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Syfy’s new Monday line-up scores over 2 million viewers

Wednesday - July 13, 2011
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Syfy Channel launched its brand new line of Monday night original dramas this week, drawing an average of more than 2 million viewers over three hours and growing its audience hour-to-hour.

New superhero drama Alphas premiered at the top of the pack, ratings-wise, while Eureka and Warehouse 13 returned with strong numbers — despite some year-to-year erosion.

Eureka began the night with the start of the back half of its fourth season, picking up an estimated 2.02 million viewers (Live + Same Day) in the 8 p.m. time slot and a 1.5 average household rating, according to Syfy.  (Check out our sister site, SciFi Stream, for a full set of interviews with the Eureka cast!)

The series has already been renewed and is currently filming its fifth season in Vancouver.

At 9 p.m. Warehouse 13 returned for its third season, with 2.34 million viewers and a 1.74 rating.

Syfy capped off the night with the premiere of Alphas at 10 p.m., averaging 2.52 million viewers (a 1.84 rating) for its 90-minute premiere.  That’s the strongest original series premiere Syfy has had since Warehouse 13 bowed in 2009.  (Not coincidentally, it’s also the first original, scripted drama since then to premiere in the summertime.)

But the move to Monday wasn’t all flowers and candy for the two returning shows.  Eureka‘s premiere was down 10 percent from last summer’s finale, and 20 percent from the season premiere last July (Fridays).  Warehouse 13 dipped 2.5 percent from September’s Season Two finale, and 21 percent from last July’s premiere (Tuesdays).

The new Monday night line-up is the first time (that we can remember) since the Friday night line-up of Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Battlestar Galactica that the cable network has stacked three original, scripted dramas on the same night, which surely helps retain audience members from one hour to the next.  Syfy’s strategy in recent years has been to spread out its original programming to cover more nights of the week.

The big premiere numbers demonstrates not just viewers’ love for these shows, but further proves that Syfy’s original dramas perform markedly better during the less competitive summer season — especially when they aren’t airing on Friday nights.

Later this week, Syfy will premiere unscripted originals Ghost Hunters and Legend Quest (series premiere) on Wednesday, followed by the second season premiere of scripted Haven on Friday.  Since that show enjoys the post-wrestling time slot, we’ll be very interested to compare Haven‘s ratings with the new Monday night block next week.

Darren created GateWorld in 1999, and today is the owner and managing editor. He lives in the Seattle area with his wife and three children. (More)

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  • ESPN had the home run derby and History’s ‘Pawn Stars’ Records Net’s Second Biggest Audience During Crossover Event at History’s The Pick, The Pawn & The Polish crossover event, featuring its popular thrifting shows American Pickers, American Restoration and Pawn Stars, averaged 6.7 million total viewers from 9 p.m. to11 p.m. Monday night.

    American Pickers led the 9 p.m. premiere with 6.3 million total viewers, including 2.6 million persons 18 to 49.

    American Restoration followed at 10 p.m., rising to 6.7 million total viewers and 3 million viewers with the aforementioned demo, according to Nielsen data.

    The last part of the crossover, Pawn Stars, drew the highest number of viewers, with 7.6 million total viewers and 3.4 million of the Madison Avenue-coveted group, making it the network’s second-most-watched telecast ever behind the 7.7 million for the Jan. 31 installment of the show.

  • Syfy has ALWAYS belonged to the summer. If this were fall, those ratings would be SO much lower.

  • it always starts at 2mil then they mess with the show and it ends up 400 and getting cancelled.

  • Wasnt the Alphas premiere 60min, it says 90 min in the post. Just letting you know

  • This is a good point by Darren: Sci-Fi Fridays was a great example of doing a smart programming move– that is, stacking original scripted shows together on the same night to keep as much viewer erosion as possible to a minimum. (And, perchance, do exactly what Sci-Fi Fridays actually DID do: *increase* those same viewers over the course of time.)

    While I don’t think that a Monday night will get the same pure numbers for sci-fi fans as a Friday, I think bundling all three of these shows together on any night (sans Tuesday– bad memories!) will increase the chances for all three to succeed on SyFy’s very iffy programming board.

  • I wholeheartedly agree Greenfire. I loved that SyFy aired their programs in the summer because that means less programs for me to have to keep track of during the fall. There’s some great sci-fi airing right now with Eureka and Warehouse 13 (I haven’t seen Alphas yet so can’t comment) and the return of Torchwood! Who says there’s nothing to watch during the summer? I’m almost watching as much now as I do during the fall when you add Deadliest Catch to that mix!

    On a completely un-related note, when are we going to see the next Gateworld podcast? You guys still got one episode of SGU to cover! I’ve been dying to hear your discussion on it!

  • didn’t SGU premiered with greater numbers? AND it wasnt even summer!!! their “highest” ratings for alphas’ were SGU’S normal average-ish rating per episode (close)….i don’t get it

  • Alphas does not excite me.. I found at least 2 characters annoying… and made me wish Heroes was still around…

  • SGU’s highest rating was 2.447 million viewers live + SD for episode Air, Part 3. SGU’s premiere got 2.346 million viewers. So a little worse than Alphas. Not that this matters much. Alphas may still be a failure, if it will lose too many viewers in the next episodes, like SGU did. We will see.

  • “Wasn’t the Alphas premiere 60min?”

    No, it was 90 minutes, when you include commercial time.

  • @asgarder
    They ran the premiere an extra 30mins. You know how some new shows do a 2 hour premiere like Falling Skies did. Well they did a hour and a half long premiere.

  • Say what you will about my last post, but this one really has nothing to do with Stargate. And before you all get ready to write down a response to rebuff me, here me out.

    Despite what you may think, I really don’t care if Darren chooses to report non-Stargate news, in fact I totally understand if he chooses to do so; with Stargate gone goes the frequency of Stargate news. Maintaining a site like this costs time and money that would be wasted covering exclusively what meager Stargate news trickles out. What Darren should do is simply re brand the site to include the entire scifi genera, and change the name to something like ScifiWorld. Because not doing so is kind of what SyFy is doing with their network, and that’s what is irking me.

  • Yeah..SyFy was always strongest during summers,glad to see they’ve realised it’s the best they can do.And stacking hit shows the same days as well is a proven concept.
    I still can’t say anything about Alphas..from what I’ve seen in the Pilot,it’s nothing special and I’m sure the ratings will fall,but we’ll see soon enogh,in the next few eps.they deserve that much,as they’re better than Falling Skies,even this unoriginal.At least imo they’ve more charm to them.

  • I agree with The Admiral.


  • i’m not gonna watch this.
    #1) it will be cancelled in season 2
    #2) syfy probably will mess with the schedule
    #3 an the most important ) i have cancelled my TV cable since SGU finale :D

  • all three of those shows are horrible. alphas is the worst of them.

  • I am totally against changing the name of Gateworld, it has no need what so ever to do that. What could be done thought is changing “The Complete guide to Stargate” to “The complete guide to Sci-fi” so it can for example in google, to stand out that we also cover general sci-fi.

  • @bhorwith22: Yes, but this show didn’t have “Stargate” in front of it, did it? I have not seen Alphas yet. I wonder if it’s “dark, gritty and cerebral” like SGU, and wrong people at the wrong place at the wrong time..

  • I <3 how Darren is keeping us updated as he feels is right. I've been visiting this site every day forever and I'm glad it's still going to be relevant and updated.

    That said, any non-stargate news post is going to get the same "this ain't Stargate" comments; my suggestion is a note somewhere on the home page saying:

    "Since there isn't much Stargate news at the moment we will keep you updated on Stargate actors' other projects and Sci-Fi in general".

    Or something like that :)

  • I too want to see these numbers..Keep up the good work Darren!!! I would also like to see these three moved to the Fall schedule and see how well they do…and I have subscribed to Stars just to watch Tourchwood…there is nothing on the SiFi channel I want to watch and if I could pay individually for each channel on my Satellite then I would stop paying for the SiFI channel..but I can not wait to see the numbers tank over the next few weeks, even with the Summer boost

  • @The Admiral:

    “Despite what you may think, I really don’t care if Darren chooses to report non-Stargate news, in fact I totally understand if he chooses to do so”

    Which is why you said:

    “Does this have anything to do with Stargate?
    So then why report about it?”

    Fail on your end dude. Fail on your end.


    I could see that working, but Gateworld would REALLY have to start putting up more content for other shows. Otherwise, it’s still just a complete guide for Stargate.

  • I can care less about anything syfail channel, If they would have put sgu on in the summer it would still be on.Put these shows on in the fall and they would fail as well.

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