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5 years ago

I am highly optimistic. Let’s see a great story now, then get a whole new series AND the continuation of what’s behind us!

5 years ago

Hopefully the producers/film studios don’t take too much notice on the ratings of origins. Being a low budget and not easy access for many fans in certain countries , it might not be a true indication of a future series success. Take a look at the Star Trek and even the Star Wars franchises, they are both going strong, possibly even stronger than back when the original shows were broadcast and I can honestly see the stargate franchise being just as successful. It is well and truely overdue!!

Austin Harper
5 years ago

“…the show’s creators have ensured us that Stargate Origins is structured and designed like a feature film, where the episodes are intended to be binge-watched and compiled into a full ‘movie’ once they’re all released.”
Then why not just release it as a movie?

5 years ago

I have been a long time Stargate fan of all 3 of the Stargate shows and some of the spin offs like dark matter. I think that if you were to ask all off the fans would help come up with a little extra cash like people did for the 2nd super troopers movie. So would it be helpful to make a go fund me account for the new web series of Stargate or do you guys just want to try it the long and hard way to come up with the funds. By the way how many of the… Read more »

5 years ago

I’ve seen 3 episodes thus far & I am enjoying the storytelling. The sets look great, the acting is well done & I look forward to viewing the remainder of the story. I hope this is the start of a new future for the Stargate franchise that will value storytelling over fight scenes and explosions (although explosions can be fun at times). It’s also nice to see Connor Trinneer again.

5 years ago

Just saw ep 1 of origins.
I vote for a series 2.
Hopefully with some elements / cast of sg1, atlantis and/ or universe.
Much prefer mini series or full series to films at this stage
Can always spin films off this series later if its successful
Particularly happy they are keeping within the canon created by sg1 etc rather than doing a reboot that was talked about when films were proposed

5 years ago

A question, how can Catherine go through the Stargate in the late 30’s when the first time she saw it work was when Daniel got it to work.

5 years ago

Neill: Origins does have an answer to that question. But you’ll have to watch to the end to see it.

5 years ago

I just finished binge watching the entire series. I think it’s wonderful. I use to watch all the incarnations of Stargate from the very beginning so, this is a welcomed return.

5 years ago

The decision to go to the original history of the franchise is exciting to me. I am all for it, and even if needed, a modest investment from a retired school teacher in Texas. I am working on writing in addition to the changes from being in classrooms, and it is a work in progress — the writing, that is. Still, I am an avid Stargate fan from the original motion picture, through SG-1, SGA, and SGU, as well as the feature films. I invested in copies of the television series because I really liked everything that was presented there.… Read more »

5 years ago

I REALLY liked the story of ORIGINS but it just didn’t feel great to me. Im not even sure what it is but it felt very cheap to me which was hard. This is like telling one of my kids they are ugly or something so I don’t take this lightly. I really want MORE but not 10 minute long episodes, I feel like that took away from the story and it just felt like a really good play for me. There has ben talk about the franchise ‘universes’ for example Marvel. I LOVE the MCU. I would really like… Read more »

Tomas Böhling
Tomas Böhling
5 years ago

I would really hope to see closure for sg atlantis, which could same time restart new series, i would really like to see mckay back in the action for next series. Hes my fav character. Sheppard works pretty good with mckay so they could be in next one also, old sg-1 actors are getting old and we should let them be. Oh yeah i would like to see Zelenka too hehe, loved his character too, these 3 characters really worked good together, rest… not so much.

Didnt really liked origins old look, but im game for next series.

emmet solomon
emmet solomon
4 years ago

Star Trek has many fan based episodes that are OK. Why doesn’t Stargate? Stargate was a better series.