Dust devil lifeform

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Creature inhabiting the planet the Destiny selected for its supply of lime. Matthew Scott initially encountered the lifeform, which appeared to the naked eye as a glittering dust devil. It is not known if the swarm is one entity or a hive mind of many small creatures.

The lifeform is capable of making its particles invisible, and appears to possess at least rudimentary instinct. It is drawn to and absorbs water (which may be the medium in which it reproduces), and appears to be repelled by fire.

One may interpret that the creature was leading Matthew Scott to a dry lake bed and the source of lime the ship required. While en route, Scott had hallucinations of his surrogate father and Christ on the cross. Both visions may have been created by the life form. If this is the case, it may have possessed far more than basic intelligence.

The lifeform returned to Destiny in an invisible state and absorbed nearly half the ship's already scarce supply of water in less than three weeks. It interacted with Tamara Johansen in much the same benign way that it did with Scott, but reduced Cpl. Gorman to a shredded heap when he acted aggressively toward the swarm.

Following this aggressive act, Johansen ordered the Destiny crew confined to quarters so her team could corner and capture the lifeform, sending it through the Stargate to the water planet.


Air, Part 3 - While searching for lime on a deserted world, Matthew Scott encounters what can best be described as a glittering dust devil, which may or may not have lead to him to exactly what he was looking for.
Water - The water lifeform, which has grown in size, is captured by the Destiny crew and sent to a frozen wasteland.