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@Darren, what is your point regarding the subscription limits?

I mean, instead of the current 2 levels, there could be 3. The free, and two premium. One for people in the US, Germany and the other few countries, and one for all the countries outside of the current restriction. I understand why they can’t stream the old stuff to everyone, but we should still be able to access Origins and the Dialing Home series. Even for half the price, it would mean more money than nothing. They had months to make it work, and they did not.


Spoilers ahead: It is baffling to me that MGM and the people behind this are funding this like it is an unknown story instead of a franchise with decades of multiple profitable shows and legions of fans. This format reminds me of what they did to star Wars in the early 80’s, trying to cash in on the movies with cheap animated series and cheesy Christmas specials. The idea behind this show is great, with a great Indiana Jones vibe, but the acting (especially the boyfriend and sidekick) seems very inexperienced at the least, and the budget must be laughably… Read more »


@MichaelAC I don’t think profit is an issue here. I don’t know how many subscribers they have (@Darren, any info?), but I think it’s only enough to cover the costs of Origins and the new web portal. Continuum and AoT was made from 7 million each, with roughly the same length, and the quality is well, not the same. I would say Origins was made from around or under one million, props and sets included. I would say 50 thousand subscribers (for 20 dollars) is a good guess. And then, I can be completely wrong. This is purely speculation, but… Read more »


I agree. This is a very logical explanation of what’s happening.

And I will quote your comment on Reddit, with your permission, because many people still don’t want to see the big picture.


Of course. It’s my opinion, you have just reinforced it.

By the way, what do you think about Mr. Mallozzi’s recent campaign? Do you think it would be best to bring in the old team or hire someone else with a fresh mind? I think the old team could make wonders with some fresh blood in the writer’s room.