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Settlement of humans, including those from other worlds, who elected to live on Taranis under the blanket of a protective Ancient shield on a volcanic world. Their leader was Lycus. For a year the region's inhabitants lived in safety under the cover of the constantly active shield, not realizing the continuous pumping of geothermal energy operating the device made the super-volcano their settlement existed on unstable.

Answering their distress call was Atlantis, who soon discovered the real problem and insisted all Taranian citizens evacuate to the city of the Ancestors to await resettlement. Part of the first wave managed to evacuate through the Stargate, but the device itself was soon swallowed in lava. Fortunately the starship Daedalus was en route from the Milky Way. In approximately four trips all remaining Taranians could be evacuated.

With one trip completed the remainder of the settlement was evacuated aboard the Ancient warship Orion, and with repairs to the vessel's shields and hyperdrive, the ship escaped during the destruction of the settlement.

The Taranian refugees remained on Atlantis until their resettlement to a new home world. But the Wraith hybrid Michael found them there, and within a year the entire population was wiped out, subject to his brutal experiments to develop a Wraith-human hybrid.




Inferno - The Atlantis expedition answers the distress call of the Taranian people, who require assistance with their Ancient devices.
Vengeance - Sheppard's team visits the Taranian settlement and finds everyone dead, victims of Michael's experiments.