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Andrew Nathan Symes
30 days ago

Perhaps this is a good omen. The beginnings of Amazon having exclusive showing rights of SG, ready for future new content.

Heightmeyer's Lemming
Heightmeyer's Lemming(@heightmeyerslemming)
26 days ago

The merger between MGM and Amazon ain’t finalized yet, and won’t be for a while longer so there are no exclusive rights to be had by Amazon at the moment. All rights are very much still MGM’s and I assume that contracts have run out and need to be renegotiated.

Todd is God
Todd is God
26 days ago

The MGM sale is nearing completion and according to my sources part of that deal is to let the MGM contracts run out on other streaming services as Amazon have a streaming platform and will not share content where possible. Your comment seems most likely and gives a bit of hope to us all.

27 days ago

Hopefully new wannabee US Gaters won’t be deterred by not being able to access full episodes for a while.I know they can watch YT clips but that’s not the same and only gives highlights.

22 days ago

oh man, I just started watching SG1 again on Netflix a couple days ago (currently on season 2). Gonna have to binge quick before it cuts me off mid run. D: