Stargate activation device

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Device of unknown origin, perhaps Ancient, of which a wearer can wave their hand over, instantaneously locking the Stargate into a desired location. The wormhole's event horizon appears without any need to dial the gate.

Evidence that this is Ancient technology is derived from the fact that allies of the Ancients, such as the Nox and Asgard, possess similar versions of the device. A future device in possession by the S.G.C. (pictured) was gold with a green crystal. The Asgard version appears very much like an Asgard data stone.

See also: portable dialer


Enigma - Though this is not confirmed, Lya of the Nox may use a concealed Stargate activation device to lock on to the Nox Homeworld and transport Tollan refugees.
1969 - Cassandra of the future waves a gate activation device to return SG-1 to their proper time.
Small Victories - Thor uses his Asgard gate activation device to take him and Samantha Carter back to an Asgard world to fend off the Replicators.