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News of LOUIS FERREIRA being cast in PRIMEVAL was posted in the non-Stargate roles section at the GW Forum on June 20:

As first reported on Ferreira Fest, the Official Louis Ferreira Fan Club: http://ferreira-fest.livejournal.com/17326.html



[…] The eagerly anticipated North American spin-off to ITV’s time-wrangling, dinosaur-bating sci-fi hit Primeval, Primeval: New World (which, incidentaly, we were on set for!) has added SciFiNow favourite and former Andromeda and Stargate SG-1 star Lexa Doing to the cast according to GateWorld. […]


It may not have gotten an American distributor yet, but look at Saving Hope. That got picked up in the states. It can happen. I’m pretty selective with my science fiction, so Im not sure if I will actually watch this if it makes it to the states, but one just never knows. After all, I didnt really give Sanctuary a second look back in 2009, and in 2011, I watched marathon sessions of it on Chiller when they aired reruns that summer. I enjoyed it so much, that when they cut off reruns after season 2, leaving it on… Read more »


Of course, I also swore I would never get hooked on Stargate…and well, I’m going to my first convention this year. So never say never!


Way Cool! Louis Ferreira back on TV! I’ll watch anything that man is in, even, horror of all horrors, a horror movie.

Never watched UK Primaeval – guess, I’ll give this a go if it comes to US TV. The former SciFi channel hasn’t been on my TV radar since Stargate Universe ended.

I keep hoping SciFI will rediscover their original intent and return to real scifi verses reality crap.


HEY GATEWORLD !!! .. Stargate Universe JUST WON FIVE out of six of the catagories for which it was nominated in the “Science Fiction / Constellation Awards” in Canada. THIS IS HUGE!
Why aren’t you guys ALL OVER THIS ?? The “Gate” in GateWorld IS for Stargate is it not?? Something like this could actually be the catalyst that could reopen the gate in some form. THOUSANDS of folks are talking about this and they had to learn about it from the Facebook page known as “Save Future Stargate Travel ” .. Does that see right you you ??
Just sayin’


Well, I was so excited and was so looking forward to this show. Now this excitement is gone.


Hi Maing: I’ve been mostly offline while moving over the past week, and still have limited Internet access.

Also, not one person has e-mailed this in as a news tip. If folks don’t take a moment to pass along the Stargate news they hear and think is significant, unfortunately GateWorld’s editors may never hear about it.


Well you’ve heard about it now! It’s a phenomenal acheivement for Stargate. Stargate fans SHOULD read about it here, and it deserves A LOT of admiration and recognition, so kindly REcheck this info on the net via google or what have you, and let GateWorld know that SGU really deserves MAJOR KUDOS on this! Thanks! J.S.