Zero Point

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Zero Point (Big Finish)
AUTHOR: James Swallow
PUBLISHER: Big Finish Productions
RELEASE DATE: September 2008
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Dr. Zelenka joins the Apollo for a very unexciting survey mission around Atlantis' new home planet, only to discover an entirely new life form.

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"Then the energy shockwave hit us, and the Apollo was thrown about as if it were a rowboat in a storm."

Zelenka reluctantly finds himself aboard the starship Apollo as part of Colonel Carter's drive to survey the area of space surrounding Atlantis' new planet. It's a sensible idea, he understands that – but it's also very dull. Dull, that is, until the ship discovers an entirely new life form ...

From Big Finish


  • Narrated by David Nykl ("Dr. Radek Zelenka") and Ursula Burton
  • Duration: Approximately 60 minutes
  • Written By: James Swallow
    Director: Sharon Gosling
    Sound Design: Richard Dolmat
    Music: Richard Dolmat
    Cover Art: Alex Mallinson
  • Number of Discs: 1
    ISBN: 978-1-84435-349-1
    Production Code: BFPSGCD06
The Stargate audio dramas are no longer available from Big Finish Productions due to rights issues. Use the links above to find this item on the secondary market.