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6 years ago

slight continuity error there. in the torment of tantalus, catherine said she was 21 in 1945 making her born in 1923 or 1924 therefore she would only be 14/15 in 1938.

6 years ago

My way to work that continuity error is to assume that when Catherine said “The military had very little use for a 21 year old girl at that time.”, “at that time” means the start of the program which could have been when the Gate made it to the US, late 1930s or so.
Yeah, sketchy but it works out if you don’t think too hard about it.

6 years ago

In the movie, Catherine is definitely not 4-5 years old. She looks older. (The actress was 11 or 12.) By the way, I think she looks a few years older in 1945 too.

I agree with Darren. Let’s just pretend she said 27 in Torment of Tantalus, and everything fits nicely. There are a lot of continuity errors between the movie and SG-1 season 1. One more does not make a difference.