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Episode of the Week: Rush Goes Back To The Past

Monday - August 22, 2016


SGU: Season Two
First Aired: April 23, 2010

Rush uses the neural interface chair to try and access Destiny’s systems, causing him to recall the events which led to his recruitment into the Stargate program.

Our rewatch of favorite moments in Stargate history continues! Each month we’ll pick a theme, and feature a key episode every week. Join us by watching the episode this week, and then head to GateWorld Forum (or posting below) to talk about it!

In Another Life …

  • The Stargate series often made use of a mainstay of modern science fiction storytelling: technology-based virtual reality.
  • One way into a VR universe is with the virtual reality unit devised by the residents of P7J-989, in order to ride out an apocalyptic event on their world.
  • Or, you could test-drive the Earth-modified version of the tech. But watch out for Kull warriors!
  • The Ancients also developed VR technology …
  • … and the deep-space vessel Destiny has a VR system built into the heart of the ship, including a chair interface that will put a user into a virtual Destiny environment.

“Human” Facts:

  • Human “Human” introduces viewers to Nicholas Rush’s backstory, sticking him (by way of Destiny‘s control interface chair) into a virtual reality where he tries to crack the ship’s master control code while reliving the final days of his wife’s life. It was also at this time that he was recruited into the S.G.C.’s ninth-chevron project — by none other than Daniel Jackson himself. (It’s Michael Shanks‘ second SGU appearance, following the first hour of the show’s pilot.)
  • “Human” originally carried the working title “Lucid” during the writing stage.
  • This is one of three episodes of SGU to be directed by series co-creator Robert C. Cooper.
  • Sulika Matthew plays Gloria’s friend Constance in the episode, but it’s not her first Stargate appearance. Back in SG-1’s fifth season she played the Goa’uld System Lord Kali, who appears at the System Lord summit.
  • Kali’s fellow (former) System Lord Cronus also makes an appearance in this episode: actor Ron Halder plays the priest at Gloria and Nicholas’ church.
  • Gloria Rush is played by CSI veteran Louise Lombard. Despite the fact that the character died before SGU’s start she appears in a total of four episodes, returning in Season Two as a hallucination … possibly created for Nick by Destiny itself.

“Human” on GateWorld:

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Rewatch “Human” this week! Then post your comments below, or head over to the “Human” discussion forum and see what people were saying back in the day. What are your favorite moments?

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  • This here was one of my favorite episodes. Showing Rush’s emotional past through the eyes of present-day hardened, focused Rush was genius. And then to see him slowly, through the course of the episode, break down by reliving the events that led him to the man he is today; to the point where after he discovered the code, he visited his dying wife one last time before leaving the simulation. The writing was phenomenal, Robert Carlyle was incredible, and the appearance of simulated Daniel Jackson was a welcome sight. Bravo, writers, bravo.

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