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Daniel is taken captive by an alien with a hidden agenda, while SG-1 is made to believe he is dead.

DVD DISC: Season 1, Disc 3
DIRECTED BY: Allan Eastman
STORY BY: Brad Wright & Katharyn Powers
TELEPLAY BY: Katharyn Powers
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Transcript by Lauren Freeman
Edited by Deanna Moll-Landry
SG1 Transcripts

Sergeant Davis knocks on General Hammond's door and walks in.

DAVIS: Readouts on P8X-362, looks good, especially the mineral scans.

HAMMOND: I'll pass this on to SG-4 they'll be geared up and ready to for departure at 1100 hours. Thank you Sergeant.

MALE TECHNITIAN: Off world activation, Repeat Off world activation!

Both walk very fast out of the office to see what's going on.

HAMMOND: Is there anyone due back?

DAVIS: No Sir.

MALE TECHNITIAN: Incoming traveler, repeat incoming traveler!

Both go down the spiraling staircase. Guards run into gate room weapon aiming at the gate.

FAMALE TECHNITIAN All defense teams, stand by!

An Iris code comes in. (The code is: 70629570282002)

DAVIS: Looks like ... SG-1 sir.

HAMMOND: Open the Iris. Get a medical team down there!

Walks down to the gate room.

DAVIS: (Over intercom) Medical team to the Stargate room! Medical team to the Stargate room!

A soaking wet Sam, Jack and Teal'c stumble down the ramp holding on to each other for support, they sit down at the bottom of the ramp and Jack puts his head in his hands. All looked dazed and confused; General Hammond walks in, with a look of concern.

HAMMOND: Stand down. Colonel O'Neill, SG-1 couldn't have been deployed more them three hours ago, what happened?

Jack just shakes his head, which is still in his hands. Janet runs into the room.

FRAISER: Colonel look at me, look at me!

Jack finale lifts his head from his hands.

FRAISER: There in shock, get them to the infirmary!

Med techs help them stand up.

HAMMOND: Colonel? Where's Dr. Jackson?

TEAL'C: Daniel Jackson ...

CARTER: He didn't make it, Sir.

O'NEILL: Daniel's dead, sir.


A Med Tech is seen putting SG-1's uniforms into a Biohazard bag. Janet walks into the room.

FRAISER: Alright, I want a complete analysis of these uniforms, see if there is any form of contamination.

TECH: Yes.

Janet walks to Sam's bed.

FRAISER: What have we got?

Sam looks really bad, she has her knees bent up to her chest and is slightly rocking back and forth, she has been crying.

CARTER: He's gone isn't he? (Starts to cry a little harder.) Why can't I stop shaking?

FRAISER: Your still in shock, Captain. It's alright. You'll be alright. Can I get another warm blanket here, please?( Janet pulls out a stethoscope.) I want you to take some slow deep breaths for me. ( Sam sniffs, trying to control her self). You want to tell me what happened?

CARTER: He screamed, and ... and there was this fire, and then he ... he called out for help, and the he ... screamed ... and then he ... he was gone! He was just ...

Sam starts sobbing.

FRAISER: It's alright, were going to give you a sedative now so you can rest. (Sam just nods. ) Nurse? 5 CC.

Janet walks to Jack and Teal'c. A nurse is trying to take Teal'c's blood presser.

TEAL'C : I do not wish this done.

He jerks his arm away from the Nurse.

O'NEILL: Relax Teal'c, there just trying to take your blood presser.

Jack says sitting on a bed, his legs slightly bent and his head down. Teal'c has chosen to stand beside Jacks bed.

FRAISER: It's alright, it can wait for now. Teal'c, you can go change if you want to. ( Teal'c walks off giving the Nurse a nasty look. <>;)) Colonel, any pain? Headache?


Janet pulls out a pin light.

FRAISER: Can I get you to look straight ahead please?

She turns on the light straight into Jacks left eye.

O'NEILL: Wha ... ! (Jack jerks away in pain). What is that?

FRAISER: It's a pen light. I'm sorry, you must be photosensitive.

O'NEILL: You think?

FRAISER: It's alright Colonel, we can do this after the debriefing, or even tomorrow.

O'NEILL: Thank you.

Jack gets off the table and walks off.


Jack stops at the end of the bed and turns around. He looks like he is going to say something to Janet but stops himself, turns back around, and walks off.

O'NEILL: Thank you.

Janet walks to where Jack was just standing, a worried look on her face.


TEAL'C: We went thought the Stargate at precisely 0700 this morning. The world we found on the other side appeared to be uninhibited.

The camera turns away from Teal'c and we see he is sitting at one end of the table, a camera facing him and General Hammond on the other side of the table. The only other person in the room is a lady who is typing everything that is being said into a computer.

HAMMOND: So there was no immediate sign of danger.


CARTER: There were these holes ... volcanic gas. I took some soil sample to test for minerals. Daniel ...

Sam freezes, she can't seem to get the words out.

HAMMOND: Take your time.


O'NEILL: He said ... he said, 'Colonel, help me.'

Jack appears to be having trouble getting the words out also.

O'NEILL: And then he was gone.


O'NEILL: Engulfed ... ... .in fire, sir.

HAMMOND: There was nothing you could have done, Colonel.

O'NEILL: No, I swear to God, I tried to get to him, but the heat ... I ... I ... It blasted towards us ...

HAMMOND: And what did you do then?

O'NEILL: There was a body of water nearby, it was like a ... lake ... or s ... sea, maybe. We all submerged ourselves, that's what saved us.

HAMMOND: And by then?

O'NEILL: By then Daniel was gone, there was nothing ... nothing left ... sir. I ordered the team to evacuate.

HAMMOND: We'll send a team through to recover the body.

O'NEILL: (Suddenly wide awake.) No sir! It's ... too volatile, sir. The whole area was ... very unstable.

HAMMOND: It's a hard thing, to lose a member of your team. I have been through it my self, if there's anything I ...

Jack interrupts him, his hands holding the side of his head as if trying to squish the memories out.

O'NEILL: Yes sir.

Hammond nods his head, understanding.

HAMMOND: Dismissed.

Jack gets up and walk out of the room. General Hammond just sits in the chair trying to gather his-self together.


FRAISER: General? I have a few more test to run , but I got the results back from my initial exams.


FRAISER: Well apart from some small contusions, photosensitivity , which I can probably explain to the volcanic gasses in the atmosphere, they're fine. Frankly General, I am more worried about the post-traumatic symptoms.

HAMMOND: When your lives depend on each other, you form a very deep bond, there's is a very dangerous job.

FRAISER: Yes of course sir, It's just, I can't help but be concerned. Call it intuition ...

General Hammond interrupts her.

HAMMOND: The best thing we can do is get them on another mission. I plan on putting them back on rotation as soon as I can assign a replacement for Dr. Jackson.

FRAISER: No sir, I don't agree, I want to keep them under observation for several days at least.

HAMMOND: My experience DOCTOR, it's best for all members of the surviving team to go ...

FRAISER: No sir, with all do respect, your experience does not include gate travel to another planet. Nether does anyone else's experience for that matter. Several days, I insist.

HAMMOND: Very well, I'll put them on stand-down for 7 days.

With that HAMMOND steps into an elevator.

FRAISER: Thank you, sir.

The elevator doors shut and Janet walk's away.


(This is a great scene, the solders doing the flag ceramony are real Military solders!) Four solders march into the Gate room. The two in the middle are holding flags. The front and back solders are holding guns. Solders are standing on the ramp holding a large US Flag, open. The 2 solders holding the flags put them in there stands and turn around to face the gate. The solders on the ramp start to fold there flag into the normal triangle form, making sure all edges are straight. As they are folding Jack gives Daniels eulogy.

HAMMOND: Colonel.

O'NEILL: Daniel Jackson ... made this place ... happen. As a member of SG-1 ... he was our voice, our ... our ... conscious. He was a very courageous man. He was a good ... man. For those of us lucky enough to know him, he was also a friend.

The flag is completely folded, a solder standing towards the bottom of the ramp takes the flag and holds it against her chest, while the solder in front of her salutes it. The solder holding the flag then takes it to Jack and places it against his chest. Mean while the solders on the ramp march down. The solder who just gave the flag to Jack salutes it. The Solder marches away, and Jack turns and places the flag against Teal'c's chest. Teal'c looks as if he would guards it with his life. Jack salutes the flag and turns around. Sam steps beside Jack and together they march up the ramp towards the open Stargate. Taps is playing in the background. Sam and Jack pick up a reef that was sitting at the top of the ramp, and place it in the Stargate, the watery substance holds it in place of a split second then sends it off. The General starts to talk.

HAMMOND: We commend Daniel Jackson's spirit, to the Universe he opened up for us. I pledge to continue our journey of discovery in his memory.( Jack and Sam salute the Stargate.) May he rest in peace.

The camera takes us into the Stargate as Taps is ending.


Daniel is seen laying at the bottom of some steps coughing up water. (HE'S NOT DEAD! THANK GOD! :)) He is soaking wet. I slowly gets up looking around, at a room that is similar to a lab. Only there is seaweed growing everywhere.

JACKSON: Jack? Sam ... Teal'c! Anyone?


A wake is taking place, the home is very crowded, and everyone from the S.G.C. seems to be there. (Wondering who's running the ship? )

O'NEILL: (Talking to I have no idea who! )So were sitting around eating to Abydonian, cuisine. Daniel tells Sha're, he's going to go show me this cartouche thing, but before we leave she stands up and plants this kiss on him that makes his face disappear for a day.

They both put pot's of food on a table then walk out, Sam and Teal'c walk in behind them, Sam is holding a bottle of wine, Teal'c had a brown cowboy hat on.

TEAL'C: I do not understand this ritual.

CARTER: It's called a wake.

TEAL'C: On Chu'lak, it is custom, when someone dies, we do not eat for three days and three nights.

CARTER: Yeah well, a wake is like a big party, it's supposed to give the departed a jolly send off.

O'NEILL: (Who is now alone, and standing by the refreshments table.) Sam, Teal'c, glad you made it, something to drink?

CARTER: Yeah, sure. Beer.

O'NEILL: Teal'c?

TEAL'C: I must refrain.

O'NEILL: There's food upstairs.

Jack begins to pour Sam's beer, bubbles float to the top and Jack is suddenly having a flashback. He sees a orange large glass filled with bubbles, then a fire with Daniel standing in the middle.

JACKSON: (In flashback) Help! Jack! Help! Help!

Jack suddenly snaps out of it. Sam and Teal'c look worried at his sudden behavior, and even more worried as he places the drink down and hurry's out of the house.


Daniel is squeezing the water out of his clothes. He slowly turns around to see a large bluish green sea monster standing behind him. Daniel, being Daniel immediately tries to communicate. He points to himself introducing himself.

JACKSON: Daniel. Daniel Jackson. You? (The monster does not answer.) My friends, the others who came here with me ...

He does not get a chance to say more because the monster is opening up a peace of the wall. There appears to be a bunch of sticks drown in different forms on the now screen that was behind the wall. Daniel looks at the wall then at the monster not sure what to do. The monster just points at the wall. Daniel shrugs and walks over to the wall.

JACKSON: It's a very old Earth writing. It's Cuneiform. It's the first kind of writing we ever found on ... on my world.( Daniel looks at the monster, the monster once again points to the wall. )Okay. It's Acadians, not Sumerian, so ... let me think. 'Reveal ... Fate ... Omoroca.' Reveal fate Omoroca, reveal fate Omoroca? Omoroca, what is that? That's you? (The monster walks up so he is almost touching Daniel. )No something else? Reveal fate Omoroca, I'm sorry I don't know what your want me to do.

The monster suddenly gets very mad, he lifts up his hand and out of the center of it an bright light shoots out at Danny, sending him flying across the room only being stopped by a wall.

JACKSON: I don't know what you want me to do! I don't understand!

The monster is now standing over him making hissing noises, Danny looks really scared. (I'll save you Danny!)


Jack is playing street hockey by himself. He has the net between two cars, and is just shooting the puck (ball) into the net. He is mad and is hitting the balls for all it's worth until the net fly's over. Jack then takes his stick and holds it like a baseball bat and slams it into a car window.

O'NEILL: Can you get this damn car out of here!

Hammond who is outside talking to Sam, looks up and walks fast to where Jack is.

HAMMOND: What on your mind, Colonel?

O'NEILL: Retirement, actually.

HAMMOND: You don't mean that.

O'NEILL: I think I do.

HAMMOND: Well I can't let you do that. I've got an assignment for SG-1. Dr. Jackson's apartment has to be cleaned out by Stargate personnel, National Security has said it, your probably the closes thing he had to a family. It's not an order, it's a request.

O'NEILL: Yes sir.

HAMMOND: Why don't you come join the others in the back?

O'NEILL: Yes sir.

HAMMOND: You know that's my car.

O'NEILL: You should get that window fixed.


Danny seems to have made some advances because he now has a much BIGGER wall of writing to decipher.

JACKSON: 'If a free man, accuses another of murder, and fails to prove, the accuser shall be put to death.' Okay, that's interesting, now what the hell does it mean? (The monster points to the writing.) Yeah, yeah I know what it-it is, it's the legal code to some Babylonian king, probably around 200 B.C. The question is, what does it have to do with me? (The monster just stares at him.) I want to see my friends. I'm ... I'm not going to translate another word of this until you ...

NEM: What speech?

JACKSON: What? What this one? It's Acadians.

NEM: What speech?!?

JACKSON: Oh, oh, oh, it's English, it's much more modern ...

NEM: What fate Omoroca.

JACKSON: I ... I don't ... I don't ... I don't know. Look my friends and I, we come here in peace. Where ... where explores. We'll share information if we have it.

NEM: What fate Omoroca!?!

JACKSON: I ... I ... I don't ... I don't know!

The monster groans then walks to the other side of the room. Danny just looks pissed. The monster pulls a handle down and a small door opens, a cup of something can be seen inside.

NEM: Nourishment.

He then opens another drawer and a clear hard stretcher type thing comes out.

NEM: Sleep.

The monster then turns to leave but is stopped when Danny speaks.

JACKSON: Look, um, I can't ... I can't tell you what I don't know.

The monster turns around.

NEM: You will, or you will die!

Fear and shock can clearly be seen on Danny's face.


Jack, Sam and Teal'c are cleaning it out. The place is filled from top to bottom with artifacts and books.

CARTER: Oh wow, look at these, expedition journals, one for each planet we visited. (She pulls out a journal) One for Abydos. (She opens it up and begins to read to her self, a smile crosses her face and she chuckles.) Colonel O'Neill thinks I'm a geek, I don't know how to get us back, I'll never get paid. (She turns the page.) Oh wow he must have written this right after we got back. Sha're is gone, Jack says we'll find her, if anyone can, he can.

O'NEILL: come on, that's his diary, I mean what's he going to think if ...

Jack stops and turns around. Sam puts the book back.

CARTER: What are they going to do with all this stuff?

O'NEILL: Maybe give it to a museum ... or start one. (LOL! I love that line!)

Teal'C is Looking at a large, fat board with a bunch of different holes sticking out, and sticks with two different types of heads a Jackal and a Hound on them sticking out of some of the holes on the board. He rubs his hand across the board then picks up one of the sticks.

TEAL'C: This is a game from ancient Egypt, it is called the Jackal and the Hound. It belonged to a Pharos daughter, Daniel Jackson and I once played, he said it made him feel like he was touching history.

Sam looks into a fish tank and sees the bubbles rising to the top, she goes into the same flashback Jack had had during the wake.

JACKSON: (In flashback) Help! Help!

She suddenly snaps out of it and whirls around, only to be caught by Jack who was passing by her at the time. He grabs onto her arms.

CARTER: Wha ...

A look of shock spreads across her face.

O'NEILL: What? What is it? Are you alright?

CARTER: Uh ... I just had this image in my mind, it's the second time.

O'NEILL: What was it?

CARTER: Water ... under ...

O'NEILL: Bubbles rising?

Sam nods.

TEAL'C: That is correct, I have experienced it as well.

O'NEILL: I'm telling you something's wrong.

CARTER: Yeah, what's wrong here is that Daniel is dead.

O'NEILL: Is he?

Poor Teal'c looks confused!

CARTER: You were there, we were all there!

O'NEILL: Then why don't I believe it? I mean I keep expecting him to walk through the door! I ... I keep getting these ... screw this packing, let's get back to the base.


The monster walks into the room.

JACKSON: Where are my friends? Are they alive? Are they here somewhere? I demand that I be allowed to speak to them.

NEM: They are gone.

JACKSON:No, they would not leave without me.

NEM: You are no more.

JACKSON: They think that I'm ...

NEM: This memory I gave them, so they would not return.

JACKSON: Why? Why are you doing this?

NEM: You are oldest, you know of Babylon. What fate Omoroca!

JACKSON: Okay, okay, if my life is on the line here, I need to know more. What is Omoroca? WHO is Omoroca?


JACKSON: What? On Earth? In Babylon?

NEM: Yes

JACKSON: And you don't know what's happened to her? That was 4,000 years ago.

NEM: Knowledge, you have knowledge!

JACKSON: Of Babylon, yes, but only a small amount of knowledge has survived all that time!

NEM: (Putting his hand on Danny's head.) The knowledge is there. In your mind.

JACKSON: Okay you are asking me to remember something ... that happened thousands and thousands of years before I was born. To tell you something, that I couldn't possibly know!

NEM: You deceive!

JACKSON: Why! God, Why, why, why would I do that! (Really angry now!)

NEM: You serve the Goa'uld!

JACKSON: No! No! Now I lost my wife, my, my mate, because of the Goa'uld! And I despise them for that!

NEM: Then tell me ... what FATE!

JACKSON: I DON'T KNOW!!! (The monster walks off growling.) I don't know!


Jack, Sam and Teal'c are all gathered around Janet.

FRAISER: Well your brain chemistry has been seriously compromised. All of you had abnormally low levels of ceritomin.

O'NEILL: Which means ... ?

FRAISER: It's a neurotransmitter that effects moods. Now low levels would account for depression, but not these other effects. Now I want you to take a look at this. (She takes them to a computer, that has a picture of a brain on it. ) This dark spot here appears on all of your scans, now it's almost too small an anomaly to worry about but the fact that it's on virtually the same part of the cortex ...

MALE TECHNITIAN: Off world Activation, repeat, off world activation!

Jack, Sam and Teal'c start running out of the infirmary. Janet run's after them.

FRAISER: Colonel? Wait! (She motions at a Med tech and a guard to follow her.) One of you!

They both run after them. SG-1 run into the gate room and watch as what appeared to be Daniel coming off the ramp and taking off his helmet. But all hope are shattered when this guy takes off his helmet and he is bald and looks nothing like Danny. All a figment of our imaginations. Janet runs in.

FRAISER: Colonel?!?

MALE TECHNITIAN: Welcome home SG-6, report for debriefing at 1600 hours.

FRAISER: What ... what are you looking for?

O'NEILL: (Who just looks confused!) I just ... I though ...

TEAL'C: Daniel Jackson was returning.

CARTER: Oh my God, I thought the same thing ... why? Is he gone or isn't he?

FRAISER: You ... You saw it happen.

O'NEILL: Somebody want to tell me what the hell is going on, because I am starting to lose it here.

HAMMOND: Doctor?

Hammond enters the gate room.

FRAISER: General Hammond, there seems to be some questions in there mind on wheather or not Dr. Jackson is dead.

HAMMOND: You three were the only witnesses, if you are denying what you saw.

O'NEILL: No sir, I saw him die. We all did. I know he's gone. But I know he's still alive. Sir we have got to go backkkkk!

Jack hold his head in pain.

HAMMOND: Your not going anywhere but the infirmary!

Sam and a med tech help Jack out of the gate room. Hammond turns to Janet.

HAMMOND: I want to know what's going on, Doctor. One of our people could still be out there.

FRAISER: Yes sir.


Danny is trying to find a way out. He is playing with a red handle. The monster comes in through the window.

NEM: You cannot leave this place.

Danny rolls his eyes and drops his head against the wall.

NEM: You will tell me all you know of Babylon.

JACKSON: Do you know how much has been lost? Great libraries burned to the ground, cities destroyed by wars. Most of our history is buried in time.

NEM: You are afraid.

JACKSON: Yes, yes I'm afraid. I'm afraid you are asking the impossible of me and you will not allow me return home.

NEM: Omoroca, was afraid.

JACKSON: On ... On Earth?

NEM: Yes.

JACKSON: Of what, of who? I mean ... give me something to work with here, a time frame!

NEM: Babylon.

JACKSON: A, a name, a name of someone she spoke of.

NEM: Belus.

JACKSON: Belus ... Belus ... Belus ... something ... yes. Yes ... um ... Belus something. Yes, in the writing of Berosus a contemporary of Alexander the Great, he studied some very old Babylonian text, Pre-fluu, Grrr, tell me more.

NEM: Omoroca, feared Belus.

JACKSON: Yes, he was a concur, tell me more. I need more. Come on ... come on you can't expect me to remember every book, every text that I studied ten or twelve years ago! Look come back to Earth with me, my books, my library, there all there!

NEM: You serve the Goa'uld!

JACKSON: NO!!! God No! How many times do I have to tell you, no!

NEM: It is the fate of Humans. That Omoroco could not prevent.

JACKSON: Omoroca came to Earth to fight the Goa'uld? That is why she came to Earth?

NEM: Yes.

JACKSON: Then my people owe her a great debt.

NEM: She failed!

JACKSON:: No, there was a rebellion, an uprising in Ancient Egypt, I mean maybe she helped plant the seed.

NEM: Goa'uld, are among you, within you!

JACKSON: Teal'c? You think because Teal'c carries around a Larva Goa'uld, no you see he joined us in the fight AGAINST the Goa'uld. You see in the years, the thousands of years, since Omoroca was there, we have become a civilization that rival that of the Goa'uld. That's how far we have come, we are free! If you would just come back with me, I can show you!

NEM: Knowledge is here!

The monster puts both hands on Danny's head.


A recorder is playing the sound of waves. Jack and Teal'c are all sitting on one side of the table while General Hammond is sitting at his usual spot at the end of the table and Dr. McKenzie, Sam and Janet are on the other side of SG-1 looking at them.

O'NEILL: Catchy tune. Mind telling me what this mood music is all about?

HAMMOND: Dr. McKenzie said it might help you remember more specifically, what happened. If you listen.

MACKENZIE: We are simply using these sounds as a tool to increase your as level of concentration, Colonel.

O'NEILL: Well it's very distracting. Look were trying to play ...

Jack looks at Teal'c who has this weird look on his face and is in deep concentration.

O'NEILL: Teal'c?

Teal'c has the same flashback as the others.

JACKSON: Screaming in flashback.

TEAL'C: (Stands up yelling). Chalac!

Jack quickly stands up and put his arm around Teal'c.

O'NEILL: Teal'c, snap out of it!

MAckenzie just looks intrigued.

TEAL'C: I ... I saw the death of Daniel Jackson.

Mackenzie turns off his recorder, and starts writing in his book.

O'NEILL: It's alright, the something keeps happening to me.

MACKENZIE: All three of you have confliction feeling about Daniel.

CARTER: I know he's dead, but I know he's alive.

MACKENZIE: Both realities can't be true, yet both seem to be.

HAMMOND: It's a conflict that will have to be resolved, before I authorize your return back to active duty, Colonel.


JACKSON: My friend, the others who came with me, you made them think that I was ...

NEM: Lost to them.


NEM: Yes.


NEM: I gave them the memory of your death.

JACKSON: If you can influence memory like that, why don't you search my mind. You say that the memory is in there, that I must have come across it years ago and I just don't remember it.

NEM: Yes.

JACKSON: Then take it! I mean if you have the power, if you have the technology, use it.

NEM: It would damage!

JACKSON: Well given my options, I am willing to take the risk.

NEM: I am not.

Danny is a little confused by this. He places his hand on the monsters shoulder.

JACKSON: Look ... I don't have 4,000 years, maybe you can afford to search all that time, but I can't.

NEM: There will be much pain. You may die.

JACKSON: Well, I would rather die then live with the knowledge that I would never see my wife, or my friend again.


O'NEILL: The fire Daniel was caught in, lashed out towards us ... overwhelmed us when we went to help ... I ... It was ... hot ... It was very hot ... Uh ... there was water, a body of water nearby. Sir, how many times are we going to have to go through this.

HAMMOND: Try to bear with me. How long do you estimate you were on the other side of the gate?

O'NEILL: Umm ... 20 minutes ... 25 maybe.

CARTER: Half hour, tops.

HAMMOND: Teal'c?

TEAL'C: I concur.

HAMMOND: You were gone almost 4 hours.

SG-1 look up in surprise.

CARTER: I don't think that's possible, sir.

HAMMOND: I can show you the mission logs if you want.

O'NEILL: What happened to the other 3 1/2 hours?

MACKENZIE: I have had a great deal of success with hypnosis.

O'NEILL: Hypnosis. You know I am not a big fan of that bark like a chicken, cluck like a dog, stuff.

FRAISER: Colonel, please, hypnosis is a modern, therapeutic, practice.

TEAL'C: On me I do not believe your procedure will be successful.

O'NEILL: General, can't we go about this the old fashion way? Request permission to go back through that gate, and find out what the hell happened.


CARTER: Sir, we can't do that! I ... I don't know why I just said that.

MACKENZIE: If that isn't a conditioned response, I don't know what is.

O'NEILL: So someone has been messing with our heads.

MACKENZIE: There is, one way to find out.

CARTER: Colonel, I have had some experience in hypnosis, in an undergrad Psych. course. Let me take a shot at it. (Jack puts his hands up as if say, 'whatever'. Sam nods), I volunteer.


Sam is sitting in a chair in the middle of the room, her eyes are closed, she looks relaxed. A light is bent over her, blinking on and off. MACKENZIE is sitting beside, yet slightly in front of her. Jack can be seen in sitting on a stool, in the back of the room. His hands are crossed, and he looks like he doesn't like this one bit.

MACKENZIE: You're now completely relaxed. I want you to go back to the day you last saw Daniel, he's with you now.

Jack is swarming around in the back ground. Sam's eyes start to open, but she appears not to be able to see the lab, but something else entirely.

MACKENZIE: Can you see it?


Flash of Daniel standing in the fire.

CARTER: He's burning!

MACKENZIE: No. Go back further, you've just arrived. Now look around, and tell me where you are.

CARTER: Water.

MACKENZIE: Your standing next to Water?

CARTER: Salt water.

We are now in Sam's memory. ALL of SG-1 are walking down a beach towards the water. Small volcanoes are erupting around them.

O'NEILL: Looks like some kind of ... ocean.

Sam bends down to get soil samples. Daniel is filming ... everything. He stops when something in the water catches his attention.

JACKSON: What's that thing out there?

Large bubbles are coming out of the water and moving towards the beach.

JACKSON: Did you see that?

CARTER: It's coming right towards us.

The monster suddenly appears. He is walking towards the beach. Jack and Teal'c get there weapons ready. The monster looks at Daniel, then walks to Teal'c. The monster places his hand on Teal's stomach, feeling Junior inside. The monster backs away, back towards Daniel. The Monster then bends down and starts to write in the sand.

JACKSON: Uh ... it's…it's Cuneiform. I think he wants to know if we are from the world that built, Babylon.

Then Danny ... being Danny bent down and wrote a message back. The monster reads what Danny wrote.

JACKSON: I'm Daniel, this is Jack ...

He never got to say anything else, because the monster through his hand up and shot them all with his hand beam. We are suddenly back in the lab.

CARTER: Help him!

MACKENZIE: I want you to move on to what happened next.

Sam shakes her head, clearly trying to move on. Tears are rushing down her face. We are now back in Sam's memory.

CARTER: Darkness ...

We see Sam laying down, her head strapped down to the table.

CARTER:Cold ...

We see blue bubbles rising to the top of a large tube.

CARTER: Wet ...

Now we see Teal'c tied down to the table. Now Orange bubbles rising to the top of the tube. Now Jack is laying strapped to the table, and green bubbles are rising. Sam again, and we see the monster standing in water. Suddenly were back in the lab, Sam jumps up screaming.

CARTER:We've got to get to the water!

We are back in the memory. We see Jack, Teal'c and Sam come up out of the water and start swimming back towards shore.


We are back in the lab. Jack is holding on to Sam's right arm, trying to steady her. DM is on the other side.

CARTER: We've got to get out of here!

O'NEILL: Carter!

Sam swerves so that she is facing Jack and has both hands on his chest, Jack is holding her by her shoulders.

Sam Suddenly snaps out of it.

CARTER: My God, Colonel, we left him behind!

O'NEILL: I know.

Pulls Sam into a hug.

CARTER: We left him behind! Oh

O'NEILL: It's all right. Were going back ... were going back.


Daniel is seen laying on the same table the others were in the memory, only it's not a table, it's a chair leaned back so that the head of the person sitting in it is facing up. Daniels head is strapped down, and he is holding on to the seat of his chair.

NEM: The memory of your history, your race, is within you. Beneath the surface.

JACKSON: I hope so.

NEM: You may be damaged.

JACKSON: I understand.

NEM: You could die.

JACKSON: Well we don't really have a choice do we.

The monster turns away from Danny and walks to what appears to be the control panel.

NEM: Remember, Omoroca.

He turns on the machine, and two blue lasers appear to be going into both sides of his head.

JACKSON: Omoroca. (starts to grunt and sniff. )Omoroca. (His voice is getting louder, he is in pain). And in that place there was Omoroca ... A women who came forth from the Heavenly egg ... (Starts yelling) ... Ow, Oh…I can't!

The Monster turns the beam up higher.

NEM: More.

JACKSON: I can't! Who walked among men by day ... but at night ... she would retreat to the great sea to ... sleep. One of the beings called Onuses ...

NEM: Yes ...

JACKSON: Omoroca ...

NEM: Yes ...

JACKSON: Omoroca!

NEM: More!

He turns the beam up higher. Daniel screams.

JACKSON: The God Belus, came down on to Babylon ... on to the place of Omoroca ... and cut the woman asunder! OH God!!! Oh God he killed her! Oh! OH! OHHH!

The monster looks shocked, then he remembers Danny and turns off the laser. who is now do this none stop screaming. (I want to just hold him and make him feel better.) The monster starts to take off the straps, Danny is crying.

JACKSON: Oh! Oh…I'm ... I'm sorry ... I'm sorry ... that's all I ever knew ... I swear.

Now he is just breathing hard.

NEM: Belus.

JACKSON: He was a Goa'uld.

NEM: Yes. He murdered ... my love!

JACKSON: I'm sorry.

The monster starts to shake, then lifts his head up and starts to sob, loudly.


Sam, Jack and Teal'c are running towards the water.

O'NEILL: Daniel!

CARTER: Maybe were too late.

O'NEILL: Were not leaving without him this time Cap ...

We see the bubbles start to rise in the water. Jack gets his gun ready.


Daniel is standing at the window. He finds that he can walk right through it and walks in to the water and starts swimming towards to surface.


The monster is once again walking towards the beach, now all three solders have there weapons ready to fire. Before they can say anything Daniel burst out of the water, gasping for air.

JACKSON: Don't shoot!

He coughs then swims towards the beach. He stumbles on the sand and stands next to the monster.

JACKSON: Nem, you have your answer, now let us go.

NEM: You may go.

JACKSON: I'm sorry I couldn't give you the answer you wanted.

NEM: I am sorry also.

JACKSON: We could still become friends, your people ... and ... and mine.

CARTER: That's why we were here, we meant no harm.

NEM: Perhaps ... in ... time.


NEM: And in time, Daniel, you will find, what fate ... Sha're.

Daniel nods, and the Monster heads back into the water. SG-1 watches him go. Sam smiles and walks towards Danny. Everyone else follows.

JACKSON: Ah, this ... this is a long story.

CARTER: Yeah I bet!

O'NEILL: Tell us about it over Sushi?

JACKSON: ... That's funny ... Uh I will, after I go get some sleep.

Danny starts to head towards the Stargate. Everyone else follows, smiling.

O'NEILL: Ah ... home ... yeah about that apartment ...

JACKSON: Oh you didn't!

CARTER: Uh ... the day after the memorial service.

JACKSON: Memorial service?!?

CARTER: Colonel, said some really nice things!

JACKSON: He-he did. He did?