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2 years ago

The COVID-19 epidemic has complicated developments in many countries such as the US, India, Brazil and has spread on a large scale, with some cases of cocoa being infected in many countries, especially in Europe. Worrying disease developments have re-emerged in some parts of the world.

Lorna Dune
Lorna Dune
2 years ago
Reply to  anna78

Er… what? What does cocoa have to do with COVID-19?

2 years ago

Hi there Crew! I am brand New! I recently started watching Stargate, as I had Surgery and needed something to watch while I was mending! I got Curious and jumped in! I kinda fell in actually! Although it’s Fictional, It made alot of sense!! Tying Ancient Archeology, to History, Mythology, the Constellations; with the Exploration of Galaxies beyond our own? all in the care of our own Air Force!. My Father was in the Air Force. I grew up in a Military Town, so it was pretty special to have that aspect as well. I really enjoyed that. The show… Read more »