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Sergeant stationed with the Atlantis expedition in the Pegasus Galaxy. He likely received gene therapy from Dr. Carson Beckett, allowing him to pilot a Puddle Jumper.

Markham and Sergeant Stackhouse were trapped and demolecularized inside the Stargate orbiting the Wraith homeworld when their Puddle Jumper became lodged inside the ring. Only after the rear compartment was exposed to space did the Jumper achieve enough inertia to push itself through the Stargate and back to Atlantis. Markham reappeared on the other side, intact.

Markham was killed in the line of duty while flying in Lantea's atmosphere. A Wraith Dart, attempting to reach Atlantis, destroyed the Jumper he was piloting. His co-pilot, Smith, was killed as well.


PLAYED BY - Joseph May
FIRST APPEARED - Thirty Eight Minutes


Thirty Eight Minutes - White-knuckled, Markham pilots the Puddle Jumper back to Atlantis from the Wraith homeworld -- but encounters an unexpected 38 minute delay.
The Defiant One - Markham pilots a Puddle Jumper en route to another planet in the Lantean System, hoping to provide backup to Major Sheppard's science team.
The Brotherhood - Markham is killed while defending Atlantis in a Puddle Jumper.