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Syfy picks up Primeval: New World

Wednesday - October 3, 2012

Call it a case of better late than never.

According to Deadline, Syfy Channel has picked up the basic cable airing rights to upcoming genre series Primeval: New World.  The new series, a spin-off/continuation of the popular U.K. version about a team of scientists and animal experts that deal with prehistoric and futuristic creatures arriving in the modern world through anomalies in space and time (think Stargate meets Jurassic Park) premieres on the Canadian cable channel SPACE on October 29, but won’t arrive Stateside until sometime in 2013.

Syfy’s acquisition of the series follows an emerging trend for the network — importing shows produced from other countries in lieu of producing it themselves — that follows previous pick-ups of Canadian- and U.K.-made shows like Merlin, Lost Girl, and the forthcoming Continuum (which also contains Stargate actors and time-travel plot conceits).

GateWorld previously broke the news about the production and casting of the series, as it’s one for Stargate fans to keep their eyes on.  In addition to being executive produced by familiar names like Martin Wood and Gillian Horvath, and having several episodes directed by SG-1‘s Amanda Tapping and long-time Stargate talent Andy Mikita, the series will also include familiar faces from that franchise — including Louis Ferriera (Stargate‘s “Everett Young”), Lexa Doig (“Carolyn Lam”), Dan Payne (“Kull Warrior”), and many more.

The new series will also feature other familiar Vancouver talent, including Eureka‘s Colin Ferguson.  The series stars Ferguson’s Eureka co-star Niall Matter along with Sara Canning (The Vampire Diaries).  Visual effects are being handled by VFX team Atmosphere (which contributed to all three Stargate series) and led by Stargate VFX guru Mark Savela.

Original U.K. series actor Andrew Lee-Potts will also reprise his role of Connor Temple in a couple of the new series’ first-year episodes.

The series’ U.S. broadcast deal also includes online video-on-demand rights going to Syfy sibling company Hulu — so even if you’ve cut the cord with your satellite or cable company and don’t have Syfy, you’ll still be able to see the series online.

We won’t lie — this is a series GateWorld is excited for.  During a pilgrimage to Vancouver, British Columbia earlier this year we visited the show’s production offices located at former Stargate home Bridge Studios for a chat with Martin and Amanda — and we were also lucky enough to go on a location shoot with cast and crew.  The excitement that all involved had toward the show was hard to contain — and with any luck, it will translate to television screens come premiere time.

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Chad Colvin is a GateWorld editor and convention correspondent. He lives near Madison, Wisconsin. Follow him on Twitter @ChadColvin. (More)

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  • This news just made my day! I was so hoping I could see Primeval New World on Syfy and lo and behold here’s the news. Was that the Jenny Lewis character I saw in one of those scenes? Nice to see Connor making an appearance. Bummed that we have to wait till 2013 but better later than not at all!

  • As a UK fan who enjoyed the original series, how does the new show connect to the original programme? Does the original A.R.K. still exist? Will the UK show be carrying on too?

  • I was probably turned of Louis Ferriera forever because of SGU – I hope he is not a regular

  • Great news! I wonder will Syfy or BBC America air the entire originals series? I recently downloaded and watched the entire original series and LOVED it. It starts off sorta “okay, could be good” but quickly becomes “I can’t wait for the next episode”

    Is there any news of the original series coming back? They sort of introduce a new plot element with the original team at the end of the last season.

  • As much as I hate the Syfail network, I’m glad to see both Continuum & Primeval: New World coming to TV in the States. I just won’t be too surprised when they are both canceled in order to show a new vampire hunter show…

  • Sorry but this is lame. Give us back SGU and not this fake sci-fi.

  • I actually enjoyed the previous seasons of Primeval. Its surprising how unique they could take two different genres, and create some neat storytelling. But to see crossovers like the trailer showed. Wow!

  • Sounds like good news to me. I’ll be eagerly awaiting this series.

  • I enjoyed the uk series and i think that this is going to be like the stargate atlantis of stargate. Bring It On

  • syfail is right… maybe better late than never but they bungling never ends.. and they never fire the bunglers,, they just continue on the fail streak… there is some network on cable I get ‘chiller tv’. It should become the number one sci-fi network… if they can get enough funding, thye could give us the best and let syfail keep wrestling.

  • @retiredat44 you do realize that Chiller TV is owned by the same company that owns SyFy right? Yep it’s all part of the same big corporate umbrella and probably programmed by the same people. Also I do not think Chiller airs in HD and the SD version looks terrible on Dish Network.

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