Lisa Park

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Scientist aboard the Destiny. Park was likely selected by Dr. Nicholas Rush to help with the Icarus Project. Her areas of expertise appear to be related to astronomy and geology.

When Icarus planet came under assault by the Lucian Alliance, Park and the rest of the Icarus team used the Stargate to escape. Now aboard the Destiny, she struggles with the rest of the crew to find a way home -- or a new future.

A physical relationship with MSgt. Ronald Greer eventually blossomed into a romance, which had to be put on hold when Park and the rest of Destiny's crew entered into long-term stasis to survive a long trip between galaxies.


PLAYED BY: Jennifer Spence


Air, Part 1 - Lisa Park and the rest of the Icarus team evacuate to the Destiny following a devastating attack.
Darkness - Park records a kino message introducing herself.
Light - Park is one of 15 randomly drawn winners for a seat on a shuttle which will escape Destiny's presumed destruction inside a star.
Life - Park deals with the stress of life on board Destiny through sexual encounters with multiple partners, including Rivers and MSgt. Greer.
Aftermath - Lisa participates in a failed shuttle mission to recover supplies from a planet, and overhears T.J.'s confession to a dying Sgt. Riley about her baby.
Cloverdale - After Lt. Scott is infected by an alien creature, Lisa warns Colonel Young about the dangers of allowing him back on Destiny -- even in quarantine.
Malice - Lisa nearly loses her life when Simeon kidnaps her and takes her through the Stargate, leaving her with a bomb on her back as a diversion.
The Hunt - Lisa grows closer to Ronald Greer, evidently unaware that her colleague Dale Volker also has feelings for her.
Epilogue - In an alternate timeline Lisa and Ronald are married, and enjoy a long life with seven children and 15 grandchildren.
Blockade - While working to save the crew's plants from the hydroponics bay Park is trapped and exposed to the radiation of a blue giant, leaving her blinded.