Arthur Simms

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United States Secretary of Defense during the Asgard negotiations with the Goa'uld to include Earth in the Protected Planets Treaty. Simms originally visited Stargate Command in the President's stead to congratulate the troops on their successful extraction of SG-1 from Hathor, and her subsequent death. He commented that he eagerly awaited each report from the mountain like a child in anticipation of a bedtime story.

Simms's stay was extended when the Asgard Thor arrived, announcing that the System Lords were willing to make a treaty with Earth. In exchange for limiting Earth's development -- plus the immediate forfeiture of both Stargates -- Earth would be saved from Goa'uld attack. Simms remained to serve as the President's liaison during this period, and eventually reported that the commander-in-chief had agreed to the terms.


PLAYED BY - Michael David Simms


Fair Game - Arthur Simms arrives at the S.G.C. to congratulate troops and witness the dispensing of awards, and remains as a White House representative during the meeting with the System Lords.