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6 years ago

The user experience of the web site is horrible. Not just the look but the accessibility too.

6 years ago

I really doubt they would make a deal with Netflix seeing how they removed all Stargate content from there to push their Stargate Command platform. Most probably there will be another Origins series in a year to keep the platform relevant, but unless they change their plans I don’t see how a Netflix, or any streaming/broadcast deal could happen.

6 years ago

It’s interesting to see this on Gateworld now. On the Stargate Reddit, Joe Mallozzi has been posting things he’s written on his blog saying the same exact thing for the last 3 days now. Below are links to the last 3 posts he made.

And BTW, if you guys aren’t on the Reddit, I suggest you sub to the Stargate reddit. There’s a bunch of good people there, but more importantly, Joe Mallozzi posts there very often, and he responds to people’s question all the time. It’s really cool.

6 years ago

It’s great news that they’re considering more, but I’m hoping that they’ll work with more established video/comic producers going forward.

SG:O is really quite sub-par, and feels like a fan-film production.
The comics by American Mythology are nothing short of disastrous.
I haven’t tried the novels yet though, but I hear they’re pretty good.

Scott Koestel
6 years ago
Reply to  Langley

The novels are like the shows. Some aren’t that good, but most are amazing. Especially the Atlantis legacy series. I also recommend SG-1 Roswell and Atlantis Blood Ties.

6 years ago

Yes! I like the idea of anthologies, especially Return of the Jaffa. I think I would like it better if it were released even as a low-budget movie than a web series of 10-minute episodes, although I still really like Origins so far.

6 years ago

I have enjoyed Origins so far. It’s only been three episodes and I am surprised how judged it has been. How bout watch the next seven episodes…? lol. I just watched The Torment of Tantalus and I can see some dialogue that currently doesn’t make sense. But I will wait til I see episode 10 of Origins before I question anything and see if it matches up better then. This is hopefully the launching pad for more stargate to come. The important thing now is that the fans support it and show how much the franchise is still loved!

6 years ago

Bra’tac Origins, I was just talking to a friend about this idea the other day!