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The first race encountered by the S.G.C., the people of Abydos are simple desert-dwellers whose population numbers in the thousands. During the time Ra ruled the planet he outlawed reading and writing, fearing that the people would learn the truth about the uprising on Earth.

With the presence of Ra wiped clean, many Abydonians freely dwell near the Stargate. However, the majority of the civilization exists in the great city of Nagada several kilometers from the pyramid.

The Abydonians bask in a rich and beautiful culture, despite the hazardous desert conditions that often plague them in the form of sandstorms. Through relying on no one else but themselves for thousands of years, they have developed their own way of life through ritualistic feasts and music. Most of their clothing is light, serving to protect them from the harsh heat.

After the death of Ra, believed to be an evil god, the civilization no longer had to mine the valuable ore naquadah. Many learned English very quickly from Daniel Jackson, who lived on their world for a year. Their death ceremonies are primitive and include burying the dead in a sheet with sand on either side, which is then slid into the grave as the sheet is lifted by friends and loved ones on either side.

The Abydonians have successfully domesticated the mastidge, a large, four-legged creature much like a horse or buffalo. Abydonian religion also includes animal worship.


FIRST APPEARED - "Stargate" the Movie


"Stargate" the Movie - When Earth's first Stargate team arrives on Abydos, Colonel O'Neill and Dr. Jackson help them overthrow the Goa'uld Ra, who has enslaved them. Jackson remains on the planet.
Children of the Gods - Jack O'Neill returns to Abydos, but they are attacked by the Goa'uld once again. Apophis takes Sha're and Skaara captive as Goa'uld hosts, and Daniel leaves Abydos to join SG-1's search for them.
Secrets - Daniel Jackson and Teal'c return to Abydos and find Sha're, pregnant with Apophis's child. Abydos is invaded by Heru'ur, who flees empty-handed when Apophis arrives for his queen.
Forever In a Day - SG-1 defeats a Jaffa occupation force to liberate the Abydonians again, and learns that Amonet -- the Goa'uld who has possessed Sha're -- has returned for her son. Teal'c is forced to kill her to save Daniel.
Absolute Power - Kasuf calls SG-1 back to Abydos, where they find that Shifu -- the artificially aged son of Sha're -- has returned.
Full Circle - SG-1 helps defend Abydos from an attack by Anubis, who is in search of a powerful relic: the Eye of Ra. But when Anubis destroys the planet, Oma Desala saves the entire village by helping them to ascend to a higher plane of existence.