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New Primeval details emerge

Monday - March 5, 2012

Last week, GateWorld reported about the brand-new series, Primeval: New World, a Canadian-based spin-off of the original popular British genre series — and that longtime Stargate and Sanctuary director/executive producer Martin Wood was on-board to bring his talents to the new incarnation.

As it turns out, more members of the Stargate family are also attached to the new project.  While casting announcements are still pending, a source within the production has confirmed to GateWorld that in addition to Wood, several familiar names are slated to direct episodes of the series’ inaugural season.

Those names include Andy Mikita and Amanda Tapping.  Mikita has a long history with the Stargate franchise, having been a producer on all three series and directing over sixty episodes of them throughout the years.  Tapping’s directing credits include her debut stint in SG-1 Season Seven‘s “Resurrection,” along with several episodes of her current series Sanctuary.

Also confirmed to direct is Mike Rohl, who — while having never worked on Stargate — has extensive credits within many Vancouver-based productions including The Outer Limits, Smallville, Sanctuary, Eureka, Supernatural, and more.

Keep your browser locked to GateWorld for more announcements regarding this new series as they break.  Casting announcements should be forthcoming very soon!

Chad Colvin is a GateWorld editor and convention correspondent. He lives near Madison, Wisconsin. Follow him on Twitter @ChadColvin.

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  • Excellent, now if only we can find a network to buy the rights to make more Stargate.

  • Sounds great. I hope that a good show of this genre can make a splash and last a while. At least this one is running from a tested formula. With Terra Nova just getting axed today it might take some pain away.

  • “Davrock” it certainly doesn’t bode well. When I say the 2 part season finale, I thought that it was written to provide stopping point but allowed for a launching into another season should they be fortunate enough to be renewed.

    However, just as Martin Gero and Robert Cooper jumped ship on Atlantis, the inclusion Andy Mikita (producer/director) and Amanda Tapping (actress/producer/director) with Martin Wood (producer/director/writer) has made it very suspect. Especially since Tapping and Wood pulled back on their involvement in Sanctuary this last season, probably due to their involvement in the Primal’s development.

  • Note to self: PROOF READ!

    say = saw
    Primal = Primeval


  • It seems somewhat approporiate Ms Tapping’s involvement since Sanctuary and Primeval are that not much different.

    Now if only she could get herself involved with Torchwood since Captain Jack Harkness is not that much different from Helen Magnus.

  • I really want to see some of the Stargate actors get a regular gig. If AT is directing, I’m really glad for her career, but I want to see her onscreen too!!!

  • Lets give people what they really want Ronin vs Worf ! CAN YOU DIG IT!!!

  • I’ve seen British version and it’s good,but suffers from a chronical lacking in budget funds,which is only too obvious in sFX. American version should have that covered and I believe it’s gonna be awesome!

  • Can’t read this story, as an annoying add for TV Land blocks the whole first half.

  • […] Gateworld hat die Tage berichtet, daß Andy Mikita und Amanda Tapping dabei sein werden, um bei der einen oder anderen Episode Regie zu führen. Mikita ist für seine Arbeit beim Stargate Franchise bekannt. Er produzierte alle drei Shows und hat bei mehr als 60 Episoden als Regisseur fungiert. Tapping lenkte in SG1’s Season 7 “Resurrection” die Geschicke hinter der Kamera, und darüber hinaus in Sanctuary. Was anbei die Frage aufwirft, wie es nun mit den Wächter der Kreaturen weitegeht? Wird Tapping zeitgleich an beiden Projekten arbeiten? Oder wird eines, wahrscheinlich wohl Sanctuary, dann auf der Strecke bleiben und möglicherweise eingestellt werden? […]

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