Stargate: The Official Magazine - Issue #7

Issue 7

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PUBLISHER: Titan Magazines
EDITED BY: Sharon Gosling
PUBLISHED: November / December 2005
COVER PRICE: US $6.99 / CAN $9.99
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    • The Debrief: Robert C. Cooper
      The executive producer discusses the changing nature of Stargate SG-1 and what is ahead for the show as a whole.
    • Sam Kind of Wonderful
      She's back – Amanda Tapping's Colonel Samantha Carter makes a welcome return to Stargate SG-1!
    • A Moment With Momoa
      Stargate: Atlantis' newest cast member, Jason Momoa, discusses joining the show as the troubled Ronon Dex.
    • The Debrief: Lexa Doig
      Dr. Carolyn Lam, Chief Medical Officer of Stargate Command, isn't about to take crap from anyone – as actress Lexa Doig explains!
    • Hot Gossett!
      Veteran actor Louis Gossett Jr, fresh from his role as Jaffa leader Gerak, talks about his involvement in Stargate SG-1.
    • Exclusive Stargate: Atlantis fiction: Flipside
      The only place to get your exclusive and official fiction based on your favorite show. This issue, Sheppard defies the chain of command!


    • Advanced Telemetry
      All the latest news about your favorite shows, including an exclusive interview with stars Ben Browder and Joe Flanigan about their adventures in an F-16!
    • Double Sided Poster
      More fantastic pin-ups for your collection! This issue, it's Sam Carter and the new Stargate SG-1 line up!
    • Daniel's Notebook: The Jaffa
      This issue, Dr. Jackson flips open his notes on the Jaffa and their struggle for freedom.
    • Security Directive: Covert Operations
      SG-1 has encountered their fair share of shady dealers in their time traveling the galaxy – and here are the top secret files on them all!
    • Mission Debrief: Deadman Switch
      Revisit this classic episode, featuring ex-Flash Gordon Sam J. Jones!
    • Letters
      Readers have their say, and we continue our Stargates of the World gallery!
    • The Kit Bag – Stargate: Atlantis Novels
      Take a look at what's in store as Fandemonium Books prepare to release their Stargate: Atlantis novels! Plus, a chance to win a copy of the first novel in the series!
    • A Day In The Life: Joe Mallozzi
      The co-executive producer opens his diary to show us exactly what happens in the Stargate SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis production offices.


  • From Issues #7–30 the magazine was titled Stargate SG-1 / Atlantis: The Official Magazine. (Stargate Atlantis had already premiered 14 months earlier.)