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Gamma Site's lead Entomologist assigned to study the Prior bugs which, for his research purposes, he dubbed "R75." His work was one of the stops of the representatives from the International Oversight Advisory. He found several members to be irritating and not particularly concerned with his work, a view he believed to also be held by the base's commanding officer, Colonel Pearson.

Myers had only observed the insects to be herbivorous, but he decided to further his experimentation by allowing them a sample of meatloaf. Later, he and his assistant Dr. Pullman returned to the lab to discover the entire containment unit stuffed to the very top with R75. When the bugs escaped containment Myers vacuum-flushed the room, but one of the creatures had managed to bite him, laying its eggs inside.

Soon Dr. Myers was dead, and Colonel Pearson ordered the body returned to Earth. As it reached the Stargate the airman witnessed one of the creatures in his mouth. Spooked, he dropped the container, and R75 spilled from the scientist's body and into the room.


PLAYED BY - Tony Alcantar


The Scourge - Dr. Myers' analysis of R75 turns deadly when he introduces a new food source into their voracious eating habits.