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Captain, member of SG-2. Griff is known for his rugged competence as a soldier and reliability as an officer.

He joined Colonel O'Neill and the rest of SG-1 in an attempt to rescue Daniel Jackson from an Unas. He was shot in the arm by a Goa'uld-infested Robert Rothman, ordered to remain behind while the rest of the team proceeded ahead.

Griff was later promoted to Major, assigned to work with a team (possibly SG-2) to travel to P3R-118 in search of the missing SG-1. He returned to the S.G.C. with only frostbite, informing Hammond that no one could have survived outside of the local population's protective bio-dome.

Griff, in command of SG-2, babysat several scientists working on M4C-862, until he was relieved by Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c, returning to the S.G.C. with the rest of his team.


PLAYED BY - Russell Ferrier


The First Ones - Griff aids in the search of Dr. Jackson on P3X-888.
Beneath the Surface - Griff and an unnamed S.G. unit travel to P3R-118 and expose themselves to an icy reality that SG-1 could not have survived in for long.
Prodigy - Griff and SG-2 oversee scientists on M4C-862 until relieved by SG-1.