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Syfy Picks Up Continuum Season Two

Tuesday - March 26, 2013
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Syfy Channel will stick with C.P.S. Protector Kiera Cameron for another season. The network has picked up the U.S. broadcast rights to Continuum from Canadian broadcaster Showcase.

Season Two of the sci-fi series will begin on June 7, not too far behind the conclusion of Season One on Syfy (March 18). It will be comprised of 13 episodes, up from Season One’s ten.

Continuum has reportedly averaged 1.35 million viewers for the cable network (537,000 adults in the 18-to-49 demographic). The new season will move to the Friday 10 p.m. time slot.

The series follows Cameron (Rachel Nichols), a police officer from the year 2077 who is sent back in time to the present day along with a group of violent terrorists. There she attempts to blend in and joins the local police force, partnering herself with Carlos Fonnegra (Victor Webster) and young genius Alec Sadler (Erik Knudsen).

The show is set in Vancouver (where it also films), and features many familiar faces from Stargate — including Lexa Doig (“Carolyn Lam”), Richard Cross (“Captain Conner”), and Tony Amendola (“Bra’tac”) as members of Liber8. Jennifer Spence (“Lisa Park”) and Brian Markinson (“Lotan”) are also recurring.

“Season Two of Continuum will see Kiera pitted against Liber8 while trying to find a way back to 2077,” series creator and executive producer Simon Barry said. “This season will feature the best elements of Season One in addition to some new characters and storylines that expand the universe of Continuum.”

Continuum will air first in Canada, with the second season set to start on Showcase on April 21. Learn more about the show over at our sister site, SciFi Stream!

(Via Deadline)

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  • ” the conclusion of Season One (March 18)”
    That was confusing till I worked out it meant SyFy’s season 1, since anyone that cared about this show saw season 1 months ago…

  • This could be bad news for Continuum. Syfy has cancelled many shows that had similar ratings.

  • I found this by sheer and utter accident. It is a good show, I like the story line and characters. I hope season 2 is.more then 10 episodes.

  • @Slayme. Syfy doesn’t produce this show. This show is funded by Showcase up in Canada. If Syfy cancels it, they won’t stop production. Unlike SG1, Caprica, Warehouse 13, Eureka, SGU, Sanctuary this is not a Syfy funded show.

  • Darren

    Jim: Yep, the second season order was upped to 13 episodes. I’ve updated the story above!

  • What a relief. After what NBC(parent company of SyFy) did with the last 2 Canadian produced shows they picked up I thought they would pass on a second season of Continuum for sure.

    The Listener was picked up for the first season and wasn’t renewed. It just got renewed for it’s FORTH season in Canada.

    Saving Hope(staring Michael Shanks) was picked up for it’s first season on NBC but did not get renewed by NBC. It just got renewed for a second season in Canada.

  • @Jim Hutto. I may be wrong but I recall that Sanctuary was originally produced by Space Channel before Syfy picked it up and got its own money involved. A fifth season of Sanctuary after the big changes at the end of season 4 would have been awesome.

  • So they moved it to Friday nights? My boyfriend is going to be unhappy, he works Friday nights. Guess his awesome girlfriend will be DVRing it for him. :-) Funny thing is, I have a scheduled activity the night of the premiere (my dance recital), so even I will not get to see it until late in the evening. Looking forward to it though! And I miss Sanctuary dearly!

  • Comcast owns NBC, and NBC owns SyFy. Between the parent that parent company, How I feel about NBC as whole after the Comcast acquisition, and SyFy being cancel-happy at a sneeze of lackluster ratings, I am SO HAPPY that Showcase produces the show. I think more shows should be produced by anyone or anything that is not Comcast, NBC, or Syfy. Screw ’em. They don’t like it? They can drop it, Netflix just may save it one day… You never know.:-)

  • I would defnitly watch it on syfy… unfortuniatly I don’t have cable… so I will have to watch it online, sorry, but u can add me to youre numbers…

  • Really, online numbers need to count for something. TV networks have online shows and views should count for credit. Let shows have a chance to develop a fan base and have some slack on viewer volume!

  • Those that be (in charge) are working hard to pull in numbers from DVD’d and watched up to three days later, those that watch it On Demand, those that watch it on Hulu, and those that watch it on their website. I know they are currently working diligently to get to the point that ALL venues of watching shows can be counted. But it takes time. I say they have it figured out two years from now!

    I loved Continuum and am happy to hear that Syfy has picked up another year. But like most of you, I don’t like or trust NBC (parent company of Syfy). Do any of you know how I can stream shows from Canada that aren’t being shown here in the US? Loved Saving Hope, and can’t seem to find a website to watch the new season on. Blast NBC, anyway!!!!

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