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Pressed by the government to acquire new technologies, SG-1 is led to a world inhabited by a seemingly primitive race. When Apophis arrives, SG-1 ambush him with disastrous consequences.

DVD DISC: Season 1, Disc 3
WRITTEN BY: Hart Hanson
DIRECTED BY: Charles Correll
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Transcript by Lauren Freeman
Edited by Deanna Moll-Landry
SG1 Transcripts

We open watching the Stargate spinning; a team looks to be getting ready to go through.

SOLDIER: Stargate in motion!

DAVIS: Chevron six encoded. (We look into computer room and see GH, a man, SG-1 and the usual staff working on the computers.)

HAMMOND: Better hang on to something Mr. Secretary. This is how we open the front door around here.

DAVIS: Chevron seven, locked. (The gate opens.)

SECRETARY: My God, General, it ...

HAMMOND: I thought you might be impressed.

SECRETARY: What exactly am I looking at? (Sam steps up.)

CARTER: We think you're looking at an even horizon of an artificial-created wormhole, through our space time to a point tens, even hundreds of light years away. Sir.


DAVIS: SG-5, the mission is a go for standard recon.

SECRETARY: And do we know where they're going?

HAMMOND: The planets designation is P3C-117. (GH turns to show him on a map.)

SECRETARY: Do you have any idea what's out there?

O'NEILL: No sir that would be ... why were going.

SECRETARY: I'm not sure Colonel, is it? Because to be perfectly frank this administration is not satisfied with the current progress of the Stargate program.

CARTER: Begging the secretary's pardon, sir, but we've already visited 19 separate worlds.

HAMMOND: I believe he is referring specifically to the volume of technology being returned on your planetary missions.

SECRETARY: The president and Joint Chiefs were under the impression that the SG teams would bring back superior technologies. (Danny steps out of the corner he is standing in.)

DANIEL: I'm sorry, I thought we were explorers.

SECRETARY: Oh you are Dr. Jackson, but even Marco Polo when he came back from the far east brought more then just a few exotic spices.

O'NEILL: Mr. Secretary, it's been my observation, that, whether it's out here on earth or ... out there, cultures with advanced technology tend not to like to share it.

SECRETARY: So where wasting our time?

O'NEILL: (Turns to Sam) Would you interpret what I just said as ...

HAMMOND: Colonel.

CARTER: Sir, with respect, this program is quite probably humanities most important endeavor.

SECRETARY: They said the something about the Apollo program, they brought back moon rocks. You may have noticed we haven't been to the moon in 25 years.

O'NEILL: What kind of comparison is that?'

SECRETARY: Colonel, if one of those Goa'uld ships were coming here right now, have you brought back one thing we can fight them off with?

TEAL'C: What technology do you seek?

SECRETARY: You tell me, what's out there?

TEAL'C: There are still technologies even the Goa'uld seek. There is a creator that lives on an unpopulated world, it possesses powers of invisibility.

SECRETARY: Invisibility? As in stealth?

TEAL'C: That is correct, it can appear and disappear at will. I was once commanded to retrieve the creature, to leer it's secrets. Apophis took the lives of two of my men as punishment for failure to retrieve it.

CARTER: If we manage to capture one alive, it could provide us with a serious tactical advantage the next time we came against the Goa'uld.

O'NEILL: Sounds like a mission to me.


We go through the Stargate, we see Jack walk out, a FRED is already there. The gate shuts behind him.

O'NEILL: Carter? (No answer.) Daniel! Teal'c! (He cocks his gun. Sam walks up from behind the gate. )

CARTER: Here sir.

O'NEILL: What have we got?

CARTER: I thought I saw something just as we came through, sir.

O'NEILL: Teal'c? Did we score already?

TEAL'C: I saw movement as well, this way. (All of SG-1 starts to walk.)

O'NEILL: I hope these things are as big as you say they are. There is enough tranquilizer in these darts to knock out a Rino.

TEAL'C: They are very large, but extremely maneuverable in the air. We will find them most vulnerable when they hover.

DANIEL: Hover? Like a hummingbird?

TEAL'C: With teeth. (We look down a hill.)

O'NEILL: Alright, well there's nothing out there. Jack turns around. Let's get back to the gear and ... where's the Stargate? (Everyone turns around, there is nothing there.)


They are walking back to where the Stargate was.

O'NEILL: I don't like this.

DANIEL: (To Teal'c) Did anything like this ever happen to you before?

TEAL'C: It has not, if we became misdirected, and needed to locate the Stargate, we had a Goa'uld homing device to find it.

DANIEL: (Yells to Jack) Do we have a homing device?

O'NEILL: Course we do, it's with the gear.

DANIEL: Which is ... by the Stargate.

O'NEILL: Yep, Captain, let's start a box search. You and Teal'c take off in that direction, stay in radio contact.

CARTER: Yes, Sir.

O'NEILL: Daniel, you with me. (They all start to walk. We follow Jack and Danny, we hear a sputtering noise and Danny sees something. )

DANIEL: Spss, spss, spss. (Jack turns around and walks back to Danny where he stopped.) There. (We look at what Danny sees, out in the woods the trees are moving around rapidly. Jack get's ready to shoot it.) I just hope it becomes visible once we traq it, otherwise will never be able find it. (Jack shoots but it's already gone.)

O'NEILL: (Into radio) Teal'c, what the hell are you doing?

TEAL'C: It did not come from me. (We see Jaffa run out into a clearing. )

O'NEILL: Oh. (We see Apophis order his men to do something and the Jaffa run. )


SG-1 is together again.

TEAL'C: You are certain it was Apophis?

O'NEILL: Oh yeah.

DANIEL: Okay, what are we gonna do? We have to do something.

O'NEILL: That's not our mission.

DANIEL: Ah, just ... forget our mission. Now he's the only one who knows where Sha're and Skarra are, we may not get another chance like this.

O'NEILL: What kind of entourage is he gonna have with him?

TEAL'C: Two perhaps three Jaffa guards.

CARTER: Are we seriously entertaining the idea of going after Apophis? (Jack nods.) Sir, we're not prepared for an attack! Half the ordnance we're caring is tranquilizer guns.

DANIEL: So we use one of them to knock him out. He will wake up in a holding cell with out his guards, without his technology, he will have no choice but to tell us everything we want to know about Goa'uld technology, about were Sha'ra is.

O'NEILL: Can I remind you that we don't know where the Stargate is?

TEAL'C: He will have the Goa'uld homing device I spoke of.

DANIEL: There you are.

O'NEILL: Alright, you know what were up against better then anyone, can we do what Daniel is talking about?

TEAL'C: We have the element of surprise, I have my staff weapon. If we eliminate his personally guard quickly, I believe so.

O'NEILL: Teal'c, this character used to be a god to you, you're sure you're okay with this?

TEAL'C: I am okay.

O'NEILL: Okay, Carter?

CARTER: If were going to do this we better plan the attack very carefully.


We see Apophis and his guards walking down a path, Apophis stops and motions for his guards to go ahead of him. One guards go forward, the other two stop beside Apophis. The one that went ahead stops and bends down, he studies a shoe print in the mud, it's one of SG-1′s. The Jaffa stands up, Staff ready and walks forward, we see Teal'c jump out and shoot with his staff. The guard ducks and the blast hits some rocks. The other guards run to help. Carter sits up from her hiding place behind a rock and starts to shoot her gun. Now all of SG-1 minus Jack is sitting up behind their large rocks shooting from every direction. Each Jaffa guard takes a person to shoot at. Jack walks up behind Apophis and shoot's his traq, but Apophis puts up his shield. He turns to a guard and yells. The guard throws him his staff. Jack jumps for cover but is shot in while in the air. He yells then falls to the ground not moving. Sam and Danny sees this. Danny keeps on shooting, Sam stands up.

CARTER: Colonel!

Apophis sees her and shoots her in the chest. She yells and falls to the ground unmoving. Danny sees this and stands up to try and help her only to be shot in the chest, he yells, and falls down the small mountain, unmoving. Teal'c jumps up still shooting, he manages to his a guard, Teal'c steps out trying to shoot Apophis, but the shield is reflecting the shots.

APOPHIS: (Goa'Uld voice, hence the CAPS!) TEAL'C, JAFFA! SHOL'VA! (Teal'c looks at each of his friends, lying dead where they fell. )

TEAL'C: Tal shekka mel, I die free.

Apophis smiles and nods, he looks at the dead members of SG-1 then aims his staff to kill Teal'c, but Teal'c is gone, Apophis looks around and so is the dead members of SG-1 and is dead guard. Apophis looks like he doesn't know what to think.


We see Danny laying on a flat rock, there is a hole where he was shot, his clothes around the hole is bloody, but there is no wound. Danny starts to wake up. he looks kind of freaked out as he sits up his hands over the hole in his shirt. He looks for the wound, when he dose not find it he decided to explore. He walks over to where Sam lays and feels to see if she is breathing, satisfied that she is, he places his hand in the hole where she was shot, and feels around for the wound. Sam wakes up to see his hand on her chest.

CARTER: Hey, what are you doing? (Danny takes his hand up.)

DANIEL: I felt that blast kill me, I mean ... I thought I ... I thought we were dead, weren't we dead?


DANIEL: Okay, well I thought Heaven would be a little more upscale.

CARTER: Oh, I don't think this is Heaven. (Sam gets up and they both walk over to Jack. He is lying on his stomach; the wound was on his back. Sam feel's where the wound was, only to find, like Daniel and herself all that is left is the hole in his clothes. )

DANIEL: Jack? (Danny puts his hand on Jacks head.) Jack. (jack suddenly wakes up jumping up.)

O'NEILL: What? God.

DANIEL: It's okay.

O'NEILL: What the hell was that?

DANIEL: It's okay. (Jack feels his back confusion crossing over his face. )

O'NEILL: Wasn't I just ...

CARTER: Killed.

O'NEILL: Killed as in ...


O'NEILL: Dead.

CARTER: Yeah, we know we saw it happen. Same thing happened to us.

O'NEILL: Well, this is a surprise then.

DANIEL: I don't know what happened to Teal'c.

CARTER: Colonel, my side arm's gone.

O'NEILL: So is mine. (A man with hair that has obviously not been brushed ... EVER comes in.)

DANIEL: Ah ... hello. (A women that looks like the man walks in, with a big smile on her face. They don't speak back.) Hi, I'm Daniel, uh, Jackson. This is Captain Carter and this is ... uh ...

O'NEILL: Colonel Jack O'Neill, SG-1. Um ... sorry to drop in on you like this but we were ... dead.

CARTER: Do you know where our friend is? Another like us. (The women motions for them to follow her, then walks out. The man smiles and follows. SG-1 look at each other then follow.)

DANIEL: Is this your village? Aresh? Tao Aki? We need to find our friend, Teal'c.

The man and woman walk to a tree lying on the ground (bench) next to a couple of baskets of fruit. The outside of their hut SG-1 was in is very colorful. Bright colored flowers surround their yard. On the bench there are two other Nox, one very old, and one very young. Both male. The man and woman sit beside them. SG-1 follows them.

O'NEILL: Ah ... fruit. Nothing like coming back from the dead to build up an apitite.( SG-1 sit on the bench across from the Nox. The man throws Jack a fruit.) Ah ... Oh, thank you ... thank you very much. (The man throws one to Daniel then Sam. )

DANIEL: Did you do this? (He points at where the staff wound was in his stomach. No one answers.) Did you heal us? (The Nox look at each other then show that SG-1 is welcome to have more fruit. Danny speaks softly to Jack,) I think there a family.

O'NEILL: (Speaks softly back,) of what?

DANIEL: I have no idea.

O'NEILL: Well we should ask them to give us back our weapons. (Sam is in the background nodding in agreement. The little boy walks up to Jack.) Oh, hi. Um ... listen, those things you found on us, those things you took from us, the big things, there very dangerous and ... (The boy runs off and we see Teal'c walking up behind them.) Hey ... (Jack turns to see Teal'c.) Teal'c, thank God. (He get up to meet Teal'c, who is now walking with the little boy.) Please tell me you know what's going on around here.

TEAL'C: I cannot tell you that.

O'NEILL: What about Apophis, you got a line on him?

TEAL'C: I do not.

O'NEILL: Any idea how far away from the Stargate we might be?

TEAL'C: I believe us to be ... (Something catches Teal'c and Jack attention. It's the boy how walks up to Sam. The boy points to himself.)

NAFRAYU: Nafrayu. (Sam puts her hand on Nafrayu's chest.)

CARTER: Nafrayu. (She points at herself.) Carter.

NAFRAYU: (Puts his hand on Sam's shoulder.) Carter. (Both are smiling very large smiles.)

O'NEILL: No, you can't keep him.


APOPHIS: JAFFA! JANKING! TIKA! (The Jaffa runs off at his order. )


We see a pot with white soup stuff cooking over a fire. A spoon goes into it lifts some out and in to a cup made out of a leaf. It's handed towards Jack who hits Danny a couple of times and makes Danny take it. Jack looks scared of it!

O'NEILL: Maybe you should ask them about the Stargate.

DANIEL: I have, they don't understand. Actually they don't really say much at all. (Jack get handed some soup stuff!) At the moment I'm trying to figure out if they're human.

CARTER: (She is sitting next to the boy.) They're fairly human.

MAN: I will take you to your doorway. (Jack and Danny look up surprised.)

O'NEILL: Whoa.

DANIEL: You understand what I'm saying?

MAN: It took time to learn your speech.

CARTER: Not much time.

MAN: Your weapons are gone.

O'NEILL: Gone where?

CARTER: You know about our enemy?

O'NEILL: The bad guys, They'll be following us.

WOMAN: You attacked them.

DANIEL: You saw?

CARTER: We only might to capture Them.

O'NEILL: Look where not in the assassination business, he's just ... bad. Very ...

DANIEL: ... Bad.

O'NEILL: Bad. We just wanted to take him back to our world and have a chat with him about all the nasty ...

JACK & DANIEL: ... Bad ...

O'NEILL: Things he's been doing. (Jack turns to Teal'c.) We just didn't know about this little force field deal ...

TEAL'C: I have never seen such a device, if I had ...

O'NEILL: It's alright, we're alive thanks to you folks.

MAN: We will take you to your doorway. You will go.

CARTER: As in ... the Stargate?

WOMAN: Yes, you will go?

O'NEILL: Well, it's not quite that simple.

TEAL'C: By rescuing us, you have put yourselves in great danger. Apophis will try to locate us.

MAN: Rest now, you will leave soon. Take your ways with you.

O'NEILL: No, wait, wait, wait. Um ... you helped us. You saved us.

MAN: Yes.


MAN: Our ways.

DANIEL: We're from a race of people who want to learn about your ways, your medicine.

MAN: No.

O'NEILL: Is there anyone else we could talk to? Do you have a leader?

MAN: They have no wish to see you.

O'NEILL: So there are others.

MAN: You will go. (He walks off.)

O'NEILL: Right ... we'll go.

TEAL'C: If you wish us to leave, should we not depart now?

WOMAN: Your brother won't revive until later. (The woman hands them a bowl then walks off.)

O'NEILL: Excuse me? (The woman stops and turns around.) Whose brother? (She motions for him to follow her. SG-1 gets up and follows.) Brother? (They walk back into the hut and go to a curtain. The woman opens the curtain and we see a Jaffa lying asleep. They all walk back out side. )

WOMAN: He resisted our attempts to help him heal.

TEAL'C: We may yet survive, the Goa'uld he carries is healing him even now.

MAN: That is good.

O'NEILL: How is that good, I mean he is in the service of the Goa'uld.

MAN: He is like him. (Nods to Teal'c.)

O'NEILL: He's with us.

WOMAN: Perhaps you can convince the injured one to join you as well?

CARTER: Oh, I don't think so

DANIEL: The Goa'uld is a parasitic race. They take life and use it for there own purpose.

O'NEILL: And their ways are not like your ways, believe me.

MAN: They do not know the Nox.

DANIEL: That's you? The Nox? (Man nods.)

WOMAN: The ones you speak of come to hunt the Fenri.

O'NEILL: Fenri, what?

DANIEL: That's probably that disappearing, invisible, flying thing we were after.

MAN: Yes, Fenri.

O'NEILL: Alright, look, umm ... do you have any elders, I could speak with I don't think your understanding what I'm ...

MAN: Ohper is one of the oldest of the Nox. (They lead them to an older Nox sitting down.)

TEAL'C: If Shackle dose not die, they will be in even greeted danger then they are now.

MAN: There will be no more death.

TEAL'C: I have no intention of killing him. However, if Shak'l dose survive his injuries he will tell the Goa'uld where to find you.

O'NEILL: Look, obviously your medicine is very ... well it's very effective. But how do you defend yourselves?

MAN: We don't.

CARTER: Then at least let us help you in exchange for what you did for us.

MAN: You must go.

O'NEILL: Right. Well for now, well just go over here. (He points to the left.) Excuse me. (They walk off. They walk to a clearing were they can talk in private.) Alright, do you know this ... Shak'l? (He asks Teal'c. )

TEAL'C: He served in my command when I was first prime of Apophis.

CARTER: Well, we can't just walk away. I mean if we hadn't attracted Apophis, he wouldn't even be here.

DANIEL: And we can't kill him either. (Everyone looks at him like he has lost his mind.) I wasn't considering it, I was just stating a fact.

O'NEILL: Okay, will take Shak'l back, it's not quite as good as having Apophis, but he can't stay here.

TEAL'C: Apophis will not allow us to leave this world alive. You have challenged him, and I have betrayed him. Even if we were to locate the Stargate, leaving this world will be difficult.

CARTER: So we're back to square one. We can't leave Shak'l here and we can't get him back to the gate, without running in to Apophis.

O'NEILL: Okay, we'll try and learn everything we can about the Nox, it's part of why we came here right? (Everyone nods. Jack turns to Teal'c.) In the meantime, I think you better check on your friend. Whatever we end up doing, I don't think he is going to wake up in a very good mood. Know what I mean? (He pat's Teal'c on the back and Teal'c walks off. )


We see A Jaffa running, staff in hand towards Apophis and another Jaffa.

Jaffa: Apophis, Kree. Shak'l Tak.


Jaffa: We have searched.



Inside the hut where Shak'l is laying, Teal'c is standing guard. Shak'ls wrists are tied together. The woman walks into the room and sprinkled something over Shak'l.

LYA: Must he be bound so tight?

TEAL'C: If not, he will escape when he awakens.

LYA: He deceives you, he's awake now! ( She storms out. Teal'c watches her go, then turns to Shak'l. )

TEAL'C: Were you waiting for me to turn my back, Shak'l?

SHAK'L: As you taught me. Have you come to kill me?

TEAL'C: I offer you the chance to join me. The Goa'uld are not gods.

SHAK'L: Lies.

TEAL'C: These people are that of the first world. The Tau'ri.

SHAK'L: You waist your breath. I shall rest, strengthen by the thought of the reword I shall get when I present your head, to Apophis.

TEAL'C: The time of Apophis, will soon end. And on that day, I will return to our world, and offer freedom to all Jaffa. It is ashamed you will not live to see it. For when you fail to kill me, it will be your head.

We go back out side, where we see Daniel sharpening the end of a stick.

DANIEL: I really don't get the point of this. (Jack walks up with a hand made bow, for Daniels arrow. )

O'NEILL: Well, if we run into Apophis again, will be prepared.

DANIEL: But what good are bows and arrows gonna do against that kind of fire power?

O'NEILL: Exactly how I want him to think.

DANIEL: Yeah ...

CARTER: Any weapon is better then no weapon when it comes to survival.

DANIEL: You guys just don't want to give up, do you?


CARTER: That's what happens when you spend most your life in Special Forces.

DANIEL: Somehow I don't thing we'd make very good Nox.

O'NEILL: I think your right. We see Nafrayu start to walk up.

NAFRAYU: Is that a weapon?

O'NEILL: Yes, and you can't have it.

Jack and Nafrayu walk off. We see Jack testing out his bow and arrow. He shoots and it lands in a broken tree. Nafrayu runs after it and pulls it out. He hand it to Jack.

NAFRAYU: If you blunted this stick this would be good for knocking fruit from the highest branches.

O'NEILL: Yeah, I bet it would.

NAFRAYU: Why do you want to fight them?

O'NEILL: I don't want to.

NAFRAYU: Then don't.

O'NEILL: It's not that simple. Look, I believe in peace, just like you, I do.

NAFRAYU: Then why do you fight?

O'NEILL: Because our enemy gives us no option, sometimes turning the other cheek just doesn't work.

NAFRAYU: I'll learn to understand them better.

O'NEILL: No, I wouldn't do that if I were you.

A Finery suddenly appears above them, and it looks as if it's going to attack.

O'NEILL: Go on, run. Run!

Nafrayu runs off, Jack tries to shoot the bug-bird thing but misses, the Finery is gone.


Ohper rubs his fingers down a tree trunk, and gathers sap; he licks his fingers then offers some to Daniel.

OHPER: Mmm. You?

DANIEL: Oh, no, thank you. I'm ... I'm trying to quit. Is that where you get your medicine, the forest?

OHPER: We get life from the forest, from everything.

DANIEL: But you must have medicine. Or you must have some knowledge that we don't have, I guess what I'm saying is, we could learn a lot from you, I really wish that we could be friends with the Nox. Friends share knowledge with each other.

OHPER: Yes, you have much to learn.

DANIEL: Well, why don't you teach me now? For example you seem to have an almost psychic ability. Are you born with it?

OHPER: Knowledge takes time. Over the years we teach the young to be wise.


OHPER: How old am I?

OHPER: How do you mark time?

DANIEL: Umm, Years, days; ah a day is one revolution of our planet, a year is one revolution around our sun, there are 365 days in one year so ...

OHPER: Then I am four hundred and thirty-two years old.

DANIEL: Well, ah ... you look great.

OHPER: Thank you.

Ohper walks off.


Jack is standing by him self in a small clearing looking around bow in hand. Anteaus appears out of thin air.

ANTEAUS: You will not teach Nafrayu your ways.

O'NEILL: How'd you do that?

ANTEAUS: It is not the Fenri that have the ability to hide, it is the Nox.

O'NEILL: So you hid the Stargate?

ANTEAUS: The Fenri was near by when you came through, attracted by your arrival. We conceal them until the hunters are gone.

O'NEILL: We're not hunters.

ANTEAUS: You tried to kill the Fenri a moment ago.

O'NEILL: I was trying to protect the boy.

ANTEAUS: You protect his body after poisoning his mind.

O'NEILL: Will you listen to me? The reason the Goa'uld hunt those flying things is because they want to know how it's able to disappear, if they find out it's you ...

ANTEAUS: Our ways have served us for as long as our people have lived.

O'NEILL: But they didn't know you existed before. Once they know they'll enslave you, it's what they do.

ANTEAUS: We are slaves to no-one.


They are still walking around.

DANIEL: How long have the Goa'uld been coming here to hunt?

OHPER: Oh, as long as I can remember.

DANIEL: Why did you not bury the Stargate, do you know that that would stop them?

OHPER: (He nods) And they would know someone had buried it.

DANIEL: Right, of course.


Daniel and Jack are talking.

DANIEL: Ohper is 432 years old.

O'NEILL: Well, guess what? They're not human.

DANIEL: (Sit's on a log next to Sam) No, they're humanoid, but definitely more advanced than anything that has evolved on Earth.

O'NEILL: (Sit's on a long in front of them.) That creature that we came here for, it has no power at all. None. Zip.

CARTER: Well then, how does it become invisible?

O'NEILL: (Looks towards the Nox) They do it. The Nox hide it from us.

DANIEL: They make it invisible to protect it.

CARTER: Well, this makes things even worse.

DANIEL: If Apophis finds out that it's them that have this power ...

TEAL'C: (Who is standing guard beside them.) ... He will try to possess it, if he finds he cannot he will bombard this planet's surface from high above. What he cannot possess he destroys.

O'NEILL: So, we've gotta get Shak'l out of here.

Anteaus, appears beside them.

ANTEAUS: We will not allow you.

O'NEILL: Will you stop doing that!

ANTEAUS: You cannot be trusted with your enemy.

O'NEILL: Look, if we don't take him away from here, he'll tell the Goa'uld – the bad guys, all about ya.

ANTEAUS: We are not afraid.

O'NEILL: Well, get afraid!

DANIEL: Colonel. (Stands and turns towards Anteaus.) Look, this is our fault that this has happened, we know that and we want to correct that.

CARTER: Shak'l won't be hurt, you have our word.

DANIEL: We'll just take him away with us, back to our planet, only then will you be safe.

ANTEAUS: Only if that is his wish.



Jaffa: I cannot find the Stargate.



Teal'c is standing beside Shak'l.

TEAL'C: Jaffa, I offer you this last chance to join me.

SHAK'L: Before you kill me? You're too much of a coward or you would've done it already.

TEAL'C: I have no wish to kill you.

SHAK'L: You may wish you had. (He starts screaming as loud as hi can.) Lya runs in.

LYA: What have you done to him? (Shak'l suddenly breaks lose of his bonds, and stabs Teal'c, he then turns to Lya.)


TEAL'C: O'Neill!

O'NEILL: Teal'c!

TEAL'C: The Nox woman.

TIME CHANGE: A FEW MINUTES LATER Sam and Teal'c are sitting on a log, Sam is cleaning Teal'c wound. Jack and Daniel are standing near.

DANIEL: Where'd the Nox go with Lya?

O'NEILL: Who knows where they ever go.

TEAL'C: I trained him well.

O'NEILL: Is he gonna be alright?

CARTER: Well, if it were you or me ...

TEAL'C: My wound will heal. We must find Shak'l.

O'NEILL: We will.

Jack turns around and sees Lya laying on a table, with the rest of her Nox family, minus Ohper standing over her with there hands crossed, and there eyes closed. TheY appear and disappear. Shak'l comes up in another pert of the woods and watches this healing take place also. Lya suddenly breathes again and opens her eyes. She sit's up and smiles exhausted. Shak'l smiles and takes off. Two kids helps Lya in to a hut, while Anteaus goes over to SG-1.

O'NEILL: You brought us back the same way?


TEAL'C: You become visible during the ceremony.

ANTEAUS: When we are performing the ritual of life we are unable to shield ourselves.

TEAL'C: A weakness.

ANTEAUS: We are hidden again.


Teal'c is looking at a footprint in the dirt.

TEAL'C: Shak'l has been this way. (Jack runs over.)

O'NEILL: How long ago was he here? (No answer.) Teal'c?

TEAL'C: He is very skilled at evading capture.

O'NEILL: Did you teach him that too?


We see Shak'l running fast through the woods.


NAFRAYU: I am curious to see a Goa'uld, I have never seen one.

O'NEILL: No. You should go some place where it's safe, go where the other Nox are.

NAFRAYU: They are far away.

O'NEILL: Nafrayu, please, go on, scoot. (He disappears) Kids.


Apophis is walking in between two Jaffa. They stop when they hear Shak'l calling.

SHAK'L: Eisthra! Eisthra!

We see Shak'l run into a clearing. We then see, Teal'c and Jack waking through the woods also, they hear Shak'l yelling also. They are by the clearing, they watch as another Jaffa run's up to Shak'l. Shak'l starts talking fast to the other Jaffa.

TEAL'C: He is telling him of the Nox, about their powers, Apophis will be pleased.


ANTEAUS: Nothing has changed for us.

O'NEILL: No, everything has changed.

ANTEAUS: We will take you to the doorway.

O'NEILL: Look, Anteaus, we can came back through that gate, we can bring reinforcements.

OHPER: Anteaus, where is Nafrayu?


Apophis and one other Jaffa are walking, then stop when they see Nafrayu.

NAFRAYU: Nafrayu.

APOPHIS: NAFRAYU? (Apophis lifts his hand to revile a ribbon device, it turns on. )


Jack, Daniel, and Aneaus are searching for Nafrayu.

O'NEILL: I told him to go home.

ANTEAUS: I told you the same. The very young do not always do what they are told. (Jack and Daniel stop and look at each other.)


Sam, Teal'c, and Lya are also looking for Nafrayu. They find him lying on a log. Anteaus, Jack and Daniel walk up also.

O'NEILL: Feel like a trap to you, Captain?

CARTER: Yes, Sir. (Anteaus picks up Nafrayu, and they all start to walk. They go back to the huts, and place Nafrayu on the bed Lya had been on earlier. )

LYA: We must begin the ritual.

O'NEILL: No, wait.

DANIEL: Jack, they can bring him back.

TEAL'C: Shak'l has told Apophis of your ritual, that you cannot remain hidden when you perform it.

ANTEAUS: But we must.

O'NEILL: The minute you start that ritual, they'll attack.

CARTER: Give us our weapons, we can defend you.

ANTEAUS: There will be no killing.

O'NEILL: Alright, fine. We'll find our own way back to the Stargate, we're certainly not gonna sit around here and watch a slaughter. (Turns to his team.) Let's go.


O'NEILL: That's an order.

DANIEL: Please, we were just ... We were trying to help.

ANTEAUS: Goodbye, Daniel. (Daniel slowly walks towards the rest of his team.)

O'NEILL: Think they bought it?

CARTER: Almost believed it myself. (We look back at the Nox.)

LYA: We could take Nafrayu to the others.

ANTEAUS: It would take too long. They begin the ritual.


Jack appears to have some kind of bomb.

DANIEL: Where did that come from?

O'NEILL: Well, the wee folk missed one. So Shak'l thinks we're unarmed, Apophis thinks he's invulnerable.

DANIEL: And they're right. I think I found a flaw in your plan.

O'NEILL: Their weapons aren't as affective in close, we'll be better off with hand-to-hand.

TEAL'C: What of Apophis? He's protected by an energy field, we both fired our weapons directly at it.

O'NEILL: Did you see what happened when one of his guards tossed him a staff weapon?

CARTER: Passed right through ... (She smiles.) So you're guessing that the shield's deflection capability is directly proportional to the amount of kinetic energy being directed at it?

O'NEILL: Yeah.

DANIEL: So you're saying that an arrow or dart being much slower in velocity than, say, a bullet ...

CARTER: ... Just might make it through. It's a big gamble, Sir.

O'NEILL: Yeah, you ready?


We see the fire turning green and yellow, we then look up at the Nox still doing the ritual.


Jack is lying on the ground, and is covered half way in leaves and branches. Daniel goes over and starts to cover him the rest of the way.

DANIEL: They're coming.

Daniel finishes leaving only the top part of his helmet uncovered. He then jumps into a path and signals to Teal'c, who lifts a log up. We see Apophis and his Jaffa walk onto the pathway. Daniel is hiding behind a tree, trying to control his breathing. Apophis stops, and one Jaffa goes ahead, Teal'c slams the log on to the Jaffa's head, knocking him out. Jack kicks out at the other Jaffa knocking him down, Teal'c comes to help. Teal'c grab's a Staff weapon from one of the Jaffa and throws it to Daniel, who in turn, shoots the third Jaffa. We look at the Nox, who have temporarily stopped the ritual to look annoyed at the woods. Aneatus, almost rolls his eyes, then grabs, Lya, and Ophers hands and makes them keep going with the ritual. Back at the fight, we see Sam on top of a Jaffa, the Jaffa flips her and has her at the end of a ready to fire staff weapon. Before the Jaffa can fire however, Daniel shoots him in the chest. Apophis sees that all of his Jaffa are gone, and starts to back up. Jack comes up behind him bow and arrows in hand. Apophis turns around.


O'NEILL: Again? (Jack shoots at Apophis, but Apophis disappears before it hits him.) No! They'll be back! They won't spare you!


SG-1 walks up onto the hill and look around.

TEAL'C: This is where the Stargate should be. (Anteaus appears in front of them.)

ANTEAUS: We sent your enemy through the doorway.

O'NEILL: They'll be back.

ANTEAUS: When you are gone we will bury it.

O'NEILL: They'll come in ships next time; they'll bring an army.

ANTEAUS: Perhaps. (Nafrayu appears next to Anteaus.) He wanted to wish you farewell.

O'NEILL: I'm glad you're okay.

NAFRAYU: And you. We sent your weapons back through the doorway.

O'NEILL: Yeah, speaking of the Stargate ...

ANTEAUS: You fear for us, yes?



TEAL'C: It is our way that the strong defend the weak.

O'NEILL: We're afraid for you.

ANTEAUS: Before you go, O'Neill, there is something we would have you see. (Anteaus waves his hand at the sky behind SG-1, a VERY large ship appears in the sky. )

O'NEILL: Oh my God.

ANTEAUS: Fear not. (A bright burst of light flashes behind them. They turn to see the open Stargate.) Maybe one day you will learn, that your way is not the only way. (He and Nafrayu disappears.)

O'NEILL: (Looks back at city.) Why didn't he tell us about this before?

DANIEL: I think, in their way, they did. (The city disappears again.)

TEAL'C: It appears they possess a form of technology far greater than that of the Goa'uld.

CARTER: They looked so helpless ...

DANIEL: And now they're going to bury the Stargate and we can never come back. We should've listened.

O'NEILL: “The very young do not always do as they're told.” (Everyone looks at Jack.) Just a little something the Nox told me one time. Something worth taking home. (They turn towards the gate and head home.)