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My take below. Rush is after something. | In some future season it is revealed Rush had prior knowledge. I’d even dare say experience. The ship was all he was looking for because he “knew” he used it. | He most likely wants to save the women on the photo from Air. Perhaps a time machine, perhaps a quantum mechanics thing. The series ending will feature his attemt to alter her faith whilst the rest tries to return home. Ultimatly Rush sucseeds and thus altered history so nobody made it in the Destiny anyhow. | A time-machine failsafe from the… Read more »


Thanks for this week’s podcast. Just downloaded it and will listen to it tonight. As always, really looking forward to it. Meanwhile, I’m viewing Air 1 and 2 and for once I’m really happy I’ve listen to all podcasts already and read spoilers and posts. My expectation wasn’t very high, but so far I’m happily surprised. I really enjoy the music (intro reminds me of the music from Crusade, the B5 sequel) which is different and cool. I’m watching the intro over and over. Now I have 8 episode ahead to watch for the first time – lucky me. This… Read more »


Am I the only one who was not surprised at all/ much for this episode? Almost everything was predicable. The only thing that got me was the what the chair does to people. I saw Young socking Rush a mile away once they got to the planet. Rush will figure out how to work the alien ship or he will modify the Stargate to get back to Destiny.


I don’t think Young did anything wrong to Rush. Imagine if something like that happened to Teal’c. He would have just killed Rush. I think you’re confusing heroic with angelic, or perfect. Young, Scott, and Greer are all very courageous but flawed. And Eli, while not a warrior, still is brave and hasn’t done anything reprehensible (yet). About your ‘quibbles’ The kino didn’t ‘happen’ to be there. Spencer most likely looked for and took an active one and used it. Rush wasn’t sloppy, he had no way of knowing that Eli backed up two days worth of footage on his… Read more »


@Gaeth: Agree with every single thing you just said. Gateworlds quibbles usually are good or at least understandable ones. This time I didn’t think they had any good ones at all, not even understandable ones. I think you answered all of them and I agree with you on every one.

All though the rest of the podcast was good =)


It would have been useful had you lads watched the episode prior to the podcast. I realise that what’s actually screened seems to be a problem with some punters, particularly when it comes to Dr Rush, but this is what actually happened: Eli comes into the chair room. Franklin is there. They talk. Franklin asks Eli to get some ‘potatoes’. Eli leaves. Franklin looks at the chair. Young hears Eli over the radio asking for help. Young runs to the chair room. Franklin is in the chair with Eli trying to remove the ‘bolt’s or whatever they are. Rush is… Read more »


Wow, ellievee – How about we have the conversation without all the condescension and insults. I was speculating that Rush might have been in the room with Franklin when Eli returned. (You’re right about the sequence of events, though you overlooked the fact that Franklin told Eli that Rush was soon to arrive to relieve him.) We don’t know that he was, and I didn’t say that he was. I said that when Young finally got there, Rush was there. If my theory pans out, Eli might have thought to mention Rush’s presence in the room to Col. Young later,… Read more »


As much as I truly enjoy your podcasts, I decided not to listen this week, because the topic of SGU just makes me sad and I’m going to try to stay away from any discussions about it.
But I’m looking forward for what you have in store for the next few months!


I’ve been thinking about the theory that Rush in some way got Franklin into the chair, as well as how “bad” Young is for leaving some one behind. I am wondering if the video that Young had Eli copy onto a thumb drive was Kino video of Rush putting Franklin into the chair.


does anyone know why sgu is having a mid season break? is it for the olympics? is it because they need to catch up in production? i’m just curious if they’ve announced why we need to wait an excruciating amount of time to keep watching!!


The only thing i want to comment on is how you both mentioned, “why did they have less time on this planet and more on another? and why did the destiny choose this planet?”… here is my theory: 1st: The seeder ships are just building the stargates along the way and planting them on planets that are one way or another explorable. 2nd: there is a subspace connection between the seeder ships and the destiny and they relay just a preliminary/very basic scan of the planet. Just the scan they took to figure out where to plant the stargate and… Read more »


Cheers for all your work Darren. You could home in on the positive feedback you got here – like mine above :-) I always appreciate the podcasts – this one too. It’s great to have different (combination of) people doing it, it changes the dynamics and makes it even more interesting. And it is *your* opinions I like to hear so keep going! Only tiny probs is the quality of the phone calls, a bit difficult to hear sometimes (my ears could be fresher and English is my second language) but it is of course understandable that phone calls have… Read more »