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When SG-1 finds a crashed alien space ship, Daniel's mind is taken over by its disembodied passengers.

DVD DISC: Season 7, Disc 2
WRITTEN BY: Brad Wright
DIRECTED BY: Peter DeLuise
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Transcript by Sarae
Edited by Deanna Moll-Landry

Scene: Alien Planet

We see a ship on the surface of a desert-like planet. It has apparently crashed.

Next we see the dark interior of the ship. SG-1 is exploring using flashlights.

CARTER: "Sir, it's possible the beacon we detected with the M.A.L.P. was activated remotely upon impact. If there was anyone left in those forward sections, I doubt they could have survived, Sir."

JACKSON: "There should be an indication, somewhere, about how long ago they crashed."

SG-1 descends a set of stairs and then we see people in suspension pods on the walls of the room they enter. There is a little light above each one so we are able to see inside the pods.

CARTER: "Sir ... these people are alive. A-at least they're in some form of cryogenic sleep. Any civilization without faster-than-light technology would have to resort to something like this in order to cross the vast distances between stars. Otherwise, it would take an entire generation, or more, and given the effects of relativity ..."

O'NEILL: (cutting her off) "We've got a ship load of frozen people."

CARTER: "That would be the more succinct way of putting it. Yes, Sir."

TEAL'C: "They're current states probably protected them from the impact."

JACKSON: "How many of them do you think there are?"

TEAL'C: "From the configuration of the ship's exterior, I would say four compartments of varying size."

O'NEILL: "Alright, we'll do a quick head count, see what we're dealing with, then call for support. Carter, Teal'c, you pair up. Daniel and I'll start in this compartment."

CARTER: "Yes, Sir."

We see various shots of different pods as different members of SG-1 are shown pointing their flashlights down various corridors.

O'NEILL: "... five, six ..."

Jack stops and shines his light up on a pod that is not lit from above. The figure inside is that of a skeleton. Apparently, this pod failed.

O'NEILL: "105."

Suddenly Daniel hears a screeching sound. He turns to look behind him. He gets a concerned look on his face and then yells.

JACKSON: "Jack!"

Jack turns to look at him. We also see Teal'c and Sam look up when they hear Daniel yell. Next we see a bright light ... kind of like a plasma ball or something coming up the corridor toward Jack. It rushes past and through him. When it leaves, he is unconscious on the ground. Then we see that Teal'c, Sam and Daniel are too.

Scene: Alien Planet - Ship

Teal'c wakes up with a start. He sits up and then slowly stands. He appears to be in some pain.

TEAL'C: (into his radio) "O'Neill?" (there is no response) "Major Carter?" (still no response) "Daniel Jackson, respond."

He activates his Zat and starts jogging down the corridor. He runs through several corridors before he comes upon Jack.

TEAL'C: "O'Neill?"

Jack is still out. Teal'c touches his neck to feel for a pulse. Next, we see him find Sam.

TEAL'C: "Major Carter?"

Sam is still unconscious as well. Teal'c feels her neck for a pulse as well. Then he continues his search for Daniel. Daniel is sitting propped up against a wall of pods. He appears to be unconscious as well.

TEAL'C: "Daniel Jackson?"

Daniel responds by rolling his head toward Teal'c. His eyes are barely open as he first looks at Teal'c. Then his eyes grow wide ... afraid. Then he screams.

JACKSON: "Ahhh!"

Scene: S.G.C. - Control Room

DAVIS: "It's SG-4's IDC, Sir. They're signaling that they've got SG-1."

HAMMOND: (into the microphone) "Defense and medical teams, stand by." (then to Davis) "Open the iris."

The iris opens and SG-4 comes through carrying first Sam and then Jack on stretchers.

FRAISER: (as Jack is carried by her on the ramp) "What've we got?"

SG-4 MAN: "They're both unconscious. Vital signs are otherwise stable".

FRAISER: "Alright, get them to the infirmary and maintain security protocols."

SG-4 MAN: "Yes, Ma'am."

Teal'c follows them, helping Daniel through the gate. Teal'c is supporting a great deal of Daniel's weight. Daniel appears to be in pain or afraid or both.

FRAISER: "Daniel?"

JACKSON: "I have to go back ... I have to go back ..." (He looks up at the room and gets even more panicky) "I have to go back! I have to go back!"

The wormhole disengages just as Daniel breaks free of Teal'c and heads back for it. He just runs through to the other side of the ramp. When he realizes he hasn't returned, he falls to his knees in ... frustration? ... fear? ... anger? I'm not sure ...


Janet follows him.

FRAISER: "Daniel?"

She is there as he collapses. She tries to console him.


FRAISER: "Daniel ... it's okay. Don't be afraid."

It's obvious something is very wrong with him.

FRAISER: "Sergeants!"

Two medical personnel rush up the ramp.

FRAISER: (to Daniel) "It's okay."

Suddenly the fear is gone and a look of wariness or anger comes over his face.

JACKSON: "Who are you? What is this place?"

By now, Hammond has come up to stand beside Teal'c on the ramp. Janet looks at each of them. They are all concerned and a bit puzzled.

Scene: S.G.C. - Infirmary

We see first Sam and then Jack lying on beds. They have electrodes on their heads. Hammond is standing beside Jack. A nurse is standing in between the beds.

HAMMOND: "Notify me the moment they regain consciousness."

NURSE: "Yes, Sir."

Hammond leaves and then we see him entering the observation deck of a medical isolation room. Teal'c is seated and watching through the window (a one two-way mirror) to the action in the lab below. Hammond nods at Teal'c as he comes to stand beside him. They can see Daniel and the others (Janet as some unnamed personnel) but Daniel cannot see Teal'c or Hammond. Though Daniel is, at first, looking right into the mirror. Daniel is wearing white hospital jammies and has a restraint wrapped around his wrists and attached to a belt at his waist.

JACKSON: (very angry) "Who is responsible for this! I demand to know why this has happened!" (he holds up his restrained wrists) "Why am I a prisoner?!"

FRAISER: "Those may be removed when you decide to calm down."

JACKSON: "Calm? How do you expect me to be calm? I was made promises that nothing like this could happen! That nothing could go wrong!"

FRAISER: (trying to calm him) "Alright, let's start there. Can you tell me what has gone wrong?"

JACKSON: "What has gone wrong? What has gone wrong? Well, this is not the Stromos, you are not a member of my staff, and ..." (turning to point into the mirror) "that is not me!"

FRAISER: "Alright, listen carefully. We did not do this. In fact, we're in the dark about what has happened, as much as you apparently are. Now if you cooperate ..."

JACKSON: "I will undergo no more of your tests."

He leans his forehead into his hand and whimpers slightly.

FRAISER: "Are you in pain?"

JACKSON: (very angry) "Yes!" (then calmer) "Yes, a great deal."

FRAISER: "Alright, I'll get something. But in the meantime, try to stay calm or you'll be restrained further."

JACKSON: (angry, but quiet) "You have no idea who I am, do you?"

Janet turns and looks at him before she continues on her way out.

TEAL'C: "That is not Daniel Jackson."

HAMMOND: "But is he a Goa'uld?"

Just then Janet walks into the observation area.

FRAISER: "No, Sir. Although at the moment, he's every bit as arrogant."

HAMMOND: "Then, is Dr. Jackson suffering from some sort of mental illness?"

FRAISER: "I honestly don't know yet, Sir. His preliminary E.E.G. reading are like nothing I've ever seen. On one hand, there's indication of coma, but at the same time we're seeing readings like those of a dozen people all jumbled together."

HAMMOND: "Is his condition life threatening?"

FRAISER: "I couldn't even guess."

TEAL'C: "He is claiming to be a passenger from the crashed alien vessel we discovered on the planet."

HAMMOND: "How's that possible?"

FRAISER: "I have no idea, Sir, but Teal'c is right. And I think we're dealing with more than one passenger. By that I mean, Daniel's behavior in the Gate Room and throughout the preliminary testing was distinctly different than his current behavior. I'd say we've witnessed at least two, maybe even three separate personalities."

HAMMOND: "Could there be more?"

TEAL'C: "We discovered several hundred passengers in cryogenic suspension."

Just then, Daniel picks up a tray and throws it at the window. Teal'c is now looking through liquid as those in the room try and restrain Daniel. Teal'c watches until he sees they have Daniel sitting on the bed.

TEAL'C: "Colonel O'Neill had requested an enumeration of the cryogenic chambers. While we were separated, I lost consciousness momentarily. For what reason, I am unsure. When I returned, I found Daniel Jackson, Colonel O'Neill and Major Carter and in their current states."

FRAISER: "Speaking of which, Sir, I'd like to check in on the Colonel and Sam."

HAMMOND: "Keep me apprised."

FRAISER: "Yes, Sir."

Janet leaves.

HAMMOND: "Teal'c, maybe you should head down to the infirmary yourself."

TEAL'C: "I intend to remain here."

HAMMOND: "Very well."

In the room Teal'c is observing, one of the personnel is giving Daniel some capsules. Daniel puts the capsules in his hand.

JACKSON: "I am, ordinarily, a very rational man."

MP1: "Of course you are, Dr. Jackson."

JACKSON: (arrogantly) "I am a sovereign of Talthus. My name is Martice."

MP1: "I beg your pardon, Sir."

JACKSON: "Oh, "Sir"... well that's a start." (he puts the capsules in his mouth and washes them down with water)

Meanwhile, in the infirmary, Janet is shining a penlight into Sam's eyes.

FRAISER: "Pupils are still a little dilated. It's as though they were struck with some sort of powerful Zat weapon. At least their E.E.G.s are still normal."

Just then, Jack wakes up. In the background, the nurse is checking something on Siler. He appears to have broken his nose.

O'NEILL: (grimacing as he raises his head slightly) "Oy!"

NURSE: "Doctor?"

FRAISER: (moving to stand beside Jack's bed) "Inform General Hammond the Colonel's awake."

NURSE: "Yes, Ma'am."

O'NEILL: "Hey, Doc."

FRAISER: "How're you feeling, Sir?"

O'NEILL: "Headache. Bad."

FRAISER: "Well, I can take care of that, but first I need to know if you're feeling ... yourself."

O'NEILL: "Well, other than this ... nail through my head ... fine. Why?"

FRAISER: "I'll explain later. Teal'c managed to get the three of you back through the Stargate from the ship. My team took it from there."

O'NEILL: "Carter and Daniel?"

FRAISER: "Major Carter is suffering the same after effects as you, Sir."

Then Sam wakes up.

CARTER: "Janet?"

FRAISER: "Sam ..."

Janet walks over to stand beside her bed.

FRAISER: "Hey, it's gonna be fine. You've both suffered some sort of neural shock."

General Hammond walks in.

HAMMOND: "Colonel? Major? How are you feeling?"

O'NEILL: "Got a nail in my head, Sir."

HAMMOND: "That sounds like our Colonel O'Neill."

FRAISER: "Their E.E.G.s show normal brain activity, Sir. They appear to be unaffected."

O'NEILL: "Unaffected by what? Where's Daniel?"

Jack tries to sit up. Janet rushes over to stop him.

FRAISER: "Sir, I need you to stay right where you are, at least until you're strong enough ..."

O'NEILL: (through gritted teeth) "I'm fine."

FRAISER: "No, you're not, Sir."

He can't make it, he lies back down.

O'NEILL: "Ow ... no, I'm not."

Back in the lab, Martice (in Daniel) is getting more frustrated by the moment. He is rubbing his temples.

MARTICE IN JACKSON: "Just find the small woman and tell her that what she gave me is not good enough. It isn't working!"

He looks up at the guard, who remains motioneless.

MARTICE IN JACKSON: "Do you speak?"

Just then, Janet returns. Martice (in Daniel) takes a deep breath and tilts his head back. Janet approaches slowly.

FRAISER: "How are you feeling now?"

MARTICE IN JACKSON: "Your medicine is worthless."

FRAISER: "You're still in pain?"

MARTICE IN JACKSON: "This body must be damaged."

FRAISER: "I doubt that. Dr. Jackson was in perfect health."

She moves to a table and opens a chart.

MARTICE IN JACKSON: "I assume Dr. Jackson was the former ... Not that I have anything against it, mind you." He looks at himself in the mirror again. "It's younger and stronger than my own. Did something happen to my own body?"

Janet just looks up from the chart at him.

MARTICE IN JACKSON: "In times of disaster, people need their sovereign to look up to. How will they recognize me now?"

FRAISER: "I've already told you, we didn't do this."

MiJ (lashing out) "How else could I have arrived in this situation?!"

FRAISER: (evenly) "We don't know."

Martice (in Daniel) jumps off the bed, causing Janet to take a step or two back and the others to take a step or two forward.

MARTICE IN JACKSON: (sneering) "How useful you are." (He starts walking around the room) "What is this place?"

FRAISER: "It's one of our medical isolation rooms."

MARTICE IN JACKSON: "Could you be less specific?"

FRAISER: (irritated) "In a military facility on a planet called Earth."

MARTICE IN JACKSON: (pacing and looking away at all times.) "Earth ... the ship was bound for Ardena. How far are we from Ardena?"

FRAISER: "I don't know."

MARTICE IN JACKSON: (walking back to stand facing her on the other side of the bed) "The other passengers ... they will be concerned for me. As I am for them, of course."

FRAISER: "Most of them are still on board the ship. But we think it's possible that several of them may be here with us right now."

MARTICE IN JACKSON: (clenching his fist, struggling in some way) "As prisoners?"

FRAISER: "No. We think they may be right here in this room. We don't know the reason, but somehow several of the passengers who were in cryogenic sleep have ..."

She stops as she notices the _expression on Daniel's face change. He appears to be unfamiliar with his surroundings again.

JACKSON: "What's happening?"

The guards move closer, Janet waves them off.

FRAISER: "Martice?"

JACKSON: (looking a tad freaked out) "Uh, no, M-Martice is a sovereign. I'm ... I'm just a crew member."

He looks around, blowing out short breaths, and then notices his reflection in the mirror again.

JACKSON: "Is that ..."

Janet walks up behind him as he looks closely at himself in the mirror. He touches his face, pulling at his mouth.

JACKSON: "How can this be?"

FRAISER: "It's alright. I'm here to help you."

JACKSON: "No, no. This is, this is wrong. This is a mistake."

FRAISER: "Yes, it is. One that we want to correct. I'm Dr. Fraiser."

TRYAN IN JACKSON: "I am Tryan, Engineer, second rank."

FRAISER: "Alright, Tryan. Why don't we start again?"

He turns and looks at her with a puzzled _expression.


Scene: S.G.C. - Medical Isolation Room

Teal'c is in the observation room still.

TRYAN IN JACKSON: (sitting on the bed, but still looking at himself in the mirror) "I don't recognize this man ... or rather, myself."

FRAISER: "His name is Daniel Jackson. The body you're inhabiting belongs to him."

TRYAN IN JACKSON: "He wasn't aboard the Stromos."


TRYAN IN JACKSON: "Then how could I have ended up in his body?"

FRAISER: "Your ship crashed on a planet that we call P2A347. We don't know how or why the crash occurred, only that the only survivors were those in cryogenic sleep. When Daniel Jackson and the other members of his team boarded your ship ... this happened."

TRYAN IN JACKSON: "I have no memory of coming here."

FRAISER: "What do you remember?"

*Flashback Begins*

Aboard the Stromos.

PHARRIN: (loudly giving orders) "Brace for acceleration!" (then approaching another) "Tryan?"

TRYAN: "Compartment is secure, Sir."

PHARRIN: "Very well."

Pharrin moves on and Tryan opens and gets into a suspension chamber. He pulls a helmet that is suspended from the ceiling of the chamber down onto his head as the pod door slides closed.

*Flashback Ends*

TRYAN IN JACKSON: "Leaving Talthus, entering my sleep chamber, and then ... then seeing your face, here. Why am I restrained?"

FRAISER: "It wasn't you. You're the fourth personality to emerge since being brought back. We believe that there are others from your ship in there along with you."

TRYAN IN JACKSON: "In one body?"

FRAISER: "Plus, Dr. Jackson."

TRYAN IN JACKSON: "No, the strain on the body would be too great. I-it wouldn't survive."

FRAISER: "Do you know that for certain?"

TRYAN IN JACKSON: "It couldn't happen. The only conceivable result would be insanity."

FRAISER: "Then we should both hope you're wrong."

TRYAN IN JACKSON: "Dr. Fraiser, you don't appreciate that what's happened is technically impossible. This can't happen. One cannot return to any other body, than one's own. There are failsafes to prevent exactly that from happening."

FRAISER: Tryan, it has happened. All you need to do is look in the mirror to prove it to yourself."

He looks into the mirror.

FRAISER: "Now, we don't have a lot of time. And you're the first personality to emerge, so far, that's been helpful. So, I need you to think, alright? How could this happen?"

TRYAN IN JACKSON: "A cryosleeper's consciousness is stored in the same memory module that maintains the sleeper's body. There is simply no way to separate them or ... send the consciousness to any other than it's corresponding body unless ... Oh, no ... unless the sleeper's bodies are dead."

Hammond, Jack and Sam all come into the observation room to join Teal'c.

TEAL'C: "O'Neill ... Major Carter. I am pleased to see you have recovered."

CARTER: "How is he?"

TEAL'C: "Yet another personality has emerged. Dr. Fraiser appears to be making progress."

O'NEILL: "How'd he get stuck in here?"

TEAL'C: "Daniel Jackson's preliminary electroencephalogram proved anomalous."

O'NEILL: "I dare you to say that again."

Teal'c looks at him and then opens his mouth to say it again, but he is cut off by Hammond.

HAMMOND: "Dr. Fraiser declared a code 17. Dr. Jackson has been under constant guard and only she and a few of her staff have had any direct contact as a precautionary measure."

CARTER: "She thought he was a Goa'uld?"

HAMMOND: "We've since ruled that out, but I'm not taking any chances until we can determine the means by which these additional persons have found their way into Dr. Jackson."

CARTER: "To do that, I'd have to have another look at their cryogenic systems."

HAMMOND: "Schedule a mission briefing with Dr. Frasier as soon as possible."

O'NEILL: "With your permission, Sir, I'd like to stick it out here with Daniel."

HAMMOND: "You realize only medical personnel are allowed access?"

O'NEILL: "Yes, Sir."

HAMMOND: "Very well."

Hammond leaves. Sam looks at Teal'c. He gets up and follows her out. Jack takes Teal'c's seat.

FRAISER: "Alright, Tryan. Look, let's not jump to conclusions here."

TRYAN IN JACKSON: "I'm sorry. There's simply no other way this could've happened. Only then can the failsafes be overridden and the consciousness purged from the system. I am dead. As are the others who may reside in this body."

FRAISER: "We can't be sure of that until we go back to the planet."

TRYAN IN JACKSON: "Then you will see."

FRAISER: "Okay, look, just ... help me out with something here. Why do you separate the consciousness from the body in the cryosleep process?"

TRYAN IN JACKSON: "A consciousness cannot survive the restoration process without significant loss of memory and intellect. A person undertaking such a long journey without proper storage of their consciousness would arrive at their destination as a mere fraction of themselves. The very essence of that person would be lost."

FRAISER: "So the memory requirement must be enormous."

TRYAN IN JACKSON: "Each cryogenic capsule contains an active matrix memory module sufficient to sustain one single mind. Its systems are connected with those that regulate and sustain the corresponding sleeper's body."

FRAISER: "Well, then, it may be possible to upload your consciousness back into that memory."

TRYAN IN JACKSON: "Each module can store only one consciousness."

FRAISER: "Then do it one at a time."

TRYAN IN JACKSON: "No. That's not possible. Here ..." (he walks around to the table at the end of the bed and picks up a glass of water) "Could these same water molecules ever be returned to this glass, just as they were before? No more, no less? In precisely the same configuration?"

Then he pours the water into the pitcher that is also on the table.

FRAISER: (closing her eyes and bowing her head briefly) "No."

TRYAN IN JACKSON: "Our minds have been blended together. Poured into one vessel, ill-equipped to sustain our volume."

FRAISER: "Yeah, but if the computers on board your ship can separate the human consciousness from the body, then surely they can isolate the ..."

TRYAN IN JACKSON: "Can you hear that?"

FRAISER: "No, I can't hear anything."

TRYAN IN JACKSON: "The others ... their voices, I can hear them. They're getting louder."

FRAISER: "Tryan, I need you to stay with me, alright? We need to work together on this."

TRYAN IN JACKSON: "It's the most incredible feeling ..."

FRAISER: "I doubt the others can help as much as you

TRYAN IN JACKSON: " No one can help."

FRAISER: "D-don't say that.

TRYAN IN JACKSON: "They're pulling at me now. I don't - I don't know how ..."

JACKSON: (takes a few short breaths and looks around) "Janet?"

FRAISER: "Daniel?"

JACKSON: "What's goin' on?"

FRAISER: "Look, something has happened. I need you to just ..."

We now see Daniel on a computer monitor and we can hear Janet's voice in the background.

FRAISER: "I need you to just hang in there."

His image on the monitor freezes and the camera pans out to reveal that Teal'c, Sam, Hammond and Janet are in the briefing room and they have just watched a recording of when Daniel's real personality broke through.

FRAISER: "That was it. A moment later, another person emerged, but we didn't learn anything from her. So, he only surfaced for a moment, but it was definitely Daniel."

CARTER: "At least we know he's still in there."

FRAISER: "Mm-hmm. Dr. McKenzie just did a detailed analysis of his E.E.G. and M.R.I. readings. We think that Daniel, himself, is in a sort of coma, having been suppressed by the others. It's as though his own consciousness has retreated, protecting itself. That's why he could only surface for such a short time. The other signals are a jumbled mess."

HAMMOND: "How many others are there?"

FRAISER: "It's only a guess, but Dr. McKenzie believes Daniel could be carrying the minds of as many as a dozen of the ship's passengers.

CARTER: "Sir, it's possible I could reconfigure the ship's systems to separate Daniel."

HAMMOND: "The last time you went on that ship, you were attacked."

CARTER: "It may have been automated defenses."

TEAL'C: "I think not, Major Carter. I discovered Daniel Jackson at the base of one of the sleep chambers. The door was open."

CARTER: "There's on way Daniel would have stepped into one of those things on his own."

TEAL'C: "Then someone else must have done so. Perhaps I regained consciousness before Daniel Jackson's assailant was able to do the same to us."

CARTER: "The question is why?"

FRAISER: "Tryan seemed absolutely sure that his physical body was dead."


FRAISER: "So, what if this was a desperate attempt to preserve these people? What if the person who attacked you was simply trying to keep these people alive the only way he could?

TEAL'C: "The ship could not have sustained them indefinitely."

CARTER: "So, Daniel's a - a lifeboat?"

FRAISER: "Yeah, it's possible."

CARTER: "Sir, I recommend that SG-12 accompany us back to the planet. They can search the ship for whoever did this while I study the cryogenic systems."

HAMMOND: "You have a go. Dismissed."

Scene: S.G.C. - Medical Isolation Room

Jack is still in the observation room, we've seen his silent reaction to activities in the room at various times throughout Daniel's multiple personality dialogs with Dr. Fraiser. He is still watching intently as another personality emerges.

FRAISER: "I don't believe we've had a chance to meet."

JACKSON: (timidly) "Where's my father?"

FRAISER: "I'm sorry, I-I don't know. Do you mind if I sit down beside you?"

Daniel nods, and she takes a seat on the bed next to him.

FRAISER: "Okay ... there."

JACKSON: "What about them?" (He looks sideways without moving his head to indicate the others in the room).

FRAISER: "Oh no, they won't hurt you." (He turns to face her more - and away from the others.) "Tell you what, why don't I tell you everything I know and then we'll just take it from there ... okay?" (He nods again.) "What's your name?"


FRAISER: "Keenin? That's a very nice name. I'm Dr. Fraiser."

Scene: S.G.C. - Gate Room

We see the Stargate activate. Hammond, Sam, Teal'c and SG-12 are at the base of the ramp.

HAMMOND: "SG-12, move out."

They comply.

HAMMOND: (to the other two) "I know you'll do anything to save Dr. Jackson, but the last thing we need is for this to happen to both of you."

CARTER: "We have every intention of avoiding that, Sir."

HAMMOND: "Good luck."

Sam and Teal'c head up the ramp as Hammond watches them.

Scene: S.G.C. - Medical Isolation Room

FRAISER: "Keenin, we're trying to figure out everything we can about how this happened. What's the last thing you remember?"

KEENIN IN JACKSON: "My father ..."

*Flashback Begins*

We're back on the ship, lots of people are moving around. The camera focuses in on a young boy, about 9 (no more than 11 - very sweet face), standing just inside a cryo pod. His father (the man we had seen giving orders earlier, Pharrin, is leaning forward, his hands on either side of the boy using the chamber to propping himself up.

KEENIN: "Why can't I wait with you?"

PHARRIN: "The ship must accelerate to escape the flare's radiation. You'll be safer here. You will dream sweet dreams ... and when you awaken, we'll be in orbit around Ardena, and I will be right here."

KEENIN: "Talthus will be gone."

PHARRIN: "Hundreds of years will have passed, Keenin, and all of this hardship will be part of our distant history. Do you understand?"

Keenin nods. Pharrin smiles and give Keenin a kiss on the cheek.

PHARRIN: "Now ..." (Keenin steps back into the chamber.) "Close your eyes." He closes his eyes.

*Flashback Ends*

We see Keenin (in Daniel) open his eyes.

KEENIN IN JACKSON: "I-I didn't want to go. I wanted to stay on Talthus."

FRAISER: "So, you had to leave."

KEENIN IN JACKSON: "They knew it was going to happen since a long time before I was born. Do you know what a dark star is?"

FRAISER: "Mm-hmm ... one that's burned out it's fuel."

KEENIN IN JACKSON: "They said it would pass close enough to our sun to make it flare and that it would engulf Talthus. I knew my whole life that the world was gonna to end."

FRAISER: (as we see Jack's reaction) "So, you're people built the Stromos?"

KEENIN IN JACKSON: "They built three ships, including the Stromos. But it wasn't enough. They had a lottery and they said that was the only fair way, but my father was an officer on the Stromos ... he was allowed to pick one person from his family. M-my mother made him chose me."

FRAISER: "It's alright."

KEENIN IN JACKSON: "My mother said she would take her chance with the lottery, but she wasn't chosen. The sovereigns were chosen, but she wasn't chosen. No one I knew was chosen. I wanted to stay with her."

Keenin (in Daniel) is now crying. He leans forward and puts his head in Janet's lap.

FRAISER: "It's okay ... shhh." (She strokes the back of his head with her hand.) "It's alright." (We see Jack in the observation room again.) "It's alright, shhh ... it's okay."

She is now rubbing his back with her hand. Then we see Daniel's fist tighten on white material in close up.

MARTICE IN JACKSON: (his voice is now very annoyed) "What are you doing?"

FRAISER: "Martice?"

He sits up, obviously angry. Janet quickly stands up.

MARTICE IN JACKSON: "You may address me as sovereign. And I will ask you never to do that again. Now, what have you done to resolve this?"

Janet doesn't answer.

Scene: Alien Planet - The Stromos

Teal'c and Sam have just descended the stairs again.

CARTER: (into her radio) "SG-12, this is Carter, come in."

SG-12 MAN: (over the radio) "This is SG-12. We've just begun our search."

CARTER: (into her radio) "Stay in radio contact. Carter out." (Then to Teal'c) "These power lever readings are extremely low. I don't know how it could still be working."

TEAL'C: "Perhaps if we revived one of them, they may be of some assistance."

CARTER: "I don't think there's even enough power to do that."

Meanwhile back in the isolation room, Martice is squawking again.

MARTICE IN JACKSON: "I demand to speak to someone in authority."

FRAISER: (arms crossed, quite annoyed) "Well, I'm sorry. You're stuck with me."

MARTICE IN JACKSON: "Why have you involved the boy in this?"

In the observation room, Jack leans forward, listening intently ... still.

FRAISER: "What boy?"

MARTICE IN JACKSON: "The boy. You were just talking to him. Where is he?"

Janet doesn't answer.

Back on the Stromos, Sam and Teal'c are still exploring.

CARTER: "If we don't get these systems hooked up to another power source soon, these people are gonna die. We'll need a naquadah generator and I'll have to build some ..."

Teal'c puts up his hand to silence her because he senses or hears something. They hear quiet footsteps. Teal'c moves to stand behind the wall where the footsteps are approaching. Sam, knowing he's in position, continues.

CARTER: "... One generator should be enough."

Pharrin comes around the corner, weapon drawn. Teal'c reaches out and grabs him. He holds Pharrin up against the wall by this throat. Sam aims her weapon and her flashlight on him.

PHARRIN: "Please, don't hurt us."

Scene: S.G.C. - Medical Isolation Room

Martice (in Daniel) is holding his hands over his ears, stumbling around.

MARTICE IN JACKSON: "Tell them to stop shouting! It is unendurable!"

FRAISER: "I can't hear them."

MARTICE IN JACKSON: (going to look into the mirror again) "Be silent!"

FRAISER: "They're in your mind, Martice."

MARTICE IN JACKSON: "No ... no. No, no, no, no, no, what you say cannot be so. Uh ... I have responsibilities to attend to. I, uh, cannot remain here."

FRAISER: "You cannot leave."

MARTICE IN JACKSON: "3000 of our people depend on me to lead them. I am their sovereign. They have sworn an oath to me."

FRAISER: "I'm sorry ..."

MARTICE IN JACKSON: "It is my destiny to rule over Ardena!"

FRAISER: "No, listen. You don't understand the seriousness of your condition."

MARTICE IN JACKSON: (VERY agitated now) "And you still don't realize who you are talking to!"

FRAISER: (equally agitated) "I don't give a damn! You don't belong in that man's body and I intend to take it back!"

Martice (in Daniel) winces and puts his fingers over his ears again.

Back on the Stromos, Teal'c and Sam are questioning Pharrin.

TEAL'C: "Are there other conscious people aboard this ship?"

PHARRIN: "No ... the others still sleep. Why have you come back?"

CARTER: "You've done something to one of our people."

PHARRIN: "Is he here with you?"

TEAL'C: "He is not."

CARTER: "Are you the one responsible?"

PHARRIN: "There was ... no choice ... no ... other way. You must do the same."

CARTER: "I don't think so."

PHARRIN: "The ship's power is failing. It is the only way we can save them." (He gets up and starts walking) "Pharrin figured out a way to override the failsafes. It can be done. Don't you see? These souls are the last of an entire world." (He reaches out and nearly touches the glass on one of the chambers holding a woman, but he pulls his hand back.) "They cannot be allowed to end like this."

CARTER: "Maybe there's another way."

PHARRIN: "No. No, the power is fading even now in every compartment. If the two of you carry but a handful of souls, we could route the remaining power back to the others ..."

CARTER: "That's not going to happen."

PHARRIN: (dejected) "We do not know how many more we can accommodate."


Pharrin puts his hand up to his temple.

TEAL'C: "I believe he, like Daniel Jackson, carries the consciousness of many."

Sam nods.

PHARRIN: "Thirteen souls now reside in Pharrin's body. I fear ... I can harbor no more."

TEAL'C: (a tad annoyed) "To what end do you attempt to preserve the life of these people? Their bodies are dead."

PHARRIN: "We are the last of an entire world. The other ships will come. We have sent a message. They will hear it and they will come. And when they do, they will find a way to restore us."

TEAL'C: "Why did you not attempt to revive the others?"

*Flashback Begins*

Pharrin narrates as we see the action.

PHARRIN: "After the ship crashed - we still don't know why it happened - he was revived by the computer. But the power requirement of his restoration caused too great a drain in the rest of the compartment. Power levels were dropping. Pharrin had only minutes to restore power to 12 of the sleeper chambers, before the occupants were dead. But there wasn't enough time. Pharrin was failing them, one by one. There was no other choice ... no other way to preserve us."

*Flashback Ends*

PHARRIN: "There are over ... a thousand souls aboard the Stromos. If Pharrin had attempted to revive the others, then many more may have died."

CARTER: "Even one person to share the burden ..."

PHARRIN: (growing irritated) "Pharrin walked as far as he could see. There was little more than rock! Neither was there sufficient water or food remaining aboard after the crash. Pharrin dare not revive another soul." (Calmer now, he taps lightly on his temple) "We are not alone. We live in a democracy of one. It is strange ... yes. But we are the chosen survivors of ... an entire race. How could Pharrin have allowed even one of us to be lost?"

CARTER: "Still, we could've helped you."

PHARRIN: "There was ... no time." (Arguing with himself ... ) "We should have asked them." (Continuing the argument ... ) "No, we could not take the chance." (Then speaking to Sam and Teal'c again ... ) "You ... would never have consented ... would you?"

TEAL'C: "We would not."

PHARRIN: "Then ... we chose correctly."

*Flashback Begins*

Once again, Pharrin narrates as we see an alternate version of what played out at the beginning of the episode. Teal'c is once again looking through the corridors for his teammates, when he finds Daniel propped up against the chambers.

PHARRIN: "Our mistake was to flee when you revived so quickly from our stun weapon and returned for your friends. But, too many of us were afraid."

Teal'c kneels down beside Daniel, then he hears something and shines his flashlight down the corridor. The camera pans to reveal Pharrin hiding just around the corner at the end of the corridor.

*Flashback Ends*

CARTER: "There are other ways that we can help."


CARTER: "Well, for starters, we could provide you with an alternate power source. One capable of brining your energy reserves back up to where they need to be to revive your people. It's possible that I can retrieve it and have it up and running within a few hours."

PHARRIN: "Pharrin, there is no other way." (Arguing with himself again ...) "Listen to her!" (More arguing ... ) "No, we must wait! The ships will come."

CARTER: (cutting the argument short) "We can take you anywhere you wanna go ... another world, like Ardena."

PHARRIN: "You have a ship?"

CARTER: "We know of a device capable of transporting all your people, instantaneously, to any number of worlds. We call it a Stargate."

PHARRIN: "Such a device is not possible."

CARTER: "Come back with us and I'll prove it to you."

TEAL'C: "However, we will only consent to do so if you return our friend to his former state."

PHARRIN: "He is preserving life."

TEAL'C: (angry) "At the expense of his own, against his will!"

PHARRIN: "Please ... do not ask us to do this."

CARTER: "We're not asking."

PHARRIN: "The souls that your friend carries within him are amongst the most precious of all."

TEAL'C: "Our friend is equally as important to us!"

PHARRIN: (anguished) "There will be nowhere for them to go. They will be lost."

CARTER: "But it is possible to undo this?"

PHARRIN: (struggling) "How can I abandon them so easily?" (Another argument begins ... ) "We have sworn to protect the sovereign." (Continuing to argue ... ) "But we may save hundreds of others."

CARTER: (cutting it off again) "Pharrin ..."

PHARRIN: (getting it under control) "There is a way ..."

CARTER: "Do you understand that what we're offering could save everyone on this ship?"

PHARRIN: "And do you understand that one of the souls your that friend carries within him ... is my son?"

Scene: S.G.C. - Medical Isolation Room

Hammond has joined Jack in the observation room. Daniel (which ever personality is in charge) is in obvious distress. He is in pain and hyperventilating somewhat. Janet is still there with him.

JACKSON: "Please ... why does it hurt so much?"

FRAISER: "Alright ..." (She turns to one of those present in the room) "Prepare 100 micrograms of Fentanyl."

An aid nods and leaves the room. Then we suddenly see Daniel's demeanor and facial _expression change as some other personality comes to the forefront.

JACKSON: "That won't be necessary, Dr. Fraiser. I seem to have a higher threshold for pain than the others."

FRAISER: "Tryan?"


FRAISER: "Oh, thank God for that ..."

Just then, the door to the isolation room opens and Sam steps in.

CARTER: "Janet? Can I have a word?"

FRAISER: (turns to Sam and then back to Daniel) "I'll be back."

Janet follows Sam out of the room.

Teal'c walks into the observation room to join Jack and Hammond.

O'NEILL: "You sure you trust this guy?"

TEAL'C: "He has much to gain by assisting us."

The door to the isolation room opens again. Pharrin is at the door. Tryan (in Daniel) reacts immediately to his presence by moving around the bed to stand at attention.

TRYAN IN JACKSON: "Officer Pharrin, Sir. Engineer Tryan, second rank."

Pharrin walks in, followed by Sam and Janet.

PHARRIN: "Tryan ... of course. Of all of our crew, you would have thought this was not possible."

TRYAN IN JACKSON: "And of all our crew, Sir, you're the one who'd find a way to do it. How did you manage?"

PHARRIN: "Our training ... and a shared will to survive. It is a strange way of living with others ... but it is better than the alternative,"

TRYAN IN JACKSON: "What of our ship and her passengers, Sir?"

PHARRIN: "Our ship crash-landed. We failed to reach Ardena. Her passengers may yet be saved, but not without considerable sacrifice ... to you and to the others of the Stromos that reside with you."

TRYAN IN JACKSON: (nodding) "I understand, Sir."

PHARRIN: "These people possess a device capable of transporting all our people to another world ... perhaps even Ardena. It is very real ... and it will save our people. But in exchange, they ask that their friend be returned to them, as he was before. I believe it can be done if we act quickly. It is a reasonable bargain."

TRYAN IN JACKSON: "I will do whatever is necessary, Sir. Whatever you ask of me."

Tryan (in Daniel) bows his head. Then suddenly, Daniel's head comes back up as Martice takes over.

MARTICE IN JACKSON: "No! There will be no sacrifice of any kind! Officer Pharrin, as your sovereign, I demand you return me to the ship immediately."

Pharrin bows down before Martice (in Daniel) immediately.

PHARRIN: "Forgive me, Sovereign."

CARTER: "Pharrin ..."

PHARRIN: "We have sworn an oath to do his will. We cannot proceed."

MARTICE IN JACKSON: (VERY arrogant now) "Officer Pharrin ... I have given you a command. Do you understand me?"

Pharrin looks up at Martice (in Daniel) and bows his head again.

In the observation room, Jack has had enough.

O'NEILL: "Oh, for cryin' out loud ..."

He gets up and heads into the isolation room. Strolling into the isolation room, he is quite irritated.

O'NEILL: (to Pharrin) "Get up!"

PHARRIN: "I have sworn to protect the sovereign."

O'NEILL: (reaching down and hauling Pharrin to his feet) "You're sovereign's dead! Get up!"

PHARRIN: "His soul lives on ..."

O'NEILL: "Not if I cut him out!"

PHARRIN: "You would not ..."

O'NEILL: "Oh, yes I would."

MARTICE IN JACKSON: "Pharrin, you will listen to me ..."

O'NEILL: "Don't listen! You just do what you came here to do."

Pharrin turns away from Jack and looks at Martice (in Daniel) with anguish.

PHARRIN: "Forgive us, Sovereign. It is the only way to protect our people."

MARTICE IN JACKSON: "I will not surrender this body, not at any cost. It is mine."

We see quick shots of Daniel's face as those within him argue.

"It was never yours to take."

"If you save anyone, you will save me."

"The people of Talthus will die."

"Let them!"

Pharrin stops him by taking a hold of his arms.

PHARRIN: "Forgive me, Sovereign ..."

MARTICE IN JACKSON: "How dare you touch me?!"

PHARRIN: "For 12 years we have fought to save the people of Talthus and we will do everything in our power to do so, no matter how great the sacrifice."

Daniel's head lowers and when it comes back up, it is obvious Martice is no longer in charge.


PHARRIN: (gasps) "Keenin ... I am so sorry, my son. You must sacrifice as well ..."

Keenin's (in Daniel) eyes grow wide.

PHARRIN: "And we will be together. Do you understand?"

Keenin (in Daniel) nods his head.

PHARRIN: "The people of Talthus will be safe, and they will remember us forever."

KEENIN IN JACKSON: "But we'll be together ..."

PHARRIN: "We'll be together ..."

Keenin (in Daniel) smiles and Pharrin starts to cry.

Scene: The Stromos

We see him in a cryo chamber with a helmet thing on his head. He appears calm, peaceful. The lights on the helmet go out. Then we see Daniel in another chamber with electrodes on his head (the kind Sam and Jack had on in the infirmary).

O'NEILL: "Well?"

FRAISER: (yes ... she's off-world again) "Well, there's no way to tell, yet, if they all made it into Pharrin, but Daniel's reading are back to normal."

O'NEILL: "How'd you do that?"

FRAISER: "I wasn't me, Sir. It was Daniel. His consciousness protected itself, and he never emerged for more than a few seconds. That's what allowed Pharrin to separate the others from Daniel and absorb them himself."

O'NEILL: "The more, the merrier, I guess."

FRAISER: "He'll stay in suspended animation until the other ship passengers can be revived and take care of him."

O'NEILL: "You mean them."

Suddenly, the lights get brighter and a humming sound increases as the power is restored. Sam and Teal'c join the Jack and Janet.

CARTER: "The naquadah generator will sustain the power, Sir."

TEAL'C: "We should be able to begin the restoration process within hours."

CARTER: "And we can start relocating them shortly after that."

O'NEILL: "Good. We'll leave that for SG-4. They love that kinda stuff."

CARTER: "How's Daniel?"

FRAISER: "He'll probably be unconscious for a while. I think it's best if we get ..."

JACKSON: "What?"

Daniel wakes up, surprising the quartet. Jack walks a little closer to the chamber.

O'NEILL: "Daniel? Is that you?"

JACKSON: (barely opening his eyes) "Jack?"

O'NEILL: "How ya doin'?

JACKSON: "Hmm ... bad headache."

O'NEILL: "Nail-in-the-head kinda thing?"

JACKSON: "Yeah ... something like that."

O'NEILL: "Yeah."

He smiles slightly. Sam smiles a little. Janet smiles. Teal'c smiles. Daniel closes his eyes again.