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Primeval: New World to feature several Stargate alums

Thursday - July 5, 2012

Earlier this spring, GateWorld was first to bring you the news that Martin Wood was helping executive produce the new Canadian version of a longtime British genre television favorite, Primeval: New World.  We also were first to scoop that more Stargate talent was attached behind-the-scenes including directing turns from Andy Mikita and Stargate franchise veteran actress Amanda Tapping (“Samantha Carter”).

With principal photography on the series — currently filming in Vancouver, British Columbia — winding down, we now have confirmation (thanks to a source within the production) on some of the Stargate alumni who you’ll see on-screen, along with some tidbits on what they’ll be up to during the fledgling series’ first season of thirteen episodes:

  • Sandy Sidhu (“Dr. Mehta” in Stargate Universe Season One episodes “Air, Part Three” and “Life”) will have a role in New World‘s third episode as the co-pilot of a DC-3 aircraft that runs into trouble.
  • Episode 4, entitled “Angry Birds”, features recurring SGU player Patrick Gilmore (“Dale Volker”) as a character named “Blake” who is described as a “local entrepreneur whose operation is invaded by a flock of Terror Birds.”
  • Lexa Doig (Stargate SG-1‘s “Carolyn Lam”) plays another doctor in the two-part season finale as “Mara Fridkin,” a toxicologist who is “suddenly thrust out of her depth.”
  • Dan Payne (who has enjoyed multiple roles on both SG-1 and Atlantis, playing everything from Wraiths to Kull Warriors) appears toward the end of the season as “Major Douglas,” a member of a Special Ops team.
  • Eric Breker (SG-1’s “Colonel Reynolds”) also will appear in the tail end of the season as “Sergeant Macready,” another member of the Special Ops team.

In addition to those actors, it’s been confirmed that SGU actor Louis Ferriera (“Colonel Everett Young”) will also feature on the new series in its final three episodes of the season as “Colonel Henderson Hall.”  The character is described as “a complex man whose concern for the future of our world puts him into direct conflict with ‘Evan Cross’ (Eureka‘s Niall Matter).  And Hall is not a man who likes to lose.”

It looks as though our prediction this spring about plenty of Stargate talent also being on-board in front of the cameras for the new series has come to pass.  In addition to those names, recent news has leaked elsewhere confirming not only the return late in the season of original Primeval character “Connor Temple” (Andrew Lee-Potts) but also an appearance by Matter’s Eureka co-star and series lead Colin Ferguson.

With all these favorites attached from both Stargate and other Syfy series, it seems like it would be the perfect series to get acquainted with come late fall.  But while the Canadian channel SPACE and Watch in Britain are on-board (along with some other European channels), there is still no word on whether the series will get a distributor for viewing in the United States on Syfy — an odd scenario considering that many people involved with New World have plenty of face-recognition already with its viewers.  However, while there has been no arrangement made yet, it still could happen in the future — perhaps even after it has aired elsewhere — if the network sees the series as having a viable audience (much like it did with the BBC series Merlin).

Keep your browsers locked on GateWorld for more relevant Primeval news as it breaks!


Chad Colvin is a GateWorld editor and convention correspondent. He lives near Madison, Wisconsin. Follow him on Twitter @ChadColvin.

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  • Thanks, Shenandoah! We aren’t claiming to be first with this info now. But as stated within the article, our source within the production provided us with the full list and the character breakdowns, including the one for Louis.

  • It may not have gotten an American distributor yet, but look at Saving Hope. That got picked up in the states. It can happen.

    I’m pretty selective with my science fiction, so Im not sure if I will actually watch this if it makes it to the states, but one just never knows. After all, I didnt really give Sanctuary a second look back in 2009, and in 2011, I watched marathon sessions of it on Chiller when they aired reruns that summer. I enjoyed it so much, that when they cut off reruns after season 2, leaving it on a cliffhanger (Kali), I had to start collecting the boxed sets to see the whole series. I’m now almost finished with season 3.

  • Of course, I also swore I would never get hooked on Stargate…and well, I’m going to my first convention this year. So never say never!

  • Way Cool! Louis Ferreira back on TV! I’ll watch anything that man is in, even, horror of all horrors, a horror movie.

    Never watched UK Primaeval – guess, I’ll give this a go if it comes to US TV. The former SciFi channel hasn’t been on my TV radar since Stargate Universe ended.

    I keep hoping SciFI will rediscover their original intent and return to real scifi verses reality crap.

  • HEY GATEWORLD !!! .. Stargate Universe JUST WON FIVE out of six of the catagories for which it was nominated in the “Science Fiction / Constellation Awards” in Canada. THIS IS HUGE!
    Why aren’t you guys ALL OVER THIS ?? The “Gate” in GateWorld IS for Stargate is it not?? Something like this could actually be the catalyst that could reopen the gate in some form. THOUSANDS of folks are talking about this and they had to learn about it from the Facebook page known as “Save Future Stargate Travel ” .. Does that see right you you ??
    Just sayin’

  • Well, I was so excited and was so looking forward to this show. Now this excitement is gone.

  • Darren

    Hi Maing: I’ve been mostly offline while moving over the past week, and still have limited Internet access.

    Also, not one person has e-mailed this in as a news tip. If folks don’t take a moment to pass along the Stargate news they hear and think is significant, unfortunately GateWorld’s editors may never hear about it.

  • Well you’ve heard about it now! It’s a phenomenal acheivement for Stargate. Stargate fans SHOULD read about it here, and it deserves A LOT of admiration and recognition, so kindly REcheck this info on the net via google or what have you, and let GateWorld know that SGU really deserves MAJOR KUDOS on this! Thanks! J.S.

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