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6 years ago

Could you guys ask the old showrunners about their opinion and whether they would be up to return IF requested be MGM? Not a deep interview, just a couple of short questions, like a poll.

6 years ago

Brad Wright and Robert Cooper made some amazing TV. I’m really disappointed with SGU though, not because of the show itself, but because of their attitude: They knew that had 2 seasons before a single frame was shot, but didn’t think to create a whole story with a tight ending should it not get renewed beyond that…and let’s be honest, it was apparent that an expensive show like that wouldn’t make it not long after it aired unless there was a massive uptick in viewership. Now he looks back and goes ‘well, in hindsight it’s a sort-of ending’…which I’m really… Read more »

6 years ago

They should NEVER reboot the franchise. That would erase so many years of of continuity. Haven’t they learned anything from Sony with these Spider-man reboots? They should continue to evolve the current universe of stories and build upon an already solid foundation. Maybe tie them together some how. SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe still have an enormous fan base.

6 years ago

STARGATE It’s one of the best TV shows for me

Recently, I have been very disappointed for the last two seasons

The launch of the series Very excellent to Atlantis

Is there a way to communicate with the directors of the series may I have good ideas for them ??!

5 years ago

You know there is a way that they could potentially bridge the gap and continue the franchise without a remake (I hope someone in Warner Bro’s reads this!) Before I explain what should be done I will explain why it hasn’t been done. All of the fans want more content in this franchise however Warner Bros after buying the rights from MGM grand library decided to make a remake of the original movies rather than a risky series; after they made this public Fans across the globe yelled and yelled that they didn’t want a reboot because they have come… Read more »

5 years ago

Not sure why you think Warner Bros. bought Stargate, SHS&W. It is still owned by MGM.

But thanks for the comment. We’re queuing up some additional pieces on GateWorld in the coming days and weeks about the future of the franchise, sticking with established canon, and what such a show might look like. I think you’re right that the best option would be something that follows on the heels of SGU, with a new setting a new cast of characters, where cast members (and unresolved story points) from the previous shows can turn up — or at least be referenced.

kim clark
5 years ago

hello if it was me i would make a new show call alantis sg1 really when alantis landing on earth at the end they should of continue it . now that earth has more power to take on anything that comes at them a show base on that would be awesome just saying.

5 years ago

MGM can you please bring back STARGATE sg1

3 years ago

“We kept the sets up as long as we could” was the most depressing part of this whole read. Just… oh… All of my pain.