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Daedalus-class deep space carrier in an alternate timeline, which in our own timeline was instead named the U.S.S. George Hammond. It was the sixth in the BC-304 series to be constructed.

The Phoenix is equipped with Asgard advancements including energy shields and beam weapons, as well as transporters. Unlike older carriers in its line, it also has Asgard control systems integrated at the rear of the bridge.

The ship's commanding officer was Colonel Samantha Carter, who used it to fight against the Wraith hybrid Michael in his bid to conquer the Pegasus Galaxy in the alternate timeline. Along with ship's helmsman was Emma Cooper, Colonel Carter had some success with quick strikes against the enemy, attacking Wraith hive ships with the Phoenix's Asgard weapons and quickly jumping into hyperspace.

Eventually, though, their luck ran out. Tired of losing ships to the humans, Michael laid a trap by leaking intel that he was about to attack a heavily populated world. Two hives waited for the Phoenix to arrive in orbit and boxed it in, crippling the ship's engines and advanced weaponry. After transporting her crew to the planet's surface, Carter crashed the ship into a Wraith hive – destroying both vessels and dying in the process.

A time travel incident involving Colonel John Sheppard helped to stop Michael's bid, altering the timeline. After General Hammond passed away on the eve of the ship's christening, the Phoenix was instead named in his honor.


USED BY: Humans


The Last Man - An aged Rodney McKay recalls an alternate timeline in which Colonel Carter commanded the Phoenix into a losing battle with the Wraith.
Enemy At the Gate - Samantha Carter informs John Sheppard that the next Daedalus-class vessel, originally named Phoenix, has been re-designated in honor of the late General George Hammond.