A Necessary Evil

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A Necessary Evil (Big Finish)
AUTHOR: Sharon Gosling
PUBLISHER: Big Finish Productions
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Dr. Elizabeth Weir embarks on a diplomatic mission to negotiate for advanced technology that might protect Atlantis from the Wraith forever.

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"This planet that you love so much ... If you were not hidden, it would not exist, or at least not like this."

When Sheppard's team encounters a culture with phase shift technology that keeps their entire population invisible – and immaterial – to the outside world, it looks like Atlantis might have found the perfect protection from the Wraith. Eager to make a trade for the technology, Doctor Weir embarks on a diplomatic mission to negotiate with the people of Lannavulin. But once there, it becomes apparent that not everyone is happy with the planet's status quo ...

From Big Finish


  • Narrated by Torri Higginson ("Dr. Elizabeth Weir") and Timothy Watson
  • Duration: Approximately 70 minutes
  • CD Extras: Behind-the-scenes interview with Torri Higginson
The Stargate audio dramas are no longer available from Big Finish Productions due to rights issues. Use the links above to find this item on the secondary market.