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After a series of run-ins with the Wraith, the team begins to suspect their Athosian allies of having a spy in their midst.

DVD DISC: Season 1, Disc 2
DIRECTED BY: Mario Azzopardi
STORY BY: Kerry Glover
TELEPLAY BY: Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie
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Transcript by Callie Sullivan

ATLANTIS. GATEROOM. The Stargate kawhooshes. Alarms sound and marines run into the room and aim their weapons at the Gate. The shield comes on over the Gate. In the Control Room, Doctor Elizabeth Weir enters and walks over to a male technician.

TECHNICIAN: It's Major Sheppard's I.D.C.

WEIR: They've only been gone a few hours.

SHEPPARD (over radio): Atlantis, this is Sheppard. We're coming in hot.

WEIR: Lower the shield.

(She walks over to the balcony as more marines run into the Gateroom and aim their weapons at the Gate. The shield lowers. A few seconds later, energy blasts come through the Gate. A marine on the steps directly opposite the Gate dives for cover. Several more blasts come through, sending another marine diving out of the way, then Major John Sheppard, Lieutenant Aiden Ford, Doctor Rodney McKay and Teyla Emmagan run through the Gate. They turn and stare back at the Gate.)

WEIR: Raise the shield!

(At that moment, another energy blast comes through the Gate, striking McKay in the face. He cries out and collapses as the shield comes on over the Gate.)


(He and Ford run over to him and roll him carefully onto his back. The Gate shuts down.)

WEIR: Medical team to the Gateroom!

(Sheppard presses his fingers against McKay's neck.)

SHEPPARD: I've got a pulse.

INFIRMARY. McKay regains consciousness in bed, his mouth slightly ajar. Sheppard and Doctor Carson Beckett are standing at his bedside.

SHEPPARD: How you feeling?

McKAY (unable to move his mouth): I ca' fee' anythi... I ... I ca' talk!

SHEPPARD: You can't talk, either!

McKAY: ‘at's wha' I said!

BECKETT: Your body experienced a full overload to its sensory and motor nervous system.

McKAY: Wha'?

SHEPPARD: You took one of those Wraith stunners right in the face.

BECKETT (to Sheppard): It's really quite fascinating, actually. The Wraith weapon impedes the firing of neurons that enable the necessary ...

McKAY: A' I paraly'ed?

BECKETT: The paralysis is only temporary. Don't worry, Rodney. You'll be up and about in no time. (To Sheppard) Bloody good thing that Wraith weapon is only designed to incapacitate or he'd be dead.

McKAY: Wha'?

(Beckett chuckles and walks away. The doors to the Infirmary open and Weir looks in.)

WEIR: Major? Could I see you for a second?

(Sheppard raises an eyebrow at McKay as if to say, “Now what?” then turns and walks over to join Weir. McKay stares upwards, unable to move or see anybody.)

McKAY: ‘allo? ‘allo?!

(Weir and Sheppard leave the Infirmary and walk down the corridor.)

SHEPPARD: He's gonna be fine.

WEIR: I've heard. I wanna know what happened out there.

SHEPPARD: The same old thing.

WEIR: Which makes it the fifth time your team's encountered the Wraith out of how many missions?

(She stops as she starts to climb some stairs. Sheppard stops too and thinks about it for a moment.)

SHEPPARD: Nine. (Weir tilts her head at him.) So probably not a coincidence.

WEIR: I think it's pretty damn obvious now. We've got a spy in Atlantis.

CONFERENCE ROOM. Sheppard and McKay are sitting at the table waiting for others to arrive. Ford stands nearby. McKay is dressed, and has one foot up on the table and is massaging it through his sock. Sheppard watches with a look of distaste on his face.

SHEPPARD: Could you please not do that here?

McKAY: My foot is still numb, if you'll excuse me.

SHEPPARD: Well at least your mouth still works fine.

(Weir and Sergeant Bates come in. The doors close behind them.)

WEIR: Alright, let's get started.

(She, Ford and Bates sit at the table.)

FORD: Shouldn't we wait for Teyla?

WEIR: Teyla wasn't invited.

SHEPPARD: She's a member of my team.

BATES: She's also an Athosian, sir.


BATES: If we've been compromised -- and every indication suggests that we have -- it's almost certain that one of them is responsible.

SHEPPARD: We're talking about Teyla.

WEIR: I don't like it either, Major ...

SHEPPARD: Good, then get her on in here.

WEIR: ... but the safety of this base and its personnel are my main concern right now, as it should be yours. The Wraith have shown up on five of the last nine planets your team has visited, and given the fact that two of those worlds were unpopulated, we can pretty much assume that they have been alerted to your missions by someone on this base.

McKAY: If someone on this base was communicating with the Wraiths, then why hasn't Atlantis been attacked?

(Sheppard points to him while looking at Weir.)

SHEPPARD: Good point.

BATES: Maybe we should just stop using the Stargate indefinitely.

SHEPPARD: We can't do that.

BATES: Why not?

SHEPPARD: Because we need ZeeP.Ms to power this place.

BATES: They seem to be running fine right now.

SHEPPARD: OK, when the Wraith do show up -- and they will -- how do we defend ourselves?

McKAY: Or for that matter how do we get back to Earth?

WEIR: This is the only Stargate in the Pegasus galaxy that can even reach Earth, and if it comes to that, we're gonna have to use the self destruct before the Wraith take the city.

SHEPPARD: Bottom line: we need to use the Gate.

BATES: Then we've got to find out who's responsible A.S.A.P. I suggest we start by confining all non-base personnel to the south side of the complex.

SHEPPARD: Are you kidding?!

BATES: That's the absolute minimum we should do. If Colonel Sumner was still here ...

SHEPPARD (interrupting angrily): He's not! (He and Bates stare at each other for a moment. Sheppard speaks more calmly.) I am.

BATES: Yes, sir.

WEIR: We're not gonna start treating anyone like prisoners.

SHEPPARD: Well, that's good.

WEIR: That said, steps should be taken to safeguard the more sensitive areas of this facility. It's only reasonable.

BATES: I recommend no-go zones start with Stargate Operations, the labs, power generation and the Jumper Bay.

WEIR: I'd like to meet with every Athosian on this base. I mean, they've been here three months -- I only know a handful of them by name.

BATES: I could start setting up interviews as soon as we're done here.

WEIR: In the meantime, all Gate travel is suspended until further notice.

GATEROOM. Teyla comes in through a side door and heads for the stairs. Two marines are standing guard partway up the stairs. As Teyla approaches them, one of them holds his hand out to her.

MARINE: Sorry, ma'am, you can't come up.

TEYLA: I'm on my way to see Doctor Weir.

(She tries to pass him but he holds her back.)

MARINE: That area's off limits.

TEYLA: Since when?

(Just then, Sheppard trots down the stairs to her.)

TEYLA: I believe there has been some sort of misunderstanding. I ... (she looks up as Weir and McKay walk across the top of the stairs towards the Control Room and both of them glance at her in an embarrassed fashion before heading on) ... was unaware a meeting had been called. (She looks at Sheppard, bewildered.)

SHEPPARD: Let's take a walk.

(They go to an outdoor balcony.)

TEYLA: What is happening?

SHEPPARD: There may be a security leak on Atlantis.

TEYLA: Are you certain?

SHEPPARD: Well, not certain certain but pretty ... certain. It means we're going to have to take temporary precautions.

TEYLA: Such as?

SHEPPARD: Well, like, uh, suspending Gate travel, tightening security ... getting to know your people a little better.

TEYLA: You suspect an Athosian?

SHEPPARD: Doctor Weir wants to meet ‘em, that's all. It's not personal. Well, well, I mean it is, in the sense that she wants to meet them all personally ...

TEYLA: You're aware of the horrors generations of my people have faced at the hands of the Wraith, and yet you would still question their loyalty?

SHEPPARD: Come on, Teyla, that's not fair. You've got people running around Atlantis that's she's never even met.

TEYLA: I know each and every one of them. I would stake my life on their innocence.

SHEPPARD: OK. Well, perhaps you've noticed that every time we step through the Stargate, bad guys try to kill us, and I'm getting a little tired of it. How ‘bout you?

TEYLA: That does not mean ...

SHEPPARD: Look, all we're asking for is a little co-operation, that's all.

(Teyla looks at him for a long moment. Sheppard nods to her encouragingly.)

TEYLA (formally): You shall have it. (She glares at him and walks off.)

ANOTHER ROOM OFF THE CONTROL ROOM. This one has a smaller, triangular, table in it. Halling sits on one side, Weir on another and Bates on the third. A marine sits at one corner typing on a laptop computer.

WEIR: Halling. How's Jinto?

HALLING: Well enough for a boy confined to his living quarters.

WEIR: I'm sorry. It's temporary but it is a necessary precaution.

HALLING: So I've heard.

WEIR: Then I assume you know why we've arranged these meetings?

HALLING: For the same reason my people can no longer go offworld or enter parts of the city. You no longer trust us.

WEIR: The truth, Halling? We don't know who to trust. Information regarding some offworld excursions has obviously found its way to the Wraith.

HALLING: Obviously?

WEIR: They can't be lying in wait in every corner of this galaxy. They are tracking our movements, and we need to find out how. Your help with this will be greatly appreciated.

HALLING: Then by all means. How can I be of assistance?

WEIR: Thank you. (She looks through a file in front of her.)

BATES: Since you've been here on Atlantis, you've been offworld three times?

HALLING: Yes, I've been acting as a guide on behalf of Sergeant Stackhouse's reconnaissance team, helping to establish relations between your people and some of our former trading partners.

WEIR: Stackhouse reported he lost track of you on a couple of these outings.

HALLING: I did take the time to visit some close friends.

BATES: Interesting. (He looks through his own reports.) Two of your three visits pre-dated Wraith attacks by approximately a day.

WEIR: Sergeant ...

HALLING: What are you suggesting?

BATES: I'm not suggesting anything.

HALLING: You think I would betray my own people? Jeopardise the life of my son?

WEIR: No-one is making accusations. (She throws a warning look at Bates.)

HALLING: I disagree. You have already leapt to the conclusion that an Athosian is responsible.

BATES: Because it can't possibly be one of our own people.


WEIR: We just need to clarify a few things.

HALLING: Then allow me. I lost my closest friend in the Wraith attack that forced us from our homeworld. Selana -- the woman you spoke to before me -- lost both her parents. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find an Athosian who has not experienced loss at the hands of the Wraith. (Bates looks down, embarrassed.) These are the people you accuse.

WEIR: We're not accusing anyone.

HALLING: And I came here expecting an interview ... (he stands) ... not an interrogation. (He pushes his chair back into the table and leaves the room. Bates tries to cover his embarrassment by drinking from a cup in front of him. Weir runs her fingers through her hair, realising that this is not going to go well.)

JUMPER BAY. McKay and Doctor Zelenka are inside a Puddle Jumper. McKay is working on an open control conduit in the rear compartment of the ship, while Zelenka sits on a bench working on a computer pad.

ZELENKA: I mean, I don't think it's too much to ask.

McKAY: What is it?

ZELENKA: Nothing, nothing. I just can't bear the same meal day after day after day.

McKAY: Well, buck up a little. I'm trying to run a diagnostic.


McKAY: I mean, we are stranded with limited resources in another galaxy. Come on, the nearest Bob's Big Boy is three hundred million light years away. We have to make do. If that means you have to eat my favourite food two days in a row, so be it.

ZELENKA: You enjoy military rations?!

McKAY: I know. It's weird. Hospital food too. The only reason I don't like airplane food is you can't get seconds and I'm an absolute ... (The conduit beeps.) Hello.

ZELENKA: What is it?

McKAY: Well, it's a command subroutine I've never seen before.

ZELENKA (standing up and looking over his shoulder): What is its function?

(McKay looks up, exasperated.)

McKAY: I don't know because I've never seen it before. OK, I'm going to cross reference this with the, uh, Ancient database up in the Control Room. (He lets the conduit go and starts to walk out of the rear of the Jumper.) I'm just going to grab the, uh ...

(Zelenka lifts up the conduit. Immediately there is a loud clunking from outside. Zelenka drops the conduit again.)

McKAY (turning and walking back in): What was that?

ZELENKA: No, no, nothing, nothing. (He backs away from the conduit.)

McKAY: No, you were just ...

ZELENKA: No, no, no, I didn't ...

(There is more clunking from outside, then a steady humming sound. The two of them turn and run outside. They gaze upwards in amazement as daylight begins to fill the room. Part of the ceiling is irising open.)

McKAY: I had no idea the roof could do that.

ZELENKA: Neither did I.

(They stare up at the sunlight.)

HALLING'S QUARTERS. Several of the Athosians are meeting with Halling.

MAN: The Gateroom and surrounding sections have been closed to us.

WOMAN: And we may no longer have access to the medical facility without escort. We're under constant surveillance, our movements restricted.

MAN: How long must we put up with this?

HALLING: It has already been too long.

(The doors open. Teyla is standing outside.)

TEYLA: I would have expected to be included in this discussion.

HALLING (standing up): As we would have expected you to take a stand in our defence.

TEYLA: They have taken action to protect everyone on this base. That includes each and every one of you. The presence of a Wraith collaborator threatens us all.

HALLING: Then you support Doctor Weir's decision to confine us?

TEYLA: Halling, we are their guests.

HALLING: We've become more like their prisoners -- but unlike prisoners, we can choose to leave.

TEYLA: Where would you go?

HALLING: Do you not mean to say, "Where would we go"? (Teyla stares at him for a moment.) We have friends on other worlds who would gladly take us in.

TEYLA: For how long? Good trading partners do not necessarily make good hosts.

HALLING: There are many worlds among these stars.

TEYLA: The Wraith have awakened. No world is safe.

HALLING: Nor is it safe to remain. They will continue to do this until they find someone to blame.

TEYLA: You know in your heart that none of our people could be responsible for this.

HALLING: Of course.

TEYLA: Then we have nothing to fear!

HALLING: You trust Doctor Weir that much?

TEYLA: I do.

HALLING: More that you would trust your own people?

TEYLA: No! I understand her responsibility. Halling, we have met with the Wraith offworld so often and so quickly, there must be a reason beyond coincidence. Give them a chance to find it. (The Athosians look at each other as they think about it. Halling sits down again. Teyla walks into the room, looking round at them all.) I do not approve of some of their measures, but I do know that in the end they will help to prove our innocence. Atlantis is far more than shelter -- it is hope, not only for our people but for everyone who would stand against the Wraith. We must not abandon that hope.

HALLING: They may reside here, Teyla, but they are not the Ancestors -- no matter how much you wish them to be.

CORRIDOR. As Sheppard walks along the corridor, Ford runs to catch up to him.

FORD: Sir!

SHEPPARD: Ford! (He acts as if he was expecting him.)

FORD: Heard they got the sun roof open on the Jumper Bay.


FORD: Also heard you're planning to take a Jumper out.

SHEPPARD: I figure that's what the door on the roof is for.

FORD: Anyone else call shotgun?

SHEPPARD: Just gonna drive around the planet, check it out.

FORD: Oh, you're just checking out the planet? Oh, never mind then, that's cool. I mean, I've got better things to do than cruise around the planet in a spaceship.

(Sheppard stops and turns round to him. Ford doesn't meet his eyes, pretending to be sulking.)

SHEPPARD: You're like a kid, you know that?

FORD (grinning): Yes, sir. (He holds up a brown paper bag.) I brought along something to eat on the ride.

SHEPPARD: What's that?

FORD: How about a nice turkey sandwich?

SHEPPARD: Let's go.

INTERVIEW ROOM. Weir and Bates are still sitting at the table. Weir looks up to a marine guarding the doors.

WEIR: Send in whoever's next, please.

(The marine pushes open a panel on the door. Teyla is waiting outside and comes in. Weir stands up when she sees her.)

WEIR: Teyla. I wasn't expecting you.

TEYLA: I was surprised to be left off your list.

WEIR: I didn't feel it was necessary in your case.

TEYLA (sitting down): On the contrary, you should have spoken to me first.

WEIR (sitting down): You're right. I should have.

TEYLA: I can tell you anything you need to know about my people.

BATES: Is it possible you don't know them all as well as you think?

(Teyla looks at him for a moment, then deliberately turns to speak to Weir.)

TEYLA: I empathise with you, Doctor Weir. (Bates looks annoyed at being ignored.) As leaders, we are often forced to make difficult decisions in the interests of those we serve, but many of my fellow Athosians are not so ... understanding.

WEIR: I know. But there's nothing I can do about that now. People can suspect my motives for these meetings all they want, but you and I need to agree that we have a problem. I have to do whatever I can to get to the bottom of it, and right now that means sitting down and talking with every single person here.

TEYLA: You should know there is talk of leaving Atlantis.

(Weir looks at her in shock and sits back in her chair.)

WEIR: I hope it doesn't come to that.

(Teyla nods, then stands up.)

TEYLA: Not all change is for the worse.

JUMPER BAY. On board one of the Puddle Jumpers, the rear hatch closes as Sheppard checks the control panel.

SHEPPARD: Flight this is Jumper Three. We're go for bay launch.

(The roof irises open.)

VOICE (over comms): Jumper Three, you are good to go.

(Sheppard and Ford gaze up through the windshield.)

SHEPPARD: Yes we are.

(The Jumper rises up through the roof, then heads off.)

FORD: It's strange not pulling any gees.

SHEPPARD: Yeah. Kinda miss it. Although at this rate of acceleration, we'd be dead by now.

FORD: Yeah?

SHEPPARD: Oh yeah. Without inertial dampening we'd be hit by so many gees our eyes'd pop, the skin'd pull away from our faces, our brains'd squish up to the back of our skulls and our internal organs would be crushed into these chairs. (He looks at Ford.) What about that sandwich?

(Ford, looking slightly squeamish, throws Sheppard a black look and hands over the bag.)

SHEPPARD (opening the bag): Flight, we're gonna take a low orbit around the planet. We'll advise when we're back in radio range.

VOICE (over comms): Copy that, Jumper Three. Good luck.

FORD: You know, we still haven't named the planet yet.

SHEPPARD: I'm sure the Ancients have a name for it.

FORD: How about Atlantica, something like that?

SHEPPARD (looking at him): I thought we agreed you weren't going to name anything any more?

(Ford shrugs, then turns and looks out of the windshield. He stares as he spots something.)

FORD: Sir. (Sheppard looks in the direction he is looking. His eyes widen.) Is that ... land?!

SHEPPARD: Yes. It is.

FORD: Wonder how big it is?

(Sheppard is apparently thinking the same thing, because a display comes up on the windshield showing the land mass.)


FORD (looking at the display): Really big! (He laughs delightedly.)

INTERVIEW ROOM. Sheppard and Ford are reporting to the others.

FORD: It's huge.

McKAY: Define huge.

SHEPPARD: Fifteen million square miles. Well, give or take.

McKAY: Well, that would make it approximately the size of ... uh ... I have no idea, but it sounds huge.

WEIR: How long would it take us to get there?

SHEPPARD: Twenty five minutes by Jumper, ground to ground. I saw some sweet breakers on the south tip. There may be surfing in our future!

BATES: We should send a team to go get soil and water samples.

McKAY: He's right. If the land's arable it could solve a lot of our food production problems.

BATES: Actually, I was thinking of something else.

SHEPPARD: Not surfing?

BATES: No, sir. We can't resume offworld missions as long as the Athosians remain in the city.

SHEPPARD: So you wanna dump ‘em on the mainland?!

BATES: You sound like we're sending them out there to die, Major.

SHEPPARD: Well how the hell would you know?

FORD: It looked pretty wild down there.

BATES: A second ago we were going surfing.

SHEPPARD: Well that was after we check for monsters and ... bugs and other space related things.

BATES: I can't imagine it would be any worse than their original homeworld.

McKAY: That could just be failure of imagination on your part.

BATES: In any case, a survey would tell us what we need to know.

(Sheppard looks at Weir, who is looking thoughtful.)

SHEPPARD: You're not seriously thinking about this?

(Weir shrugs as if to say, “Why not?”)

SHEPPARD: We're the reason they had to leave their planet in the first place.

WEIR: This is a complicated situation, Major.

SHEPPARD: Well, what does that mean?

WEIR: It means I'm not about to rule anything out at this point.

(Sheppard looks startled.)

CORRIDOR. Weir is walking along reading a report. Halling and a group of Athosians approach her.

HALLING: Doctor Weir? Is it true you've discovered land on this world?

WEIR: Yes, it is. (She looks round a little nervously as the rest of the Athosians surround her.)

HALLING: Then my people wish to take our leave to explore it.

WEIR: You would?

HALLING: We're no longer welcome here.

WEIR: That's not the case.

HALLING: And it will make us useful as long as we have no access to the Gate.

WEIR: We don't even know if it's safe.

HALLING: We can determine that, for both our people.

WEIR: I don't get it. Up until now you have been insisting on access to the Stargate, and now you're proposing to deliberately cut yourself off from it?

HALLING: We cannot leave, and we cannot stay. The mainland presents us with a third option.

WEIR: I see.

HALLING: You said yourself this was a temporary measure.

WEIR: Yes, of course.

HALLING: You have the means to assure us passage between Atlantis and the mainland when you decide to resume use of the Gate.

WEIR: And if we resume our missions through the Stargate and stop encountering the Wraith at every turn, it will only prove that there is a spy among the Athosians.

HALLING: And when you continue to encounter the Wraith at every turn, it will only prove our innocence.

WEIR: Have you discussed this with Teyla?

HALLING: Teyla has made her decision.

(He bows to her. The others do likewise. Weir bows her head to Halling, and the Athosians walk away. Weir turns and watches them go, her face troubled.)

HALLING'S QUARTERS. Halling and a couple of Athosian women are packing up, ready to leave. The doors open and Teyla is standing outside, wearing an Earth uniform.

HALLING: I understand you are not coming with us.

(He and Teyla look at the women, who take the hint, pick up their things and leave the room. Once they have gone, Teyla walks inside.)

TEYLA: Doctor Weir has arranged for communications between Atlantis and the mainland. Should you ever need assistance ...

HALLING: Thank her for us. (He continues packing.)

TEYLA: I hope ... I don't want anyone to believe that I'm ...

HALLING: Teyla. (He turns to her.) The time has come.

(Teyla walks over to him. He takes her arms, bends his head, and they touch their foreheads together for several seconds.)

HALLING (lifting his head): Go safely.

TEYLA: And you.

(She gazes at him sadly for a moment, then turns and leaves, stopping at the doorway to look back briefly before walking away.)

CORRIDOR. As the Athosians carry their belongings toward the Jumper Bay, Teyla stands on a balcony above them and watches them go. Weir walks over to her.

TEYLA: I've never been separated from my people before.

WEIR: It must be hard, but you know you'll see them again.

TEYLA: You doubt that you will one day return to Earth?

WEIR: I can't afford to have doubts.

TEYLA: You mean you cannot afford to let them show.

WEIR: You're still a leader, Teyla. You're doing this for your people and for their future. They know that.

(She walks away, leaving Teyla standing on the balcony staring sadly down after her departed people.)

GATEROOM. Sheppard's team and a second team of four come down the stairs into the Gateroom to meet Weir by the Gate.

WEIR: Anxious to step through the Gate again, Major?

SHEPPARD: Yes, I am.

TEYLA: We all are.

SHEPPARD: Would you like us to bring back anything special?

WEIR: Uh, no thanks.

SHEPPARD: Groceries? New outfit? Flatware?

WEIR: Hmm. No -- just yourselves in one piece, please. (She calls up the Control Room.) Dial it up. (As the Gate starts to dial, she turns back to Sheppard and the others.) Be safe.

(She walks away as the Gate kawhooshes. The teams walk into the event horizon.)


ALIEN PLANET. The ruins of what may have been a temple are near the Gate. Very little remains, just some columns (many of them fallen), a few plinths and some small walls. Sheppard looks at the ruins, then turns to a scientist from the other team, Doctor Corrigan, who is examining the ruins.

SHEPPARD: Well, good stuff?

CORRIGAN: I can't even begin to tell you how fascinating this is.

SHEPPARD: Anthropologist fascinating or actual fascinating?

CORRIGAN: Yeah, well, maybe “fascinating” isn't the right word.

SHEPPARD: Maybe not. How much longer?

CORRIGAN: Realistically? We'll probably be needing to come back. There's just, uh, so much here.

SHEPPARD: Well I can see that. Is there any way to speed things up?

CORRIGAN: Well, sure. Find me someone to translate some of the ruin.

(Ford and Teyla approach, and Corrigan wanders off to look at another part of the ruin.)

SHEPPARD (to Teyla) : Did you say there were natives here?

TEYLA: They are very shy people. They probably went into hiding the moment we came through the Gate.

SHEPPARD: Is there any way you can coax them out, have them give us a hand?

TEYLA: It is unlikely, but I could try.

SHEPPARD: Lieutenant, go with her.

TEYLA: It would be better if I went alone.

SHEPPARD: You will be alone ... with Lieutenant Ford.

(Teyla looks at him for a moment, unhappy that he doesn't trust her. However, she says nothing, and she and Ford head off towards the woods. Sheppard watches them go, sighing at the mistrust that has arisen between them. As they walk into the woods, Teyla calls out to the inhabitants.)

TEYLA: Ila! Ila anavay!

A LITTLE LATER. Teyla and Ford are walking through the woods, Teyla still calling out.

TEYLA: Ila! Ila anavay!

FORD: Maybe they're not around.

TEYLA: They are near, but you are a stranger to them. They will not come out of hiding so long as you are with me. (Ford looks round at her. She is looking off into the woods.) They are not a dangerous people, Lieutenant. I will be fine.

(Ford continues to look at her, weighing up his options. She looks round to him and smiles.)

FORD (a little reluctantly): Alright. I'll wait here.

(Teyla smiles at him and heads off.)

TEYLA (calling out): Ila! Ila!

FORD: Call me on the radio if you need me.

ALIEN STARGATE. As the scientists continue their work at the ruins, Sheppard watches the surrounding area. He checks his watch. In the trees nearby, someone is watching them, then a Wraith apparition flits past, unseen by Sheppard who had just turned his back on the trees. Sensing or hearing something, he spins around, frowning, then sees movement in the trees.


(Wraith guards burst out of the trees, firing their stunners at the group.)

SHEPPARD: Back to the Gate, now!

(As the marines open fire on the Wraith, the scientists scramble for the Gate. In the woods, Ford hears the gunfire. Instinctively, he starts towards the noise, then hesitates, looking in the direction that Teyla went. At the ruins, the marines and scientists race for cover as the energy blasts fly all around them. They reach an area of the ruins with better cover and shelter behind some fallen masonry. Sheppard opens fire on the approaching guards, taking one of them down. In the woods, Ford walks in the direction Teyla went, calling out for her.)

FORD: Teyla! (She doesn't reply. He activates his headset radio.) Major, what's the situation?

SHEPPARD (yelling over the sound of firing): Lieutenant, we're taking fire. You're gonna have to circle round to get back to the Gate.

FORD: Teyla's not with me. She went to ...

SHEPPARD: Find her. Get yourselves back.

(Ford races off in pursuit of Teyla. Back at the ruins, Sheppard guns down two more guards.)

SHEPPARD: Move out!

(The scientists break for the Gate. Sheppard shoots down another guard. It crashes to the ground. Sheppard gets up, vaults over a fallen column and runs after the others. The guard he just shot sits up and picks up its stunner. Sheppard and Stackhouse turn and fire back towards it. It fires its weapon and the blast hits Sheppard in the neck. He cries out and falls to the ground, unconscious.)

STACKHOUSE: Yamato! McKay! Grab the major!

(As the marines fire and take the guard down, Yamato and McKay reach down to lift Sheppard.)

McKAY: What about Teyla and Ford?


(With the marines providing cover, they drag Sheppard towards the Stargate.)


ATLANTIS. GATEROOM. Sheppard is dragged backwards through the Gate as the rest of the team hurry through. A med team brings a gurney over.

STACKHOUSE: Shut it down! They're right behind us!

(The Gate shuts down. Sheppard is placed on the gurney and wheeled away as Weir comes down the stairs and walks over to the others. McKay and Stackhouse approach her.)

McKAY: We have to go back.

WEIR: Teyla, Lieutenant Ford?

McKAY: Still on the planet. We have to go back now!

STACKHOUSE: I'd advise against it. You have Wraith all over the Gate.

McKAY: We can't just leave them there!

A LITTLE LATER. Weir, McKay and Stackhouse have moved up into the Control Room. Bates is debriefing two of the other marines. Weir addresses Stackhouse.

WEIR: How many?

STACKHOUSE: It's hard to say. Most of them were behind the tree line.

McKAY: We're wasting time here. We need to mount a rescue operation.

WEIR: I am not going to send anyone through that Gate until I have all the facts, Doctor. How did Teyla and Lieutenant Ford get separated from you?

STACKHOUSE: They went to check out the area and try to make contact with some of the natives.

BATES: And whose idea was that?

SHEPPARD: Mine. (Everyone turns to see him walking into the Control Room.) She was following my orders.

WEIR: Shouldn't you be back at the Infirmary?

(Sheppard sits down, wincing.)

SHEPPARD: No, I'm fine. I didn't take a full blast.

WEIR: Why didn't you go with them, Major?

SHEPPARD: Well, the natives of that planet are easily spooked. Teyla thought we'd scare them off with a big group.

(Bates snorts.)

BATES: Teyla did.

SHEPPARD: What's that, Sergeant?

BATES: She was conveniently absent during the ambush.

McKAY: So was Ford! Maybe it was him(!)

BATES: I'm just stating a fact, sir.

SHEPPARD: Sergeant ... (He stands and walks over to face Bates.) I am only gonna say this once.

BATES: With all due respect, Major, you can reprimand me if you wish, but it's been six times your team's been compromised. Only one Athosian knew about this last mission.

(Everyone around him looks uncomfortable. Suddenly the Stargate starts to dial in. Everyone turns towards the Gate.)

TECHNICIAN: We have an unscheduled offworld activation. (The Gate kawhooshes.) It's Teyla's I.D.C. Receiving a radio transmission.

TEYLA (over radio): This is Teyla. Lieutenant Ford has been wounded. The Wraith are closing in on our position.

(Bates looks at Weir.)

BATES: You put down that shield and we could be opening this base up to a Wraith attack

TEYLA (over radio): Atlantis, please let us through!

(Weir stares at the Gate in anguish as marines race into the Gateroom and take up positions, aiming their weapons.)

WEIR (into radio): Lieutenant Ford, can you confirm the situation?

TEYLA (over radio): He is unconscious. Our situation grows desperate. Soon we will have no choice but to go through the Stargate.

BATES: We drop that shield and who knows what she'll bring through that Gate with her?

(Weir looks at Sheppard, uncertain what to do. Sheppard glares at her.)

SHEPPARD: Open up the damn Gate!

(They lock eyes for several seconds, Bates glaring at Weir too. Weir looks at the Gate.)

WEIR: Lower the shield.

(The technician lowers the shield. Moments later, Teyla backs through into the Gateroom, dragging an unconscious Ford. As she clears the event horizon, the Gate shuts down. As she bends down to Ford, all the marines run forward, aiming their weapons at her. She stands up and backs away from Ford nervously, staring around her. Sheppard and the others run down from the Control Room. Sheppard bends down to Ford, then looks up at Teyla.)

INTERVIEW ROOM. Sheppard, Weir and Bates are there. Sheppard leans on the table as he addresses Bates.

SHEPPARD: If she were helping the Wraith, why bother bringing Ford back? In fact, why bother coming back at all?

BATES: She's of more use to them here in Atlantis. As for apparently rescuing Lieutenant Ford ...

SHEPPARD: She carried him through the damn Gate! What's “apparent” about that?

BATES: He's unconscious, sir. We still don't know what happened.

SHEPPARD (angrily): Oh, that's enough.

BATES: It's my job to express security concerns, sir.

SHEPPARD: I've heard enough of your concerns.

BATES: Again, with all due respect, Major, I believe you're putting your personal feelings in front of your ...

SHEPPARD (interrupting): You're dismissed.

(Weir looks away, embarrassed. Bates glares up at Sheppard, then stands.)

BATES: Yes, sir. (He picks up his papers, then leaves the room. Sheppard glances at Weir, then paces across the room. She watches him. He stops and turns to her.)


WEIR: I'm the one who put him in charge of security

SHEPPARD: Yes you did, and if you wanna dismiss me, go ahead.

WEIR (softly): Why don't you go and see how Lieutenant Ford is doing?

LAB. As McKay stands by a table with his arms folded, Bates empties out Teyla's bag onto the table. McKay looks down at it in disbelief.

McKAY: You want me to go through her stuff?!

BATES: We're looking for weapons, transmitters, recording devices, anything that looks like it's beyond the Athosians' level of technology.

McKAY: And if I don't find anything, do we move on to a strip search?

BATES: Just do it.

(He leaves the room. McKay sighs and reaches for the first item.)

INFIRMARY. Ford and Sheppard are sitting side by side on the edge of a bed.

FORD: We were on our way back when we came under fire. Didn't even see them. We returned fire, then broke for the Gate. I was hit from behind. She saved my ass back there, Major.

SHEPPARD: Of course she did.

(McKay hurries in.)

McKAY: Major, I, uh ... oh, Ford, how are you feeling? Pins and needles all over?

SHEPPARD (to Ford): Oh yeah, welcome to the club!

FORD: No, sir, I managed to dive out of the way of the stunner blast. I must have hit my head on the way down. (He puts his hand to the back of his head.)

SHEPPARD: You hit your head?!

(Ford laughs, embarrassed.)

McKAY: Major, I need you to see something.

(Sheppard gets off the bed and follows McKay out of the room. Ford looks round at their departing backs.)

FORD: I-I'll be fine.

LAB. Sheppard follows McKay in, then stops at the sight of Teyla's belongings scattered over the table.

SHEPPARD: What the hell is this?

McKAY: I know how it looks. It was a special request from Sergeant Bates.

SHEPPARD: I'm gonna bust that son of a bitch.

McKAY: Major ...

SHEPPARD: Teyla has nothing to do with this.

McKAY: The thing is, he was right.

(Sheppard stares at him.)

SHEPPARD: Bates was right?

McKAY (quietly): I know. I was as surprised as you are. Look at this. (He picks something up from another table. Sheppard walks over to see what he is holding.) It's her locket. It's a transmitter. (The computer screen on the table shows an internal scan of the locket.) It's been broadcasting a continuous signal. I wouldn't even have noticed if I hadn't been looking for it specifically.

(Sheppard sighs.)

SHEPPARD: I found it.

McKAY: What?

SHEPPARD: Back on her planet, the first time we met. Teyla took me to the old ruins. That was half buried in dirt. I gave it to her.

(We see a flashback of Sheppard picking the locket off the ground of the caves and showing it to Teyla, who turns and takes it, delighted.)

TEYLA: I lost this years ago.

INTERVIEW ROOM. McKay puts the locket down in front of Weir, who picks it up and looks at it.

McKAY: The locket isn't powerful enough to send a signal very far, certainly not through subspace. My guess is there are probably relay devices on certain planets that pick up the transmission and then alert the nearest hive ship. Those were the planets where we were attacked.

SHEPPARD: Boy, do we owe a few people an apology.

WEIR: Teyla had no idea she was giving away your position.

SHEPPARD: She said it was a present from her father. She lost it when she was a kid.

McKAY: It was probably dormant ‘til Major Sheppard picked it up, activating it.

BATES: If she wore it as a kid, how come they weren't attacked back then?

McKAY: Didn't I just say it was dormant?

BATES: But if it was activated by touch ...

McKAY: You're not listening. I said Major Sheppard activated it.

WEIR: As far as the Wraith are concerned, Teyla is just another human being.

McKAY: They would have no special interest tracking her. Now, Major Sheppard on the other hand ...

WEIR: ... has the Ancient gene.

McKAY: Exactly. Now at one point, the Wraiths and the Ancients were at war. The Wraiths created the transmission device to detect Ancients.

SHEPPARD: So some Athosian thought this would make a nice little necklace.

McKAY: How could I possibly know that? What am I, Answer Man? The point is ...

WEIR: ... it wasn't Teyla -- or any other Athosian for that matter.

SHEPPARD: If that's the case, we can use it against ‘em.

LAB. Ford is collecting some metal boxes together on a table. Sheppard and McKay walk in. McKay is rubbing his hands together and looking anxious. He wipes his palms on his trousers. Sheppard looks at him.

SHEPPARD: You seem nervous.

McKAY: No. I'm a part of this team. I'm doing this.

SHEPPARD: Yes, you are. I just said you seemed nervous.

McKAY: Oh, really. I thought you said, “Rodney, you don't have to do this.”

SHEPPARD: Yes you do.

McKAY: Damn right I'm doing this -- despite the fact the feeling hasn't completely returned to my extremities.

(Teyla walks in. Sheppard and McKay look round at her, then Sheppard turns away casually.)

SHEPPARD: You're late.

TEYLA: Sorry.

FORD: Now, given the Wraiths' regenerative abilities, killing one requires some amount of effort. Catching one alive is gonna be a whole other deal. For any of these options to work, your Wraith has to be on the ground.

McKAY: The last planet we visited was inaccessible by ship and the, uh, ruins around the Stargate should force the Wraith to come through on foot.

FORD: In which case, (he opens one of the boxes on the table) you'll be able to use these. (He takes out an item from the box and holds it up.) This is a stun grenade. It's filled with a mixture of aluminum and potassium percolate that, when ignited, produces a high pressure wave that will overwhelm the intended target with intense light and sound. (He hands the grenade to Sheppard.) If that doesn't get his head ringing, in addition ... (he picks up a holster and pulls out something that looks like a pistol) you've got your taser.

As Ford continues talking, we cut to the alien planet where a marine is deploying an electrical cable.

FORD (voiceover): With a range of between fifteen to twenty feet, it delivers a high voltage low amperage charge that limits the body's electrical signals, temporarily paralysing the victim.

(On the planet, Sheppard and McKay are sitting behind a section of wall in the ruins. McKay is holding a P-90 and looking very nervous.)

FORD (over radio): Major, this is Ford.

(Sheppard peers out from behind the wall.)

SHEPPARD: What you got, Lieutenant?

(Ford is behind another section of wall a little distance away. He is looking through a pair of binoculars at a male Wraith and three guards making their way through the ruins.)

FORD: We've got company. Four of them.

(Sheppard looks over towards the Stargate and sees the four Wraith approaching.)

SHEPPARD: Alright then, we go as planned.

FORD: Yes, sir.

(Sheppard takes cover behind the wall again. He looks round at McKay, who is staring down at his P-90.)

SHEPPARD: You still seem nervous.

McKAY: No, no. It's good, good. I'm all good. All good.

(A short distance away, the male Wraith picks up Teyla's locket from the ground. It straightens up and holds the locket up, looking at it. Sheppard gets onto his knees and peers over the top of the wall. He ducks down and speaks quietly into his radio as he moves to the other end of the wall.)


(Teyla peers out at him from cover behind another part of the ruin. Sheppard makes some hand gestures to her. She nods and makes a hand signal to the marine sheltering with her. He presses a button and claymores explode near the Wraith. They run to hide behind the ruins. Two marines pull the pins from stun grenades and hurl them over a wall towards the Wraith. As the grenades explode, the Wraith break cover and start to run. Sheppard and McKay rise up from behind the wall and fire at the Wraith, taking down one of the guards. Teyla and the marine with her fire at a guard running towards them. It cries out and drops to the ground. As firing continues all around them, Teyla runs out and fires another round of bullets into the guard until her rifle jams. Sheppard and McKay fire at the third guard, taking it down. It lies on the ground for a moment, then sits up and starts to get up. Ford and his colleague start towards it, but Sheppard calls out.)

SHEPPARD: This one's ours, boys. Tasers.

(As Sheppard, McKay, Ford and his colleague run towards the Wraith, drawing their tasers as they go, Teyla drops her useless rifle and draws a pistol. As her colleague heads towards the others, she notices the male Wraith creeping about in the ruins and heading off. She chases off after it.)

(Back at the Wraith guard, Sheppard and the others fire their tasers at it. Four electric cables snake out and impact the Wraith. As the team hold their triggers down, the Wraith convulses as electricity surges through it.)

(A little distance away, Teyla walks towards the male Wraith, firing her pistol into it as she goes. It jerks under the impacts but keeps walking towards her. She gets off six shots before the Wraith gets close enough to shove her violently backwards onto the ground. She tries to scramble away as it approaches her.)

(The Wraith guard finally collapses on its face.)

(As Teyla rolls away from the Wraith, she sees some slim branches on the ground. She scrambles to her feet, grabbing one as she goes. She twirls it around herself dramatically, then turns to face the Wraith.)

(McKay takes Sheppard's taser and holds one in each hand, aiming them at the guard as Sheppard squats down to it. He rolls it over. Instantly the guard slaps one hand to a round device on the armour on its chest. It lights up and starts to beep.)

SHEPPARD: It's a self destruct! Take cover!

(Picking up the guard's stunner, he and McKay run in one direction and Ford and his colleague run in another. The device explodes.)

(Teyla fights the male Wraith, swinging her stick at it again and again. It fends off all her blows with its hands.)

(At the ruins, Ford stares out from behind the wall as the smoke from the explosion dissipates.)

FORD: Major! Doctor McKay!

(Behind another wall, Sheppard and McKay are flat on their faces as debris and bits of Wraith body rain down on them. Sheppard looks round at McKay as he groans and shakes his head.)


McKAY: I'm fine. This is, this is fun for me.

(A little way away, Teyla has broken her stick into two pieces and is still fighting with the Wraith. She matches it for a while but it manages to grab one of the sticks and uses it to throw her to the ground. She tries to rise but it kneels down to her and slams her back to the ground with its hand at her throat. It raises its other hand ready to slam it down onto her chest when it jolts from the blast from a Wraith stunner in its back. It convulses and collapses to the ground. Sheppard is on one knee behind it, aiming the stunner at it. He stands and walks towards it. The Wraith reaches for a small round device on its left wrist, obviously its own self-destruct mechanism. Sheppard reverses the weapon and uses the forked end to pin the Wraith's right hand to the ground.)

SHEPPARD: Easy. Don't go blowing yourself up.

(The Wraith growls at Sheppard as Teyla props herself onto one elbow, panting heavily and looking up at Sheppard.)

ATLANTIS. As Teyla walks along a corridor, Weir, who is talking to someone a little way away, spots her.

WEIR: Teyla. (She turns to the person she was talking to.) Excuse me. (She walks over to join Teyla.) I was hoping to catch you before you headed back to the mainland. I hear they're doing well.

TEYLA: Very well. According to Halling, they're busily planting crops for the next harvest.

WEIR: I'm glad to hear it.

TEYLA: I will tell them what has happened. Hopefully in time we will all be able to put the events of the past week behind us.

WEIR: Yes. I am aware that the last few days have been particularly difficult for you.

TEYLA: I believe, Doctor Weir, that in your place, I would have done the same.

WEIR (nodding): Thank you.

(Teyla smiles and returns the nod, then walks away.)

BRIG. A large barred cage is in the centre of the room. The Wraith is standing inside the cage. Sheppard walks in and stands outside the cage facing the Wraith's back. The Wraith does not turn. Sheppard strolls nonchalantly around the cage until he is facing the Wraith.

WRAITH: Again? Your kind is persistent. I would have thought you'd given up by now.

SHEPPARD: Aw, hell, I've got all the time in the world. (The Wraith walks closer.) Now you, on the other hand ... (The Wraith rapidly makes a grab for him but a force shield running around the cage stop its hand from going through the bars. Nevertheless, Sheppard can't help but flinch back slightly.) The Ancients were pretty good at shields and stuff like that, weren't they? (The Wraith snorts. Sheppard starts to stroll around the cage again. This time the Wraith turns as he goes.) I give you a week, maybe two tops.

WRAITH: You waste your time. I'll provide you with no information.

SHEPPARD: I wonder what hurts more: the gunshot wound or the hunger? Because I'd love to help out but how did McKay put it? (He stops and turns to face the Wraith.) We can't meet your dietary requirements.

WRAITH: When I am free, you will be the first that I feed upon.

SHEPPARD (casually): Okie dokie. I'm gonna go make myself a sandwich. (He nods to it and turns away.)

WRAITH: Human. (Sheppard turns to face it again.) You think you've won a victory by my capture, but by bringing me here, you've only hastened your own doom. It's only a matter of time before the others of my kind come to rescue me, and when they do, there'll be nowhere in this world you can hide.

(Sheppard looks at it for a moment, then steps forward and leans towards it.)

SHEPPARD: Stay positive now.

(He turns and walks away.)