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Members of SG-1 become infected with an alien virus that turns them into primitive beings. Dr. Fraiser must find a cure to save the team and the alien population from whom it was contracted.

DVD DISC: Season 1, Disc 2
WRITTEN BY: Jonathan Glassner
DIRECTED BY: William Gereghty
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Transcript by Mandi Ohlin
Edited by Deanna Moll-Landry
SG1 Transcripts

Exterior, Cheyenne Mountain Complex, afternoon. Cut to the briefing room. The four members of SG-1 are seated on the left side of the table, and Colonel MAKEPEACE and a lieutenant are seated on the right side while two more officers are standing. They are each looking at copies of the reports, and TEAL'C seems moderately surprised as a report is set in front of him.

HAMMOND is pacing at the head of the table as he speaks.

HAMMOND: When we completed interviews of all the refugees you brought back from Chulak, ten of them identified the final four symbols the Goa'ulds used to escape through the Chulak Stargate. When we disregard the last one as point-of-origin ...

(He walks over to the computer monitor sitting near the head of the table. The display shows a ring divided into seven sections, four of which contain glyphs. HAMMOND presses a button on the controller he's holding, and one of the glyphs disappears from the display.)

HAMMOND: ...that leaves three to work with. Captain CARTER's computer model has thus far extrapolated only one set of symbols from the Abydos cartouche that contains these three glyphs.

O'NEILL: (raises a hand) Let me guess -- that's where we're going.

HAMMOND: Very good, Colonel.

O'NEILL: Thank you, sir. I pride myself on my deductive reasoning skills.

CARTER turns and gives him a look, trying not to show her amusement.

HAMMOND: In one hour, you will go through the Gate to the planet represented by these symbols. It has been designated P3X-797.

JOHNSON, the lieutenant sitting next to MAKEPEACE, is reading the report, but can't help but glance up at TEAL'C, eying the Jaffa warily. TEAL'C notices the distrustful look and returns JOHNSON's gaze calmly. The Marine looks back down at the report again.

DANIEL: Couldn't we call this planet something that's a little easier to remember?

CARTER: Uh, it's based on a binary code the computer uses for extrapolation.

O'NEILL: Which makes it *much* easier to remember.

This time, CARTER gives him an amused smile.

HAMMOND: We sent an M.A.L.P. probe through thirty minutes ago. Atmosphere is breathable, no detectable radiation, temperature approximately 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

O'NEILL: (covers a yawn) Can we see the video playback, sir?

The General hesitates for a moment before moving to stand behind his chair.

HAMMOND: There is no playback.

O'NEILL: Why no playback?

HAMMOND: It appears to be very dark where the Gate resides on this planet.

CARTER: Well, the MALP probe has lights on it, doesn't it?

HAMMOND: We think they were ... broken during transport through the Gate.

DANIEL: This is crazy! We don't know what could be there waiting for us when we come through.

MAKEPEACE: Don't you worry, boys. That's why the SG-3 Marines are coming with. You can count on us to watch your backsides.

DANIEL: Actually, it's more my *front* side I was worried about.

The Gate room. Cut to the Stargate, which is already starting up. Cut to the bay door marked “C-1,” which slides open to admit O'NEILL, CARTER, TEAL'C, and several other officers. All have their gear, as well as helmets with night-vision goggles.

SGT.DAVIS: (over intercom) Chevron four, encoded! (Cut to a shot of a segment of the Stargate as another symbol slides into place, and another chevron lights up.Cut back to the Gate room as DANIEL rushes up to O'NEILL and CARTER, carrying his helmet under one arm.) Chevron five, encoded!

O'NEILL: You're late. (hands DANIEL a set of goggles) Put these on.

DANIEL: (takes them) Doesn't look like my prescription.

He inspects them almost suspiciously, even sniffing once.

SGT.DAVIS: (over intercom) Chevron six, encoded!

CARTER: (to DANIEL) Thermal night-vision goggles.

O'NEILL: (adjusting gear) Hey, here's a question– (indicates the goggles) why doesn't the MALP have a set of these?

CARTER grins at that.

SGT.DAVIS: (over intercom) Chevron seven, locked!

Cut to the Stargate as the wormhole activates with the usual plume of blue-white energy particles. Cut back to the teams. O'NEILL is still adjusting something out of frame.

HAMMOND: (over intercom) SG-1 and SG-3, you have a go! Repeat, you have a go!

MAKEPEACE steps forward, pushing CARTER aside.

MAKEPEACE: Okay! We'll take point!

O'NEILL puts a hand up to block his path before he can start for the Gate.

O'NEILL: Ah. (as MAKEPEACE turns) We'll go through first. You watch our lovely backsides, remember?

He turns and passes MAKEPEACE, starting up the ramp.

MAKEPEACE: Have it your way, flyboy.

Still carrying his helmet, DANIEL hurries after O'NEILL, catching up with him in the middle of the ramp.

DANIEL: (aside to O'NEILL) Are you out of your mind?

O'NEILL stops, and DANIEL puts on his helmet, still holding the night-vision goggles. TEAL'C comes up to them as well.

O'NEILL: (quietly) If Skaara or Sha're are on the other side, those jarheads'll open fire on them as soon as they see the light of their eyes -- if you know what I mean. You want that? (With a rueful look on his face, DANIEL merely gestures towards the Gate with his free hand as if to say “after you.” )(to MAKEPEACE, louder) Give us ten count, then come on down!

He walks up the ramp, and TEAL'C follows. DANIEL hangs back, trying to figure out what to do with the goggles. The camera pans past him to show SG-3 holding their positions at the bottom of the ramp.

Cut to the Stargate as O'NEILL steps up to the event horizon. He stops and runs his fingers back and forth through the wormhole, like a kid testing the water before jumping in. Satisfied, he steps through. CARTER and TEAL'C follow, pausing for a moment before stepping through the Stargate.

Cut to the back of the Gate room as the SG-3 Marines start up the ramp. MAKEPEACE and another soldier are the first to reach the event horizon, and stop, looking it up and down. MAKEPEACE slides the strap of his gun off of his shoulder, sticking the muzzle of the gun into the wormhole as they wait.

MAKEPEACE: One-one-thousand ... (sighs) Two-one-thousand ...

Cut to a traveler's-eye-view of the Stargate wormhole, and then cut to the planet on the other side. It's dark, pouring rain, and the Stargate is situated in the middle of deep woods. O'NEILL steps out of the Gate first, with TEAL'C, CARTER, and DANIEL behind him. ( DANIEL does come through the Gate with them, but the camera cuts away before he comes through.) They descend the steps slowly, weapons drawn and ready. O'NEILL pauses at the DHD to flick a bit of moss off the weed-and-moss-covered device. The MALP is sitting a few feet away from the DHD, partially covered in dirt and debris. O'NEILL kneels down beside it, brushing a fallen branch off the device before turning to CARTER, TEAL'C, and DANIEL.

O'NEILL: (whispering) Fan out.

He pulls the night-vision goggles down over his eyes, as do the other two. and we abruptly cut to O'NEILL's point of view through the goggles. Nothing immediately registers but trees. Cut back to the clearing where the Gate is as O'NEILL gets up and the three team members spread out. O'NEILL hears something moving in the brush, and turns toward the sound. From his POV, a shape large enough to be human can be seen disappearing behind a tree. Cut back to O'NEILL as he turns, and from his POV, another shape slips behind a tree. Cut to TEAL'C (I think), and from his perspective through the goggles another shape can be seen – more obviously humanoid – running between the trees. Seeing something crouch behind some fallen logs, O'NEILL takes a step towards them. He turns,and through his goggles we get a brief glimpse of a dark and hairy humanoid form lunging towards him. As O'NEILL's attacker pounces on him with a guttural yell, knocking him to the ground. A second later, DANIEL is felled similarly, and a third one knocks over CARTER. Four more creatures rush out and attack TEAL'C, trying to bring him down similarly and beating at him with sticks. Through someone's POV, two of the attackers are seen beating on the owner of the goggles repeatedly. Cut back to TEAL'C, who is still standing his ground and clinging to his staff weapon. One of the creatures grabs the staff weapon, trying to wrest it from TEAL'C's grip. In the struggle, the staff weapon goes off, and the stray staff blast hits the branches of a tree. TEAL'C's assailants drag him down to the ground, still pounding on him. One of them stands up, holding a huge rock over his head and preparing to bring it down on their prey. He never gets the chance as the sound of machine gun fire fills the clearing. The creature about to crush TEAL'C is hit and stumbles, losing his grip on the rock. It falls harmlessly beside him. The others beating on TEAL'C stop and look up in fright as the SG-3 Marines rush through the Gate, weapons drawn.

MAKEPEACE: Fire! (The Marines shoot off another round of bullets, firing in the air. Startled and confused, the creatures stop beating on SG-1 and run for the trees, forgetting about their quarry. Realizing that he's not being assaulted anymore, DANIEL (I think it's DANIEL; it's very difficult to tell) sits up, his goggles askew and one eye visible. The Marines cease firing and MAKEPEACE comes up as DANIEL, TEAL'C, and CARTER stand.) I'm real glad it was you who took point!

O'NEILL staggers to his feet, dazed. His helmet and goggles are gone, and blood is trickling from a gash on his forehead.

O'NEILL: No, I'm okay. Thanks for asking. (to his team) Everybody else?

CARTER: I think so.

The creature that was about to crush TEAL'C lies nearby, dead. O'NEILL moves towards it, with CARTER beside him.

DANIEL: (woozily) What *were* those things?

O'NEILL: I haven't the slightest idea.

He kneels down beside the dead body and rolls it over on its back. CARTER shines a flashlight onto the creature's face. While the eyebrow ridge is unusually heavy and sloping, the face of their attacker looks almost human. CARTER starts in surprise, and pulls the flashlight away. O'NEILL sits back on his haunches, perplexed.


The forest on P3X-797. SG-1 and SG-3 make their way cautiously through the trees. It's still as dark as ever, and all of the team members are wearing their night-vision goggles. O'NEILL and MAKEPEACE are in the lead. Guttural groans can be heard in the distance, and MAKEPEACE stops. Cut to MAKEPEACE's POV through the goggles; the usual green- and-black display is disrupted by the yellow-orange shape of a nearby campfire just beyond a nearby tree. O'NEILL sees it too, and comes up beside MAKEPEACE, pulling his goggles off to squint into the distance. MAKEPEACE pulls off his goggles as well, glancing at O'NEILL. O'NEILL points to the right, indicating that they should take positions on the other side of the campfire. MAKEPEACE turns back towards his men.


He gestures for his men to follow him, and they file past O'NEILL, heading off to the left. O'NEILL leads SG-1 in a different direction, moving closer to the campfire to get a better look. They crouch down in the brush, staring at the humanlike creatures moving around the campfire. DANIEL puts his glasses back on.

O'NEILL: (whispering) DANIEL! What are they?

DANIEL: Well, they don't look completely Homo sapien. Uh, the larger brow ridge would imply Homo erectus, but then again, they'd have canine teeth ...

Cut back to the campfire. As the camera passes the primitive people, one person stands out. A young woman, her dark hair and dress covered with dirt, is clinging to a tree near the fire.

DANIEL: ...uh, they could be Australopithecus, but the brow ridge would be less prominent ...

O'NEILL: You don't know, do you?


Cut back to the young woman. Unlike her captors, she looks normal, and is positively terrified. CARTER notices her, and frowns.

CARTER: Why does that one female look different? She looks more human. (One of the cavemen grabs her roughly by the arm, trying to drag her off. She struggles and cries, trying to get away from him.) We have to stop him!

The caveman pulls the woman down on her hands and knees, moving to mount her from behind. She screams and kicks, clawing at the ground as she tries to get out from under him.

DANIEL: No, that's – how prehistoric males probably had sex. Forcibly. The strongest male gets to mate; that's survival of the fittest.

As the woman crawls away from him, the caveman grabs her skirt, trying to tear it off, and grabs her around the waist, forcing her down.

CARTER: Well, I call it rape, and I think we should stop it!

She starts to get up, but O'NEILL stops her.


Before he can say any more, a thud attracts his attention, and then another. Stones are flying into the campsite, striking the cave people left and right. Under the onslaught, the primitives retreat, and the would-be rapist gets off the woman as the cave people dash into the trees.

DANIEL: Where are those rocks coming from?

O'NEILL: (points) There!

Cut to another side of the campfire. A group of white-robed figures can be seen through the trees, pelting the primitives with rocks. Cut back to O'NEILL and DANIEL. MAKEPEACE has come up behind DANIEL, and O'NEILL turns to him.

O'NEILL: (whispering) MAKEPEACE! You and your men take the wide left flank. We'll take the right. Copy?

MAKEPEACE nods and moves offscreen.

O'NEILL: (whispering) Let's go.

He gets up and moves off. DANIEL follows. Cut to the trees, as MAKEPEACE's men head to the left, seemingly away from the white-robed figures, while SG-1 moves right in single file, heading directly towards them. Cut to the white-robed people. They are completely covered in filmy white material from head to toe, hooded and veiled in white, and are using slings to throw the stones. They immediately stop throwing stones, however, when SG-3 surrounds them.

SOLDIER: Don't move!

Surprised, the figures look around in fright as the sound of weapons being drawn can be heard all around them. They don't try to run, however. O'NEILL and DANIEL rush into the middle of the clearing, with TEAL'C and CARTER behind them.

O'NEILL: (shouting) All right, hold your fire!

DANIEL: (shouting) Lower your weapons!

The soldiers keep their weapons drawn.

SOLDIER: They could be Goa'ulds.

O'NEILL: Just keep ‘em covered.

He steps over to the nearest of the figures, a woman, pulling the white cloth away from her neck to examine it. The side and back of her neck is unmarked.

O'NEILL: There's no entry scar. (drops the cloth, irritated) They're not Goa'ulds. Lower your weapons, kids.

The soldiers obey, and O'NEILL backs off. The white-clad people exchange puzzled looks, and then fall to their knees, heads bowed.

O'NEILL: (to DANIEL) Any idea what they are?

The man closest to O'NEILL looks up at that. He removes the veil covering his face, revealing himself to be human.

MAN: My lord, we are the Untouched. I am High Councillor TUPLO.

WOMAN: We are pleased the gods have deemed us worthy of a return visit.

O'NEILL: Gods. (looks at DANIEL)

DANIEL: Ah ... Only the gods come through the Stargate. I think they're talking about us. We should probably start getting used to this kind of treatment.

O'NEILL: Oh, for crying out loud, we're not gods. Get up. (taking the woman's hand)

DANIEL: Please.

Confused by this behavior, the Untouched allow SG-1 to help them stand.

WOMAN: (to TUPLO) Perhaps they wish us to treat them as mortals. A test?

TUPLO: Please. Let us take you to the Land of Light.

He moves past the woman, heading into the forest. O'NEILL, DANIEL, and the rest of the soldiers start to follow. Cut to the tree where the young woman is huddled, shaking in terror. The white-robed woman helps her up, guiding her along. Cut back to the path as TUPLO and his people, carrying lanterns, lead the SG teams through the trees. As O'NEILL steps out of the trees, he squints, surprised; it is suddenly bright and sunny. Another soldier and CARTER step into the light as well. Cut to an overhead shot of the group. SG-1 and SG-3, led by the Untouched, are literally stepping from nighttime to daytime; one half of the meadow is dark, while the sun illuminates the other half. Cut to another overhead shot as the group approaches a rise. The camera pans over the SG teams and the Untouched to reveal the valley and the fair-sized city below.

The Untouched lead the SG teams up the front steps of a temple in the center of the city. At the top of the stairs is a pillar that houses a bronze bull's head. Cut to the interior. In the foreground, the young woman is lying on her side on embroidered cushions. On each side of her is a bull's head, the horns forming an arch over her as two guards stand watch. Past the guards, a long table is set in the middle of the chamber. The chamber is lined with square crimson pillars striped with brown. SG-1 is standing in the background at the entrance to the temple, taking it all in.

O'NEILL: Love what they've done with the place.

CARTER: I was going to do my living room like this, but ... it didn't go with my other stuff.

DANIEL: Looks Minoan.

TUPLO and LEEDORA (the woman O'NEILL first spoke to), along with two other natives, enter from the right. All four have exchanged their white robes for more colorful and ‘normal' attire.

TUPLO: Welcome. Please, come. Sit.

They move to stand around the table, with the Untouched taking the right side while SG-1 takes the left. Cut to the young woman, who whimpers and gasps as she lies on the cushions. Cut back to the table as SG-1 takes their seats, and the Untouched sit down as well.

CARTER: (looking at the girl) Is she all right?

TUPLO: I do hope. She ... is my daughter.

CARTER: What's her name?

TUPLO: She is called MELOCIA. I can only hope we rescued her in time from the hands of the Touched. We must now wait to see if she has been cursed by them.

O'NEILL: The creatures that took her – what were they, exactly?

TUPLO: They are the Touched. They were unfortunate enough to be cursed by the hilk'sha.

DANIEL: Hilk'sha. There's a word like that on Abydos. Is that ‘gods of the earth?'

TEAL'C: Gods of the underworld. Evil gods.

LEEDORA: The hilk'sha needed only to touch the unfortunate among us, and they would become possessed. Pure evil, like wild animals.

O'NEILL: So these ... ‘Touched' people used to live here with you?

TUPLO: They were us ... until they changed. They became too dangerous and we were forced to banish them to the Land of the Dark.

O'NEILL: And where are these evil gods now?

LEEDORA: Oh, they do not show themselves. We know only of their presence because of their actions.

O'NEILL: When was the last time the good gods came around?

LEEDORA: Well, if *you* are not them, then it has been at least a generation.

O'NEILL: A generation. (pauses, sniffs) Okay ... um ... will you excuse us for a moment?

As he gets up, the four Untouched rise as well.

O'NEILL: Ah, no ... please, no. Wait.

The Untouched remain standing there as O'NEILL leads the rest of SG-1 over to one of the thick pillars a few paces away.

O'NEILL: Sounds like the Goa'ulds aren't here and haven't been for some time.

TEAL'C: That is my assessment as well.


CARTER: (nodding) I agree.

O'NEILL: In that case, gear up. We'll move out in fifteen minutes.

DANIEL: (stunned) Wait a minute, move out?

O'NEILL: Yeah. Back to the Stargate, back to Earth, terra firma, home, you've heard of it?

DANIEL: (agitated) Uh ... well ... uh ... we should stay a while longer and study this society – learn how they've evolved from a Minoan culture. I mean, (points) you see those statues over there – those are bulls. The bull is all throughout Minoan culture and art, but we never really knew why.

O'NEILL: Hey, I'm a big fan of all this stuff. But art appreciation is not what this mission is about. Get your gear together.

He and TEAL'C turn and walk away. DANIEL and CARTER stand there, disappointed.

Cut to a traveler's-eye view of the Stargate wormhole, the long version. The flash of light at the end of the tunnel fades to the SGC Gate room as the SG teams walk down the ramp. As they approach the left bay door, it slides open and HAMMOND enters. O'NEILL unstraps his helmet.

HAMMOND: Find anything?

O'NEILL: Uh, no, sir.

DANIEL: (coming up behind HAMMOND) Yes, sir. Uh, actually, sir, we found a whole hell of a lot. Sir.

O'NEILL: Some beautiful decor, nice folks. Nothing of strategic importance, sir.

HAMMOND: All right, get cleaned up. Mission debriefing in half an hour.

O'NEILL: Yes, sir.

HAMMOND nods and exits. O'NEILL follows suit. As the other soldiers file out, the camera pulls in on DANIEL, who stands there with a frustrated look on his face.

The SGC briefing room. DANIEL jumps up from his seat beside TEAL'C.

DANIEL: I'm sorry, sir, I know I'm a guest at this party, but I have to protest.

HAMMOND: Let me guess, Doctor, this is the science versus military discussion again?

DANIEL: Well ... yes. This mission was a perfect example of my argument. We should have stayed on that planet longer; it was the perfect opportunity to study Minoan culture.

CARTER: Not to mention primitive man.

HAMMOND: This really isn't necessary, Doctor, as I've already–

DANIEL: Sir, would you let me finish, please?

HAMMOND hesitates, then reluctantly closes his mouth and lets DANIEL finish although it's unnecessary.

DANIEL: Ok. Um, the people on the dark side are pre-Stone Age, but the people on the light side are clearly from the Bronze Age. So what better opportunity to study the Broca Divide?

O'NEILL: (yawning) The what? (finishes yawn) Excuse me.

CARTER: The Broca Divide. Pierre Paul Broca was a 19th century anthropologist. He founded modern craniometry to study craniums and brains and to compare the divide in intelligence between early species of mankind. During this explanation, JOHNSON rocks back and forth in his seat, glaring fiercely at TEAL'C. JOHNSON's eyes are wide, his nostrils are flaring, and he looks like a wild animal about to charge. The others attending the briefing do not notice his strange behavior, except for TEAL'C, who looks at him curiously.

O'NEILL: Fascinating. (to HAMMOND) Should I start the debriefing, Sir?

HAMMOND: That would be a good idea, Colonel.

DANIEL: Now, just, just ... (swipes a hand down on the table) wait a minute!

HAMMOND: Dr. Jackson, you're wasting your breath. You've already won the argument.

DANIEL: (slams hand on table) But I have to insist you ... (looks up) what, what, what, what? I've already won?

HAMMOND: The President agrees with you. He's asked that we evaluate the scientific and cultural value of each mission from now on.

O'NEILL: Oh, for crying out loud.

DANIEL: He has.

CARTER: That's great! At that moment, something in JOHNSON snaps. He leaps to his feet and lunges at TEAL'C, grabbing him by the collar.

JOHNSON: Wonder how that thing in your gut would like his neck ripped in half?

TEAL'C: Please release me, Lieutenant JOHNSON.

MAKEPEACE: (jumps up) JOHNSON! Let him go!

JOHNSON: Not until this *Goa'uld* apologizes.

HAMMOND: (standing) Lieutenant JOHNSON, take your seat now.

JOHNSON: (yelling) No!

Growling, he takes a swing at TEAL'C with his free hand. TEAL'C calmly catches the lieutenant's fist, holding it in a crushing grip. JOHNSON grunts in pain. Still gripping his attacker's fist, TEAL'C stands up, yanks JOHNSON's arm behind him and shoves the lieutenant face down on the table in one fluid move. He keeps JOHNSON's arm pinned behind his back, holding the lieutenant down.

TEAL'C: General, I would prefer to not hurt this man.

HAMMOND stares in surprise as two soldiers rush over and grab JOHNSON's arms, dragging him over to face the General.

HAMMOND: (angry) What is your problem, Marine?

As JOHNSON struggles in the soldiers' grip, he starts foaming at the mouth, which pretty much answers HAMMOND's question.

HAMMOND: (to the soldiers) Take him to the infirmary. Tell them to keep him in restraints and check him out.

JOHNSON grunts and snarls as he is dragged out of the briefing room. The others watch, shocked.

The Gate room. DANIEL, holding a clipboard, is standing beneath a stepladder beside the Gate.

DANIEL: So what do you think that was all about with JOHNSON?

Pan up to CARTER at the top of the ladder, which is attached to one of the chevrons. She's taking readings from the Gate.

CARTER: Beats me. Maybe he was drunk.

DANIEL: I don't know. It didn't quite seem like inebriation.

CARTER doesn't reply, focusing on the readings instead. Behind her, two men can be seen up in the control room locked in some kind of struggle. CARTER turns and sees them.

CARTER: What the–

DANIEL looks up as well. Cut to the control room window as the two men manage to roll over the consoles and crash straight through the glass partition. Still struggling, they fall to the floor of the Gate room amidst a shower of glass. CARTER and DANIEL drop what they're doing and discard their equipment at the foot of the ramp as they rush over, checking the pulses of the two men. The man CARTER's checking is staring blankly at nothing, his mouth hanging open and bloody cuts all over his face. The bay door slides open and an officer rushes in as CARTER gets up.

OFFICER: (offscreen) What the hell's going on?

OFFICER #2: (offscreen) I don't know! I didn't see anything!

CARTER runs over to the emergency phone and picks up the receiver.

CARTER: (into receiver) We need medics, section C, stat! Two men down!

She slams the phone down, glancing back at the fallen men apprehensively – and pauses, scratching at her suddenly itchy neck.

The locker room. We get the locker's point of view as O'NEILL opens his locker, drying his face with a towel before shoving it inside. He touches the cut on his forehead, wincing, as the camera pans back and around to show us a side view. As he turns away, the locker slams shut. O'NEILL turns to see CARTER, wearing a tank top, standing there.

O'NEILL: (Startled) CARTER! Uh ... (pulls his shirt on) sorry, didn't know you were in here.

To his surprise, she pulls him to her, grabbing his head and kissing him passionately.

O'NEILL: (muffled) Mmph! Hey! (pulls back) What the hell's going on?

CARTER: I want you. (kisses him again)

O'NEILL: (muffled) Why? I mean, no! (pulls her off of him) CARTER, this is a little out of line, don't you think?

She grabs him by the shoulders and shoves him down on the bench, straddling him.

CARTER: You want me?

She leans down and kisses him a third time.

O'NEILL: (muffled) No, no – (she pulls back for a second) not like this, not like – (she kisses him, and he shoves her off) CARTER! What's gotten into you?

She leans down and kisses him again, but he gets the upper hand, grabbing her shoulders and rolling off the bench, pinning her to the ground.

O'NEILL: It's about time you saw a doctor, Doctor.

He hauls her up and out of the shot. The infirmary. CARTER kicks and struggles ineffectively as a medic secures a wrist strap. The camera pans up to show that she is strapped down to a cot, with Dr. FRAISER securing her ankles.

FRAISER: Keep her from hurting herself until the sedatives take effect.

As two other medics attend to CARTER, Dr. FRAISER walks over to stand beside


O'NEILL: Is this pretty much what JOHNSON has?

FRAISER: Oh, I'd say so. And the other members of the team. This is the strangest thing I've ever seen.

She starts off, indicating that he should follow.

FRAISER: Come on. Let's take a look.

As O'NEILL follows Dr. FRAISER out of the infirmary, the camera pans back to a close-up of CARTER, who continues to struggle and groan.

FRAISER leads O'NEILL down a corridor of the SGC, approaching a row of holding cells. A few pairs of orderlies pass by with patients on gurneys as

FRAISER stops at one of the cells.

FRAISER: We converted DEFCON-1 living compartments from when this place was a missile silo into isolation chambers. You never know what you're going to bring back through the Stargate.

She stops at one of the cell doors and slides open the panel that covers a small barred window. The camera closes in on the window to show the cell's occupant. JOHNSON is crouched beside the metal bed frame, handcuffed to the bed. His brow ridge is swollen, and he snarls at the camera, rattling the bed frame. O'NEILL peers through the bars in disbelief.

FRAISER: Notice the swelling of the brow ridge? Some are even developing new follicle growth.

O'NEILL: Any idea what's causing it?

FRAISER: Wish I knew. I've got calls in to every specialist in the service, but – I've got one hand tied behind my back because of the need-to-know classification of the Stargate project.

She reaches over and slides the panel shut, then leads O'NEILL over to the next cell. Insistent pounding can be heard from within.

FRAISER: And it's spreading. We got two more in an hour later.

She stops at the cell door, and O'NEILL slides the panel back to look inside. Its occupant is pounding madly on the wall, heedless to the amount of injuries he's inflicting upon himself in the process. Bloodstains can be seen on the wall that he's pounding on.

FRAISER: I've never seen a behavioral disorder like this. All the victims are acting like animals.

With a roar, the afflicted man pulls down the bunk bed, knocking it to the floor. He climbs on top of the fallen bed frame, crouching atop it and breathing heavily as he glares at the door.

O'NEILL: You think CARTER has the same thing?

FRAISER: Mmm-hmm. The behavior fits.

O'NEILL slides the panel shut, and they turn and head back down the corridor.

FRAISER: All the victims are behaving like primitives. Most female low-level primates tend to choose their sexual partners according to who would give them the strongest offspring. The leaders of the pack, or a tribe, were usually the prime choice. You should be flattered.

O'NEILL: Oh, yeah. I'm honored.

In the control room. DANIEL comes up the steps, a paper cup and a stack of printouts in hand. He finishes off the contents of the cup and sets it aside He hurries across to O'NEILL, who is standing by a window and nursing a sore shoulder.

DANIEL: Jack! There you are. Going on the Internet to do a little research on Australopithecus, and (sees O'NEILL's shoulder) wow, what happened to you?

O'NEILL: Oh, I – got in a little wrestling match with CARTER.


O'NEILL: I guess she's got whatever JOHNSON's got. Had to drag her off to the infirmary.

DANIEL: What, did she start a fight with you, like JOHNSON did with TEAL'C?

O'NEILL: No, she, uh – tried to seduce me.

DANIEL: Oh. You ... poor man.

O'NEILL: No, it wasn't like that. She was like a wild animal. She was nuts.

DANIEL: Well, is she all right? I should go see her.


DANIEL: What do you mean, ‘why?' Because I care about her.

He starts to go, but O'NEILL grabs him by the collar of his jacket.

O'NEILL: You care about her? What's that mean?

DANIEL: It means I care about her, she's my friend. Now let (tries to pull away) – go!

O'NEILL: She's not yours to care about.

DANIEL: What the hell are you talking about?

O'NEILL: I'm talking about *Samantha.* You just stay away from her, okay?

DANIEL: Okay. Okay, Jack. I think you should come with me to the infirmary, okay? Just let go of me and – let go of my–

He struggles to get free of O'NEILL's grip, and O'NEILL punches him in the face. DANIEL falls back, crashing into a rack of equipment.

OFFICER: (offscreen) Security! Get in here!

DANIEL doesn't have a chance to sit up before O'NEILL is on top of him, punching him repeatedly. SGT.DAVIS and two other officers come up from behind and pull O'NEILL off of DANIEL. It takes all three of them to drag him off. DANIEL sits up, confused, as a female technician kneels down to check on him.

TECHNICIAN: Are you okay?

He nods and grabs his glasses. She helps him stand, brushing him off as DANIEL puts his glasses back on, watching the officers drag O'NEILL away.

In the infirmary. An orderly finishes taking a blood sample from DANIEL and removes the tourniquet as FRAISER and HAMMOND come over to his cot. TEAL'C is sitting nearby, waiting to get his blood taken as well.

FRAISER: We've managed to isolate an organism in the victims' bloodstreams.

HAMMOND: Organism? Like a parasite?

The orderly moves over to TEAL'C and swabs his arm and injects the syringe.

FRAISER: More like a-a parasitical virus. And from what I can tell, it seems to feed on aleens and colenes, chemical transmitters in the body. That includes neurotransmitters. As they're depleted, all but the most primitive parts of the brain seem to just ... shut down.

HAMMOND: That why they act like animals?

FRAISER: Actually, the organism seems to release a hormone that stimulates the primitive regions of the brain that are normally dormant. I.. I have never seen anything like this on Earth.

DANIEL: Exactly. ‘On Earth.' (hops off the cot) That would explain the Touched.

HAMMOND: Beg your pardon?

TEAL'C: That is what the primitives were called on P3X-797. The Touched.

DANIEL: But I think, given recent events, (glances over to where CARTER is lying) I think it's safe to say that they aren't born primitive, they must have this very contagious disease. And we came in contact with it, isn't that special?

FRAISER: So ... the question is, why haven't you and Mr. TEAL'C come down with the symptoms?

DANIEL: Um ... Mr. TEAL'C – TEAL'C's symbiote probably protects him.

TEAL'C: That would be likely.

FRAISER: Well – what about you, Dr. Jackson?

DANIEL: Well, that beats me. You're the doctor, Doctor. Uh, maybe I have a natural immunity.

TEAL'C: Perhaps you will develop symptoms later.

DANIEL: Thank you for the moral support.

FRAISER: I am checking both of your blood for the presence of the organism, and I would bet that you both have it. (to HAMMOND) This appears to be highly contagious.

HAMMOND: Are you saying we could have brought a new plague to this planet?

FRAISER: Yes, sir, that's exactly what I'm saying.

HAMMOND: Well, that's it. I'm ordering this mountain sealed off. No one comes in or goes out until we get a handle on this thing.

He turns and leaves. A second later, a high-pitched howling can be heard, accompanied by a heavy thud. DANIEL turns in the direction of the sound. TEAL'C – who has apparently finished giving a blood sample – gets up and runs out of the infirmary, with FRAISER and DANIEL right behind him. In the corridor. TEAL'C tosses his jacket on a nearby bench as he leads DANIEL, FRAISER, and a medic to the source of the sound – one of the cells. Another thud can be heard from within. TEAL'C slides the panel away to reveal an extremely agitated O'NEILL, who lets out another howl, throwing his entire weight against the door.

TEAL'C: He is going to damage himself.

FRAISER: I've been pumping him with sedatives to control him, but they wear off fast.

She turns to the medic, who hands her a syringe.

FRAISER: Help me give him some more. (louder) Go, go!

The guard unlocks the door, and O'NEILL dives forward with another howl, but TEAL'C, DANIEL and the guard force him back into the cell. The three of them manage to hold him, and FRAISER moves in and sticks the needle into O'NEILL's shoulder. After a few seconds, O'NEILL stops howling and slumps in their grasp, his head lolling forward. TEAL'C and DANIEL ease him down onto the bunk.

At Cheyenne Mountain Complex, a truck pulls up in front of the main entrance, and two soldiers hop out, crouching behind the cab with their weapons pointed at the entrance. Cut to HAMMOND's office. He is standing at the partition, looking through the star map into the briefing room, when his phone buzzes. Turning away from the glass, he slowly walks to his desk, sits down, and picks up the red phone. HAMMOND: (into receiver) Yes, sir, this is General HAMMOND. Sir, I'm afraid I have a serious situation here. It appears we've brought a very contagious disease through the Stargate. (pause) Yes, sir, that's right. (pause) No, sir, I've ordered the mountain sealed off, but I think you should order in an armed division to set up a second line of defense. (pause) Well, sir, my recommendation is that anyone attempting to leave the mountain should be shot on sight ... and the body burned.

In the infirmary, CARTER is strapped to a gurney, and two medics wheel her out. They pass HAMMOND on his way in. FRAISER joins him as they cross the noisy, chaotic room.

FRAISER: Good news, General.

HAMMOND: I could use some of that about now. What is it?

They come over to where TEAL'C and DANIEL are standing, still unaffected.

FRAISER: These gentlemen (indicates TEAL'C and DANIEL) don't appear to have the organism in their system. Now if we can just isolate why they've been able to resist it.

TEAL'C: Perhaps we should ask the Untouched how they avoid contracting the disease.

DANIEL: Maybe they know something we don't.

FRAISER: I could use a blood sample from one of the uninfected. Maybe they have something in their systems to protect them – something we can synthesize.

HAMMOND does not reply immediately. He moves away a few paces, thinking. After a moment, he turns back to them.

HAMMOND: All right. (pointing at TEAL'C and DANIEL) Either of you know how to draw blood?

DANIEL and TEAL'C give him blank looks.

HAMMOND: Doctor, teach them. You go through in half an hour. Gear up.

He turns and starts towards the door.

DANIEL: W-w-w-w-wait! Wait! Just the two of us?

HAMMOND: You're immune! I don't know anyone else who is!

HAMMOND leaves the infirmary, and TEAL'C and DANIEL exchange looks.

In the Gate room, the Gate wormhole to P3X-797 is open as TEAL'C and DANIEL enter, both geared up and ready to go. DANIEL sneezes violently, pausing before following TEAL'C up the ramp.

TEAL'C: Do not worry, DANIEL Jackson. The Touched were easily frightened by your loud Earth weapons. We can easily subdue them.

DANIEL: That's easy for you to say.

Cut to an overhead view of the Stargate wormhole. TEAL'C strides through confidently. DANIEL hesitates for a second, making sure to pull on his night-vision goggles before he steps through the wormhole as well. Cut to a traveler's eye-view of the Stargate wormhole, and then to the dark forest on the other side. DANIEL and TEAL'C walk through the trees, but DANIEL notices something and stops, urging TEAL'C to halt as well.


He lifts the night-vision goggles and switches on the flashlight at his hip. The beam slides across the forest floor to illuminate a familiar figure lying unconscious in the dirt. DANIEL kneels down beside it and carefully turns the body over. TEAL'C crouches at the body's feet. When DANIEL recognizes who it is, he switches the flashlight off.

DANIEL: It's MELOCIA. She's alive.

He fishes around in his vest for his glasses. In the dim light, it is still obvious that MELOCIA has contracted the disease.

TEAL'C: It appears she is afflicted.

DANIEL: (puts his glasses on) So they just – dump her out here?

He leans over to check her pulse.

TEAL'C: We dump them in a small room.

DANIEL: To protect them.

TEAL'C: To protect everyone else. There is little difference.

DANIEL: (glances back at TEAL'C) You know, you're right? They're like lepers. (checks MELOCIA's breathing) And the dark side's a leper colony.

TEAL'C: What is a leper?

DANIEL: (gives TEAL'C a frustrated look) Oh my God, never mind. (starts pulling a blanket from his pack) We have to help her.

He covers MELOCIA with the blanket.

DANIEL: (frustrated) Are you planning on helping me?

TEAL'C: (standing up) It is a long journey. We should leave her.

DANIEL: (stubbornly) No. No, let's (picks MELOCIA up) – go!

As he awkwardly lifts her into his arms, sudden growls can be heard. TEAL'C turns, and through his night-vision goggles we see that they are surrounded by the Touched. TEAL'C promptly fires his weapon in the air, turning his back to DANIEL. Still holding MELOCIA, DANIEL turns and spots several of the Touched advancing from the other side. Without his hands free, he can't fight back.


TEAL'C: (glancing back only slightly) Fire your weapon! It will frighten them off!

He fires off another round into the air. This time the sound gets results; the Touched in front of TEAL'C howl and retreat. Behind him, a group of the Touched grab DANIEL and MELOCIA and drag them off. TEAL'C continues to fire, unaware of his friend's plight. When it appears that the last of the Touched are retreating, TEAL'C ceases fire and turns back to where DANIEL should be standing.


Through his night-vision goggles, we see that the clearing is now empty. TEAL'C scans the area, searching for signs of DANIEL.

TEAL'C: (urgently) DANIEL! DANIEL Jackson!

He moves a few paces, scanning the ground, then stops and removes his goggles, spotting something on the forest floor. He crouches down and picks up DANIEL's glasses. But their owner is nowhere in sight.

Meanwhile back at the SGC. Close up on O'NEILL as the window panel of his cell slides open and his head jerks up. The guard peers into the cell before opening the door to admit another guard and an orderly, with HAMMOND between them. HAMMOND is wearing a straitjacket and is obviously sedated. FRAISER enters as well.

FRAISER: Sorry, Colonel O'NEILL, but your private room just became semi-private.

The guard and the orderly carefully ease HAMMOND down to sit on the bottom bunk. O'NEILL remains huddled on the cot nearby.

FRAISER: We're running out of places to put all the victims. We've used the brigs, we've used the temp quarters, some of the storage rooms.

She lets out a frustrated sigh and starts towards the door. Struggling to articulate, his mouth opening and closing, O'NEILL finally manages to speak.

O'NEILL: (croaking) Doc ... doc ...

Hearing him, FRAISER stops and turns.

FRAISER: Did you say something?

O'NEILL: Give ... more ...

He breaks off, in apparent pain, his head dropping forward. FRAISER takes a hesitant step towards him, making sure to stay out of arm's reach.

FRAISER: What? Give more what?

She kneels down so that they are at eye level.

O'NEILL: More ...

Unable to finish, he extends his arm towards her as if asking for a shot.

FRAISER: (surprised) An injection? You mean you want more sedative? You've already had more than the maximum safe dosage, twice as much as anyone else because you've been more violent.

O'NEILL: Give.

FRAISER: (standing up) No. It's not safe.

O'NEILL: GIVE! (quieter) Give.

FRAISER: Why are you so insistent?

He doesn't answer, and stubbornly holds out his arm. FRAISER sighs and gestures to the orderly. She kneels down beside O'NEILL, rolling up his shirt sleeve and patting and swabbing the area. O'NEILL doesn't resist as she takes a syringe from the orderly and injects the sedative, watching her patient carefully. The sedative quickly takes effect, and O'NEILL's head drops forward limply.

FRAISER: (sympathetically) Must have been in a lot of pain.

She hesitates for a second before reluctantly rising and starting towards the door. Suddenly, O'NEILL jerks awake with a gasp.

O'NEILL: Doocc!

FRAISER stops, and turns, staring at him in shock.


He nods, trying to get a word out, but barely able to mouth a “yes.” FRAISER kneels down beside him again as O'NEILL struggles to speak.

FRAISER: (smiles) So you are still in there somewhere.

O'NEILL: Dream ... dream?

FRAISER: I'm afraid not, Colonel, it's very real. This is interesting ... sedative must knock back the primitive mind. (urgently) Colonel, listen to me. I am not going to be able to keep you at this level for very long. It is too dangerous. It could cause permanent brain damage.

O'NEILL: What? Wha– (breaks off, trying to get himself together) what is it?

FRAISER: It's a parasitic virus. All we can tell is that it seems to mess with body chemicals – all of them. Testosterone levels skyrocket, thus the aggressive behavior. It's a histamine-alytic, which means it breaks down histamine.

O'NEILL: Experiment.

Frasier: Wha– O'Neil: Experiment. On ... me.

FRAISER: Experiment on you? (shakes her head) No, sir, I can't do that.

He takes her chin gently in one hand, urging her to look at him.

O'NEILL: Use me.

She looks down for a moment, then reaches up to wrap her fingers around his.

On P3X-797, the light side of the planet. TEAL'C approaches the temple that TUPLO led SG-1 to earlier, hurrying up the steps. He strides past the guards posted at the entrance into the main hall. TUPLO and LEEDORA come out to greet him.

TUPLO: Welcome back, my Lord. Where are your friends?

TEAL'C: My friends are ill because of this place.

LEEDORA: (fearful) They have joined the Touched.

TUPLO: They were cursed by the hilk'sha.

TEAL'C: It is not a curse. It is a disease. I lost my friend on the dark side of this planet. You must help me retrieve him.

TUPLO: Why? So he can give you the curse? So he can give all of us the curse? No, no! He is better off where he is.

TEAL'C: He does not have the disease. He is immune. He is not cursed.

TUPLO: Then by now, he is gone. ( LEEDORA nods)

TEAL'C: He had your daughter with him.

TUPLO: MELOCIA ... is dead.

TEAL'C: No. She is out there. On the dark side. I have seen her. Help me retrieve her and my friend.

TUPLO: (walking past TEAL'C, agitated) She is among the Touched. She can no longer ... function amongst us. Therefore, she is dead.

TEAL'C: She is not dead.

TUPLO: (turning back to them) If I believed otherwise, do you not think I would help my own daughter?

LEEDORA: (to TEAL'C) Many of us have loved ones among the Touched. My own father is there. But we accept that we cannot help them. Therefore, they are dead to us.

TEAL'C: How can you be so without heart?

TUPLO moves to stand beside LEEDORA.

TUPLO: (coldly) I must ask you to leave.

TEAL'C: If you will not help me find my friend, then I must have a sample of your blood.

LEEDORA: (shocked) Our blood?

TUPLO: Blood is our lifeforce.

TEAL'C: I assure you it will cause you no harm.

LEEDORA: (angrily) I cannot abide this ... *one* in my presence any longer!

She turns on her heel and storms out.

TUPLO: You are not welcome here. When we return, I expect to find you gone.

He turns and follows LEEDORA. The other Untouched gathered there follow him out. TEAL'C watches them go, then turns back to the main entrance. The two guards posted there remain standing at attention, spears in hand. TEAL'C calmly turns and walks back the way he came, making a show of leaving through the main entrance. But as he reaches the threshold, TEAL'C clubs the left guard in the head with the butt of his rifle, knocking him unconscious. The other guard lunges at him with the spear, but TEAL'C grabs the spear, shoving the blunt end into the guard's stomach and then clubbing him in the face with it. The guard goes down hard, lying flat on his back. Taking something from his vest, TEAL'C kneels down beside the unconscious guard.

TEAL'C: I am sorry.

He retrieves the plunger and needle, sticking the needle into the guard's arm to draw blood.

On the dark side of the planet. A group of the Touched are gathered around a campfire. Some are fighting, and most are eating. DANIEL is there as well, relatively unharmed. Seeing that most of the Touched are occupied with dinner or fighting, DANIEL tries to unobtrusively crawl away. But he barely gets a foot before one of the Touched pounces on him, dragging him back towards the campfire, kicking him viciously.

At Stargate Command, evening. Cut to the infirmary, where FRAISER and a medic are tending to a wounded CARTER, who is strapped down to a gurney. TEAL'C enters the infirmary and is surprised to see that CARTER has been injured.

Intercom: All personnel, be advised that the mountain is now under a Code 5 lockdown. The mountain is now under a Code 5 lockdown.

Seeing TEAL'C, FRAISER leaves CARTER to the care of the medic and moves to greet him.

FRAISER: Thank God you're back.

TEAL'C: (staring at the gurney) What happened to Captain CARTER?

FRAISER: She was stabbed by her roommate. Don't worry, it's superficial, she's going to be okay. (leading him out into the hall) We've run out of space. We've had to start doubling up on the iso rooms.

They stop just outside the infirmary.

TEAL'C: I have retrieved the blood sample you requested.

He retrieves the sample from a pocket of his vest and hands it to her.

FRAISER: Good work, Mr. TEAL'C.

Cut to a close-up of O'NEILL, who is leaning against the wall of his cell with his eyes closed. At the sound of TEAL'C's voice, though, he looks up.

TEAL'C: Colonel O'NEILL.

O'NEILL: (with difficulty) TEAL'C?

TEAL'C: (kneels down to O'NEILL's eye level) I am afraid I lost DANIEL Jackson on the dark side of the planet. I am sorry.

A short time later, as the door to the cell swings open and FRAISER strides in. O'NEILL and TEAL'C are sitting on the bottom bunk as she enters, the guards remaining at the door.

FRAISER: Colonel O'NEILL? I think I might have something.

She sits down on the edge of the bed, clearly excited.

FRAISER: I was examining the blood sample that Mr. TEAL'C brought me, and then it hit me. There was very little histamine in it. (at O'NEILL's confused look) If the people on that planet are human as you say, they have to have histamine in their blood.

TEAL'C: How does this help us?

FRAISER: Well, as I said before, this microbe is a histamine-alytic. It feeds on histamine. The Untouched have no histamine in their bodies, so the organism couldn't survive in them.

TEAL'C: I do not understand. It is the Untouched that become the Touched. If they have none of the substance of which you speak, why then do some of them change?

FRAISER: Because only some of them have this low histamine level – which means that there's probably a naturally occurring antihistamine in their diets. The ones who don't eat it eventually contract the organism. Which is what gave me an idea. I checked the files. Both Dr. Jackson and I have acute rhenitis caused by severe allergies.

O'NEILL and TEAL'C exchange baffled looks.

TEAL'C: Explain.

FRAISER: I take strong antihistamines every day. So did Dr. Jackson. I have no histamine for the microbe to feed on. Just like the Untouched, the organi sm starves in my body.

TEAL'C: Does this mean you have a cure?

FRAISER: (pauses, retrieving a syringe from her lab coat) We have to try mega-doses of chloropheniramine malleate on someone and see if it works.


FRAISER: (with a small smile) I thought you might say that. (serious) Now the dose required to completely clear the body of histamine for a long enough period of time could be harmful.

O'NEILL still looks determined.

FRAISER: You're sure.

O'NEILL nods. FRAISER hesitates for a moment before getting to her feet and moving over to the IV bag that is attached to O'NEILL's arm. FRAISER injects the contents of the syringe into the IV, and a second later, O'NEILL's head starts to droop.

FRAISER: Now all we can do is wait. (sighs) You'd better lock him up again.

TEAL'C gets up from the bunk and guides O'NEILL to lie down, pulling a blanket over him. The door opens and closes in the background as the camera pulls in on O'NEILL's sleeping face.

Some time later. TEAL'C is seated outside O'NEILL's cell, leaning against the wall with his eyes closed. His eyes fly open, however, at the sound of banging from within.

O'NEILL: TEAL'C! (banging) Doc! Open the door! TEAL'C!

TEAL'C gets up and slides the panel aside to look into the cell. O'NEILL, looking like his old self, stares back at him.

TEAL'C: Colonel O'NEILL?

O'NEILL: (imitating Desi Arnaz) Lucy, I'm ho-ome!

TEAL'C: I am not Lucy.

O'NEILL: I know that. It's a reference to an old TV – (stops, realizing it'll take too long to explain) Never mind. Open the door.

TEAL'C: I will summon the doctor.

O'NEILL: No, come on. I'm fine. I'm back to being myself. Just open up.

TEAL'C: I cannot be certain that you are back to being yourself. You referred to me as ‘Lucy.'

O'NEILL: Oh, for crying out loud, will you just open the door?

Looking slightly skeptical, TEAL'C obeys, unlocking the cell door. O'NEILL steps out, clearly in control of himself again.

O'NEILL: This stuff works. Let's find Doc.

In the Stargate embarkation room. The Gate is spinning as the SGC dials out. Cut to a shot of the monitor in the control room, which shows a display of the Gate and the encoded chevrons in a column on the right side of the screen. The third chevron moves from the diagram of the Gate to the third spot in the column.

SGT.DAVIS: Chevron three, encoded!

In the control room itself as SGT.DAVIS and the other technicians continue dialing out. Someone comes to stand beside him, and SGT.DAVIS turns with mild surprise to see that it is HAMMOND, back to normal and buttoning his jacket.

SGT.DAVIS: Chevron four, encoded.

In the Gate room. Tranquilizer guns are being passed out to the teams waiting there by FRAISER and another officer.

FRAISER: The guns are loaded with tranquilizer darts filled with chloropheniramine. Now a direct hit on a Touched man or woman should knock them out long enough in order to starve the disease.

SGT.DAVIS: (over intercom) Chevron five, encoded!

FRAISER: (smiles tightly) Good luck.

She turns and heads out the bay doors.

O'NEILL: Thanks, Doc.

CARTER: Are we going to try to tranq all of the Touched?

SGT.DAVIS: (over intercom) Chevron six, encoded!

O'NEILL: Just the ones that get in the way of us finding DANIEL. We'll leave the rest for the Untouched.

CARTER: You think he's still alive?

SGT.DAVIS: (over intercom) Chevron seven, locked!

The Stargate wormhole activates offscreen, and O'NEILL turns to see the open wormhole.

O'NEILL: Let's find out.

He starts up the ramp, with CARTER and TEAL'C following.

We see a traveler's-eye view of transit through the Stargate. Cut to the dark side of P3X-797, as the SG teams approach the campsite where DANIEL has been taken. By this time, DANIEL has clearly been affected, and is sitting by the campfire with MELOCIA, tearing at some large bones.

CARTER: Guess the antihistamine wore off.

O'NEILL signals to the others, and they raise their weapons, moving into position. Hearing the click of the tranquilizer darts, some of the Touched move towards them, but are felled by the tranq darts easily. With a clear path to DANIEL, CARTER, O'NEILL, and some other soldiers climb over the small rise they were crouched behind and approach the campfire where MELOCIA and DANIEL are sitting. DANIEL drops the bone and crouches, ready to spring, growling, as the SG teams surround them.

O'NEILL: DANIEL, you dog. Keep this up, you'll have a girl on every planet.

CARTER: Just let me give him an injection.

She retrieves a syringe from her vest and slowly approaches DANIEL with it in her hand. After a few steps, DANIEL and MELOCIA growl and pounce, but are stopped in mid-leap by the tranquilizer darts from the other soldiers' guns. As the tranquilizer hits their systems, they stumble backwards and slump to the ground, senseless.

On the light side of the planet. We cut to the temple steps as SG-1 and two other soldiers come up to the entrance. Cut to the interior as they enter, with O'NEILL and CARTER leading, TEAL'C carrying DANIEL over his shoulders, and the two other soldiers bringing up the rear. A shocked TUPLO and LEEDORA meet them at the bottom of the steps.

TUPLO: What are you doing?

LEEDORA: You must not bring the Touched among us!

O'NEILL: Just hear us out, please?

CARTER: We found a cure. And we can bring back MELOCIA.

TEAL'C: (to LEEDORA) And your father.

TUPLO and LEEDORA exchange glances.

TUPLO: Put him in the isolation circle. We will hear you.

TEAL'C obeys, carrying DANIEL past the table towards the platform that MELOCIA was placed on earlier. The guards cross their spears in front of him, blocking his path.

TUPLO: Let him pass. The guards back off, and TEAL'C climbs up to the platform and gently lays DANIEL down there on the cushions. The camera closes in on DANIEL's face as he lies there, his eyes rolled back in his head.

Dissolve to the main meeting table, a short while later. CARTER and O'NEILL are again kneeling at one side with a soldier standing behind them, while LEEDORA and two others of the Untouched are kneeling on the other side. TUPLO is on his feet, pacing.

TUPLO: If you are not gods, how did you destroy the curse?

O'NEILL: As we've been saying, TUPLO, it's not a curse. It's a disease.

CARTER: A sickness.

DANIEL: (weakly) Jack!

Hearing that, CARTER and O'NEILL get to their feet.

O'NEILL: There's our boy.

The camera follows their gaze over to the isolation circle, where TEAL'C is still keeping watch over DANIEL. Dazed, DANIEL sits up, a bit confused but back to his old self.

DANIEL: Where are we?

TEAL'C: The light side of P3X-797.

He retrieves DANIEL's glasses from his vest pocket and hands them to him.

DANIEL: I thought we were going to give it a better name. (takes the glasses)

O'NEILL: (smiles) He's back. He's normal.

LEEDORA: Explain.

CARTER: We know how to ... lift the curse.

TUPLO: Huh! If you are not gods ...

O'NEILL: Come out there with us. We'll show you.

At the edge of the woods, at the boundary between the light and the dark sides of P3X-797. TUPLO, LEEDORA, and the SG teams approach the boundary, stopping as they see figures emerging from the woods. But the approaching humans are not behaving like animals; they are walking perfectly upright, shading their eyes against the brightness of the sun. LEEDORA moves to the front of the group, recognizing an old man coming out of the trees.

LEEDORA: Father!

She runs to embrace him, crying happily as the old man enfolds her in his arms.

OLD MAN: (overwhelmed) Oh, oh ...

Seeing MELOCIA in the group, TUPLO smiles and hurries to embrace his daughter as well. Breaking off the embrace, he guides MELOCIA over to where SG-1 is standing and kneels down in front of O'NEILL.

TUPLO: You have done it, my lord. Thank you.

O'NEILL: (helping him stand) We'll teach you how to take care of the rest.

He pats TUPLO on the shoulder and turns away, heading towards the light side. CARTER turns and follows him.

CARTER: Uh, sir?

O'NEILL: Yeah?

CARTER: (uncomfortably) About my earlier behavior ... I wasn't myself, and–

O'NEILL: Oh, CARTER, I don't even *remember* your earlier behavior.

CARTER: You don't?

O'NEILL: No, I was infected too, remember?

CARTER: (relieved) Right! Good, I'm – I'm glad.

O'NEILL: By the way, how's the wound?

CARTER: Wound?

O'NEILL: I understand you got stabbed in the stomach?

CARTER: Oh, yeah, that – that was nothing. With any luck, there won't even be a scar.

O'NEILL: Well, good. I was concerned.

CARTER: You were?

O'NEILL: Sure. (smiles) If it doesn't heal properly, you'll never wear that sweet little tank top number again.

She stops in her tracks at that, and he keeps on walking. CARTER stands there for a second, looking embarrased. Then she smiles, shakes her head,and follows him off.