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Savarna (Big Finish)
AUTHOR: Sally Malcolm
PUBLISHER: Big Finish Productions
RELEASE DATE: August 2008
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Dr. Janet Fraiser is kidnapped by a band of outlaws and must treat a desperately ill patient – and survive herself.

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"My twelfth grade teacher once told me, 'We don't regret the things we do in life, it's the things we don't do that haunt us.' And she was right."

Returning from a mercy mission, the Prometheus is attacked and Doctor Janet Fraiser is kidnapped. Finding herself amongst a crew of outlaws, the Doctor must treat a desperately ill patient and keep herself alive long enough to escape. But are things all that they seem?

From Big Finish


  • Narrated by Teryl Rothery ("Dr. Janet Fraiser") and Toby Longworth
  • Duration: Approximately 70 minutes
  • CD Extras: Behind-the-scenes interview with Teryl Rothery
  • Written By: Sally Malcolm
    Director: Sharon Gosling
    Sound Design: Steve Foxon
    Music: Steve Foxon
    Cover Art: Alex Mallinson
  • Number of Discs: 1
    ISBN: 978-1-84435-348-6
    Production Code: BFPSGCD05
The Stargate audio dramas are no longer available from Big Finish Productions due to rights issues. Use the links above to find this item on the secondary market.