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RDA back on Saturday Night Live

Monday - March 9, 2009
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Richard Dean Anderson and Will Forte

Richard Dean Anderson and Will Forte

Did you see Richard Dean Anderson appear on Saturday Night Live‘s MacGruber sketches (a.k.a. Pepsi Super Bowl commercials) a month ago (story)? Still holding out for a MacGyver/MacGruber crossover that is … what’s the word … funny? Wait no longer.

Anderson — Stargate‘s General Jack O’Neill — returned to SNL this past weekend, appearing (with a much-improved mullet hairpiece) in another three MacGruber sketches. Watch them below, courtesy of Hulu (U.S. viewers only).

The new sketches gave Anderson more of a chance to be front-and-center, and to play up the relationship (literally!) between his venerable 1980s character and Will Forte’s spoof.

Will MacGyver make another return to SNL? Catch the show Saturday nights at 11:30 p.m. Eastern/Pacific on NBC. Anderson appears in Starate: Continuum, which makes its U.S. television debut Friday, April 3 on the SCI FI Channel.

(Thanks to Morjana for the tip!)

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  • The Pepsi one WAS funny. This one was desterbing on many levels. Gross, I would have stayed out of it if i were RDA.

  • Good to see RDA. The Pepsi one wasn’t funny. And, if I remember correctly, disturbing on many levels. This one was great – clean and mean, but I would have stayed out of it if it weren’t for Will Forte since it wasn’t great.

  • I think they need to keep them coming. Perhaps even a MacGruber/MacGyver movie?…Well maybe I shouldn’t go that far.

  • I like RDA and I think he is great and all…but this is below him. This was much worst than the Pepsi one. Immature and unfunny. Will Forte is terrible in my opinion. This is…heh.

  • i had even more fun with this than the pepsi ones. it was great seeing rda and i laughed! :D

  • Universacred – don’t worry, you’re not missing much. It’s nice to see him but these are all dumb… just like the rest of modern SNL.

  • in what world would anyone consider this funny?
    the first time they tried this skit it wasn’t funny and the same for this one…

  • I’ve seen the pepsi ones, I thought they were funny. These are grown men, their humour reflects that sometimes. Even though we grow older, we don’t feel older mentlly so sometimes we get a little out of control, in the right environment , it’s ok.

  • I thought both skits were entertaining… yeah, slightly disturbing in a way, but RDA’s appearance isn’t what it once was… I’ll say this though… my 9-year old son LOVES the McGruber bits, and if it serves as a gateway to get him to watch SG then all I can say is: RIGHT ON, KEEP’EM COMIN’!

  • i can’t believe how many times i’ve watched this! got to have my rda fix, and the other guy’s cute too. :p

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