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The banished Goa'uld Hathor is found in an ancient sarcophagus Earth, and takes over the S.G.C. with hopes of raising a new army against the System Lords.

DVD DISC: Season 1, Disc 3
DIRECTED BY: Brad Turner
STORY BY: David Bennett Carren and J. Larry Carroll
TELEPLAY BY: Jonathan Glassner
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Edited by Deanna Moll-Landry
SG1 Transcripts

Scene: A pyramid.

KLEINHOUSE: We're almost through. Okay, now push it! Push!

We see two archaeologists entering a tomb in the pyramid. There is a gold sarcophagus in there.

KLEINHOUSE: Would you look at this? Many of us suspected there was another chamber but the Mexican Government wouldn't let us dig to confirm it till now.

COLE: What's this? It looks like a sarcophagus.

KLEINHOUSE: Burial chambers in Mayan temple mounds are very rare indeed. Here. Look for glyphs, pictographs. Something to give us a hint who's inside.

He brushes away some of the dust.

KLEINHOUSE: Hieroglyphics!

COLE: My God! They're Egyptian! That doesn't make any sense. Egyptian hieroglyphics in a Mayan temple?

KLEINHOUSE: I read a journal article once by a young archaeologist. What was his name? Dr Jackson. Dr Daniel Jackson. He was laughed right out of academia for his preposterous ideas about a connection between various civilisations.

COLE: Maybe Dr Jackson was onto something. I recognise one of these pictographs. It's of the goddess Hathor. The Egyptian goddess.

Kleinhouse uncovers a red crystal and moves it. The sarcophagus starts to open. A woman sits up.

HATHOR: Where is Ra?

KLEINHOUSE: Uh.. I assume you mean the god Ra?

HATHOR: You are not Goa'uld.

KLEINHOUSE: What's that?

Hathor raises her hand device and Kleinhouse and Cole scream.

Scene: Cheyenne Mountain, Gateroom

SG-1 and Hammond are in the Gateroom with the sarcophagus.

JACKSON: Dr Kleinhouse and his associates were killed brutally. The Mexican authorities assumed it was by crypt robbers looking to steal anything in the burial vault with this.

HAMMOND: And who thought to send it here?

JACKSON: Uh, Dr Kleinhouse's other associates who were outside the pyramid. They recognised the significance of an Egyptian sarcophagus in a Mayan temple. And since I was the only one ever to research cross pollination of ancient cultures, they tracked me down.

O'NEILL: I know this thing.

JACKSON: Yeah. I recognise it too.

O'NEILL: It's like that thing that was on Ra's ship that…

JACKSON: Brought Sha're and I back from the dead.

HAMMOND: Well how could it be?

JACKSON: I don't know. But if it does belong to a Goa'uld, it would explain a lot. Like why there's no one in it and why it has Egyptian hieroglyphs on it instead of Mayan.

An Airman enters.

AIRMAN: General Hammond, sir.

HAMMOND: What is it Airman?

AIRMAN: Sir, a person was just arrested on the mountains surface for attempting an unauthorised entrance.

HAMMOND: Happens every now and then. Let the police handle him.

AIRMAN: It's a her, sir. Major Lowel thought you would want to talk to her yourself.


AIRMAN: Sir, she knew the Stargate was here.


Hammond, Jack and Daniel walk along a corridor past a checkpoint down to a holding room.

AIRMAN2: Sirs.

Hammond salutes him back.

He opens the door. A woman stands with her back to them.

HAMMOND: Ma'am, I'm General Hammond, US Air Force.


HAMMOND: And you are?

HATHOR: We are Hathor. You would be wise to unbind us and kneel before your goddess.

O'NEILL: Hello.

JACKSON: Hathor?


O'NEILL: Have you heard of her?

JACKSON: Hathor was the Egyptian goddess of fertility, inebriety and music.

O'NEILL: Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll?

JACKSON: In a manner of speaking. Um, are the cuffs absolutely necessary?

Hammond looks at Jack and then motions for Daniel to go and take them off.

JACKSON: Surprised we didn't chain her to the bed too. What's she gonna do? Beat us up? (To Hathor)I'm sorry about that.

HATHOR: Thank you. Your efforts shall not go unrewarded.

She picks up Daniel's hand as if to kiss it and we see she blows some pink mist onto it. Daniel goes to sit on the bed.

HAMMOND: So Ms Hathor,… would you mind telling us why exactly you were trying to get into this facility?

HATHOR: We were drawn to the Chaapa-ai.

O'NEILL: Chaapa-ai? That's what your monk buddies on Chulak call the Stargate.

JACKSON: Um, yes. It's also Abydonian and ancient Egyptian.

HAMMOND: What I wanna know is what makes you think it's here, ma'am?

HATHOR: We were drawn to it.

O'NEILL: 'We'?

HATHOR: Where is Ra?

JACKSON: Ra is..

HAMMOND: Dr Jackson! Need to know.

JACKSON: Ra… Ra is a myth. He doesn't actually exist.

O'NEILL: Miss.. Hathor….. what made you think this Chaapa-ai was here?

HATHOR: The Chaapa-ai was what gave power to our father and our husband.

HAMMOND: Who's she talking about Dr Jackson?

JACKSON: Um, Hathor was both the daughter and wife of Ra in Egyptian mythology until Ra was said to have corrupted her.

HATHOR: We were not corrupted!

JACKSON: Of course. No disrespect intended.

HATHOR: We are the mother of all pharaohs.

O'NEILL: Of course we are! General. Why don't we call County Mental Health? See if we can find a nice little rubber room for the lady.

HAMMOND: Crazy or not, I wanna know what she knows. Dr Jackson, talk to her, see what you can find out but don't tell her anything she doesn't already know.


HATHOR: You, with the crown of marble!

O'NEILL: She might mean you sir.

HATHOR: You are the ruler here?

HAMMOND: Yes, ma'am.

HATHOR: May we take your hand?


HATHOR: We wish to kiss it. To bless you with fertility and joy.

O'NEILL: Well, you can't pass that up, sir.

HAMMOND: Yes, I can.

JACKSON: Sir, it might help me if you play into her delusions, just to keep her talking.

Hammond walks over and she raises his hand. The pink mist is blown over his hand.

Jack bangs on the door and he and Hammond leave.

HATHOR: Now, where is Ra?

JACKSON: Ra, your husband?

Hathor repeats and her eyes glow.

HATHOR: Where is Ra?

JACKSON: Uh, I hate to be the one to tell you, but Ra is dead.


JACKSON: He was killed.

She smiles.

HATHOR: This is wonderful.


HATHOR: How did he die?

JACKSON: Uh.. We killed him.

HATHOR: Then we owe you our gratitude indeed. Perhaps we should choose you to be our new beloved. Together, we should celebrate.

She takes off the jacket to reveal a low cut corset type top.


Daniel goes. She moves to kiss him and gives him another dose of the pink mist as she does so.

Scene: Briefing Room

Jack is looking out of the window to the Gate.

O'NEILL: Do we really think anyone's gonna believe that woman if she goes round blabbing about a 'Stargate'? I mean I have a hard time believing this woman down on 73rd who walks around talking about these little devil people that live in her hair. Even though she could use a little conditioner.

Sam smiles.

TEAL'C: Is not the question, how does she know of the Stargate?

HAMMOND: Dr Jackson's trying to figure that out now.

Daniel walks down the stairs.

JACKSON: I believe I have figured that out, sir. She knows a hell of a lot. Either she's studied her Egyptian mythology very carefully or…

HAMMOND: Or what, Dr Jackson?

JACKSON: Or she's actually lived it.

HAMMOND: Meaning?

JACKSON: She's a Goa'uld, sir.


O'NEILL: How is she a Goa'uld?

TEAL'C: She could not have come through the Stargate. We would have been alerted.

JACKSON: She's been imprisoned in stasis on Earth for almost 2000 years.

O'NEILL: Is mental illness contagious?

JACKSON: General Hammond, I think she is Hathor. Or at least the Goa'uld that took on the persona of Hathor.

CARTER: Back up. Did you say she's a Goa'uld?

JACKSON: Yes. She feels indebted to us for killing Ra, who she was trying to stop from enslaving Earth. See, she's always been a friend of humanity. See, that's what it was like in the Book of the Dead, Hathor was a much loved goddess.

HAMMOND: Are you saying she wants to help us?

JACKSON: Yes. She wants to help us defeat Apophis and protect us from other evil Goa'uld's.

CARTER: And you bought into all this?

JACKSON: General, I like permission to have Hathor come down here and debrief us.

O'NEILL: Whoa, Danny! I don't think so.

JACKSON: General. I think you sense what I do. Hathor is a friend.

Daniel goes to stand in front of Hammond and we see the pink mist in his eyes.

HAMMOND: Yes, I do believe that. Bring her down.

CARTER: Are you kidding?

O'NEILL: Whoa, General!

HAMMOND: Colonel!

O'NEILL: Sir, are you sure?

HAMMOND: Yes, Colonel.

TEAL'C: General. I have served the Goa'uld. I have yet to meet a good one.

HAMMOND: Maybe that's because you served the wrong one.

CARTER: Sir, at least close the blast door, so she can't see the Gate.

Hammond nods and an Airman closes the blast door.

Hathor comes down the stairs.

HATHOR: We thank you for allowing us in your court.

HAMMOND: You're welcome.

HATHOR: We would appreciate a drink from your water.

HAMMOND: Colonel.

O'NEILL: General?

HAMMOND: Colonel, water for the lady.

O'NEILL: Ah. Yes. Of course, sir.

Jack pours a glass of water and takes it to Hathor.

HATHOR: You are the one who is responsible for destroying the vile one Ra.

O'NEILL: I would be the one.

Hathor picks up Jack's hand and places it on her heart.

HATHOR: For you, we will forever hold a special place here.

O'NEILL: Well that's… very special. Thank you.

Hathor grabs his hand as he takes it away and blows the pink mist on it. Jack turns looking confused and goes to sit down. Teal'c then walks over to Hathor.

TEAL'C: She is a Goa'uld.

HATHOR: Jaffa. In service to Apophis, the serpent. Vile creature that he is.

TEAL'C: I am no longer in the service of Apophis.

HATHOR: We despise all that Ra, Apophis and their kind do and believe.

JACKSON: It's all right. So does Teal'c.

HATHOR: Then your enemy is our enemy. Together we can defeat them.

TEAL'C: I will serve no Goa'uld.

Hathor lifts Teal'c's hand and appears to blow the pink mist on it.

JACKSON: What do you say General?

HAMMOND: I say we should make the lady comfortable and welcome her.

CARTER: General, sir, I have a problem with this.

JACKSON: Hathor, this is Captain Carter.

HATHOR: You are an exceedingly beautiful woman.

CARTER: Thank you. So are you. General Hammond, I believe we should keep Ms Hathor under house arrest until we can better assess…

HAMMOND: Don't be impolite, Captain!

CARTER: Impolite, sir? She's a Goa'uld.

HAMMOND: She is a guest of this facility, Captain.

CARTER: General, this is crazy, it doesn't make any sense. Colonel O'Neill?

HAMMOND: I am in command of this facility, Captain Carter, not Colonel O'Neill. Is that understood?

CARTER: But, Sir….

HAMMOND: Understood?

CARTER: Well, sir, with respect, it seems this woman has all you guys under some spell or something.

HAMMOND: Are you questioning my orders, Captain?

CARTER: Yes, sir, I guess I am. Colonel O'Neill, are you gonna back me up on this?

O'NEILL: Yes, Captain. If I see that there's a problem.

HAMMOND: Thank you Colonel. [To Hathor] Now, if you will follow me, I would be honoured to give you a tour of our facility.

Hammond and Hathor walk off and Daniel follows with a dreamy look on his face.

Scene: VIP Quarters.

JACKSON: This is the guest quarters.

HATHOR: This will do fine.

HAMMOND: We'll post a couple of guards outside.

HATHOR: Guards? To protect us.. or to protect every one else?

She moves closer and doses Hammond with the pink mist again.

HAMMOND: Colonel?


HAMMOND: Let's forget the guards.

O'NEILL: Are you sure, General?

HATHOR: You can trust us, Colonel.

O'NEILL: Oh, that's not in question, ma'am. But it is our policy to secure… all quarters.

Hathor has moved over to Jack and gives him another dose.

O'NEILL: Of course. The guards probably aren't necessary.

HATHOR: Our thanks to you.

Jack looks round again.

O'NEILL: Um, I suppose we should let you get some… rest.


Hammond, Jack and Daniel turn to leave.

HATHOR: Dr Jackson? Please remain. We have other questions.

Daniel shuts the door.


HATHOR: It is time that you become our chosen one.

JACKSON: Chosen one?

HATHOR: Will you always honour us?


HATHOR: Would you die for us?

JACKSON: Die.. Yes.

Scene: Level 25

Sam comes out of a door with No Unauthorized Access on it and walks down a corridor. She spots Jack coming the other way. She turns and walks with him.

CARTER: Colonel, here you are.

O'NEILL: Here I am, Captain.

CARTER: I wanted to have a word with you, sir, about Hathor, if you don't mind.

O'NEILL: Fascinating lady, isn't she?

CARTER: A little too fascinating, don't you think?

O'NEILL: What do you mean?

CARTER: Well, sir, she seems to have you all so….. infatuated.

O'NEILL: Us all?

CARTER: Yes, sir. The men. Don't you think it's a little dangerous to be giving a Goa'uld such royal treatment?

O'NEILL: Relax, Captain. She's on our side.

CARTER: So she says.

They stop.

O'NEILL: Captain, if you don't mind my saying so, you're treating her exactly the way you hate to see people treat Teal'c. Bit of a double standard, don't you think?

CARTER: Teal'c has proven whose side he's on. She hasn't.

O'NEILL: Carter, have you ever heard the old saying, 'My enemy's enemy is my friend'?

CARTER: Yes, sir. But even when the CIA grants sanctuary to an enemy turncoat they never trust him. They watch him like a hawk.

O'NEILL: Daniel's watching her right now.

Jack puts his hand on Sam's shoulder.

O'NEILL: Relax.

Scene: Gateroom

Daniel and Hathor walk in.

HATHOR: Tell us, our beloved, what are the questions swelling in your mind?

JACKSON: I spent years studying you as a student, and now I'm with you. Do you know, you're described in history as the most beautiful woman that ever has or ever will be able to control men with just your beauty?

Hathor has walked up the ramp to the Stargate.

HATHOR: We are pleased to see you old friend. It won't be long before you will serve us once again.

She turns back to Daniel.

HATHOR: Tell us. Do you believe this to be true now that you have come to know us?

JACKSON: Well I certainly have a deeper understanding of it now.

HATHOR: We are the queen of the gods. We are the mother of all gods.

JACKSON: Yes. What does that mean exactly?

HATHOR: From us, all others come.

JACKSON: I don't understand.

HATHOR: The jaffa, he has a Goa'uld child in his belly?

JACKSON: A larva, yes.

HATHOR: Did you ever wonder from whence the children come?

JACKSON: Are you saying they come from you?

HATHOR: Yes. And others like us.

JACKSON: My God! You're like a queen bee! You create the Goa'uld's!

Scene: Janet's office

Janet walks in where Sam is sitting at a computer.

FRAISER: Captain Carter, what are you doing?

CARTER: Have you noticed the way the men on the base are acting?

FRAISER: Yes! Thank you. You noticed too?

CARTER: It all seems to be tied in to the arrival of this Hathor person or whatever she is. I'm researching her right now on the net.

FRAISER: What have you found?

CARTER: This is really Daniel's field so I'm kinda starting from scratch. This one academics web page theorises that a bunch of the sex goddesses from different cultures were actually the same woman -- Hathor. The Greeks identified her with Aphrodite. There's Ishtar of Babylon, Astarte of Syria, Ceres of Rome.

FRAISER: Sounds like she got around.

CARTER: Yeah, in most mythology. And she's pretty loved in all of it, except for a late period in ancient Egypt where according to one of the stories, she was sent by Ra to destroy mankind. And then he changed his mind and they became enemies.

FRAISER: So when she says she's Ra's enemy she may not be lying?

CARTER: Yeah, but here's the interesting thing. According to the stories, this woman had magical powers over men. She was supposed to be able to seduce them into doing anything for her. In almost every case, it describes them as 'drunk with her presence'.

FRAISER: Well that would be how I'd describe our boys.

CARTER: Yeah. Now I figure she's using some form of Goa'uld technology. Any ideas?

FRAISER: My guess would be some sort of chemical we've never seen, a sort of super pheromones combined with something like Sodium Pentothal. Probably airborne delivery.

CARTER: Great. How do we reverse it in the men?

FRAISER: May not be reversible. And if it is, it may take years.

CARTER: We probably don't even have days before this Goa'uld does whatever it is she's trying to do.

FRAISER: So what do you suggest, Captain?

CARTER: I suggest we neutralise her.

Scene: VIP Quarters

Daniel and Hathor walk in.

JACKSON: So you actually create the larva? How?

HATHOR: We must first have the code of life from the juices of the species intended as the host.

JACKSON: Code of life?

HATHOR: In order to assure compatibility for the Goa'uld child and the host.

JACKSON: DNA. You mean you need DNA to prevent rejection?

HATHOR: The code of life. We do so enjoy the method of procuring the code in your species.

She takes Daniel's glasses off.

HATHOR: It is much more pleasurable than most.


HATHOR: Since you are to be our first pharaoh you will honour us by being the one to contribute the code.

JACKSON: You want me to help you create more Goa'uld's?

Hathor moves in to kiss Daniel but he grabs her arm. She doses him with the pink mist and he lets go.

HATHOR: Now that Ra is gone, we are finally free to rule this planet. With you, our beloved, at our side for all eternity.

Hathor kisses Daniel.

Scene: Control Room

Sam, Janet and some other women are kitted out in BDU's. Sam is handing out weapons.

CARTER: Okay, here's what we know. This creature who calls herself Hathor is admittedly a Goa'uld or some form of Goa'uld. So she has who knows what kinds of weapons or defences. That means it might take a lot of firepower to neutralise her and we need to come at her from multiple flanks. [She hands a gun to Janet] You know how to use this don't you?

FRAISER: Well yeah, I had some training, but I haven't touched one of these things in years.

CARTER: Well don't worry, all you do is point and pull the trigger and be careful not to hurt any of our own men. They're all pretty loopy right now so they shouldn't be a problem.

TEAL'C: Captain Carter.

All the women turn and raise their weapons.

TEAL'C: We must speak of Hathor.

CARTER: Keep your hands where I can see them Teal'c.

TEAL'C: Do you not trust me, Captain Carter?

CARTER: All the men on this base are under Hathor's control, from what I can tell. And I hate to break it to you Teal'c, but you are male.

TEAL'C: I am a jaffa. The Goa'uld I carry within me protects me from Hathor's powers. It is only together that we may stop her.

CARTER: From doing what exactly?

TEAL'C: It is legend among the jaffa that the original Goa'uld larva come from the queen Goa'uld's.

CARTER: And you think Hathor's one of them?

TEAL'C: Yes. If I am correct, this base will become her nest. From here she will populate your world with new Goa'uld. I cannot permit this to happen. Captain Carter, we cannot permit this to happen.

Sam hands Teal'c a gun.

CARTER: Glad you're with us Teal'c.

Scene: Corridor

The women and Teal'c walk down the corridor.

FRAISER: Is this really necessary? Somebody's bound to come on base and see what's going on.

CARTER: Yeah, and if they're male, they'll be under Hathor's control before they can think about it. Besides when was the last time you saw a new woman get assigned here?

They reach the VIP Room and Sam kicks the door open. Daniel is sitting on the bed, looking blank and the lamp is knocked over.

CARTER: Daniel? You okay? Where is she Daniel?

AIRWOMAN1: Captain, we found her. She was spotted going into the locker room.

CARTER: Right, let's go. Daniel, you okay?

AIRWOMAN1: Captain!

They leave.

Scene: Locker room

Sam, Janet, Teal'c and two other Airwomen move in. Sam signals for Janet and one of the women to go one way and she, Teal'c and A1 go the other.

Hathor is sat in the bath with the squealing larva. Hathor suddenly opens her eyes.

HATHOR: Rin tel nok!

Men from the base including Hammond and Jack walk out in front of the tub.

HAMMOND: Stand down Captain Carter. Unless you plan to kill us?

O'NEILL: Is this any way to treat a guest Captain?

More men arrive behind them with guns drawn.

Scene: Holding room.

CARTER: It must be a pretty powerful drug Hathor's using. Colonel O'Neill is Special Forces trained to fight mind control techniques.

FRAISER: Well not Goa'uld techniques apparently.

CARTER: Yeah, well Mama said there'd days like this.

FRAISER: Really? My ex-husband said that. 'Are you outta your mind honey-buns? There is a reason they call it this man's army.'

CARTER: This mans army? Your husband actually said that?

FRAISER: Yeah, so of course I explained to him it wasn't the Army, it was the Air Force and they've had women for decades.

CARTER: Man! Maybe it's just me, but I can't figure out how to feel like one of the guys with these guys. You know what I mean? I always feel like I'm 'the girl'.

FRAISER: That's it.


FRAISER: You just gave me an idea on how to get us out of here. Look if Hathor's control drug is hormone driven like I suspect, that means she's making the men libidinous.

CARTER: Okay, why do I get the feeling I don't like where this is going?

Scene: VIP Quarters

Jack knocks and walks in.

O'NEILL: Excuse me ma'am. I'm, uh, sorry to barge in on you like this, but I'd like to ask you some questions.

HATHOR: About?

O'NEILL: About you, actually. See you've… You've got me a little of balance and that's very unnatural for me.

HATHOR: We are told by the one you call Daniel that you are the one responsible for ridding us from the vile one Ra.

O'NEILL: Yeah, we kinda touched on that earlier, but I'd like to be the one asking the questions right now, if you don't mind.

HATHOR: We must praise you and give to you a great honour.

O'NEILL: Yeah, I'm sure that'd be just great. But not right..

Hathor breathes on him and starts to unbutton his shirt. She pulls of her own top to reveal a bikini top and skirt with a glowing jewel where her navel should be. She pulls Jack to her.

HATHOR: Do not worry yourself. You will enjoy the rich rewards that come with what we are giving you. [We see Jack's face and he looks to be in pain] You will cherish the good health and long life that goes with being…

She drops Jack and he falls to the floor.


Jack looks down to see he has an X on his stomach.

Scene: Holding room.

CARTER: You know using seduction wasn't in any of the AF training manuals I've ever read.

FRAISER: What, you think the Pentagon anticipated a 4000 year old alien walking onto a base and drugging all the men to make them…?

CARTER: Libidinous?


CARTER: I suppose they do train us to take advantage of the enemy's weakness.

FRAISER: Exactly.

CARTER: All right. Let's do it.

Janet knocks on the door.

FRAISER: Airman, open up! We've got something for you.


FRAISER: Why don't you come in here and see for yourself?

AIRMAN: No can do. We only take orders from Hathor.

FRAISER: Gentlemen, there are five women in here, very alone.

CARTER: Why do I feel like I'm in a women-behind-bars movie?

Janet opens her jacket and Airwoman1 takes off her jacket.

The door opens and the Airman comes in.

AIRMAN: What are you suggesting ladies?

FRAISER: Whatever you want Airman?

He comes in and signals to the other guard to come in as well. Airman 1 goes over to Janet and she kisses him. Airman2 comes in and Sam smiles at him. She then elbows him in the face. Airwoman1 grabs Airman 1 and pushes him up against the wall. Sam has grabbed one of the weapons.

CARTER: Feel like a woman, Doc?

FRAISER: Oh yeah.

Janet wipes her mouth.

CARTER: Let's tie `em up.

Scene: Corridor.

Airwomen 2 and 3 walk down the corridor. An Airman appears.

AIRMAN3: Hold it right there ladies!

Airwoman 1 clubs him on the back of the head with a gun.

HAMMOND: Drop your weapon!

Sam then clubs Hammond on the head with her gun.

CARTER: Yeah. My career is over.

FRAISER: Don't worry about it. I can fix him up good as new when this things over.

CARTER: Great, so he can bring me up on charges.

Sam grabs the keys off the first airman and goes to unlock Teal'c.

Janet grabs Hammond's gun and checks his pulse.

TEAL'C: I am pleased to see you Captain Carter.

CARTER: I'm glad someone is.

Sam hands the keys to Airwoman1.

CARTER: Lock these guys up and stay here.

Sam, Janet and Teal'c leave.

Scene: Locker room 214B

CARTER: Okay. Let Teal'c and me take the lead.

FRAISER: No argument there.

CARTER: On three.

Teal'c just walks in.

Inside, Jack is on the floor next to the bath with the larva in. Sam goes over to check his pulse and then looks into the bath. Something starts to come up. Hathor emerges fully dry and steps out of the tub. She then walks over to Jack.

HATHOR: Do not worry child. You will soon receive your Goa'uld. And then you will begin to feel strong again.

She picks Jack up and helps him into the bath.

Sam turns to look at Janet.

Hathor opens Jack's shirt slightly.

HATHOR: The strongest of the larvae will soon find your womb and move into it. At that moment, you will begin your service to us. Enjoy.

She walks off.

CARTER: Let's get him outta there.

Teal'c walks past and moves to the tub. He starts to pick Jack out.

CARTER: Okay, Colonel, we got you.

Teal'c pulls him out and Sam puts his arm over her shoulder.


They lie him on a bench.

FRAISER: Here, take this.

She hands her weapon to Sam and proceeds to stick her hand into the X.


She pulls her hand out.

FRAISER: No. Nothing went in there yet.

CARTER: This is a good thing.

FRAISER: Oh, maybe.

TEAL'C: He no longer has an immune system. Without a Goa'uld larva, he will soon die.

Scene: Corridor

Sam and Janet are leading the way while Teal'c carries Jack.

FRAISER: Shouldn't we be taking him to the infirmary?

TEAL'C: You said you do not have the technology to help him.

FRAISER: Well we could at least make him comfortable.

TEAL'C: The Goa'uld's have the technology and Hathor may have brought it to us.

CARTER: The Sarcophagus.

Sam swipes her card and they enter the Gateroom.

Sam and Teal'c put Jack in the Sarcophagus.

TEAL'C: I have seen the Goa'uld chamber do many miracles.

Teal'c closes the sarcophagus.

The door suddenly opens and two Airmen come in firing. Sam, Janet and Teal'c head behind the sarcophagus for cover. Janet fires back and gets shot.


Teal'c gets up and is shot in the arm and leg. He then helps Janet to cover. Hathor appears at the door. The sarcophagus starts to open.

HATHOR: Stop! You will harm our new Jaffa.

Janet passes Sam her gun. Jack then sits up. He looks down and then looks at Hathor.

O'NEILL: What's going on?

Hathor raises her hand device and Jack jumps out of the sarcophagus. She fires and the sarcophagus starts to crackle.

CARTER: Colonel!

She hands him a weapon.

Hathor leaves with the men.

O'NEILL: I don't think this is good.

He signals for them to leave. Sam gets up and swipes her card and they get out. The sarcophagus blows up just as they get out and they hit the deck. Teal'c shields Janet and Jack lands next to Sam.

O'NEILL: You all right?

CARTER: Yeah. Good to have you back Colonel.

O'NEILL: What, I left?

Sam gets up and swipes her card to open the door and they go into the Gateroom to see the sarcophagus is a blackened mess.


They look at the Gateroom.

CARTER: Colonel?

O'NEILL: Yeah?

CARTER: Do you mind if I have a look?

She indicates his stomach.

O'NEILL: At what?

CARTER: You were, um, let's just say you were wounded.

He opens his shirt.

CARTER: Wow! That's a miracle.

O'NEILL: (Clueless! ;)) Crunches.

FRAISER: Too bad she blew up that sarcophagus. We could use one of those things in the infirmary right about now.

O'NEILL: Get yourselves down there right away.

Teal'c and Janet leave.

CARTER: Now what?

O'NEILL: Now, you and I go for that Goa'uld.

CARTER: Well, how? She's guarded by our own men. We can't exactly go in shooting.

O'NEILL: We can with tranquilliser guns.

CARTER: I thought of that, sir, but there weren't any in the armoury.

O'NEILL: This is the military, Captain. We always have more than we need. There's a supply in lock up C.

CARTER: Be nice if someone told me that.

O'NEILL: Your tax dollar at work.

Scene: Locker Room

Hathor is in the bath with Daniel next to her.

HATHOR: We demand that the woman you call Carter be brought before us so we may gain retribution.

JACKSON: Captain Carter does deserve to be punished, my queen. But she does not know what she is doing. I beg of you to show mercy.

Jack and Sam come in and stay hidden.

HATHOR: She deserves no mercy from us. She will make amends with her death.

Sam looks at Jack. He nods and they tranq all the men standing around her except Daniel.

CARTER: I don't think so.

Hathor raises her hand device and throws Sam against the wall. She turns to Jack.

HATHOR: You have failed us our love. You will not fail us again.

Hathor's eyes glow and she raises her hand to Jack. Sam suddenly gets up and shoots Hathor with her handgun. Hathor falls back in the water which sets itself on fire.


Sam and Jack run in to grab the unconscious Airmen.

O'NEILL: Get these Airmen outta here! Daniel, let's go. Move it!

As Sam and Jack get the last two Airmen out, Daniel is staring at the bath. We see a figure climb out of the flames. Sam and Jack come back for Daniel and get him out, while two Airwomen come to put out the fire. The alarm for the Stargate comes on.

PA: Unauthorized Gate Activation. All hands to the Gate room.

Scene: Control room

Sam and Jack run up the stairs.

PA: Unauthorized Gate Activation.

Sam opens the blast doors where they see Hathor has activated the Gate and is standing at the top of the ramp. She then steps through.

O'NEILL: Where'd she go?

CARTER: Chulak. We have to go after her.

The Gate shuts down.

O'NEILL: We will. Not right now.

JACKSON: Hey. What's going on? I must have… blacked out.

CARTER: I guess she needs to stay in proximity to keep control.

O'NEILL: Control what?

JACKSON: What? What are you talking about?

Scene: Locker room

Janet is taking samples of the burnt Goa'uld larvae, Sam is helping as Janet has one arm in a sling.

Daniel, Jack and Teal'c walk in, in civies.

O'NEILL: Did you find anything?

FRAISER: Probably nothing we can use. Maybe we'll at least get a cellular level analysis on the Goa'uld's, maybe even find some DNA information.

JACKSON: A lot of that will probably be mine.

O'NEILL: Eugh!

Hammond walks in and Sam and Janet get up. Jack gets up from the bench he was sitting on.


CARTER: General Hammond, sir.

HAMMOND: At ease, Captain. At ease, Doctor.

CARTER: Thank you, sir. About your head, I'd like to explain that if I could.

HAMMOND: Captain, I'm putting you and Doctor Fraiser up for a commendation medal.

CARTER: Well, thank you, sir, but I can explain… You are?

HAMMOND: If you hadn't kept your wits about you and done whatever was necessary we could have put this entire planet at risk. Good job, ladies.

CARTER: Thank you, sir.

HAMMOND: Well, that's all.

Hammond leaves.

O'NEILL: Nice job.


Sam and Janet just look at each other and smile.