Seed ship

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One of an undetermined number of advanced, presumably unmanned ships launched by the Ancients ahead of the exploratory vessel Destiny. The ships automatically manufacture Stargates and deposit them on suitable planets they encounter as they move from galaxy to galaxy. They also record sensor data on the planets and solar systems.

Nicholas Rush once deceived the Destiny crew by claiming that he had accessed a subspace communication link between Destiny and the seed ships, accessing huge amounts of sensor data transmitted back to it. But the Icarus-type planet he claimed to have found about a year ahead in Destiny's path was discovered to be a ruse.

Destiny eventually did encounter and dock with one of the vessels, allowing a team to go aboard. They found a massive store of power reserves and tried to use it to dial the Stargate back to Earth, but were stopped by a group of aliens who have taken up residence on board. Destiny also received a download of data from the ship. This ship was eventually destroyed when the Ursini took it into battle against a fleet of drone weapons.

The ships are substantially smaller in size than Destiny. Like Destiny, they are millions of years old. It is not known how far ahead of Destiny they are traveling -- whether only weeks or months, or decades or even centuries.


USED BY: Ancients


Life - Rush claims to have accessed a subspace communication link between Destiny and the seed ships, but Eli sooner discovers it is a total fabrication.
Awakening - Destiny comes upon a seed ship and boards it, only to find a group of aliens on board.
Resurgence - Having repaired the derelict seed ship previously encountered by Destiny, Telford and the Ursini come to Destiny's rescue when the ship is attacked by automated drones.
Deliverance - After retreating from the battle, the Ursini use the seed ship to draw drone fire from Destiny -- leading to the ship's destruction.