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An ancient Goa'uld mothership design, pyramidal in shape, which the parasitic race has used for thousands of years. Ra himself used this type of craft to capture aboriginal humans from Earth many thousands of years ago. The vessels routinely use pyramids as their landing platforms on various planets -- which Daniel Jackson speculated was the reason for the construction of the pyramids.

Once landed, the pyramid ship's primary hull retracts into several distinct plates, as well as creating an optional "watch tower" at the top of the ship, presumably where the Goa'uld's throne room resides.

Pyramid ships are equipped with at least one set of transport rings, as well as at least one death glider bay. It is unknown if the vessel itself is armed with Goa'uld weapons, although this is highly likely.

Though this term describes a specific vessel class, it is also used as a general term for any Goa'uld ship that incorporates a pyramid into its design -- such as a Ha'tak.


USED BY - Goa'uld
FIRST APPEARED - "Stargate" the Movie


"Stargate" the Movie - Ra lands his pyramid ship on the Abydonian pyramid. Unfortunately for him, he gets more than he bargained for when O'Neill and Jackson transport a bomb to his vessel as it leaves the planet, destroying Ra and his mothership.
Need - SG-1 travels to a world where the locals have long-since defeated the Goa'uld, using their pyramid ship as a palace for the local leader.
Thor's Chariot - SG-1 arrives on Cimmeria in the aftermath of a Goa'uld onslaught and discovers three of Heru'ur's pyramid ships undergoing construction on the surface.
Secrets - Heru'ur's pyramid ship lands on Abydos in search of the child of Apophis.
Subversion - The Lucian Alliance operates a research base from a pyramid on an Icarus-type planet, which may be a parked pyramid ship.