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When Earth's attempts to exploit a newly-discovered naquadah mine are thwarted by a tribe of indigenous Unas, SG-1 must turn to an old friend for help.

DVD DISC: Season 7, Disc 2
WRITTEN BY: Peter DeLuise
DIRECTED BY: Peter DeLuise
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Transcript by Sarae
Edited by Deanna Moll-Landry

Scene: Alien Planet - Outdoors

Members of an S.G.C. Mining unit have a camp established and are extracting samples. Colonel Edwards is looking at a map and drinking from a cup when one of his men walks up to a table behind him.

EDWARDS: "God ... three months on this rock and I still can't get a decent cup of coffee."

LORNE: "Core sample analysis still coming in, but so far ... highest concentration is 2.3 parts per million."

EDWARDS: "2.3 parts ..." (the major nods his head) "Major Lorne, we need enough naquadah to manufacture 303s. You know how big a battle cruiser is?"

LORNE: "It's pretty big, sir."

EDWARDS: "Hmm ... if we start mining these deposits right now, today, your great-grandchildren are still gonna be trying to pull out enough ore just to make one."

Just then, another man walks up, excited, carrying a printout.

MENARD: "Colonel Edwards?" (he salutes)

EDWARDS: "Menard ..." (he acknowledges by lifting his cup)

MENARD: "You're gonna want to see this, sir. Latest sample analysis shows a concentration fifty times higher than anything we've seen so far ... and-and it's increasing as we go deeper. This could be the one, sir."

EDWARDS: (taking the printout and looking it over) "Yeah. If this pans out, your great-grandchildren might just be off the hook." (he's looking at Lorne)

LORNE: "Yes, sir."

Edwards smiles.

The scene changes to another outdoor location on the planet. We see another S.G.C. member out surveying. His equipment is set up and he is taking notes using a clipboard. Then we see him through a green filter (through the eyes of the Unas) and hear snarling sounds. He peers through his surveying scope (sorry, don't know the proper terminology for this equipment). Then he pulls his head back and looks around as he hears twigs snapping. We see him through the green filter again and hear the snarling sounds again. He looks back into the scope and we see, through the eyes of the Unas as the Unas closes the distance and startles the surveyor. The surveyor is knocked onto his back as he screams. Then we see the surveyor being drug away by his foot. He is clawing at the ground trying to stop himself. We hear the surveyor screaming as he is drug away and the scene fades out.

Scene: Alien Planet - Mining Camp

SG-1 has been summoned to the camp. Menard comes running up to Edwards, who is speaking to Jack. Menard salutes.

MENARD: "Colonel Edwards?" (He hands Edwards a piece of paper and scurries away.)

EDWARDS: "I'm glad you're here, Jack. We're not trained for search and rescue. And Ritter's been missing now for three hours."

O'NEILL: "I assume he's got a compass and a radio?"

LORNE: "The planet has peculiar electromagnetic properties which make a compass useless and severely limit the range of our radios."

EDWARDS: "He's a good man and we need him back. Especially now, we think we may have discovered a significant deposit of naquadah."

TEAL'C: "How significant?"

LORNE: "Well, we won't know that until we complete our analysis."

EDWARDS: "The Pentagon wants battle cruisers and F-302s. We find the rocks."

O'NEILL: "And we find the rock ... finders."

EDWARDS: "There you have it. Uhm ... Major Lorne will show you where Ritter was last seen ..."

LORNE: "Yes, sir. If you'll follow me ..."

Lorne leads Jack, Daniel and Teal'c past a line of crates that are covered with a tarp.

JACKSON: (stopping as he notices something sticking out of the tarp) "What's this?"

He pulls back the tarp. Lorne stops his progress and walks back to stand beside Daniel.

JACKSON: "Artifacts?" (Daniel turns to look at Lorne.)

LORNE: "Yes."

JACKSON: "You found all this and you-you didn't contact me?"

LORNE: "We were going to ..."

JACKSON: "They've been moved."

LORNE: "Well, they were in the way."

In the mean time, Jack has walked back to stand behind Lorne. Jack steps forward and puts a hand on Daniel's shoulder.

O'NEILL: "Daniel ... go to your happy place."

Jack pats Daniel's shoulder than turns to give Lorne a look of warning.

O'NEILL: "Go."

Lorne turns and begins leading the way again.

Later we see Loren looking through Ritter's surveying scope.

LORNE: "Lt. Ritter was recording elevations and mapping the surrounding. When he didn't' show up for chow, we got worried and went out looking for him, sir. Uh ... sent up a couple of flares ... hoped he'd see 'em, get his bearings ..."

O'NEILL: "Is it normal for guys to wander away from camp?"

LORNE: "Well, he might have been placing markers ... you know, multiple sightings, some up to half a mile ... you get turned around."

Teal'c emerges from the tree line surround the survey spot.

O'NEILL: "Teal'c?"

TEAL'C: "The ground is extremely firm, O'Neill."

O'NEILL: "No tracks?"

TEAL'C: "Not in the immediate area. However, there is considerable damage to the underbrush moving off in several different directions."

Then over the radio, we hear Daniel.

JACKSON: "Jack, come in."

O'NEILL: (into his radio) "Yeah. Go ahead."

JACKSON: (static)"I've got ... something ... see" (the transmission is garbled)

O'NEILL: "I'm not reading you ... say again."

JACKSON: "I said, I've got something here you need to see."

O'NEILL: "All right. On my way." (then to the others) "You guys keep looking. I'll be back."

Teal'c bows his head in acceptance of the command.

Back at the camp, Jack walks up to the crate of artifacts that Daniel has been sifting through.

O'NEILL: "Whadda ya got?"

JACKSON: "Well, most of the mining equipment could be several hundred years old. Hard to date it 'til I get back to the S.G.C.." (he holds up a pain stick) "Remember these?"

O'NEILL: "Ever so fondly."

Daniel touches it to the crate and a charge is emitted.

JACKSON: "Still has power ..."

O'NEILL: "Just keeps going and going ..."

JACKSON: "I want to show you the truly fascinating part." (he puts his hands on a yoke) "It's a yoke ... capable of supporting or pulling great weight ... evenly distributes the weight across the shoulders ... and predates the harness on Earth."

O'NEILL: "Fascinating ... truly."

JACKSON: "Well, I was getting to the truly fascinating part. It's ... it's too big, too heavy."

O'NEILL: "Meaning?"

JACKSON: "Meaning it wasn't made for a human being."

O'NEILL: "Who was it made for?"

JACKSON: "Well, it's too small for a four-legged animal. If I had to make a guess, based on what I know about the Goa'uld, I'd say it was made for an Unas."

O'NEILL: (grunting) "Oh."

JACKSON: "Now, we know the Goa'uld used the Unas as slaves long before humans. They're predominately cave dwellers, incredibly strong and capable of working in harsh environments ... perfect labor for this kind of mining."

O'NEILL: "This day just gets better and better." (then into his radio) "Teal'c, come in."

TEAL'C: (into his radio) "Proceed O'Neill."

O'NEILL: (over the radio) "Find anything?"

TEAL'C: "We have not."

O'NEILL: "Well, heads up. Daniel just found evidence and Unas might have been in the area."

TEAL'C: "Acknowledged."

Later, Daniel is coming out of the mine entrance with Edwards.

EDWARDS: "Okay, let me get this straight. You want me to delay this operation because you found some shoulder harness ..."

JACKSON: "Yoke, actually ..."

EDWARDS: "... that could be could be a hundred years old, built for a creature that probably disappeared or died off a long time ago."

They have reached a table that Jack is already standing in front of.

JACKSON: "It's not uncommon for Goa'uld to leave their slaves behind once they've lost interest in a planet."

EDWARDS: "We've been here for three months. We haven't seen or heard anything like what you describe."

JACKSON: "Maybe that's the way they want it."

EDWARDS: "Look. Doctor, I've got the Pentagon breathing down my neck, I've gotta show some results ..."

JACKSON: (interrupting) "Colonel, you don't understand ... Unas are territorial, and when provoked, they can be extremely dangerous."

EDWARDS: (to Jack) "Is he always like this?"

O'NEILL: "Yeah, pretty much ..."

EDWARDS: "If these things really are here, do you think they had anything to do with, uh, Ritter gone missing?"

JACKSON: "Yes, I do."

EDWARDS: "Well, I'm not closing down this operation, that's for damn sure. But I do think we should bring in some extra troops ... help secure the area."

The scene switches to Teal'c and those accompanying him. He has discovered something. It is a clearing with several "scarecrow" type structures that appear to be made of various Jaffa weapons, uniforms and sticks. Teal'c moves to a rock and picks up a necklace of bones similar to the one Chaka wore.

LORNE: "What is it?"

TEAL'C: "The Unas wear these to prevent the Goa'uld from burrowing into their necks."

We see Teal'c's party through the green vision of the Unas. Then we see an Unas, peeking through a tree branch. This Unas' right eye appears to have been injured as it is barely open. Next we see Teal'c group looking over the "scarecrows" more thoroughly.

TEAL'C: "I believe these figures are intended as a warning to stay away."

Lorne walks further ahead on the trail of "scarecrows" and looks at another. Then he turns to look behind him, opposite the latest "scarecrow" he has viewed and sees one with Ritter hanging on it. Teal'c joins him as he fights to keep his stomach contents where they belong.

TEAL'C: "Lt. Ritter ..."

Lorne loses the battle and turns away to hurl.

Scene: Alien Planet - Mining Camp

We see a body bag, on a stretcher, being zipped up and carried away.

EDWARDS: (addressing his men) "All right! I want extra ammo for everyone. Keep your eyes open and stay in radio contact."

JACKSON: "What are you intending to do?"

EDWARDS: "These things killed one of my men and strung him up like a scarecrow. What the hell do you think I intend to do?"

JACKSON: "Well, you may have, unknowingly, provoked them."

EDWARDS: "We didn't even know they were here. How the hell could we have provoked them?"

JACKSON: (turning and pointing to an aerial picture of the area) "If this mine extends as far as your estimates say, then this other entrance would be well within the tunnel network. It's an alternate entrance to the same mine. Now, it has to be something about this area ... this mine. They don't want us here."

EDWARDS: "The feelings mutual."

JACKSON: "Jack?"

O'NEILL: (to Edwards) "Look, I know he can be a little ... but he's usually right about this stuff."

EDWARDS: "My orders are to determine the potential of this sight as a mining operation. Until those orders are rescinded, I'm going to do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of my people. So, are you going to help me secure this area, or not?"

Later, we see Jack and Daniel (along with others) walking through the woods again.

JACKSON: "This is a mistake ..."

O'NEILL: "It's his command, Daniel."

JACKSON: "He's never encountered the Unas before. He doesn't know what he's dealing with ..."

Suddenly, gunfire and shouting is heard ahead of them. They both start to run to the sound. We see SCG personnel firing their weapons at something. Then we hear roaring and see Unas attacking those who are shooting. We see Unas get shot and drop. We see humans get thrown around like rag dolls. One of the Unas is wearing a Jaffa uniform. He comes out from behind a tree and takes O'Neill down. Jack turns as he hits the ground and aims his weapon at the Unas. The Unas roars at him. Daniel is not far behind, aiming his pistol at the Unas.

JACKSON: "Ka kecka!"

The Unas stops and turns to look at Daniel.

JACKSON: "Ka kecka!"

The Unas looks back at Jack and then at Daniel again.

IRON SHIRT UNAS: "Ska nat? Ka ko kecka!"

He looks back at Jack again then yells at those who have accompanied him.

IRON SHIRT UNAS: "Benna! Benna ka cha! Benna ka cha!"

The other Unas respond and stop attacking. They begin dragging off their dead and wounded. Jack grimaces as he grabs at the shoulder he landed on. Daniel moves toward him. We see Unas dragging others away and the camera pans to show a bone necklace left at the base of a tree. Teal'c, Edwards, Lorne and another begin running to O'Neill's location.

O'NEILL: (motioning to Teal'c) "Help him. Help him."

Teal'c continues on to help Menard, who was injured just before Jack. Jack rolls himself over and with some effort, pulls himself up. His jacket is ripped at the shoulder. We see Daniel and Teal'c with Menard. Edwards catches up to Jack.

EDWARDS: "My men'll take care of the rest of the wounded. They're on the run. Let's take 'em now."

Suddenly, there is a loud roaring or wailing heard in the distance.

EDWARDS: (unsettled) "What's that? What are they doing now?"

JACKSON: "They're mourning their dead."

EDWARDS: "This may be our best chance. Come on, we're not just gonna let 'em get away, are we?"

O'NEILL: (still holding his shoulder) "We're not gonna pursue an enemy into unknown terrain."

EDWARDS: "Jack, you make it sound like they're capable of tactics."

JACKSON: "We've had dealing with them before. They're far more intelligent than you think."

EDWARDS: "I don't care! They attacked us!"

O'NEILL: "Edwards! We're not goin' in."

EDWARDS: (pointing at Jack) "This is my command! You are here at my request!"

JACKSON: "You're in charge of a mining operation."

O'NEILL: "Your standing orders no longer apply! Now, let's take it back to S.G.C. and we'll figure it out there."

EDWARDS: "Fine."

Scene: S.G.C. - Infirmary

Jack is in hospital jimmies and his arm is in a sling. Someone is fiddling with the sling.

O'NEILL: "Ow! God! Get away ..." (he pushes the hand away)

Sam walks in as the owner of the hand moves off. We see Sam stepping out from behind Daniel, who was already there.

CARTER: "How's the arm?"

O'NEILL: "Good. How's the science project?"

CARTER: "You mean my complete overhaul of the gate diagnostic system?"

O'NEILL: "I guess that's what I mean ..."

CARTER: "It's going well, sir. Thank you for asking."

JACKSON: "Uh, if we go back to this planet, you're not coming with us, are you?"

O'NEILL: (looks down at the sling and then back to Daniel) "It's doubtful."

JACKSON: "Yeah ... that's too bad. I was kinda hoping you'd take command of the mission. Colonel Edwards has no experience dealing with the Unas."

O'NEILL: "Nor you ... He's an okay guy, Daniel. He's just under a lot of pressure."

JACKSON: "Yeah, yeah. I ... I guess I just spent a lot of time breaking you in, I just didn't want to have to start with a new colonel."

O'NEILL: "It'll be fine."

Daniel nods, Sam grins and Daniel walks away. Then just as he's heading out the door ...

O'NEILL: "Just ... try not to be so ... ."

JACKSON: "What?"

O'NEILL: "Oh, you know ..."

Jack lies back on the bed, slowly. He groans a little.

Scene: S.G.C. - Briefing Room

Hammond, Vidrine, Edwards and others are looking at the aerial pictures (spread out on the table) from the planet Edwards just left. Hammond or Vidrine throws a folder on the picture.

HAMMOND: "Colonel, General Vidrine is down from the Pentagon. He's been put in charge of BC-303 production."

VIDRINE: "We've read your report, colonel, and we agree that the evacuation was warranted. Unfortunately, however, with the Prometheus stranded halfway across the galaxy, Earth is currently vulnerable to orbital attack. Now, if someone can show me another way to acquire naquadah, or can make a battle cruiser without it, I'm listening. Otherwise we've got to go back to P3X-403."

EDWARDS: "With enough men and enough fire power, I can take care of your problem, sir."

HAMMOND: "Well, that's one way to address the situation. But we've dealt with these creatures before and I can guarantee you it isn't going to be as easy as you think it is."

VIDRINE: "Well, be that as it may, the Pentagon's position is quite clear on this. Colonel Edwards will return to the planet and begin mining operations immediately. SG personnel will provide security on a continuing basis. Now, if this leads to hostilities ..."

Daniel has snuck up to stand in the doorway of the Briefing Room.

JACKSON: "It will."

VIDRINE: "Dr. Jackson ... I don't believe you were invited to this meeting ..."

JACKSON: "Yes, General, I know. I'm sorry, but please ... hear me out. I think the situation can be resolved peacefully."

Daniel walks into the room and stands next to Edwards, facing Vidrine and Hammond.


JACKSON: "Well, we've been on this planet a long time looking for the best mine site. It wasn't until we encroached on this one particular region that the Unas attacked. I mean, can't we just mine somewhere else ... away from this ... this one area?"

EDWARDS: "All the other mine sites we've surveyed have been void of significant deposits. This is the only site we've found, thus far, that might satisfy production quotas."

JACKSON: "And if this leads to another dead end?"

VIDRINE: "Then we won't have a problem. But I'm not going to walk away from this until I know for sure."

JACKSON: Well, then, can we at least try to negotiate with them?"

EDWARDS: "They're animals, sir."

JACKSON: "They are not animals. They are intelligent beings with a sense of honor and if you underestimate them more will die on both sides."

VIDRINE: "Who would negotiate on our behalf? You?"

JACKSON: "I can speak their language with a limited vocabulary and I have a-a rudimentary understanding of their ways, but ... this has gone too far for me to handle myself."

VIDRINE: "What are you proposing, Doctor?"

JACKSON: "I suggest we use Chaka as a liason."

VIDRINE: "Chaka?"

JACKSON: "He's an Unas we met on a different planet ... Now, I've had periodic contact with him. He's made impressive progress in his understanding of us. Look, we've interacted with these beings before and lived. Chaka, himself, saved my life. This is their planet. We're the invaders. We don't have to provoke them. We don't have to kill them."

VIDRINE: "Well, I'm sure no one wants that, Dr. Jackson."

JACKSON: "Yes, I'm sure."

HAMMOND: "If the negotiations are resolved in the time allotted to determine the viability of the mine, you're giving up nothing by letting him try."

VIDRINE: "All right. You may proceed."

HAMMOND: "Dr. Jackson ... you'll contact Chaka and return him here without delay."

VIDRINE: (as Daniel is nodding) "One more thing ... so that there's no confusion ... if negotiations fail and it comes down to us or them ... I choose us. The use of deadly force is authorized."

Edwards nods ... and then Daniel nods.

Scene: S.G.C. - Control Room

DAVIS: "ICD received, sir. Dr. Jackson plus one."

HAMMOND: "Open the iris."

The iris opens and Daniel steps through. He turns and waits for Chaka to follow. Chaka is dressed in a fairly formal outfit. Hammond, Vidrine, Edwards and a host of armed soldiers are at the end of the ramp waiting for them.

HAMMOND: (turning to the soldiers) "Stand down."

JACKSON: (explaining as Chaka looks around, warily) "Chaka's never been in a structure like this before."

VIDRINE: "Uhm ...

Chaka whirls and snarls.

CHAKA: "A cha' aka."

JACKSON: "Uh ... a cha'aka ... is a greeting. In this case, he's, uh, he's saying 'hello'."

CHAKA: "ell ... o"

EDWARDS: "Pfft." (Scoffs)

CHAKA: "Pfft." (mimics him)

JACKSON: "Uhm ... I've had a chance to talk with Chaka. Over the past year he's managed to accomplish some remarkable things. On the planet where Chaka now lives, humans used Unas as domesticated slaves. But Chaka led an uprising and ..."

EDWARDS: "An uprising? You neglected to mention this before. How many people were killed in this uprising?"

JACKSON: "That's not the point. Chaka brokered a truce and over time established a fragile, yet successful peace between the humans and the Unas who were formerly their slaves. Now, if he could manage to do this, I know he could act as a peaceful liaison between ourselves and the Unas of P3X-403."

HAMMOND: "Does he even want to help us?"

JACKSON: "I've informed him of what we need to do ... He's eager to meet Unas of other worlds." (then to Chaka) "Tar ma ... kan ko?"

CHAKA: (grunts) "huh?" (He walks forward a little.) "'Uman 'elp Chaka ... Chaka 'elp 'uman."

Scene: Back on P3X-403

The camp is in ruins. Many objects have been burned and are still on fire.

LORNE: "Looks like the Unas had a little party while we were gone."

EDWARDS: "You're right, Dr. Jackson. They're much more advanced than what I thought. They have command of fire. Major Lorne, as soon as this place is cleaned up, I want you to get a resonance scan analysis of the lower mine shafts."

LORNE: "Yes, sir."

EDWARDS: (turning to Daniel) "Exactly how do you intend to find these Unas, Doctor?"

JACKSON: "I think Chaka will lead us to them."

Edwards looks at Chaka who is several yards in front of them. Almost as though he can feel Edwards looking at him, Chaka turns to look back at Edwards. Chaka doesn't like what he sees and he "barks" at Edwards. When that has no effect, Chaka starts growling and looking at Edwards from under his brow as he advances slowly toward Edwards.

JACKSON: "Chaka ..."

Chaka stops, but continues to stare. Daniel steps in between the two and faces Edwards.

JACKSON: "Colonel, he knows you don't like him. If you keep staring at him like that, he's going to take it as a challenge." (then he turns to Chaka) "Chaka, ka kreeka."

Chaka looks at Daniel and Daniel nods. Chaka growls, but turns away.

EDWARDS: "Just keep him away from me. Hanson! Penhall! You're with them. The rest of you people! I want this perimeter secured ... anti-personnel and overlapping fields of fire! Move it!"

JACKSON: (walking over to talk to Teal'c) "He's getting ready for a war."

TEAL'C: "He has a responsibility to protect this camp."

JACKSON: "Yeah, or he's looking for revenge for Lt. Ritter."

Later, in the forest at the "scarecrow" site, we see Chaka's reaction to it. He, Teal'c, Daniel and the others move into the area. Chaka looks over one of the "scarecrows". Then he turns to the group.

CHAKA: "'Uman ... tatack?"

JACKSON: "Ka ... no. We're not going to attack."

CHAKA: "Tonok shesh. 'Uman tatack."

JACKSON: "He says that our weapons and the size of our group are ... alarming, create fear. It seems like we intend to attack."

CHAKA: "Ka, Dan'el. Chaka ka cha."

JACKSON: "He wants me to go with him alone."

CHAKA: "Ka keka."

JACKSON: "Unarmed."

TEAL'C: (as Daniel starts to take off his weapons) "You will be completely helpless."

JACKSON: (handing his pistol to Teal'c) "I'll be all right."

TEAL'C: "This is unwise, Daniel Jackson."

JACKSON: "Look, we can't make contact with them if they think we're going to attack."

TEAL'C: "Are you certain?"

JACKSON: "Yeah ... yeah, I'm, uh, I'm certain."

Teal'c takes the pistol and Daniel nods to Chaka. Chaka turns and Daniel follows his lead. Teal'c and the other two stay behind. Further down the "scarecrow" path, Daniel and Chaka come to a larger clearing. There is a ring of stones on the ground in front of a kind of alter. The alter is made of Jaffa and Goa'uld things as well. Chaka bends down to the stone ring as Daniel looks over the alter.

JACKSON: "Staff weapons, torture sticks, manacles ... symbols of pain and death." (Then he notices Chaka at the stone ring and bends down to show him his lighter.) "Chaka ... here. I got a new toy."

Daniel bends down to light some sticks in the stone ring on fire.

CHAKA: "Aka."

JACKSON: "You're welcome." (Daniel puts the lighter back in his vest.)

CHAKA: (chanting) "A cha' aka, a cha' aka, a cha' aka ..."

JACKSON: "'Come sit by my fire' ... Unas diplomacy."

CHAKA: (continues chanting) "A cha' aka, a cha' aka, a cha' aka ..."

JACKSON: (Clears his throat) "Chaka? How long is this ... uhm ..."

Chaka stops chanting and looks at him. Chaka appears a bit annoyed.

JACKSON: "Kel nok ... ma kan ska nat?"

CHAKA: "Nok." (points had skyward)


CHAKA: "Ka nok." (pivots arm at elbow to a 45 degree angle)

JACKSON: "Later?"

CHAKA: (begins chanting again) "A cha' aka, a cha' aka, a cha' aka ..."

JACKSON: "It will take as long as it takes ... okay."

Later, we see that the sun has gone down, but Daniel and Chaka are still sitting around the fire. Well, Daniel is reclined back on to his elbow, looking rather bored, throwing little bits of something into the fire. Chaka is still chanting ...

CHAKA: (chanting) "A cha' aka, a cha' aka, a cha' aka ..."

Then we see them through the green filter (eyes of the Unas) and hear a snarl. Chaka, who senses the presence of another Unas, stops chanting. He looks in the direction of the other Unas and growls. The other Unas (the one who put Jack on the injured list) steps forward, snarling a greeting. Daniel mostly freezes, dropping what next bit he was intending for the fire.

JACKSON: "Helloooo ..."

Then we see that Iron Shirt is not alone. Several Unas descend on the fire that Chaka and Daniel started. Chaka and Daniel stand, slowly. Iron Shirt moves forward at a quicker pace, making angry snarls and head bobs. The other Unas begin making snarls and barks, but stand their ground.

JACKSON: "I hope you know what you're doing ..."

Chaka makes a move toward the ground to kneel. Daniel follows.

JACKSON: "Down ... good idea."

The snarling and barking stop. Iron Shirt regards them with wider eyes. Chaka looks up slightly and then bows his head again with a sharp exhale. Iron Shirt moves closer to them. He stops on the side of Chaka opposite Daniel and exhale sharply a couple of times. Chaka takes out the knife sheathed at his chest and lays in on a rock near the fire. Iron Shirt picks up the knife and shows it to the others. He places the knife in his belt at his waist. Then he takes of one of his wrist bands places it on the same rock Chaka had used.

JACKSON: (watching the action) "Trade ..."

Chaka, looks at Daniel, then picks up the wrist band. The other Unas start to chant, but Iron Shirt waves them off with a a few growls. They all sit.


CHAKA: "A cha' aka. Te Chaka."


JACKSON: "Uhm, a cha' aka. Te ... Daniel."

IRON SHIRT: "Dan'el ..."

JACKSON: "Dan'el's fine."

IRON SHIRT: "Te Kor Asek Zo ... huh!"

JACKSON: "Kor is iron ... Asek ..." CHAKA gestures toward his arm and torso.

JACKSON: "Shirt? Iron Shirt, the alpha male ..."

IRON SHIRT: "Kel ko tar?"

CHAKA: "Tar 'uman." (then referring to Daniel) "'Uman ... ka ne."

IRON SHIRT: "Kel ko kecka?"

JACKSON: "Uh, yes ... we brought death, but, but ... we wanna be ... friends. Uh, to preserve life, ska nat."

CHAKA: "Ska nat. Unas, Kor Asek, a Chaka, a 'Uman. Ska nat te."

JACKSON: "That's right. We work this out ... we-we all win."

Iron Shirt snarls a little toward those who accompanied him. They snarl back.

IRON SHIRT: "Cho' ee' che, Chaka."

Chaka shifts to a sitting position.

IRON SHIRT: "Dan'el."

Daniel shifts to sit too. Chaka looks at Daniel and gestures for Daniel to invite Iron Shirt to sit.

JACKSON: "Cho' ee' che, Kor Asek."

Iron Shirt lowers himself onto his haunches, snarling as he does.

JACKSON: (quietly, to himself) "Okay, all right. Now we're talking', huh?"

Scene: P3X-403 - Mining Camp, Day

We see the mining crew continuing to do their jobs. Daniel and Chaka returns to the camp. He approached Teal'c and Lorne.

LORNE: "Dr. Jackson ... how'd it go?"

JACKSON: "Well, I figured out why they attacked us. It's this mine ... it's sacred to them." (He blows right between Teal'c and Lorne. Lorne follows him as he continues to walk. Teal'c and Chaka exchange a respectful head nod moment behind them before Chaka continues to follow Daniel.) " Most of their ancestors were worked to death by the Goa'uld while they were mining it." (*He says something I can't make out and that isn't on the CC. Something like "stars" or "scars"? It didn't make any sense to me ... sorry.*) "It's a wonder they didn't attack us the minute we set foot on this planet."

LORNE: "Doctor, look ..."

JACKSON: "Now I told them I'd speak to my superiors on their behalf. Sacred burial grounds are protected on Earth from industrial development. I think the same rule should apply here. We have to leave."

LORNE: "We got the results of the resonance scan. The deposit is over 300 meters in length and almost completely solid."

He shows Daniel the image on a computer screen. The camera pans up to show Edwards walking up behind the lap top.

EDWARDS: "53,000 metric tons ... we're not going anywhere."

Scene: S.G.C. - Control Room

Hammond and Vidrine are listening to a broadcast from PX3-403.

JACKSON: "My meeting with the Unas went well, sir. Uh, they're reluctant to trust us, but I did manage to open up a line of communication."

VIDRINE: "How many of them are there?"

JACKSON: "I only saw a medium-sized clan. I can't be sure ... why?"

VIDRINE: "We need to know if we're going to relocate them."

JACKSON: "They'll never accept relocation, sir. They won't understand it."

VIDRINE: "Then it's your job to make them understand. If you don't, we'll have to go in there with tranquilizers and capture them."

JACKSON: "They're not animals ... Look, I'm pretty sure Chaka and I can accomplish something. Just ... let me go talk to them again."

HAMMOND: "You have 24 hours to convince the Unas to come peacefully, or they'll be forcibly removed."

Daniel shakes his head and switches off the camera.

Later, we see Iron Shirt, Chaka and him at the fire pit and alter again. It is still daytime.

IRON SHIRT: "'Uman ko kecka onoc. Unas ko kecka onoc."

JACKSON: "That's right, that's right. We should not be fighting with each other. The -- the Goa'uld are a common enemy."

CHAKA: "Ka nay."

JACKSON: "Ka nay ... friend, uh, clan member." Daniel gestures by clasping his hands together.

IRON SHIRT: "'Uman ka nay." He mimics Daniel's gesture.

Chaka nods.

JACKSON: "That's right. That's right. So ..." (Daniel opens a pocket on his vest and pulls out a meal bar.) "We're going to give you ... food ..." (He takes a small bite out of the bar.) "'Uman ko non Unas." (He hands the bar to Chaka, who passes it to Iron Shirt. Iron shirt sniffs it. Chaka nods. Iron Shirt tastes the bar. Iron Shirt growls in pleasure.) "And in exchange ... we need this." (He holds up a naquadah rock.)


JACKSON: "Kada ... yes, we need kada to make war with the Goa'uld."

CHAKA: "'Uman ko kada. Tonok tok onoc."


JACKSON: "How? Well, we make, uh ... ships out of it." (Both Chaka and Iron Shirt look at him, not understanding.) "Uhm ..." (He moves his hand around like a ship flying and adds the whining sound of the engines. Both Unas grunt at him because they still don't understand.) "Right ... why would either of you know what a ship was?" (He looks around and gets up to go to the alter.) "Uh ... this." (He picks up a staff weapon.) "You know what this is."

IRON SHIRT: "Kekata."

JACKSON: "Kekata ... yes. Uh, we can make kekata with this. Kada." (He taps the rock on the staff weapon.) "Now, with many kekata ..." (He gestures at the collection on the alter.) "We can bring death to the Goa'uld. The Onac." (He knocks on one of the Jaffa helmets.)

IRON SHIRT: "Ka kecka onac?"

JACKSON: "That's right."

Iron Shirt ponders the idea. Meanwhile, in the forest around the mining camp, soldiers are patrolling, keeping the perimeter secure. One soldier hears a twig snap. He speaks into his headset.


The soldier all stand still, weapons raised, wary.

Back at the "summit" of the Unas ...

JACKSON: "'Uman a Unas ma kan nok."


JACKSON: "Why? Because if we don't come to some sort of agreement ... 'Uman zo ... relocate you. Uh ..." (He wiggles his fingers like feet walking and moves his hand from one place to another.) "Relocate." (Then he turns to Chaka) "Ta 'relocate'?"

CHAKA: "Shesh."

JACKSON: "Uh ..."

Daniel picks up some wood and shows it to Chaka in one place, on the left side of his body. Then he moves the wood to a place on the right side of his body and drops it.

CHAKA: "Ka ko ka cha."

JACKSON: "Ko ka cha. 'Uman ko ka cha Unas ka no na ... away from your home."

IRON SHIRT: "Ko ka cha Unas ka no na?" (Daniel nods.) "Tok!"

JACKSON: "No, no, no. Defiance will only lead to Unas bloodshed. Ka tok. Uhm ... 'Uman ko keka te. Keka Unas."

IRON SHIRT: "'Uman ka ko keka te Unas. Unas ko keka te 'Uman."

JACKSON: "No, you won't give us death. You can't win."

IRON SHIRT: "A Unas naya tok!"

JACKSON: "All the tribes will fight ... How many? Uh, kel ka naya?"

IRON SHIRT: "Soseka."

JACKSON: "No. That ... that's impossible."

Chaka gives Daniel an angry look. Daniel reaches for his radio.

JACKSON: (into his radio) "Teal'c, come in. Teal'c, this is Daniel. Do you read me? Over." (There is only static on the radio.) "Dammit. Um ... uh, uh ... uh, just wait here. Lota. Lota. Lota. Lota."

The Unas rise as Daniel gets up and walks quickly away. Chaka follows him and Irons Shirt snarls.

Back in the woods, the soldier who told them all to halt motions for them to be looking ahead. He takes up a defensive kneel behind a stump. We see Daniel and Chaka moving down the "scarecrow" path. Back in the forest, we see the soldier scanning the horizon. Then we see an Unas looking through trees. Next we see the soldier through the Unas' green vision. Then we see his bone necklace at the base of the tree between he and the soldier. The Unas decides to come forward to retrieve his necklace. The soldier sees the Unas approaching and opens fire. He nails the Unas in the chest and abdomen. The Unas falls.

Daniel and Chaka hear the gun shots and stop for a second to try and get a fix on which direction to go. Then we see more soldiers come to where the lead soldier has killed the Unas. Daniel and Chaka come running up too.

JACKSON: "Oh, God."

EDWARDS: "What happened? What happened?"

SOLDIER ONE: "It was coming up on my position. It was attacking."

JACKSON: "It was attacking ..." (He looks around at the area and spots the necklace at the base of the tree.) "The necklace." (He gets up and retrieves the necklace.) "This necklace was precious to him. He was coming back for it and we killed him."

SOLDIER ONE: "I didn't know ..."

EDWARDS: "No need to apologize ..."

A loud roar is heard in the distance.

TEAL'C: "They are preparing to attack."

EDWARDS: "Let 'em come ... we're ready."

JACKSON: "No, you're not."

Edwards gives Daniel a look that could kill, but Daniel doesn't see it.

Scene: P3X-403 - Mining Camp

The S.G.C. personnel have made it back to the camp, though the Unas' roar continues to be heard in the background.

JACKSON: "Colonel, we have to get out of here right now."

EDWARDS: "I don't buy it."

JACKSON: "Are you hearing this?"

EDWARDS: "A population that large would have been seen by aerial scans."

JACKSON: "Unas live primarily underground in caves where aerial scans don't detect them."

TEAL'C: "Our position will be overrun."

JACKSON: "I was this close to working on an agreement with them. They just want to be left alone."

We see the camp from above. Iron Shirt is on a rise looking down on Daniel and his colleagues. Chaka hears Iron Shirt's growl.

CHAKA: "Dan'el!"

Chaka and Daniel stop to look in the direction of Iron Shirt. The soldiers take up defensive positions and aim their weapons. Iron Shirt raises his arms and roars.

JACKSON: "Hold your fire!"

EDWARDS: "If they attack, we will defend ourselves!"

They look back at Iron Shirt and suddenly he is joined by a LOT of other Unas. We see the soldiers look at the rise around the camp and suddenly there are Unas everywhere on the rise in front of them. The roar grows even louder. Iron Shirt lets out a long loud wail and all the others quiet down. Then just a low rumbling can be heard.

Several soldiers move to take up defensive positions, though their attempts would be futile.

EDWARDS: "You're right, Dr. Jackson. Let's get back to the gate."

JACKSON: "No, it's too late. If we move now, they'll run us down."

Iron Shirt takes a leap. Then he begins walking down the rise, alone, to the camp.

EDWARDS: "What's he doing?"

JACKSON: "I don't know."

Iron Shirt keeps coming. The soldiers get more tense.

JACKSON: "Don't do anything stupid ... He's giving us a chance."

EDWARDS: "A chance to do what?"

Iron Shirt walks to within a few yards of Daniel. He stops and makes a few hissing sounds.

JACKSON: "To surrender."

EDWARDS: "Surrender? Not possible."

JACKSON: "Don't do it, colonel."

Edwards lowers his weapon. Daniel takes a step forward.

JACKSON: "Kor Asek ... 'Uman a ta ka keka."

EDWARDS: "What are you saying?"

JACKSON: "I'm saying we don't have to kill each other." (He makes the same hand clasping gesture he did before.) "'Uman a te a ka naya. We can be of the same tribe. A ka naya ko keka Onac. Together we can bring death to the Goa'uld."


JACKSON: "Trick?"

IRON SHIRT: "Dan'el ... cho' ee' che. 'Uman ko keka Unas."

JACKSON: "He's saying that ... while we talk peace, Humans kill Unas. He doesn't believe me. We have to show respect. We have to get down on the ground."

Chaka is already starting to kneel.

EDWARDS: "On the ground? There's no way I'm gettin' down on the ..."

JACKSON: "Colonel, this is the way their social order works! We have to show submissiveness to show that we're not a threat, that we're not challenging them! We have to get down on the ground and that is all that we have to do."

Daniel, Chaka and Teal'c take a knee. Iron Shirt looks at Edwards.

JACKSON: "Colonel ... everyone, please?"

Edwards looks around once more at the large contingent of Unas and then kneels down. All of his men follow his lead.

IRON SHIRT: "Benna ..." (He turns to roar at his followers.) "A benna! A tar 'Uman!" (There is a low rumbling from the Unas. Iron Shirt turns back to Daniel.) "On-or."

JACKSON: "Honor. He understands. Cho' ee' che ... Kor Asek." (He motions for Iron Shirt to sit.)

Iron Shirt kneels down. Daniel opens a vest pocket and takes out his lighter. He picks up a twig and demonstrates the lighter by setting the twig ablaze. He blows out the fire and sets the lighter on the ground between them. Iron Shirt pulls off his bone necklace and sets it on the ground next to the lighter. Daniel nods.

JACKSON: "Now we can negotiate."

Daniel moves into a sitting position.

EDWARDS: "How long do we have to kneel?"

JACKSON: "As long as it takes." She smiles a little and nods to Iron Shirt. Iron Shirt hisses back.

Later ...

IRON SHIRT: "A cha' aka, Dan'el."

JACKSON: "A cha' aka, Kor Asek."

Daniel picks up the necklace and stands. He turns to speak with Edwards as Chaka moves to talk with Iron Shirt.

JACKSON: "Well, I think we've got ourselves a deal."

EDWARDS: "And what deal would that be, Dr. Jackson?"

JACKSON: "Well, we've agreed not to desecrate their sacred ground any more."

EDWARDS: "We have?"

JACKSON: "And in exchange ..." (We see Chaka watch as Iron Shirt tries to figure out the lighter.) "... the Unas will honor their dead by helping defeat their ancestors killers, the Goa'uld."

EDWARDS: "And just how are they going to do that?"

JACKSON: "They're going to work the mine themselves."

EDWARDS: "What? Did you propose this?"

JACKSON: "No, actually, it, uh, was Iron Shirt."

They turn to see a "smiling" Iron Shirt with a burning twig in his hand.

EDWARDS: "Okay, let me get this straight ... the Unas are going to mine this deposit and turn all the naquadah over to us?"

JACKSON: "That's right ..."

EDWARDS: "Can they, uh, work a jackhammer?"

JACKSON: "I think you'll find they are very intelligent and can learn. You treat them with honor and respect and, uh ... and you'll find out what kind of allies they can be."

EDWARDS: "O'Neill was right about you. You are a pain in the ass ... but, well worth it."

He gives Daniel's shoulder a little tap.

Daniel turns to join Chaka and Iron Shirt. Iron Shirt proudly displays his burning twig.

IRON SHIRT: "Ah ... Dan'el."

Daniel nods and then looks at Chaka.

JACKSON: "Aka ..."

Chaka bows his head.