Deep space carrier

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Second class in Earth's series of interstellar starships which entered production following the battle cruiser series. Deep space carriers have included, in order of release: the Daedalus, the Odyssey, the Korolev, the Apollo, the Sun Tzu, and the George Hammond. (The last of these was originally to be called the Phoenix.)

The vessels are also identified as Daedalus class, after the first ship in the line.



Deep space carriers have several upgrades over the Prometheus, but the bridge layout is relatively similar. The forward view port is wider to allow a greater visual field. This is particularly useful during battle situations, allowing several officers to make suggestions about how to proceed further without obstructing the captain's chair. A weapons officer sits to the right of the captain; a helmsman is to the left.



The engineering deck has several Asgard control panels. A view port overlooking the Asgard hyperdrive can be found at the aft end of the chamber. The engine room can accommodate a dozen personnel at any given time. Tasks from systems diagnostics to the deployment of weapons can be carried out here.



Deep space carriers possesses a complete compliment of F-302 fighter craft. Though they have two hangar bays all of the fighters occupy the starboard flight deck, perhaps meaning that the port deck serves as a re-entry bay when a skirmish must end quickly. Asgard shields can extend around the hangar doors in the event the flight deck is occupied while decompression procedures are scheduled to commence.



Because carriers are designed for extensive deep-space voyages, an officer's mess is available to off-duty personnel. It is located on the port side of the ship and offers a view port into space. Hot coffee and perhaps other drinks are available in the mess, no matter the time of day.


USED BY - Humans
FIRST APPEARED - The Siege, Part 3


Moebius, Part 1 - The Daedalus almost complete, the introductory mission of the first Deep Space Carrier is to aid the Atlantis Expedition.
Off the Grid - The second Deep Space Carrier, the Odyssey, enters service.
Camelot - The Russian-operated Korolev enters service in time to combat Ori ships at the site of a new Supergate.
Flesh and Blood - The Korolev is reported destroyed by the invading Ori warships.
Enemy At the Gate - Sam Carter reports that Earth's newest battle cruiser, to be called the Phoenix, has been renamed for the recently deceased General George Hammond. Another newly commissioned ship, the Sun Tzu, is disabled in a fight with the Wraith.