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GateWorld Podcast: SGU‘s ‘Visitation’

Monday - December 6, 2010
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This week on the GateWorld Podcast Darren and David are talking about “Visitation,” the penultimate episode of Stargate Universe‘s fall season. Some old friends are back thanks to the miraculous intervention of some very powerful beings … but what secret do they carry? We’ll talk about the return of Caine and the others and what really happened to them on “Eden,” the metaphysics of putting a human person back together, and Chloe’s decision to start saying goodbye to her friends.

For Hogwarts fans we’ll also wrap up the show with a little discussion of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1! (Beware of some spoilers.) And there is a big helping of listener mail this week, as Stargate fans weigh in on Destiny‘s mission and the series so far.

Join the discusssion! There are only two more installments of the podcast for 2010 — and it’s not too late to share your opinion of SGU‘s mid-season finale, “Resurgence!” Call the GateWorld Podcast Hotline this week to be a part of that show.

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This Week’s Listener Question:
What did you think of the mid-season finale of Stargate Universe, “Resurgence?”

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  • It is a faulty notion that resurrection would be so much more difficult than building an entire planet along with living organisms from scratch. It’s a scary idea, but the biological difference between a just dead human & a nearly dead human isn’t as great as you might think. As for the soul, well there is no way to know even if we can do that one day.

    I think those aliens sent them back wrong on purpose, either to test us or to give us a chance to say goodbye.

    The Ancients *could* bring back the dead, remember the sarcophagus & the device it was based on?

  • My comment is more general rather than specific. I’m fairly new to this website, and even more new to the podcasts. I’ve only started listening to them when the second season began. I wish I had discovered them at the beginning of the first season! I will go back to them now that the show is on hiatus. Which brings me back to my “general” comment – you guys are just great! I am a better watcher of this show because of you two. Thank you! I pay pretty good attention to detail, but the two of you put a magnifying glass to every detail, and every time you do, it makes me wanna go back and re-watch the show. I love the way you connect us back to SG-1 or Atlantis and I love the way you make me love watching this show! So, Thank You! :)

  • I just finished listening to your podcast and I had a few thoughts. I wish I had your much, much better understanding of the show’s mythology as a foundation, but… this is the best I’ve got…

    I ran with your theory that TJ experienced a simulation and that Destiny, and not Rush was in control of the ship’s return to FTL. Now, if these aliens were capable of creating entire planets and reanimating human beings, why would the absence of a “soul” be considered a limitation on their part? If one were to suspend judgment, one could also conclude that the existence of a soul is a human concept. Perhaps even a human limitation to understanding the vastness of the universe. If Destiny, and not Rush, was in control, what does that say about collective consciousness? What does that say about Artificial Intelligence? And what does that really say about the soul? What if these aliens didn’t have souls themselves? Does a soul really exist? Is it only a matter of memory and one’s ability to recollect one’s experiences? Think back to ascension and Daniel’s inability to retain all of that knowledge once he regained human form. Again, is this a matter of collective consciousness vs. individual soul? Our limited understanding of existence only extends to self-knowledge… Is that enough?

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