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Minister of the Caledonian Federation. When President Nadal of the Rand Protectorate instructed the Caledonian government to either surrender to their power or be destroyed by the Rand's new Ori satellite weapon, he gave Minister Chaska five days. During that time, the Earth ship Prometheus arrived in Tegalus orbit in an attempt to destroy the Ori satellite.

When Prometheus failed (and was destroyed), 76 survivors were recovered in Caledonia. Chaska worked with the Colonels Samantha Carter and Cameron Mitchell toward launching an electromagnetic pulse over the Rand bunker, enabling an easier take-out of the Ori satellite. But Daniel Jackson came over the radio to offer a peaceful solution.

Jackson, who had been successful at forcing President Nadal into a compromise, informed Chaska that if the Caledonians did not destroy the Ori statellite Rand would give them their Stargate to escape from Ori rule. Chaska agreed, but at the last moment when power was restored to his bunker Nadal attempted to destroy the Caledonian bunker. Thanks to Rand Commander Goran Pernaux, he was not able to launch the weapon.

Chaska agreed to peace talks with Pernaux, the new Rand commander, but after the departure of Prometheus's crew back to Earth, talks broke down. Chaska launched a first strike with missiles, and Rand responded in kind. At last report, the Stargate was believed to be covered by rubble.


PLAYED BY - Desiree Zurowski


Ethon - Minister Chaska takes in the Prometheus survivors, eager to put an end to the conflict with Rand -- one way or the other -- and avoid Ori subjugation.