive in orbit will have detected my Dart leaving the planet. They will grow suspicious and begin searching for us. Our only hope is to leave now and come again later, undetected.

LORNE: Well, we're not going anywhere.

TODD: There is no way to help your friends right now. You must face this.

TEYLA: Wait. There is a chance. I have an idea.

WRAITH OUTPOST. QUEEN'S CHAMBER. The Queen is still running her fingers over John's chin as he kneels before her.

HIVE QUEEN: How were you able to find this place?

(John struggles against her mental influence.)

HIVE QUEEN: I don't believe that I have ever encountered such resistance from a human before.

SHEPPARD (through gritted teeth): I've had a lot of practice.

HIVE QUEEN: Well, there is a simpler way.

(She looks down at him and her voice hardens.)

HIVE QUEEN: Tell me what I want to know, or I feed on one of your friends.

(John still doesn't answer.)

HIVE QUEEN: As you wish.

(She turns towards the other two.)

DEX: Well, if you're hungry, I'm the one you're lookin' for.

(The guards holding him grab his hair and haul his head back, silencing him. The Queen points at Rodney.)

HIVE QUEEN: This one.

McKAY (plaintively): Oh, great! In my entire life I've never been chosen first!

(He groans as the guard behind him forces him to his knees.)

McKAY (whimpering): And now fate decides to restore the balance.

(The Queen runs her finger down the side of his face and looks across to John, who surges to his feet and tries to rush at her but the guard behind him grabs him and holds him still. Hissing, the Queen pulls back her hand ready to strike and feed on Rodney but suddenly her hand hesitates and she shakes her head, bewildered and grimacing. Slowly she lowers her hand to her side as the Wraith scientist looks at her, confused.)

WRAITH: What is it? My Queen?

(The Queen turns to it.)

HIVE QUEEN: Take them back to their cell.

WRAITH: I do not understand.

HIVE QUEEN: Get out!

(As the guards haul Team Sheppard away and everyone leaves the room, the Queen grimaces again, shaking her head, hissing and growling.)

HIVE SHIP BRIDGE. Teyla is sitting on the bench near the console while Lorne and Todd stand in front of her, watching her. Lorne has a Wraith stunner pistol trained on her while his marines are aiming their weapons at Todd who looks totally confused.

TODD: What did she say?

LORNE: She's not talking to us. She's taking control of the Queen's mind.

TODD: Impossible!

(Lorne glances at it briefly.)

LORNE: I wouldn't be so sure about that.

(He returns his gaze to Teyla who sits staring blindly ahead of her. In her mind, the Queen walks up behind her and stares down at her. As she speaks, her voice echoes in Teyla's head.)

HIVE QUEEN: Who is this who dares to enter my mind?

TEYLA: Who I am does not matter.

(She is speaking aloud. Todd looks at her in confusion.)

TEYLA: What matters is that I am stronger than you.

HIVE QUEEN: Really? {Really?} {Really?}

TEYLA: Even now I am gaining control of your body.

(Behind her, the Queen grimaces and struggles against her control.)

HIVE QUEEN: Yes. {Yes.} {Yes.} You do have strength {strength} {strength}. I can feel it now {now} {now}. But even you cannot sustain this level of concentration forever.

TEYLA: I do not need forever. Now get up.

(In the Chamber on the planet, the Queen rises from her chair, hissing in frustration, and walks to the doorway of the room.)

TEYLA: Turn right.

(The Queen turns and walks off down the corridor. On the hive ship, Teyla's mental image of the Queen looks down at her.)

HIVE QUEEN: You are hiding something from me. I can sense it.

(Teyla grimaces, trying to keep the Queen out of her own mind. The Queen smiles in satisfaction.)

HIVE QUEEN: Of course. Now I feel it. You're not working alone. There is another life {life} inside you {inside you}, helping you.

(Teyla gasps in frustration and doubles up on the seat. Redoubling her efforts, she straightens up again, gasping as she struggles to keep control. Lorne looks at her in concern and nervously raises his stunner a little higher.)

TEYLA (to the Queen): Stay away.

(In her mind, the Queen bends down close to her.)

HIVE QUEEN: You cannot resist me for long. Combined, your two minds are very powerful, but all I need to do is distract you for a single moment {moment} to get to the other.

(She hisses.)

HIVE QUEEN: One thought {thought} is all it will take to crush {crush} it out of existence.

(Teyla whimpers and closes her eyes in concentration.)


DEX: That was just weird.

McKAY: Weird?! Did you see how close I just came to becoming Wraith food? I don't think "weird" quite cuts it. Like, maybe "paralysing" or "sickening" or, or "heart-stoppening" ...

DEX (to John): What do you think happened to her?

SHEPPARD: I'm not sure.

(Just then, a Wraith stunner blast takes down one of the guards outside. The Queen walks into view, gunning down the second guard.)

McKAY: Oh, great, she's back(!)

(The Queen opens the door to the cell and drops a bag onto the floor.)

HIVE QUEEN: Here are your weapons.

(Rodney stares at the bag in amazement. John frowns at the Queen. She looks back at him.)

HIVE QUEEN: It's me, John.


(The Queen nods.)


(Rodney and Ronon stare at each other in surprise, then bend down to pick up their weapons.)

HIVE SHIP. Teyla is still struggling as her mental image of the Queen grins in delight behind her.

HIVE QUEEN: You are weakening. I can feel it.

(Teyla groans and doubles up on the bench again. Lorne looks at her in concern, his stunner still trained on her.)

LORNE: Teyla?

(Teyla raises her head again, forcing her eyes open.)

LORNE: Teyla, you OK?

(Outside the cell on the planet, the Queen sways, her eyes half closed, as Team Sheppard gears up.)

HIVE QUEEN: You must go, quickly. I don't know how much longer I can control her.

SHEPPARD (to Ronon and Rodney): Go on. Move.

McKAY: Uh, can you get her to hold the train, 'cause I kinda got turned around.

SHEPPARD: Just go!

(Ronon and Rodney hurry away. John looks at the Queen.)

SHEPPARD: You can let go of her now – we're leaving.

(On the hive ship, Teyla wails, doubling up over her stomach. Outside the cell, the Queen doubles up, clutching her stomach. As John turns back to her, the image of the Queen on the hive ship behind Teyla smiles in satisfaction.)

HIVE QUEEN: There it is.

(Teyla wails again.)

HIVE QUEEN: The other life inside you.

(Outside the cell, the Queen turns to John, her face anguished.)

SHEPPARD: Teyla, let go.

HIVE QUEEN: John! Help me!

(John raises his pistol and fires multiple shots into her. On the hive ship, Teyla gasps and collapses backwards. Lorne rushes towards her.)

LORNE: Teyla!

(Outside the cell, John looks down at the Queen for a moment, then hurries to catch up with Rodney and Ronon.)

SHEPPARD: Let's blow up the ZeeP.M.s and get the hell out of here.

McKAY: The only problem is we have no idea where the hell they are, remember?

SHEPPARD: We pulled up the schematics in the pod room.

McKAY: It didn't have any reference to ZedP.M.s.

SHEPPARD: Maybe you didn't look hard enough. Let's go.

(In the Queen's Chamber, the Wraith scientist walks to a console and begins to work on it. Team Sheppard runs back into the Pod Room. John and Rodney hurry over to the console while Ronon watches the doorway.)

SHEPPARD: Make this quick.

McKAY: It's a lot of data – I'm gonna need a minute.

(In the Queen's Chamber, the scientist's console beeps. In the Pod Room, the team looks up as they hear noises.)

DEX: What was that?

(Red lights come on deeper into the room.)

McKAY: We're too late.

(All the pods begin to illuminate with red lights and Wraith guards can be seen inside.)

McKAY: They've started to clone the warriors.

SHEPPARD: Forget that. Just find the ZeeP.M.s.

McKAY: I'm gonna need more time.


McKAY: Look, there are hundreds of pages of information here and it's all in Wraith.

(A Wraith alarm begins to scream.)

DEX: They found the Queen.

SHEPPARD: All right, I've got a better idea.

McKAY: You do?

SHEPPARD: Let's get outta here.

(They turn and run from the room.)

HIVE SHIP BRIDGE. Lorne is kneeling in front of Teyla as she grimaces and struggles to come back to herself.

LORNE: Teyla, are you OK?

(Teyla looks at him, a little confused.)

TEYLA: Major Lorne?

LORNE: What happened?

TEYLA: I saw them – Colonel Sheppard, Ronon, Doctor McKay.

LORNE: Did they get away?

TEYLA (anguished): The Queen ... was ... was going after my child.

LORNE: It's OK. It's OK. Just take it easy, all right?

(The wallscreen activates. Todd turns and looks at it.)

TODD: Major? The other hive is on its way. They've found us.

WRAITH OUTPOST. Team Sheppard peers out from around a corner towards the exit. Wraith guards are waiting there.

SHEPPARD: Isn't there another way out of here?

McKAY: You want a different exit?! It was hard enough to find this one!

(Ronon looks back the way they just came and sees more guards approaching.)

DEX: We'd better make a decision fast. We've got more of them coming.

SHEPPARD: Oh, crap!

(He raises his rifle and opens fire on the guards at the door. Rodney follows suit while Ronon fires his blaster at the approaching guards. They continue firing until John and Rodney have gunned down the guards by the exit.)

SHEPPARD: Let's get outta here!

(They run towards the door. Rodney reaches for the wall panel while John guns down more approaching guards. The door opens and the team races out.)

HIVE SHIP. Todd takes hold of the flight controls.

TODD: The hive ship will be here momentarily. We need to leave now.

LORNE: Not before our people get back.

(Todd looks at the console.)

TODD: Weapons capabilities are limited at best. The hull is still severely damaged. We can't survive an attack.

TEYLA: Colonel Sheppard will be here shortly.

TODD: You don't know that.

TEYLA: I have seen them. They are alive and we will wait for as long as is necessary.

(Todd turns to her, snarling. Just then there's a repeated beeping sound.)

LORNE: What's that?

TODD: The other hive. They've entered weapons range.

(The ship jolts as a weapons blast hits it. From an external viewpoint, the enemy hive approaches, continuing to fire. Inside, Todd looks around as part of the console explodes.)

TODD: This is foolish. They will target our hyperdrive, making it impossible to escape. We can't wait any longer.

(Some distance away, the Puddle Jumper flies away from the planet. John activates the comms.)

SHEPPARD: Teyla, Lorne, come in.

TEYLA: Colonel, where are you?

SHEPPARD: On our way.

TEYLA: You must hurry. The other hive has found us.

SHEPPARD: Can you hold 'em off?

TODD (hurrying over to the weapons console): Not for long.

(Snarling, he activates the controls and the hive begins to fire back. Teyla takes the main controls.)

SHEPPARD: Approaching Dart Bay.

TEYLA: Acknowledged.

TODD: They're inside.

LORNE: Colonel, request permission to jump to hyperspace immediately.

SHEPPARD: Negative. I have another idea.

McKAY: Are you crazy?!

SHEPPARD: We still have to destroy the cloning facility.

McKAY: How?! In case you hadn't noticed, we're under attack!

SHEPPARD: I know. Teyla, I want you to set a new course.

(As the hives continue to exchange fire, Teyla gets her ship moving and it heads away from the enemy hive. In the complex below, a Wraith technician approaches the scientist.)

WRAITH: Commander.


WRAITH: We just received an urgent communication from the hive. The enemy – they're headed straight for us.

(The scientist turns to look at the other Wraith in horror. Outside, the hive ship plunges out of the sky and smashes nose first straight into the complex, setting off a massive explosion. A safe distance away, Teams Sheppard and Lorne narrow their eyes against the light as they watch from the Jumper. As the light fades, Rodney turns to John.)

McKAY: Well, I think that should probably do the trick.

SHEPPARD: Let's get outta here.

ATLANTIS. GATEROOM. Radek walks with John and Rodney up to the Control Room.

ZELENKA: So what happened to the other Wraith?

SHEPPARD: You mean Todd?

(Radek looks at Rodney in confusion. Rodney sighs.)

McKAY: Don't ask.

SHEPPARD: He took a Dart.

McKAY: Either he escaped through the Gate like we did or he was captured by the other hive ship.

ZELENKA: I can't imagine they could have given him a very warm welcome.

McKAY: No.

(John stops at the top of the stairs as he sees Teyla standing on the balcony outside, looking over the ocean. As Rodney and Radek continue into the Control Room, John looks at Teyla for a while, then goes outside to join her.)

SHEPPARD: Did you talk to Keller?

TEYLA (nodding): I've just come from the Infirmary. Everything is fine ... at least, physically.

SHEPPARD: What does that mean?

(Teyla sighs.)

TEYLA: I exposed my unborn child to the mind of a killer, even before he has opened his eyes on the world.

(John's eyes widen.)


(Teyla smiles.)

TEYLA: It's a boy.

SHEPPARD: Really? I thought you didn't want Keller to tell you anything.

TEYLA: She didn't.

SHEPPARD (confused): OK ...

(Teyla sighs again.)

TEYLA: You were right to question my involvement in this mission. There was a time when I would have laid down my life for you, or Ronon, or Rodney without hesitation. But I have other considerations now.

SHEPPARD: It's understandable.

TEYLA: You have no idea how close she came to extinguishing his life. (Her eyes fill with tears and she sniffles.) If you had hesitated for even a moment ...

(Still sniffling, she finds herself unable to finish the sentence. Instead, she walks over to John, puts her arms around him and lays her head on his shoulder. John, in his usual awkward way, holds her.)