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5 years ago

I’m still surprised it’s taken this long to get the feature cut release. But if they’ve been working on the special effects and such, then it sounds like this isn’t just a slightly different cut, but that they were doing a whole new round of additional post-production. Either way, it’ll be nice to finally be able to watch Origins.

5 years ago

Sorry to disappoint, ViRGE, but it appears that aside from the new pre-title opening sequence (which is nice(!) – but doesn’t really appear to tie into the movie very well), the feature cut is practically shot-for-shot the same as the webisodes, with the spin sequences removed, some shots just before spin sequences removed, a post-credit bonus scene was removed, and a few shots near the end cut short where they really shouldn’t have been. And when I say shot-for-shot, I mean that if you open the feature cut and the webisodes side by side, each camera angle change happens at… Read more »

5 years ago

I did – I did miss a few subtle things. They removed a red dot from a floor and adjusted a few lens flares. I also missed that they removed another bonus scene which actually reduces the amount of gate activity we get to see.